Bones Theory

Squint Scripts: Brennan watching Booth & The Kid


Hey, Hey, BONES fans! How are things? I hope you are doing well. Part of this BONES theory project will involve me actually using some of that English Major I’m still paying for, haha. But I don’t want to be the only one who has all the fun with that kind of thing. One of the most deliciously frustrating things about some BONES episodes are when we are left wanting more. I appreciate the subtlety that the actors bring to their roles, and I am GLAD that we don’t hear ALL of their thoughts all of the time. Having said that, I think it’s also fun to be creative and see if we can’t guess what Brennan or Booth or another character might be thinking at any given moment.

So here’s the challenge for this pic:

In 100 words or less, tell us what Brennan is thinking at this moment.


…as she watches this moment…

You are welcome to just write your thoughts on what she is thinking, or if you wish, you can write in 1st person.

We’ll see how this goes!



7 thoughts on “Squint Scripts: Brennan watching Booth & The Kid

  1. I think she’s wondering how it’s going and wondering what they’re saying. She’s probably thinking how “Booth” of Booth to be going out of his way and doing this. Of course, she’s studying the moment as well (anthropologically :P).

  2. “He’s definitely made of good stuff.”

  3. Right I agree with the anthropological study too: how older males pass wisdom to the younger male. And of course, she can ser how good of a man he is and realizes that he kind of identifies with the kid by having to take responsability of his actions. And she’s standing there, I think, to prove her own theory of Booth being a good man. She knows it, but this adds up to all the great things he does for others and for her.

  4. I just watched this episode yesterday – so many fun moments between the cast members throughout this one!

    I think she’s thinking of how Booth is not like the male of the species she speaks about anthropologically, and thinking with her feelings that he is a good man. I imagine a warm upswell of emotion inside of her that she can’t characterize fuly.

  5. I think she’s thinking that he is such a good man, and in that moment, she sees him in all his goodness.

  6. I wonder whether she’s a little regretful that she doesn’t have the same perception and people skills as Booth and can’t therefore connect so easily and willingly with other people.

  7. I agree. She’s a bit saddened that she can’t connect with people like Booth can… AND (maybe it’s a stretch) that she knows that she loves him, but she thinks she isn’t ready for him BECAUSE she can’t connect.

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