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Squint Scripts: Pops Meets Brennan


Hey, y’all. First, real quick, there’s something we should all do. I don’t normally post links like this (haha, like the people who send email forwards and are like, “I never send forwards but this one is…), well…but this link is worth your time. We just mentioned the other day that BONES tends not to receive the recognition we feel it should. But Entertainment Weekly has given us fans a chance to make up for that a little bit. Emily Deschanel is up for an EWwy, which is the Entertainment Weekly equivalent of honoring actors and actresses who have been snubbed by the academy.

So here’s the link for that. As of this mo, ED is doing well! I think we can help make it an even bigger margin.

Once you’ve voted for Emily Deschanel, come on back and let me know (in 100 words or less!) what Pops is thinking as he meets Brennan!


5 thoughts on “Squint Scripts: Pops Meets Brennan

  1. I think he said just what he was thinking. That Brennan is much more beautiful than he would have thought her to be, by Booth’s description.

  2. Agree with Cammy, above. What I find interesting is Booth’s expression….a mixture of “oh crap…Pops is gonna tell” and “oh crap what is Bones gonna say about that”….LOL..:)

  3. I agree with Cammy & Workaholic…I think Pops speaks his mind, and he’s agreeing with his grandson that Brennan is just as pretty as Booth said she was. I just love the look on Booth’s face! You could tell he was nervous about Pops meeting her. 😀

  4. Bones is….beautiful:)

    Not just hot or yowza or pretty….beautiful.

  5. Maybe he is wishing he was 40 years younger 🙂

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