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From ‘Superficial Ephemera’ to ‘Hope & Patience’: How GG changed his approach.


Hey, hey! How are things? Have you ever wondered what made Dr. Wyatt reject Sweets’ theories on B&B, but then encourage Booth to continue his affections for Brennan? Well, if you are a crazy, over-Bones thinker like me, then you may have! I decided to sit down and look at the data and see what I could come up with. Let’s start with some research, shall we?

Exhibit A:

In Season 4, Episode 21, Mayhem on a Cross, Dr. Wyatt tells Sweets that:

“Brennan and Booth aren’t in any way opposites….He’s a man; she’s a woman. He’s instinctual; she’s empirical.”

Opposites,” Sweets rebuts.

Superficial ephemera, Dr. Sweets,” Wyatt replies.

And then Sweets, rocking his North Chicago accent, asks, “Wow…okay, what about the sexual component of their relationship. Would you agree that they have both sublimated their attraction for the other out of fear of endangering their working relationship, because their working relationship is paramount to both of them?

Alas,” Dr Wyatt answers. “I’m afraid I wouldn’t agree with that.”

Sweets is stunned. They go on to discuss the sublimated sexual desire between Booth and Brennan and Dr. Wyatt mentions that one of them struggles with it daily (and I still think at THAT time, he was referring to Brennan. Crazy, aren’t I? haha).

 Exhibit B

In Season 5, episode 7, Dwarf in the Dirt, Gordon Gordon has the following conversation with Booth about his alleged brain damage interfering with his marksmanship.

Temperance Brennan. You’re in love with her. You’re building a world around her. A family.

We’re not compatible,” Booth shrugs. “She sees the world one way; I see it another way.”

No, of course,” Dr. Wyatt agrees here. “It’s absolutely ludicrous, the idea of you two together…but, the heart chooses what it chooses, doesn’t it? We don’t really have any say in the matter.”

She doesn’t love me,” Booth argues. “I would know if she loved me.”

Dr. Wyatt leans forward, “May I counsel patience on this front? Hope and patience.”

Exhibit C 

But even before THAT in DitD, Sweets and Dr. Wyatt have another conversation at Founding Fathers:

Dr. Wyatt, after looking at Booth’s brain scans, states, “I don’t think Booth has brain damage.”

Sweets asks, “So what’s his problem?”

But the chef diverges to a seemingly different line of inquiry, asking Sweets, “May I ask why you didn’t publish your book on Booth and Brennan?”

Sweets blinks, “What, is there a connection between my book and Booth’s marksmanship?”

I believe that you didn’t publish it because you’re afraid of how Brennan and Booth would react to its conclusion.”

My book concludes that Brennan and Booth are in love with each other,” Sweets concedes with a nod.

It’s a scrummy conundrum, isn’t it?” Dr. Wyatt asks, making me want to say things like scrummy and be all cool.

I believe that as a reaction to childhood traumas of abuse and abandonment, Dr. Brennan utilizes her intellect to armor herself from intense levels of emotion, like love.”

And Booth?” Dr. Wyatt asks him to continue.

Well…” Sweets adds. “Subconsciously, he’s sensitive to her vulnerability. He knows that acting upon his feelings for her would amount to a kind of assault.”

Interestingly enough, Dr Wyatt smiles, “I couldn’t agree with you more.”

So what had changed? Is it because:

  1. Dr. Wyatt no longer works for the FBI? Did he always feel that Booth loved Brennan but had to censor his words under FBI protocol, but now that he’s a chef, he can say what he wants (to Sweets & Booth)?
  2. He just wants to annoy Sweets and Booth? Does he enjoy contradicting people in order to feel right?
  3. Or….

Is it because of this conversation?

“What’s your theory on why Agent Booth can’t shoot straight?”

He should practice more,” Brennan replies.

Hmmm…perhaps,” Wyatt continues. “In conjunction with his using the wrong foot to climb the stairs, his wrong hand to drink coffee, he’s closing the wrong eye when he aims.”

A real marksman would keep both eyes open when he shoots.”

Oh, well that’s what I get for using Quigley Down Under as a reference, isn’t it?”

But Brennan isn’t interested in Tom Selleck allusions, she has more on her mind. “So…Sweets told you about the hands and the feet?”

Dr. Wyatt replies, “Mmhmm, we’re consulting. Patient confidentiality has been maintained, and I won’t tell Booth that you’ve been ratting him out to the FBI behind his back.”

And ah, Brennan’s reply. “Ratting out is an accurate phrase, but somehow…it’s doesn’t seem true.”

I think that line is a game-changer for Gordon Gordon. And he even states, “You’ve come quite a long distance since we last met, if you can now see a distinction between accuracy and the truth.”

Brennan rationalizes that by saying, “Well, I’m trying to help Booth. I can be objective about his brain, and he can’t.”

Dr. Wyatt seems to agree. “Sometimes, you have to help people, against their wishes.”

I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to help him.”

Ah! Well, I don’t know about you BONES darlings, but I think THAT is where Gordon Gordon decides that he can encourage Booth to have ‘hope & patience’. Even though he and Sweets had already agreed on things…I believe it’s Brennan’s admission about her desire to help Booth that gives Wyatt the feeling like he can go ahead and encourage Booth to wait a bit (and to grow a set!)

What do you think? I am anxious to hear your thoughts. And if you haven’t already, check out the Top Five B&B Kisses and let me know what you think there. I’ll see you next Tuesday for the Top Five Underrated BONES eps of all time.

Peace, Love & Bones,



5 thoughts on “From ‘Superficial Ephemera’ to ‘Hope & Patience’: How GG changed his approach.

  1. I love GG. He does make everything seem more real with his accent, doesn’t he? And I love how they write him with B&B, as a foil and a confidante.

    I agree with your post, having thought it out this way myself. Brennan’s admission in Dwarf is such a great (shipper) moment!

    Here’s to hoping that the new season builds on the growth of season 5!

    btw, loved your short vignettes about Booth and GG – covering the first half of season 5!

  2. This also gives us one of my favorite B&B moments….Brennan tucking that handkerchief in Booth’s pockets, his hand touching where her’s had been.

    Oh, the little moments. I heart them.

  3. I’m surprised this post doesn’t have many responses. This includes one of my favorite, favorite conversations. Brennan saying she can’t of anything she wouldn’t do for Booth…priceless.

    Maybe his FBI position was to discourage them – interesting since Sweets mostly encourages them. As a chef, he can just give Booth relationship advice, and let him know subtly that he isn’t alone in his deep feelings. The conversation he had with Brennan was certainly eye-opening, and he was free to let Booth know he wasn’t wasting his time.

  4. I think that Gordon Gordon is a master at knowing what people need to hear and what they are capable of dealing with.

    Exhibit A: I have to wonder if GG placed a worm of a doubt in Sweets about his book, perhaps because he wasn’t sure that it should be published? I don’t know. I kind of feel like I’m reaching on that one.

    As for Exhibit B, GG telling Booth that Brennan does love him isn’t going to help matters, because Brennan wasn’t ready to admit it, yet. You can’t push her. Booth didn’t need reassurance the Brennan loved him, just the hope for the future. I think that GG saw the Brennan was changing and opening herself up to the possibility of love, but that she wasn’t there yet. Hence, his comments to Booth about hope and patience. As for their differences, again, Booth didn’t need to get into a debate about the differences between Brennan and himself. In fact, even if GG still believes that the differences between them are “superficial ephemera,” they still have practical consequences that would be relevant to a romantic relationship for B & B. Deep down they may not be all that different, but they still have issues such as religion (will their baby be baptized?) and income disparity that can strain a relationship.

    On to exhibit C: again, GG knew that pushing Brennan wasn’t going to get the job done, so to speak. I think he’s saying to Sweets, “We know what we know, but we can’t let them know. Not yet. They’re not ready.”

    Actually I think that all three of these have a unifying message: Gordon Gordon thinks that if a relationship is going to develop between B & B is has to happen gradually and naturally between the two of them, with as little interference as possible from Sweets.

    Hope and Patience all the way.

  5. An enlightening post. I believe none of the dialogue was an accident – it means something.

    And if nothing else, GGW’s approach bore fruit where Sweets’ approach forced heartache. Even if it took Booth some time to find that out…

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