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Top Five Tuesday: Booth’s Season Five Smiles


Hey, hey! It’s time for another round of Top Five Tuesday! This week, we’re looking at Booth’s best smiles in season five. It was pretty hard to narrow it down, and there are so many others, but I am happy with these five.

Let me know what you think!

  1. from…Bond in the Boot

I love this smile. I love this whole scene, really. Bond in the Boot is an episode that’s worth a re-watch. Remember in season four when Booth tells Brennan that he likes her because she helps him feel like a guy? He can fix things and it makes him feel one with the universe? That’s what this moment is about, I think. Booth looks great in suits, but he also looks pretty great here too, with a couple of days old beard, an old sweatshirt and jeans. And he’s just comfortable in his own skin here. Sweets had encouraged Brennan to let Booth teach her (as he re-teaches himself) about plumbing. I think Brennan is doing a little social experiment, to see if Sweets is right. But I also think she is getting caught up in the moment with him (it’s a tie, though, between which she loves more…Booth or learning something new J haha).  It’s just awesome and sometimes painful irony. We see Booth week after week and would GLADLY let him use his alpha male tendencies on us. We’d hold him when he needs it and we’d love him for 30, 40, 50 years. But I hate to break it to you (and me) . Booth doesn’t want us.


Moment of silence.

It’s just not fair, really. He wants her, the one woman in his life who claims to not want or need any of those things. That might all change, of course, and I think this little moment is a glimpse into what ‘could be’. Part of me thinks Brennan might secretly respond to all of the Booth things we’ve mentioned. But that might just be me imposing my feelings onto her. We’ll see!

2. from…Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

This smile feels the most genuine, and what I love about it is that it’s Booth being happy with Brennan. He’s feeling insecure about not having recognized that a suspect was lying, and Brennan reassures him that he’s still fast and he still understands people. What’s great is that Booth believes her. Sometimes Brennan gets a bad rap for telling the truth all the time, but a positive side effect is of that is that Booth knows that she’s not lying. She’s NOT the type to lie and tell him just what he wants to hear. So then it’s up to him whether or not he’ll believe what she believes. This time he does, and he jokes with her. Meanwhile, Brennan was having her own friendship struggle with Angela, and Booth gets to help her with that. So I think that this smile also includes his pleasure in helping her.

3.    from…Gamer in the Grease

Ah! Cocky much? Yeah, we love it. I remember when I taught high school, and I had my students read Bleachers, by John Grisham. I won’t get into all the plot details of it, but it’s mainly about a former high school superstar quarterback in a small town that worships its local football team. He’s the superstar, Neely Crenshaw, and it’s about him sort of moving on with his life, and sort of not. Anyways, a lot of the high school girls in my classes who read the book LOVED Neely. They’d never seen a picture of him, and in fact, the book sort of presented him as a has-been, or at least a guy who used to be famous for something and was trying to move past that. And the book also sort of warned the readers against putting too much pressure on kids to be ‘everything’. But those girls didn’t care. In their minds, Neely was the man. The. Man. Tall, handsome, athletic. Gorgeous. Sexy. Charismatic. All of it. They didn’t care about his flaws. They didn’t care about his past mistakes. All they saw (in their minds; there were no illustrations in the book) was his smile. And even though I am almost 10 years older than those girls, I can sort of relate to that. It’s how I feel about this particular Booth (and David Boreanaz in general, if I’m being honest). Booth isn’t as callous as Neely Crenshaw, but the idea still applies. It’s easy to over look just about anything (and thankfully with Booth, there is little to over look) with a smile like this. This picture makes me giggle and blush. And I’m 30 years old.

4. from…Goop on the Girl

I think Booth is lonely. I also think he’s full of crap sometimes. But I think those things, and so much more, are what make him such a great character. I’ve been saying for years that the “There’s more than one kind of family” is really the theme for this entire series, and I love that Booth is the first one to say it. I LOOOOOOOOVE the way the writers started out the series with Brennan’s character needed assistance from Booth’s as far as emotions and family, that kind of thing, and how once Brennan begins to pick up on all of that, she then begins to help Booth work through some of his past. Booth was preaching a message (partnership, family, love) he didn’t necessarily believe in for himself. I’m not explaining it quite right, except that I just think that Booth, at heart, honestly is an optimist. He believes in peace on earth and family and true love. I think his life has sort of knocked him down in those areas, and he sometimes feels that it’s his job to ensure that OTHER people get to experience those things, but not him. And so what’s happened is that Brennan has become very successful and she has close friends and a good team, and Booth is sort of the lonely one now. On a large scale, he helped Brennan and now it’s up to her to also help him. That can mean support and love and a lot of things, but in the small sense of this episodes, Brennan’s family sort of forced themselves on her, but she adapted, and she invited Booth over for Christmas dinner so he’s not lonely. I love that.  This smile kind of conveys how much Booth wants all of that: smiles, hosting Christmas dinners, sitting around the table with family and friends and all of that. And he really likes her. In some ways, she doesn’t completely believe in true love, and marriage and all of that, yet she’s the one person whose existence helps Booth keep believing. Awesome.

5.  from…Witch in the Wardrobe

Another point of honesty, I sort of forced myself to choose a post-100th smile. I know, I know, I’m the one who has been encouraging all of us to watch those episodes, but I am also sort of biased against them. So I scanned over those episodes, and realized I’d kind of forgotten about this end scene. We’ll talk a lot more about it on Thursday when we review the entire ep too. I love this smile, though. It’s stubbornly-optimistic Booth. And it’s “annoy and tease the girl you like” Booth, and I’m glad the girl sitting across from him is Brennan.

One of my favorite BONESpals ever is M. Her screenname is XmasinJune, so sometimes I call her Junie or sometimes I call her by her first name, which I won’t say here. Not that it’s bad; I just didn’t ask her ahead of time. Anyways, Junie and I talk sometimes, because she LOVES B&B angst so I check in with her to see how she feels about plots, etc. She’s also an amazing writer. Anyways, we were talking about the 100th episode, and she said this, and I’ll never forget it.
“I’ve always been torn between whether B&B should end up together or not. I would be a really crappy shipper if I didn’t root for them, but… if they don’t, that’d be one of the ballsiest, most tragic, most amazing thing I’ll ever have the honor of witnessing. They are made for each other, they belong together, and somehow in the end they live the rest of their life knowing they missed their chance with the right person.”

Sometimes…just sometimes, I think she might be right. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the idea that B&B don’t get together, I mean REALLY together at the end of this series, the idea that I’ve spent SO, SO, SO, SO much time on this show, and it could end like that…it just about makes me break out in hives. I don’t want that to happen. I want B&B together. So does M. But there is a small (like…diatomaceous earth particle small) that almost wants to see them pull it off. Not to annoy millions of people on Twitter, not so HH can laugh his way to the bank, but just because I KNOW that if it went down like that, it would still be incredibly honest. It’s moments and smiles like this from Booth to Brennan that…well, they don’t make me think that the series is going to end with B&B apart, but they do sort of let me know that if it DID happen that way, B&B would be okay. But let me reiterate, I don’t want that.

I want this.


Let me know what you think!

Peace, Love & Bones,



7 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Booth’s Season Five Smiles

  1. I love, love, love the smirk at the end of Gamer. That whole scene, with the quarter in the air, the whistle…rawr. So, so Boothy. It’s one of the first season five eps where I thought we were finally getting our Booth back…course, it didn’t really happen all the way, but that scene makes me so, so happy.
    Incidentally, even though you didn’t ask (but I know you wanted to..) my all-time favorite Booth smile is the charm smile from the beginning of Superhero. Not just because Brennan calls him out on it, (“Don’t use your charm smile on me!”) but because, honestly…it’s just so damn adorable. There’s something inately sexy about a guy who is confident enough to know which expressions to use on a woman to get what he wants, even if a tiny, feminist part of me finds that distasteful. Just a little part, tho. The rest of me just thinks it’s hot as hell. 🙂

    Another great Top Five Tuesday, as always! ❤

  2. I know that they were aimed in the absolute wrong direction, but Flirty!Booth’s smiles from The Predator in the Pool are definitely noteworthy too… 🙂

  3. #4.
    I think that you pointed out something that people tend to forget; something that HH retweeted from a fan a couple weeks ago — that Booth has just as many, if not more, issues than Brennan. Booth has helped her come a very long way (which is why the 3 eps after the 100th kind of irk me — I feel like she regresses significantly), I hope that in S6 she realizes that he needs her to do the same for him.

    Oh, and I’d like to add another smile to the list — the smirk/suppressed giggle that he gives Perotta when she’s interrogating him in The Fire in the Ice is priceless. I love flirty Booth and I feel like we get to see both him and DB in this scene.

  4. I always love the novels of John Grisham, they are full of suspense and surprises *

  5. I love all of the smiles you chose – I really do! My favorite Booth smile, however, is from the end scene in Death in the Saddle. It literally gives me chills everytime I watch that scene. (I even have the lines memorized.)
    Booth gives Brennan the whole speech about making love, and just as he is about to defend himself, she totally surprises him by telling him that he’s right. His smile conveys his pleasure that Brennan FINALLY admitted that he’s right, but it also shows that he’s happy that she’s beginning to believe in love. I ADORE how they go back and forth between Booth and Brennan, showing their smiles. The only thing better than Booth’s smile is the look on Brennan’s face when he goes back to eating – it’s a look of incredulity as well as of admiration. It’s one of the first times you really SEE Brennan react like that to Booth. Those smiles are what the show is all about.

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