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Top Five Tuesday: B&B Kisses


How is everyone doing? I’m excited about this new installment to the BONES THEORY blog: Top Five Tuesdays. These should be mostly fun and light-hearted posts that hopefully make you smile and maybe disagree with me. But when you are talking B&B locking lips…even disagreements put a smile on my face. There aren’t a TON of kisses to choose from, and maybe one of these days we’ll discuss the Top Five ALMOST kisses between B&B, but for now, I’m listing my favorite five kisses from 5th place to 1st place. Let’s get right to them, shall we?

5. Booth kisses Brennan to prove how he feels:  

What I love about this kiss from the 100th episode is that Booth made the move. All these years, it feels like we’ve just been waiting for him to GO FOR IT! He tells her that he wants to give them a shot (note that he does not mention love at all in this conversation), but when Brennan falls back to ‘the line’ (and let’s face it…it was the line, wrapped up in FBI standard issued policy), Booth calls her on it, telling her it’s no reason for them not to be together. And then he kisses her. What happens AFTER that doesn’t necessarily make the list, as this isn’t the Top Five Times BONES broke my heart into a million pieces. But as far as kisses go, this one is pretty special. Every time I watch it, I want Brennan to just give in and kiss him back, really kiss him back. She never does, but I’ll never stop wanting that.

4. Kiss in the dream

Not sure if this one counts, but I love it so much that I’m counting it anyway! More than the beginning scene (which I do believe is ‘real’ and not part of the coma dream) of this episode (End in the Beginning), this interaction between Boreanaz & Deschanel (and therefore B&B) feels more comfortable and very, very sweet. I love Booth putting on his tie and ‘Bren’ helping him fix it just right. I love the way he smiles at her with a combination of thankfulness and confidence that she’s his. It’s the kind of kiss that signifies to me that BONES fans would have NO problem watching a season of B&B in a more domestic setting COMBINED with intense cases and lab-work. Can I get a witness?

3. Mistletoe Kiss

Ah, you all know this is the first BONES ep (Santa in the Slush) I ever watched, so this mistletoe kiss holds a very special place in my heart. What I love about this kiss is the pre-stunned look on Brennan’s face when Booth is sputtering. Her eyes are wide and she’s just staring at him, getting ready to plant one on him. Booth is kind of smiling when he leans in, but as soon as their lips touch, he’s not smiling any more. His eyes flicker open for just a millisecond as the kiss deepens but then flutter shut. I smile every time Brennan clutches onto Booth’s coat lapel to keep him close. And when they part, I love that Booth’s lips kind of reach out on their own to stay connected to Brennan’s. This kiss is so sweet and it feels very innocent to me. But nothing compares to their post-kiss reactions. I’m always COMPLETELY blown away by the look on Booth’s face when the kiss is over. I love, love, love it. Bewildered, amazed, staggered, love-struck…he blinks and takes in a deep breath. Brennan is also flustered, which, along with the blush on her cheeks, is very cute on her. Booth saying “I don’t know what that means…(but Merry Christmas)” is, now that I think about it, one of the funniest lines of the show, ever. That it’s followed up with Brennan’s blushing and stammering, “Yeah. I’ve got…stuff to do…um…er…with bones…”just makes me laugh every time. When I first watched this ep, I didn’t know their characters at all. I still thought they were cute, but knowing them now, and how Brennan has probably never used the word ‘stuff’ or any other vague reference to bones before let’s me know that she was affected by it. That makes it all the more special.

2. First Kiss in the rain

What I love about this kiss from the 100th episode is that it’s mutual. It’s also, for the most part, not bogged down with a lot of B&B’s baggage. I mean, we love them, but they do have some issues, don’t they? It proves that from the beginning, there has been a spark and physical attraction & chemistry. What is also super endearing about this kiss is Booth’s confession about gambling right before it happens. He tells her about it BECAUSE he’s about to kiss her. He thinks the kiss is just the beginning of a lifetime (thirty, forty, fifty years), and he wants to be straight up with her. Also, we’ve seen in the episode so far that he really doesn’t feel much remorse over his gambling addiction until knowing Brennan makes him want to be a better man. For Brennan’s part, she has the SAME stunned look on her face before kissing him that shows me that she is very sweet on him. She’s never once denied that Booth is attractive, but it’s always nice to see her kind of blush and squee (internally) over something that is not skeletal remains related, know what I mean?

1. Kiss on the cheek

Some of you may not agree that this is the best B&B kiss or that it even QUALIFIES as a kiss. And that’s okay. I certainly understand where you are coming from. But when I compiled a list of all of the kisses, this is still the one that literally takes my breath away. Every. Single. Time. Every time! Not that the other kisses aren’t genuine…it’s just that this kiss, to me, signifies Brennan appreciating Booth in a way that we almost never get to see. As a man, as her partner, as a friend, as someone she can trust, and as someone she is attracted to. We’ll talk more in the next few weeks about it when we discuss whether or not Brennan has been leading Booth on this whole time, but right here, I feel like we get to see Brennan being very honest. Her honesty and genuine reaction also strip Booth to the core. His throat closes up, he can hardly breathe or speak or even look at her. Meanwhile, she looks back to him in appreciation and admiration. Brennan IS good at compartmentalizing her emotions, and this kiss feels impulsive. That’s why it’s my all time favorite.

 So, there you have it! What say you? Did I miss any? Would you have a different order? Which kiss still takes YOUR breath away? Talk to me! And remember…NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!


8 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: B&B Kisses

  1. I can’t believe no one has commented yet! Perhaps it’s because they agree with you in your choices 100%! 😀

    Thanks so much for posting this. It totally made me grin while I read it…several times, reliving the great memories.

    I think I agree with you on #1…that cheek kiss is one of my favourite heart-stopping moments. The look on Booth’s face is just priceless, and the stomp of his foot and how he clears his throat to get over his shock…AWESOME. I love it. I can’t even say that enough. It’s one of the most genuine moments we’ve seen from Brennan, you know? Completely uninhibited in her admiration and thanks…*sigh* I want another one of these moments badly.

    As for the others, I love your choices (not that we’ve had much to choose from), and I think for the most part I agree with the order. I definitely count the dream kiss, as it’s super-sweet and gives us a look at what it could be like between them. I want to see much more of that, so much it almost hurts!

    Finally, Booth’s kiss at the end of 100 was one of the most bittersweet moments ever. It’s the only time he’s ever initiated a kiss, have you noticed? And it wasn’t gentle; it was desperate, wanting…he literally grabbed her and held her there, almost knowing she would pull away. I loved it and I hated it at the same time. My heart squeezes every time I think of it. I just wish we had seen more of a glimpse of Brennan losing herself in it before she pulled away, then maybe I’d feel better about it. Nonetheless, it definitely deserves to be up there!

  2. I agree with you a million percent (if that was possible :P)!!!! For the mistletoe kiss, what I thought was really cute was when Booth said “I”ll have a talk with Caroline” and Brennan, VERY EAGERLY, says “NOO!” and Booth jumps back a step. That was just hilarious. It was just like they were both 10 times more excitable than usual. Haha! The post-kiss reaction was priceless like you said. It was like they traded personalities for a second there (Booth going all “I don’t know what that means” and Brennan going all “stuff”).

    The kiss on the cheek was not a “real kiss”, but I think the emotions underlying it was pretty powerful. I love how you said Booth was so stunned he just stood there…I believe that to be accurate! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for this post….it cheered up a “BONES-less” person on this boring afternoon. ^^

  3. I cannot complain about your choices of the kisses. Perfect analysis of all of it. Please let me know when your analysis of the season 6 premier is done,if it’s not already done.I’m very curious to see what your take is on it. Once again,great job! I loved it.

  4. I’M A WITNESS!!!!!!! I totally agree with you/hope that the first scene of S4 finale is real (from the future).

    And I agree with everything on this Top5-list. At first I didn’t agree with the cheek kiss on the 1st place, but after reading the explanation I TOTALLY agree! xD

  5. The cheek kiss is my favorite so far, along with Booth’s kiss on her cheek at the bowling alley.

    And typing that made me see that parallel cheek-kissing for the very first time.

    Damn, this blog is good. 🙂

  6. I totally agree! I’m from germany and so my english isn’t that well! Sorry… But wich episode in wich season is this cheek kiss? I want to see it!!!! 🙂

    • Cheek kissin’ :
      Brennan-to-Booth (pictured above) is from Knight on the Grid, Season 3.
      Booth-to-Brennan (at the bowling alley) is from Change in the Game, Season 6 finale.

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