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Episode 102: The Predator in the Pool


“Congratulations on solving the murder.”

“Yes! Now Booth can have sex with Dr. Bryar.”


BONES: Season Five

The Predator in the Pool


Oh, Brennan.


A self-help and self-helped motivational speaker, Jazz Gunn, is revealed to be the victim when a human skeleton is found in a local aquarium. Suspects include Dr. Stoddard of the aquarium’s animal husbandry department, Dr. Catherine Bryar (somewhat), Aquarium employee Ben, local school teacher Grace Redmon, and Jazz Gunn’s somewhat begrudged assistant, Tad.

Meanwhile, the aquarium’s facilities had an expensive filter stolen, leading Booth into contact with a mob boss who may or may not have ties to the murder (and other things!).

It was Ben who stole the filter for the mob boss, but it was the school teacher who shoved Gunn’s face into the fish and then his body into the tank. She has fibromyalgia and believed Jazz when he said the power of positive thinking would heal her; but grew disillusioned by the lack of health. When she found out that Jazz was getting treatments and passing them off as positive thinking, she used her own elementary students as an alibi, and a field trip as a method for murder. Her confession was kind of creepy!


What is interesting to me is that Cam and Sweets both have been pretty laid back as far as the entire “moving on” thing is concerned. I don’t know if they are both unaware of it, or if they are just not wanting to make Booth and Brennan feel worse than they do about it?

I love the part where Booth and Sweets are interviewing the elementary school students and Sweets kind of botches it up. I wish we could see the favor Booth makes him do. Wash the SUV, maybe? Keep Daisy out of the District of Columbia? If only.

 Clark really cracked me up in this episode. I liked when he talked with Hodgins about Angela and then begged him not to give any details. And I always laugh when Brennan shoves his face in the tank. Kind of reminds me of the old Zack experiment days!

And Hodgins and Angela totally reeled me in once again, like a shark with a victim, haha. But, I guess at this point, if they are happy, I’m happy. I really loved Hodgins’ scene with Brennan in the scuba suits. And I ALSO totally adored Brennan’s conversation with Angela about whether or not a person can really belong to someone else. That was just good, old-fashioned, Bren & Ange BFF talk, right? Glug, Glug WooHOO!


Do you ever make yourself think that something is going to be really terrible, and then once it happens, it’s actually not that bad? I think that might be what happened with this episode and many, many Bones fans. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t mind Catherine that much. Not that I want her to have Booth’s babies or anything, but, whatever. Booth is prime male goodness and she’d be crazy not to at least try, right? And it doesn’t bother me that Booth agrees and asks her out. Though, I’ll also be honest and say that I like Booth’s realistic and casual look at it. When Brennan encourages him and says she thinks he and Catherine are compatible, he says maybe. He doesn’t ask Catherine if she believes in fate. He doesn’t ask her to love him or anything. He just asks her to dinner. And smiles. Self-confident Booth will always make me smile.

But what I just can’t wrap my mind around is the Brennan and Hacker thing.  I just don’t see the appeal. It has nothing to do with Booth (hmmm…well, mostly nothing, haha), I just do not even see how he’s Brennan’s type at all. And why did she have to meet him at the diner? That just seemed cruel to us fans.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that Booth is allowed to date and Brennan isn’t. We’ve already talked about that kind of thing before, like with The Man in the Outhouse. I’m just saying that Hacker IS a doofus. And he’s weird. And not funny.

What really intrigued me about this episode was that Booth and Brennan both were very…free and open with one another as far as their own feelings for each other. Has Brennan ever told Booth he was handsome before? He’s never said anything to her like, “Bones…you are the standard.”


It’s as if the presence of Catherine and Hacker (and in a macro-examination, Booth and Brennan’s verbal admission of feelings for one another) sort of creates this breathing room around B&B, and they can be even MORE honest with one another. I was SO shocked to see the end scene with B&B having a beer together and catching up on their dates.  It’s a strange dynamic; that they are actually acting like friends and partners, even more so. As if the fact that they are further apart actually is bringing them closer together. I don’t know how to explain it, but…there it is.

Remember when I mentioned that whole thing about dreading something that turns out not to be too bad? Well, I know that’s easy for me to say, and believe me when I say that even throughout most of this episode, I’m still a little uneasy. But…the way Brennan is SO upfront about Catherine combined with the way she gets annoyed when Booth brings it up early on in the episode is great. And her facial expressions as Booth is describing Catherine making him laugh, they are just gorgeous displays of forced acceptance. I think it’s a mistake to think that Brennan is clueless. She’s a genius. When Booth told her that he was going to have to move on and find someone to love him, she said, “I know”. The way she basically forces herself to hear about his time with Catherine…I love it. I mean, it hurts, but I love that it hurts, because to me, it proves that Brennan is not without emotion or awareness of Booth’s feelings and her own feelings. I’m not saying that she’s completely jealous. I just think that for a really long time, she was hoping to maintain stasis in her relationship/partnership/any other kind of ship there is with Booth. She’s not jealous, per se, it’s more that it’s just another reminder to her that she doesn’t have what it takes where Booth is concerned. Now, I think that is crazy. But she doesn’t. BonesPal Smurfs commented to me once that really, Brennan is dealing with romantic love for the first time ever. This is new to her, and she’s sort of feeling her way through this while at the same time, desperately trying to compartmentalize. And she just can’t quite do that anymore. She’s always, since season one, been…I don’t want to say obsessed, because it sounds so negative…but so…desperately determined to know all there is to know about Booth. And he’s been so private, really. She’s the one who needs to know. Once she knows, then the knowledge can be categorized appropriately. But Booth…he just can’t be categorized. He can’t only be known. But Brennan’s hanging in there; she really is. I love her for it.

That’s not to say that she’s the and Booth is whatevs. Booth is ALSO really hanging in there and doing his best. And I love him for that. But you already knew that.

Other things I totally love about this episode:

  1. Booth sneering at an email invitation to a date.
  2. Brennan turning down the email sex date.
  3. Hacker lying to Catherine about Brennan’s abilities and Brennan correcting him, and then Booth standing up for HER!
  4. Brennan telling Booth she has realized that Coffee just means coffee (and Booth’s face and our hearts saying,…um, no, it does NOT, haha. COFFEE!)
  5. Brennan saying “I may or may not get them back to you” about the Moroccan gift fish.
  6. And this:

She’s just almost as cute as our man, Booth.


Here’s your Booth of the Day.

The “Oh, Booth…you are the standard, too. You are, you are, you are!” Booth from

The Knight on the Grid: Season Three


Peace, Love & Bones,



6 thoughts on “Episode 102: The Predator in the Pool

  1. I really wasn’t sure what to expect about this episode due to all of the hype associated with it. People were in absolute despair in thinking that Booth was going to get a new girlfriend. I had the luxury? fortune? of watching this episode immediately after a vacation, so I was still in a somewhat positive good mood, and I faced it trying to be optimistic, and I agree with you, it definitely wasn’t as bad as we all thought it would be.

    I still haven’t been able to convince myself to rewatch the last 8 episodes, including this one, mainly because I feel like I need to be in a positive mood to do so, and I’m still feeling somber after the season finale. I know that I did like this one. Hopefully I can be more positive once I get my Bones groove back on. 🙂

  2. I too haven’t been able to rewatch the eps after 100 (which I loved) because they make me too sad – although the standard comment here is definitely squee worthy!

    I LOVE this Booth of the Day!!!

  3. I agree with you on everything, especially the Brennan-related parts. The needing to know Booth so she can categorize is exactly the right words for something I attempted to explain to my roommate and failed miserably at.

    Bob the murder weapon fish! He’s become a joke between me and a friend of mine. Just the way that actress introduced him with a fake scientific name (*sigh* they usually use real ones!)… and then said “we call him Bob” for some reason has just endeared me so much to the fish that I now have named my betta after him.

    I didn’t mind Catherine, but Hacker bugs me. I don’t know why, but he does. And you’re right. He’s not funny. At all.

  4. Every time I see Hacker, I think of the actor playing him being the same one that played Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillies Movie. And my mom calls him Mr. Biglips

  5. Hello. I have a quick comment that is a bit off topic, but it’s still regarding the same episode in discussion; “the predator in the pool”. It will also involve a second bones episode; (s5 e6 “the tough man in the tender chicken)
    And I think it is a comment worth mentioning. 🙂

    Tonight, I specifically set out to find comments regarding the first suspect to be questioned in this episode (s5 e18) ..and to my surprise, I couldn’t find word one about it! So, I figured, I’ll do it myself. 🙂
    I immediately recognized the first suspect to be interrogated by Booth from an earlier episode in season 5.. (6)

    I’ll give you a minute…

    Hint, hint; cluck

    Times up! 🙂 Please, let me know if you agree or disagree, but I think he looks exactly like the “government-experiment-chicken man” victim (as the team so affectionately called him) from “the tough man in the tender chicken”. (Earlier in season 5)

    Now, “chicken man” was not a charactor in “the tough man in the tender chicken” episode, per say. As in, he did not have any speaking lines as a cast member. However, they do show a still photograph of him once they found a match to the computer created likeness of said victim made by Angela earlier in the episode. The “chicken mans” face was so distinct that the image stuck in my mind, so you can imagine my surprise to see “that face” again in the later episode “the predator in the pool”.
    Does anyone else see the resemblance??? Lol

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