Bones Theory

Squint Scripts: Booth in Uniform


Hey, hey, hey! It’s time once again for you all to weigh in and let us know what is really going on in the mind of our favorite characters! This week, I’m asking you to let us know, in 100 words or less, what Booth is thinking in this moment from the season three finale (gosh, has it been THAT LONG AGO?!?!).


2 thoughts on “Squint Scripts: Booth in Uniform

  1. Geez, I hope Bones doesn’t see me and wave and give the game away. I’ve been waiting to get this guy for five years. Thought there’d be more people at my funeral. Whoa, even my son and my-ex aren’t here. Neither is Gramps. Have I led that crappy a life?! Come on, Bones. Wave to me!

  2. “All I have to do is get this b@stard and then my life can go back to normal. How come Bones isn’t even crying? Do I not mean that much to her? Geez, I thought there’d be more people here…”

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