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Top Five Tuesday: Brennan’s Season Four Smiles


Soooo…here’s my problem. It’s impossible to choose the top five Brennan smiles. At first, I thought it would be very easy. There can’t be THAT many, right? Alas, there ARE! So then I thought, “Okay, okay…I’ll splurge and let myself have 10 fave smiles.” I’m so generous, I really am. But that wasn’t enough either. So, I’ve decided to split it up by season and do five best smiles per season. And that’s the way it is! Because I’m really crazy, I’m starting with season four.

So, without further ado…here are the top five Brennan smiles of season four, in chronological order:

 1. Brennan gets excited, Double Trouble in the Panhandle:

Double Trouble in the Panhandle is not in my top 90 episodes or anything, but one thing I DO like about that episode is how sweet and eager Brennan is about being undercover, and her act with Booth. She is very sweet. I LOVE her reaction to the crowd cheering them on, and I love the way she encourages Booth by upping the ante on his knife throwing act. It DOES indicate implicit trust in him. And he doesn’t fail her. But when he calls her on it later, she can’t help but smile wide. “Therein lies the excitement for the spectators!”



2. Brennan catches Booth’s eye during the hockey game, Fire in the Ice:

Ahhh, Fire in the Ice IS in my top 20 all time eps, I think, and this beginning moment is one reason why. It might annoy people that Booth’s stereotypical masculinity actually attracts Brennan’s feminine side, but it just makes me laugh. And smile for like an entire weekend. But mostly laugh. I really love this particular smile of Brennan’s. Booth is her man! He’s the only FBI agent she wants to work with! I love Booth’s own smile in reaction, and the breathy quality in Brennan’s voice. I love her hat and her sparkly scarf and when she busts into the locker room too!


3. Brennan is charmed, The Princess and the Pear


We know Booth is charming. We know HE knows he’s charming. But it was kittens and chocolate covered cherries to find out that Brennan knows how charming he is, right? And to have that little moment where Booth ASKS her if she wants MORE and for her to say no, and him to laugh at her? Delightful. Absolutely delightful. Perotta, who?



4. Brennan wants to be bad!, The Beaver in the Otter


I love this scene. I LOVE it! I love that Brennan first proves to Booth that she hasn’t done anything wrong. He says he believes her. She THEN clarifies that she’s made mistakes, after all, humans DO make mistakes. Booth again tells her he believes her, but now he’s smiling. I love that SHE makes HIM smile. And she does. As crazy as she makes him, she also makes him smile more than anyone else. And I love that she wants to be ‘bad’, and I love that Booth is the one to lead her down that path. I love that she squeals as she runs out of there and that he grabs her hand.


5.  Brennan is happy Booth is awake, The End in the Beginning:

There are several moments, where if asked, I would pinpoint as Brennan either falling in love with Booth or realizing she has fallen in love with him. I do believe she is in love with him, whether she will ever say those words or not, I am not sure. But anyways, this is one of those moments. I’ll always be bummed that we don’t get to see what really happened during the days Booth was in surgery and then a coma. Yes, she loves him. But also, he’s her friend, and she cares about him as a friend and a partner. All of that is conveyed in this smile.

Emily Deschanel is awesome. Just saying.

Peace, Love & Bones,



3 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Brennan’s Season Four Smiles

  1. Ah, I just love the smile Brennan gives Booth in Fire In The Ice. She is so pretty and he is so cute.

    Had to respond. I think every post you do should have at least one comment. Happy Friday July the 4th Eve.

  2. beautiful!!! love all these smiles, especially the Fire in the Ice. That is one of my all time favorite episodes.

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