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Top Five Tuesday: B&B Friendship Moments


Hey! Happy Tuesday! Are you doing anything awesome? If you answered, “reading this blog,” then you’re right, haha! I am sure you were on your way from something equally awesome to something even more awesome. But thanks for stopping by here, too.

In today’s TopFive Tuesday, I thought I would choose five moments that really illustrate the friendship between Brennan and Booth. Yeah, they want each other; yeah, they love each other. But sometimes…sometimes they really actually like each other, too. And I love that!

So here goes!

5. Season One: Booth visits Brennan at her apartment after Christine Brennan’s remains are identified.

What I love about this in the season one finale, The Woman in Limbo, is that it’s clear (since he shows up with food) that he didn’t JUST see her lights from the road, right? I mean, maybe he drove around the block 20 times, haha. But either way, I like how their friendship is built here, as Booth just talks with Brennan casually and listens to her too. He also leaves when he knows it’s the right time to leave. But I think Brennan LETTING him be there and letting him feel like she bought his excuse is her way of being a friend, too. That is correct!

4. Season Two: Booth asks Brennan to lay off the gossip…

…and she agrees. It’s a very sincere moment that kind of gets glossed over in The Truth in the Lye. When I think of that episode, I usually just think about three things: the beginning scene with Rebecca, the end scene with Cam, and Larry Soup. But, ignore those three things for just a moment and check out the scene in Brennan’s office. They are interrupted by Hodgins and Angela (in their most fun stage ever), but I find Booth’s vulnerability special when he asks Brennan for her help in not getting on his case about Rebecca and his sex life, “There’s too much at stake; too much to lose.” And she readily agrees. Plus, Booth is cute with his hands shoved into his pockets when he walks toward her, isn’t he? And Brennan is GORGEOUS in a brown shirtdress. BEYOND Pretty!  

3. Season Three: Drunk on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

What proves to me that Brennan is Booth’s friend is that he is saying the craziest stuff! And he insults her (sort of, telling her that Sam didn’t like her), but she just rolls with it. She laughs at him and with him and lets him say whatever. And the counterpart is Booth, listening to her story about playing cards with Max.  “Cool,” he says, and when Brennan says she beat Max, he’s happy for her. It’s very sweet, very, very sweet. I want more of those moments!

(Honorable Mention: In Verdict in the Story, when Booth is explaining brain vs. heart to Brennan and she says, “Sometimes I think you’re from another planet; and sometimes I think you’re really very nice.”

2. Season Four: Ice cream and beer

The Girl in the Mask is an episode with total dichotomy for me. On the one hand, I LOOOOOOVE that the case is Booth-centric in that we see his relationship with his friend, Ken. I like that look into Booth’s life and past, and it’s very fun and realistic. I like the case, and I really like Brennan and Ken’s interactions too. But I think the guessing the gender of the guest doc is…so pointless. It’s too bad really, because the B&B moments in the episode are quite good, all leading up to a fantastic conversation at Booth’s apartment. They talk about love and whether or not it’s really worth it. But even that conversation is based, I believe, in their friendship. I like when Booth feeds her the ice cream, and it’s so Brennan to tell him she really would prefer beer. It sounds kind of snotty here on paper, but the truth is that it’s really just their ability to relax with one another that comes across the screen. Very special.

1.  Season Five: “Don’t probe me.”


I struggled with this one, and tossed around the idea of the end of Gamer in the Grease, with B&B playing Punky Pong. But when I watched both scenes again (research is hard, y’all, haha), the scene with them on the SUV in X in the File feels more friendshippy, while the ‘math’ convo seems to have different undertones. Anyways, I really love this scene (and Credit Alert: the pic is from (I think) a squeecap of this episode. Someone sent it to me; I can’t remember; I just know I didn’t pull it myself. Take credit if it’s yours!), and I love how funny Brennan is. I don’t know that we’ve ever really seen her like that. She makes jokes about anthropologists, and herself, and Booth eggs her on. They laugh, and he teases her, and it’s just so smile-worthy.

Well…what do you think? Am I right? Am I wrong? Did I miss one? Comments = Love!


7 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: B&B Friendship Moments

  1. Those were all perfect, although I think it said a lot about Booth as a friend to Brennan when he just hugged her at the end of Finger in the Nest instead of saying, “Geez, Bones…you’re showing more emotion for a dog you barely knew than when I ‘died’ last season”. (Yes, I know we all know Brennan was really devastated when Booth “died” but he doesn’t…)

    Oh, and Brennan accepting the Philistine/Kinney story at the end of Boy in the Time Capsule as a good counterpoint to her Smurf story, even though we all know it really wasn’t close. That was an excellent example of her being a good friend because she knew he felt bad and wanted to absolve him.

  2. I think there’s a lot of friendship between the two, and that sometimes, as B&B shippers, we’re all so focused on looking for the things that “almost happened” or that he or she “almost” said that we can glance right over the things that were right there in front of us. Great post!

  3. aww, so good! Ekk, the final scene of Gamer in the Grease is a great BB friendship moment, but I agree there are some undertones there that go further. More into the I-got-what-you-need-baby- territory, haha. I don’t think its a secret that’s probably one of my top 5 end scenes.

    But you were totally on point with the 5 you picked, I especially like the one at the Lincoln Memorial. That Booth smile gets me every time.

  4. Relationship or no relationship….it’s still always true that their friendship has always been STRONG! Sometimes I almost understand why Brennan might not wanna risk losing their friendship over a relationship. But then I’m back to shipping them in 2 seconds anyway..LOL..

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (x1000) that!! Your season 3 moment (I think it was from Soccer mom in the minivan if I remember correctly) was my personal favourite!! 🙂 🙂 …the “sometimes I think you’re from another planet ..and sometimes I think you’re very nice” was an interesting moment to see Brennan openly recognizing one of Booth’s nicest characteristics..that was really rare ^^

  5. I absolutely love their friendship, and I’m really glad you made this list to let me relive those moments! 🙂 I wasn’t even a real shipper until near the end of season 4, so I’ve always been driven by the strength of their partnership and friendship.

    You picked some fabulous moments!

  6. As someone else mentioned, I think their friendship is a joy to watch – but I too am such a shipper that I see undertones everywhere.

    The TitL ending to me changes from friendship to attraction/sexually charged just before Angela and Jack enter, so that friendship moment you pointed out gets glossed over.

    Agree that the ending of X in the File shows their friendship and it’s depth clearly – they really like each other!

  7. How about Baby in the Bough, in the back of the SUV at the end of the episode?

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