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Top Five Tuesday: Unsolved Mysteries


Hey, hey, BONES darlings! How are things? In this week’s edition of Top Five Tuesday, we’re talking about unsolved mysteries on BONES. I’m not talking about unresolved cases; I’m talking about the things that REALLY keep me up at night wondering. I’m also not necessarily talking about…inconsistencies (the ends of Killer in the Concrete/Death in the Saddle being the exact same footage) or quirks, (like why, for example, there have been about five side characters named Hank), or discrepancies in characterization (Angela). I’m talking about five things that just incite my curiosity like crazy. Five things that may not ever be revealed, and I may be haunted with for the rest of my BONES loving life until we get to BONES heaven. I can’t wait to see if you agree with me. Ready?

  1. Was Brennan really rescued from foster care by her grandfather?

She tells Booth, in a moment of friendship and compassion from him, that yes, she was in the foster system until her grandfather got her out. We never heard anything else about that. In fact, the general storyline regarding Brennan and her post age 15-years through college etc is that she was pretty much on her own. There are three things about this that just keep picking at me.

  1. Maybe Brennan is lying. It IS possible, I guess. She’s not a liar in general, but at that early in the B&B partnership game, she just might have wanted Booth to drop the subject. Maybe she thought he’d buy that/accept it more than the idea of her being on her own for so long. Or perhaps she’d learned that most people didn’t really WANT to hear about her struggles so the idea of a grandfather rescuing her was something she just repeated to people to make THEM feel better about it. Does that make sense? She got tired of sympathy or whatever, created a plausible storyline and used it. Possible.
  2. I honestly don’t know if the fact that this storyline sort of became Booth’s storyline annoys me more or less than Brennan’s version being unresolved. I’m just too confused by it. The source of the problem for me is that I LIKE it as Booth’s storyline. But I just can’t buy into it 100% because of the comparisons it has with Brennan’s. And it’s not like the writers haven’t had times to bring those two parallel stories to a crossroads. When Hank was talking with Brennan at lunch that one day, we don’t see any sort of reference to her own experience. That sort of thing makes me think that we’ll never see resolution to this.
  3. Someone once told me that HH once said that it was still an active storyline and that the mystery is that we don’t really know who Brennan’s “grandfather” is/was. Well, okay. (Is this technically spoiler talk? If so, my apologies. I’ve never heard anything else about it, so I hope we’re safe.) Part of me feels like I would rather him say something like, “Yeah, our bad. Can we all just sort of forget that part? We’re not going to deal with it, so…let’s just forget she said that. Deal? Yes? Great. Here’s Booth without a shirt on,” and we’d all kind of accept it and move on. And when I say we, I guess I mean me and shirtless Booth. Ha. But seriously, the IDEA of someone rescuing her…I don’t know! My mind first goes to Max, or someone he paid to help him. And I do totally buy that. I also would like to know more about that. I’m just worried we never will.


2.     Will we EVER see what Brennan wrote in her letter while buried alive? (And is it even actually TO Booth?)

The other day on Twitter, BONESpals Smurfs and NatesMama were talking about things that will annoy them forever, and this was one of NMs. I had to laugh, because I know, I know, I KNOW that I always assumed she wrote to Booth. But it could have been anything to anyone. And THAT is what just tingles with possibility. I think maybe this might be one of those things that BONES fans might have latched onto that was never really intended to be hanging over our heads. Something that we’ve attached a much higher significance to than was ever in the minds of HH and the writers. What do you think? Like the line, and Jasper and a few other things, maybe I read too much into them. (Side note: Here are a few things that HAVE been referred to within the context of other eps: Pie and “Everything Happens Eventually” and “There’s more than one kind of family”. What others can you think of? And what do you think it means that THOSE things have popped up where others haven’t? Ah!)

3.     Will Booth ever find out that Sweets was actively experimenting on him and Brennan when he was undercover?

Sweets gets a lot of crap from B&B; I’m not saying he doesn’t. Some of it is teasingly deserved and some of it is just them being stubborn to his theories and methods combined with their resistance to confront their feelings for one another. But for every time they give him a hard time in a session, they also look out for him. Whether it’s inviting him to family-style dinner with GG, taking him bowling, inviting him for Christmas dinner, making sure he’s okay after he witnessed a death…they work to make sure he’s included. If everything that happens between B&B is ‘theirs’, then Sweets sort of falls into that category. Yeah, Booth and Brennan mostly work with the same people, but in my opinion, Angela and Hodgins and Zack are “Brennan’s” while Caroline and Cam, though she works at the Jeffersonian, is really “Booth’s”. But Sweets really doesn’t quite fit with just one of them.  Brennan brings her concerns about Booth’s brain to him (what I consider a small betrayal of Booth, but in a good way. Her loyalty and concern for him outweighs their loyalty to one another). And Booth asks Sweets for advice with Parker. These developments show me that it’s highly unlikely for this ‘mystery’ to ever surface. For one thing, it would be sort of unnecessary conflict. And while there is a tiny part of me that thinks it’s pretty darn cool that Brennan figured it out and Booth didn’t, there’s a slightly bigger part of me that wants to see the scene between Booth and Sweets. I think Sweets learned his lesson, and I don’t necessarily want Booth to beat him up, as Brennan promised. I guess it just slightly annoys me that we didn’t see this plotline to completion (in my opinion).

4.   Will Booth, Brennan, Cam, Angela and Hodgins ever find out what Sweets knows: that Zack never killed anyone and played the system in order to remain institutionalized vs. incarcerated?

Though I was never the biggest Zack fan ever, this might be the unsolved mystery that might frustrate me the most. If only because it presents the BEST opportunity for character development and tension, and it just seems to have completely fizzled out. Angela and Roxie, Angela and Wendell, Brennan and Jared, Agent Perotta, Cam and Michelle…all of these one or two episode storylines/plots…I would gladly trade them for a more ongoing plot thread of the team finding out about Zack. It’s just so unbelievably ripe for exploration. Am I the only one who thinks so? And what I like about the idea of expanding it is that it affects every single person involved. It’s not just a B&B thing. And even if no one else on the team does find out, I would have at least really liked to see a little more internal conflict about it where Sweets is concerned. Some of you might be thinking, “Well, yeah, but Zack was in the season four finale, and it was sort of alluded to there.” I know, I know. But it’s just not enough. In fact, that raises more qs for me, like how did B&B know about it in their coma dream/free writing symbiosis?  

5.   How much of Booth’s coma dream was his and how much was from Brennan’s writings?

Speaking of that symbiosis, I often wonder about this. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the most recent or what, but I sort of feel like this is one where we might actually see a resolution. Or at the very least, some discussion. I actually like the internal tension this idea creates, mostly because I like the idea of Brennan using writing as therapy. We don’t have any indication that she keeps a journal. And I think the way she sort of deletes this story quickly indicates that this is sort of the first time she has tried to express how she is feeling by writing about it in fiction. I find it slightly hard to believe that the fact that she is writing it is all that it takes for Booth to be imagining/dreaming it. To me, that means Brennan is reading out loud to him, which…for my money, is one of the most smile-worthy, tears pricking the backs of my eyes, sweetest heart swelling ideas. I’m not quite a big fan of the season four finale, but I’m warming up to it, and this is one of the reasons why. What are your thoughts on this: Was Booth basically dreaming to Brennan’s narrative? Or were some of the things we saw manifestations of Booth’s sub-conscious and desires? And if so, which parts? Is Brennan writing about a case and Booth is the one who superimposes them as husband and wife? Is Brennan writing about Vasiri, but Booth interprets it as her love for science is what could pull them apart as a married couple? Is Brennan writing about being pregnant, or is that Booth’s thought? Do you see what I mean? What do you think? What percentage is Booth’s? This one annoys me the least but fascinates me the most. Like I said, perhaps that’s because it’s the most recent, so it feels like there’s the most potential for it to actually go somewhere. ACK!

Well, enough from me. What are your thoughts? Did I forget some? I’m sure I did, as I only included five. But let me know what you’re thinking.

Meanwhile, as I was writing this up, BONESpal Ange commented on another post and posted the link to this vid. I tell you what, guys…I am just SO jealous of people who have amazing creativity and ways to express that. It’s a B&B vid called “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” and it just showcases B&B. It gives me hope and makes me glad that even if none of the things I have listed are ever resolved, that in the end, Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth will be together in every way it’s possible to be.

Check it out! And be sure to comment below!

Peace, Love & Bones,



19 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Unsolved Mysteries

  1. I totally forgot about the whole “Zack didn’t kill anyone” thing. Maybe because it’s the one thing on your list here I actually expect, somewhere in the back of my Bones-addled brain, HH to resolve eventually.

    But I have to confess…I’ve sort of decided that Bren wrote her note to either Russ or Angela. I have no reasonable rationale for this reasoning (ooh, look at me, being all alliterative) but I just think it makes sense. However, if the letter is to Booth, all it needs to say is: “I wish I had never gotten into that cab that night.” and I can die happy.

    Oh…and I firmly believe in that sweet notion that Bren read to Booth while in his coma. He has to know she did…how does he not use that (and her heartcrushing comment from Goop) to prove how open her heart really is? Hello, Booth? Let me loan you a clue, cutie pie. Bren needs this stuff spelled out for her!

    *sigh* I need a hobby. Great Tuesday post, thought! As always! 🙂

  2. The “Zack is innocent” and “what’s in the note” storylines are the ones that keep me up at night. I totally agree with you about the effect on everyone when the truth comes out about Zack…it will be MASSIVE!

    As for the note…I’m wishing and hoping (very hard) that it’s to Booth…but I don’t think the writers even know…maybe they’re keeping it open ended?

  3. Seels….sometimes I think when it comes to Bones related stuff we share a brain. 🙂 You picked out everything that has annoyed me for the last 5 years! Although I have to say the letter and Zack are the things that bother me most. I’ve accepted that some things like Brennan’s grandfather are just never going to find out.

    HOWEVER, I just can’t accept a non resolution to the Zack storyline. I was never a huge Zack fan…until he left. And then I realized how much the dynamic in the lab changed after he left and everything just kind of fell apart in season 4. I miss Hodgins and Zack interaction because fighting over king of the lab and doing experiments has to be one of the funniest things in seasons 1-3. They also had some great one liners that could make me laugh so hard I’d fall off the futon laughing every time I heard them. And I think finding out that Zack really didn’t kill anyone would be a huge weight off of everyone’s shoulders. They were really hurt when everything went down (especially Brennan) and I feel like it may help take some of the weight of the world off of them. Because I think somehow they still blame themselves for Zack straying.

    The letter will also always annoy me because I feel like we got jipped when the Gravedigger trial happened and we STILL didn’t get letters. I want to know where they stashed them away that they didn’t get collected and/or presented as evidence. That may be just as much of a mystery to me! But I’m convinced Brennan didn’t just write her letter to one person. I think she wrote short little paragraphs to each person who was important in her life. Probably Booth, Angela, and Russ at the very least.

  4. Oh no, just when I thought that I could finally start thinking about something else, now that I’ve watched all the episodes in a row over the last few weeks! I had completely forgotten about Brennan’s grandfather mention; I’m still not sure how I feel about that particular bit now that we’ve had more of Booth’s story exposed…..

    Of the five, Zach’s is definitely the one I want to see resolved the most, because of the impact it could have on all the characters. Also, I feel sometimes like we’ve been cheated somewhat of a more in-depth look into how the revelations about Zach have affected the team. I mean, all we get to see and hear in season 4 is how much the rest of the squints miss and love him. I’m sorry but I don’t buy that there is no conflicting emotions going on as well and I think it’s a shame the writers have missed on the opportunity to explore that further

    Another mystery which is tossing-and-turning-in-bed-all-night-worthy material (at least to me) is who was GG referring to when he said “one of them is acutely aware of that attraction, struggles with it daily as a matter of fact”? Everytime I think I’ve figured it out, I either read someone else’s argument or I just catch up on yet another clue that leads me to question that whole thing again. Drives me crazy, but not as much as the fact that I’m pretty sure it will never be revisited again on the show :p

  5. Hi. I just found your blog today and I think it’s fantastic! Wait until I tell my husband that I’m not the only person who spends hours theorizing about my all-time favorite TV show! 🙂

    I think you’ve made some great points here and I just wanted to add a few thoughts about my top two “unsolved mysteries.”

    #1 – Who gave Booth and Brennan their identities in The End in the Beginning?

    You touched on this issue briefly in your fifth point, but for me, it’s the central issue in this episode. I think the answer to that one question is pivotal not only in terms of explaining the coma dream, but also in answering the question “who knew first?” (my #2 unsolved mystery)

    We know that Brennan read her book out loud to Booth while he was in his coma because Angela tells Avalon during the tarot card reading in the beginning of The Harbingers in the Fountain. But that’s really the only indication we get that Brennan was a part of the process (besides the scene at the end of TEITB where she deletes the book). Booth kind of gets the blame for “creating” this alternate world (during which it’s implied that he fell in love with Brennan) throughout the rest of season five, but I’m not totally convinced it was him.

    I mean, it’s kind of obvious that Booth has been in love with Brennan forever (whether he realizes it or not), but what about her? The true depth of her feelings is a lot harder to pin down (in part, I think, because of her famous ability to “compartmentalize” things). We know she cares about him A LOT. But does she love him? And more importantly, does she realize that she loves him?

    If SHE created those characters – “Mr. B” and “Bren” – to be her and Booth, it speaks volumes not only about her feelings for him but of her real understanding of love.

    There’s a moment, right before she deletes her book, where Brennan looks up at comatose Booth. It’s as if she has explored her feelings for him, acknowledged that they exist, and in that moment makes a conscious decision not to pursue those feelings. I dunno. It just makes me wonder…

    #2 – Gordan Wyatt’s assertion in Mayhem on a Cross that “one of them is aware of their feelings and struggles with those feelings daily.”

    This one was mentioned in the previous comment and is probably the one mystery that eats at me the most. I think I watched that scene in Sweets office at the end of Mayhem on a Cross a million times this summer trying to figure it out and every time I thought I had it, another “what if” crept in.

    Most of the time I think he’s referring to Booth. It’s the obvious answer. The conversation in Sweets office certainly seems to support that theory. I mean, Booth is totally shaken by Brennan’s confession, by her tears – you can see it written all over his face. And then there’s the fact that he shares a story from his past not to support Sweets (as Brennan had done) but because, and only because, Brennan asked him to. He’s speaking to Brennan when he says, “if it weren’t for my grandfather I probably would have killed myself,” then he turns to Sweets and says, “and that’s all I’m going to say” (which I think is a warning to Sweets not to dig any further like he tried to do in The Fire in the Ice). It was all about her because he’s all about protecting her – consciously and subconsciously, physically and emotionally (a point that’s made by Sweets to Gordon Wyatt in The Dwarf in the Dirt). I think that’s what Sweets saw. But…

    What if Sweets saw something in the way Brennan responded Booth – the way she looked at him and how she tucked his hanky back into his pocket? There are plenty of people who think Brennan knew all along and not Booth – an assumption that seems to be supported by Sweets telling Booth in Harbingers that he wasn’t in love with Brennan prior to his coma dream (and echoed somewhat by both Angela and Gordan Wyatt later on in season 5). It’s also one of the reasons I’m so intrigued by the end of the season 4 finale. Knowing the answer to that mystery would certainly shed some light on this one. As Gordan Wyatt would say, it’s a scrummy conundrum.

    • Ah, yes, this scene in Sweets’ office in Mayhem on a Cross flits across my mind frequently.

      I have always, until recently, assumed GG was talking about Booth. But I can definitely see that he could have been talking about Brennan, especially the idea of “struggling” with the feelings. That sounds more like Brennan.

      The question, though, I agree with adding is what did Sweets see? I think it is possible that Sweets is thinking of Booth – and wouldn’t that be typical that even though Sweets comes around to GG’s way of thinking, he still isn’t quite on the same wavelength/agreement with GG?

      I rather like that this particular mystery is unsolved, though. It is a fun one on which to ruminate.

    • I assumed it was Brennan, because doesn’t the camera cut to the new title of his book a few moments later and it’s something about “Bones” being the heart of the matter?

  6. You know what is funny (to me anyway)? I never even thought Brennan actually WROTE a letter in the car for that gravedigger episode. I thought she just disregarded Hodgins . . . but then, after reading the hullabaloo online about seeing that letter, I had to re-watch that part of the episode carefully and noticed she tore a page out of her book and even though it is still not obvious, I guess she starts writing.

    Even with all of this new realization that she did write a letter, it does not nag at me. In fact, at this point in the “game” of the show, it almost seems to be a moot point. Her feelings for Booth, if she really did write to him, are much stronger and more solid now and more meaningful. I don’t think the note would be anything magical.

    I agree that Sweets knowing about Zack and no one else is a bit disconcerting. Even though I don’t care if Zack ever comes back to the show, I think discovering his innocence would be a good twist.

    And, definitely would love for B&B to delve into the dream/coma situation. I can realistically see this re-entering, though, whereas I think the others won’t.

  7. I assumed that the entire coma-dream was from Brennan’s book, but upon reflection that probably isn’t the case… so now you’ve got me wondering as well!

    As for the letter, Hodgins was writing to Angela already, so I don’t think Brennan would write a second letter to her. Thus, the letter MUST have been to Booth! (I mean, really! The way they looked at each other after he pulled her out of the ground? She’d definitely been thinking of him…)

    Another thing: I’m surprised at the lack of Zack fans! I LOVED Zack… I would love to have him back, so I wish Sweets would tell everyone so that they can try to get him out, but I doubt he will. 😦

  8. I think that 2 other “unsolved mysteries” are:

    1.) Will Brennan ever tell Booth the things that Pops told her? Will she tell him that Pops was the reason that his father left?

    2.) Will Booth ever elaborate on the story of how his grandfather (“Pops”) prevented him from killing himself?

    What are your thoughts? : D
    P.S. I ❤ Zack too! What's NOT to love, huh?

  9. I would like to know if Brennan ever realized she saw and talked to a ghost (Hero in the Hold). You know, did she mention the soldier who’d walked by to Booth, who didn’t see anyone else in the cemetery.

    I’d also like to know what happened with Booth’s “stuff,” as he called it. Is it still being held by the fertility clinic?

    And – LOVE LOVE LOVE that video. Love. It.

    • I actually think the idea there is that Booth saw Parker, and we saw what Booth saw, but if you showed Brennan a picture of Parker that would not be who she saw and spoke to. I could be wrong, but I think that HH said something along those lines at some point.

      • That Teddy Parker, not his son Parker.

      • 😀 Yea, I figured you meant the original Parker.

        I hadn’t heard that about HH’s comment on that scene. I’m a little disappointed, actually. I like it better when Brennan talks to a ghost. 🙂

  10. okay well i watched the video ad loved it but then i was also thinking about that ending scene when they say that their relationship would be coffee and realized that in some forwarded quiz thing, you described coffee in one word , and then that word is how you describe sex. so i dont know, i just think its funny that they describe their relationship as “coffe,” and coffe = sex (:

  11. And four seasons later, only the Aliens note has been resolved. I doubt we’ll see the others at this point — short of a series finale (where I could see Zack resolved). I’m not even sure they will get to the point where Brennan will tell Booth what Pops told her in Foreclosure.

  12. I have often thought that Brennan must have told Booth they were “experimented” on by Sweets because of the way they both go gung ho on Sweets to arrest him at the diner as a suspect in the Gormagon case. When Booth says something about hand cuffs Sweets seems shocked to think that they were serious about arresting him. It’s a strange scene, I think.

  13. YEAH WE DO !!!!<3<#<3<3<3<#<3<3<# !!! ITS IN HER VOWS!!!!<3

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