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Episode 101: The Death of the Queen Bee


Nice wheels. Nice face…and bod. Very nice.

Bones: Season Five

The Death of the Queen Bee


Heyyyyyyyyyyy! What is happening?!? I have missed our talks! As you can probably tell based on the way this post looks, I have created a new BONES blog, called Bones Theory. I have decided to continue reviewing each episode after the 100th on this site, instead of the 100DaysofBones blog. I just really feel like the 100 reviews over there need to be contained as one singular project. It was a fun ‘moment in time’ type project and to keep it special, I want to just sort of seal it up and let it be what it was and what it was meant to be. Does that make sense? Additionally… to keep adding to that (for as long as the series endures) feels like I’m overstaying my welcome on that site. Which, on the surface seems stupid, as it’s MY site, haha, but that is just what feels right to me. As you can see, I haven’t lost an ounce of my dorkiness when it comes to BONES. But whatevs, that’s how I roll. (and if you want to take a look at the first 100 reviews, the tab at the top will take you right to them!)

I hope you’ll continue to chime in on episode reviews here on this site (and any other posts we discuss here). My plan is to take the next six Thursdays (starting today) and post one recap per week, leading up to September 23rd.  I’ll be adding other posts to the site as well as we get ready for season six!

So, yeah, it’s time for episode 101! I’ll let you in on a secret; this episode really gives me the creeps, but maybe not for the reason you think. We’ll get to that later. But first, let’s discuss…


 A woman, Evelyn, is murdered in her hometown, which also happens to be Brennan’s hometown of Burtonsville. She was killed in the same manner a girl from Brennan’s high school class (Sarah Tidwyler) was murdered, and the serial killer is ‘The Butcher of Burtonsville High’. Brennan and Booth arrive to investigate, and to Booth’s surprise and pleasure, the local police officer is Brennan’s former high school lab partner. He then has to go undercover as Brennan’s husband Bobby. And once he learns that Brennan’s high school reunion will be taking place while they are there, he insists that they go so Brennan can rub her success into the faces of her former classmates (including Brennan’s one-time crush, Andy Pfeuger. Both Brennan and Booth find themselves in high school politics at an adult level, and suspects include Julie, Brad and Carrie as well as the high school custodian, Mr. Ray Buxley. B&B realize that by solving the present murder, they also just might be able to solve the murder of Brennan’s classmate. They do, in a whirlwind of high school residual drama.


Wendell, Angela & Hodgins: Ah…if the high school case is not enough, these three find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Or, if Hodgins were describing it in its scientific term, Cucumis anguria. Yes, you are welcome. What is said pickle? Well, Wendell casually mentions high school teen pregnancies, leading Hodgins to ask him if he had had a pregnancy scare before. “Before?,” Wendell asks, and Hodgins realizes his mistake. Oops! Hodgins and Wendell both rush to Angela. End result? Angela dumps Wendell, he and Hodgins are okay with it and grow closer together, and somehow (and this is one way that this episode creeps me out), Angela comes out looking like a saint. WTF?

Cam and Sweets don’t really do a ton, which is actually okay. I prefer it when they don’t try to cram each character into every storyline.



Let’s begin with what I do like about this episode.

  1. Booth in that black FBI t-shirt. Yeah, boy!
  2. Brennan’s relationship with Mr. Buxley. I loved it. LOVED it! You all know I’m a Brennan fan; I just think she is very special. I go back and forth on whether or not she has the right to still have issues with her parents leaving when she was 15. But now, seeing that she actually stayed in the same town and high school after her parents left gives me a little twinge on the old heartstrings. I do like that this episode gives a look at Brennan’s innocence and purity when it comes to science and discovery. Mr. Buxley saw that too, and during a time when she pretty much had no one on her side, he was a friend to her. I like that Brennan acknowledges that. Her love for him is very pure. And I loved that, for someone who can’t always read people that well, she was able to totally see past what the rest of the world might see as creepy and genuinely love Mr. Buxley. Loved, loved, loved it.
  3. I also totally cracked up at all the women in the town hitting on Booth. It was clever of the writers to include that kind of thing under the irony that he was posing as Brennan’s husband, cloaked in the reality that he actually probably felt like he COULD be open to someone’s proposition. I love when Booth gets all riled up. Whoo, slow down!
  4. Booth’s ‘keeping some room for the Holy Spirit’ line. Raise your hand (and by that, I mean let us know in the comments) if you have ever used and/or heard that line before!
  5. Fun, completely selfish fact: Brennan and I have the same phone: the Palm Pre. Rock & Roll.
  6. Something I noticed this time around: Brennan’s purse for the reunion matches Booth’s tie. Sweet!
  7. I adored Brennan’s absolute comfort and pleasure in Booth’s arms.
  8. And isn’t this the funniest thing? Haha. I don’t know why, but it totally cracks me up.

You know, I’ll be honest. I was all set out to really love this episode. Mainly because I can’t stand it when people complain about an episode that just so happens to follow a major episode. I mean…Paul McCartney’s ‘Wings’, the vanilla Frosty, Michael Jordan’s baseball career…all of those things aren’t intrinsically bad (well, except maybe the Frosty. And MJ’s baseball career…but anyways), but each gets a bad rap because each is a successor to greatness, right? I really, really, really didn’t want to judge this episode based on the 100th. And frankly, I got kind of annoyed at people who did. So on April 15th, I was already prepared to love it, almost on principle. But I have to tell you that I just really don’t like this episode. It bums me out too, that it’s OUR first episode back together. It’s kind of a downer, and it’s actually the reason I’ve been putting it off for so long. I can promise you, though, that I liked the rest of season five very much, so we’ll be all sunshine and hot fudge sundaes from here on out, okay? Well, mostly, haha…

The main problem I have is that for me, it brought up more questions than it answered. Not that all BONES eps have to be completely gift-wrapped with a nice bow, but I still don’t understand the following. Maybe you all can help me.

  1. How exactly did Sweets know about Booth and Brennan’s conversation after their session in the 100th? Didn’t you think that was implied during Sweets’ conversation with Booth? It really annoys me. Not that the writers have to show us everything that ever happens, but hello! That was a major moment! The way it was just glossed over, as if Sweets was, I don’t know what…watching from his Hoover Building office window and later got the scoop from Booth over pie is annoying.
  2. I don’t understand why Booth is going undercover, exactly. Yes, yes, I understand that the gravity of his FBI presence would tend to decrease their success in finding out information. I guess what I don’t buy more is that really no one in Brennan’s town or school knows who she is. She’s a New York Times Bestselling author. In a world of Google and Facebook, etc, people HAVE to know who she is, and that she works with the FBI, right? Why doesn’t Burtonsville have a note on their town entrance sign, “Home of Temperance Brennan”. Right? Anyone could look her up and see all those newspaper clippings of her success with Booth, right? I just…I don’t know. I don’t want to be a stick in the mud negative Nancy, but I just don’t get it.
  3. How exactly does Brennan know The Electric Slide and who Seal and Cyndi Lauper are and not Michael Jackson? If this was Mythbusters, we’d be busted, right? So not plausible.
  4. Booth is kind of snarky toward Brennan. I’m not saying that Brennan is perfect, and I’m not saying (at ALL!!!!) that Booth is to blame for any fall out after his confession outside the Hoover building. I’m just saying that his snide comments, well, they hurt, I think. It’s not necessarily fair for him to be lashing out, if that is in fact what he is doing. They were both honest with one another.
  5. The whole Andy deal. Wasn’t he captain of the lacrosse team or something like that? And why is Brennan NOW saying that he’s the one who had a crush on her? Do the writers think we haven’t seen the season three episodes? I guess it’s reassuring to know that he hasn’t evolved at all. But this Andy didn’t exactly mesh with what I had always pictured since Boy in the Time Capsule. Plus, his presence entirely is interesting to me. Brennan told Booth in ‘Capsule’ that they only person who knew about Brainy Smurf was her mother, ergo, Brennan continued to go to the same high school after her parents left. I don’t know that that is wrong, necessarily, but it just surprised me. Thoughts from you?
  6. Booth saying that they opened up a door that neither one wants to walk through. Um, sorry if I’m wrong, but he pretty much FBI kicked that door open and he sure as hell wanted to walk through it. I don’t know if that line was self-preservation or what, but it just felt wrong!
  7. Another thing that feels weird to me is Brennan’s character in general. I know that high school can bring back high school related issues and feelings, but even so, her actions and reactions were incongruent, not only with her character most of the time, but also within this episode. Her awareness of being undercover with Booth and making up that he was a newspaper reporter and all of that contradicts her blunt and insulting comments. I don’t like seeing Brennan’s character used like that.
  8. But, what really weirded me out the most about this episode was Brennan at the end, surrounded by the rest of the team. Her smile, her pearls of wisdom about friendships. What? And as Booth is sort of off to the side? What? And her laughter at the end? What was happening???? I just do not understand it. It creeps me out.


Help me, help me understand it. I’m begging you. To put you in the mood, here’s your Booth of the Day.

The “My power, my pleasure, my pain.” Booth

From Stargazer in a Puddle: Season Two


Peace, Love & BONES, baby!



7 thoughts on “Episode 101: The Death of the Queen Bee

  1. I gotta say, I haven’t watched this episode since it first aired. Because I didn’t care for it, either. (Thank you, however, for the ‘Booth with the murder weapon, pie, and goofy smile’ picture. That might have been my favorite moment in the entire episode.

    My issues with it are all the same as yours (except for the Howendgela triangle. I adore Hodgins, he loves Angela, and I want my boy to have what makes him happy. Even if she is a trampy tramp. Whatevah.

    Smurfs and I talked about all the points you made here, which makes me wonder why we’re not doing a conference call every week post-episode. 🙂 The way Booth was treating Brennan (uncalled for), the FBI t-shirt (hell, who didn’t discuss that), Andy Pflueger, and of course…Sweets and his knowledge of the Shot Down Heard ‘Round the Bones World. At first, I was convinced he told Sweets about it. Then Smurfs (she’s hypnotic when she speaks Bones) convinced me that Booth *didn’t* tell Sweets, and he was simply continuing the convo from when he double dog dared him to gamble. Honestly? I dunno. Maybe I should suck it up and watch the ep again.

    Great analysis, as always. 🙂

    Oh, and I went to Catholic school my entire K-12 years, and several nuns threatened us if we didn’t leave room for the Holy Spirit. So not an old wives’ tale. Nuns, total mood killers.

  2. Definitely not one of the best episodes, but it was a fun one (I’m very biased for undercover episodes…they are just exciting to begin with for some reason ><).

    The "Booth smiling with star and a plate of cake" picture cracked me up too. I think what I found funny about it was how they were trying to get a picture of the star for something serious (murder solving), but ended up looking rather silly.

    I have to agree…how they whooshed over how Sweets found out about their convo in the 100th ep. and all the other points you mentioned…it was a bit unsettling for me too. But then again…it was a fine episode overall 🙂

    Oh btw, great BOTD picture at the end 🙂 🙂 Great times!! 🙂 🙂


  3. Seels!!! Welcome back! I just now found this new site and was ecstatic that you are continuing your analysis here. 🙂

    I haven’t watched this episode since it aired…I was still down about all the gambling that went awry in the 100th and still just wasn’t in much of a Bones friendly mood yet. I pretty much agree that everything that bothered you in this episode bothered me…and due to my mood harped on it to anyone who would listen. lol. I found it really odd that Brennan stayed in the same town after her parents left. Somehow I just always imagined her moving to a foster home in a different town…guess the writers shot that one down for me. And I am insulted by the lack of continuity that the writers keep sticking in. As if I wouldn’t notice that the story about Andy changed. Please I’m a Bones fan…I’m very observant as we all are. 🙂

    Angela/Wendell creeped me out good. Every time it is still mentioned I have to repress a shudder. But I was still over the moon happy we had a glimmer of Hodgela on the horizon…because even if Ange has a tendency to be trampy she’s what Hodgins wants. And I want him to be happy.

    Pretty sure the best parts of the episode were Booth related with the goofy picture and the FBI shirt (even though he was being totally mean to Brennan which was really uncalled for…I mean he accepted it and told her it was fine so why is he so mad when she takes what he said literally. That’s what she does!).

    And the thing about leaving room for Jesus…I’ve never heard it said seriously but one of my friends got told that by a chaperon at her senior prom. Her response, “But Jesus is within me.” 🙂

  4. I really like this site and I loved your review.

    I didn’t dislike any of the episodes after the 100th particularly, it’s just I haven’t really been able to watch any of them because I found all of them heart crushing in some way. When Booth finally let Brennan dance close to him, I teared up.

    The Wendell/Angela thing never bothered me. I don’t think either one of them did anything wrong by being together. It was uncomfortable for Hodins, but not wrong. I think Wendell knew all along that he and Angela were never going to go the distance.

    Booth kind of snarky to Brennan-I just felt the guy was hurt and when you’re hurt you lash out. I actually didn’t have a problem with how he spoke to her *I felt like doing worse* especially when she asked him if it was too uncomfortable for him to dance a slow dance with her. Made me wonder if she’d even picked up on the fact that he had been snarky towards her-she seemed totally clueless in most of the episode and I hate when the writers do that to Brennan.

    The “leave room for the holy spirit” is very familiar to anybody with a Catholic education, especially if you were taught by the nuns and not lay-people. Like NM said, they were buzz killers!

    I loved the lady sherriff and creepy Mr. Buxley-they were great characters.

  5. I enjoyed the episode. It’s not the strongest episode, and yes, there were continuity errors (Brennan not knowing MJ, but knowing Seal, etc., especially when she said that she does not keep up with culture after the Industrial Revolution). Nonetheless, it was fun to go back to Brennan’s high school to see what she may have been like. I liked her relationship with the janitor, Mr. Buxley, and it was hilarious that they used the same actor who played Freddy Kreuger, and Sweets mentions, “It’s creepy. It’s Freddy creepy.” mentioned the film in the episode. And the fact that it was in a high school setting and that he’d just show up silently and disappear like a nightmare, LOL. 🙂

    I think Sweets didn’t know exactly what happened, I think he may have observed changes in their interaction and made some hypotheses. He is, after all, a psychologist. I think it’s consistent that Brennan or Booth would have kept what happened private, and certainly not divulge it “over pie” to others. I think Sweets hypothesized, and then to feel out the waters, he mentions the “your feelings” to Booth, and I think he receives his answer when Booth says that he’s over it, and that he has a date for next week.

    And I think that Booth being uncomfortable with a dance with Brennan shows how his feelings are unresolved and confused, although he’s trying to draw a line and build a wall towards having a romantic relationship with her. But see how he melts into his familiar protective, loving role towards Brennan so very soon when she shows vulnerability… of course he’s going to dance close with her. And the feelings expressed in his face, discomfort and comfort at the same time. And so, there we go, on we go, back on that merry-go-round, no matter what.

  6. It just occured to me that most of the fun things that people normally do at a young age were missed by Brennan and Booth was the one that made her experience them as an adult – dashing out of the restaurant without paying, attending her ‘prom’, starring at a star-filled sky at night – not sure if there are any more. Oh yes, the sports car ep – I think that would fit in too.
    All Catholic school students would know the Holy Spirit saying. I went to a girls’ only school and I still heard it so how much more a mixed school.

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