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BOOTH WEEK: 25 Times He Knew that He Knew


Hey hey! Welcome to BOOTH WEEK!

A week completely devoted to FBI Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth.

Oh yeah.

It’s today through next Thursday, at which point we’ll begin BRENNAN WEEK, which will take us to the season premiere (which is terrific).

This post actually sort of began when I was thinking about this week’s Top Five Tuesday. I had an idea that I wanted to list off the top five times Booth knew that he knew. I was sort of going crazy trying to limit it to five, right? It was getting out of hand, but I really thought that I should follow my own rules.  Because a society cannot function without its rules, was what I was thinking. And then I thought, “Stop being a lamewad. It’s just a fun BONES blog about a show you love. So…have as many as you want.” Yep, I’m a free spirit rogue rebel on mySELF! I reached a compromise. I limited myself to 25. But please feel free to add your own choices in the comments! And maybe one of these days we’ll do the Top Five (OR MORE!) Times Brennan Knew, because let’s face it, she did and she does. Maybe not at the exact moment Booth did, but…seriously.

That’s what I’m talking about!

But enough of that, let’s get to Booth! These (mostly) aren’t in any particular order.

 1. Booth sees her for the first time, and he knows she’s the most intriguing woman he’s ever seen.

2.  Brennan repeats his words on the importance of their partnership and he knows she’s listening.

3. Brennan cooks him dinner and he knows he wants her love.

4.  He flirts with her and he knows she’s the cutest genius he’s ever known.

5. Brennan stays, and he knows he’s got a second chance.

6.  Brennan is hugging Max, and Booth knows he’d testify all over again if he had to.

7. He knew he couldn’t forget the taste of her, and he knows he never will.

8.  He remembers his own words that Everything Happens Eventually and knows he’s right.

9. She touches him, even casually, and he knows he’s in big, big trouble.

10.  They bicker all day, but she still knocks on his door, and he knows he can never turn her away.

11. He’s fought and arrested her father, and he knows she knows what that means

12. She’s asked him for a favor, and he knows he’d do anything for her. Anything.

13.  She boils their relationship down to coffee and he knows he could never be satisfied with that.

14. He sees her in the black dress he bought for her, and he knows that if wanting her is a sin, then he’s a willing sinner.

15.  He tells her there’s someone for everyone, and he knows he damn well wants to be hers.

16. He’s her partner, yes, but he knows it’s so much more.

17. He’s cold, he’s busy, he’s outside a prison, and he knows there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

18. He’s a good man, and he knows he wants her to make him even better.

19.  She’s missing, and he knows he’ll kill anyone who gets in the way.

20. She’s wearing that blue lab coat and those white gloves, and he knows he still wants her hands all over him.

21.  She thinks she knows how special she is, but he knows it’s his job to tell her.

22.  She touches him, and he knows he won’t be soothed by anyone else. He knows she takes his pain away.

23.  He knows dying for her is the only reason he might not be with her for the rest of their lives.

24.  He knew, and he knows.

25.  He’s trying to move on, and he knows it will be impossible to do completely.


What did I miss? Talk to me! I want to hear from you.


16 thoughts on “BOOTH WEEK: 25 Times He Knew that He Knew

  1. Awesome blog, heavy on the eye candy. And it’s the sweetest kind. Don’t forget, he’s on Regis & Kelly tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I loved all of the moments between them that you listed.

  3. Thank you, I loved it. Great to see some positive Bones fluff without any sight of Hannah. Looking forward to more.

  4. Oh damn…that made me cry. Dammit.

    However, that didn’t stop me from remembering a few I wanted to add. 🙂

    Yanks in the UK: He knows she’s special, and she believes him when he tells her that she is.

    Critic in the Cabernet: He knows she’ll make a great mom someday, even if it isn’t with him.

    Woman in Limbo: He knows who she is.

    Another great post…looking forward to the Brennan list! Yay!

  5. O my god! You’re like magic!

    These are all fantastic, though of course I have favorites and I will list them for you, lol! I’ll limit myself to five because by god we need rules (haha, you are hilarious, you know that right?)

    In no particular order:

    4. He flirts with her and he knows she’s the cutest genius he’s ever known. (I can’t be sure, but I think this is the scene that made me a full-fledged shipper. I kid you not. I remember I gasped when he said that to her and I thought oh my god, he so wants her, lol! )

    7. He knew he couldn’t forget the taste of her, and he knows he never will. (I don’t care who either of them have kissed in the past or will kiss in the future , the best kisses are always between them and doesn’t that just say it all?)

    23. He knows dying for her is the only reason he might not be with her for the rest of their lives. (OH my, way to choke me up! This thought is so gorgeous, I have no words)

    19. She’s missing, and he knows he’ll kill anyone who gets in the way. (One of my favorite Booth moments. The tailored white shirt, the slamming of that idiot against the table. I really hope we see more Brennan in peril moments in season 6 because it always brings out the most delicious side of Booth)

    16. He’s her partner, yes, but he knows it’s so much more. (And we know it too and its why we keep watching!)

    Thanks so much for this! You have managed to uplift the muse in 25 sentences!

  6. Okay I just thought of one and had to add it:

    Gamer in the Grease: He knows he’s got what she needs. He knows he’s what she needs and maybe one day she’ll know it too.

  7. Beautiful!!! Can’t wait for Brennan week!!! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks a million Seels!!

  8. Fantastic list, Seels! Totally made my day. 😀

    He’s known, so many times, though after 100 I’ve always wondered – did he KNOW that he knew all of those times, or did he have a realization of what all of it meant later on, like from the coma dream? Was it in hindsight that he knew, or did he really know right from the beginning?

    Here’s one more that I thought of: In Hero in the Hold, he knew there was one woman he had never told he loved her when Teddy asked him about it, and he knew he couldn’t leave it like that, like Teddy did.

    Can’t wait for Brennan week!

  9. What a great list. It just makes me realize that their relationship transcends romance, or anything sexual. They’re best friends, soul mates, and no matter who gets in between, they’ll always be the most important people in each other’s lives. Although… the smooching makes it better so Hart better get on with that :).

    Also, this — “…because let’s face it, she did and she does…” — couldn’t be more accurate. However, we’ve always gotten the Booth side of the angst. I hope S6 brings more fallout from the Brennan side.

  10. I actually just got teary and waved my hand in front of my face to wave away the tears when I read #5. Ugh, and #17 makes my heart explode. This is the best show ever.

    • Denyse, #5 and #21 make my heart explode! DB has such a way with his eyes, does he not? (swooning) Ok #1-25 make my heart explode. haha

  11. I don’t know how I missed this post before, but it is awesome! I loved all he scenes you mentioned. Reading things like this reminds me why I love this show so much! 🙂

  12. I would add that kiss on the cheek – Brennan kissing Booth, I mean. He knew, right then. When he couldn’t breathe and his heart stopped beating and he had to force words through his throat….he knew. He knew.

  13. And last but not least, she said she is pregnant and Booth is the father. Just had to say it.

  14. Dear heart, You don’t know me from Adam’s off ox. I just found this spot and I’m generally impressed. I’d like to offer also, the scene where she just kisses his cheek briefly in passing at the hospital after he brought in her brother. He just melts ever so slight, just accepts and revels in this tiny little brush of her lips against his face. Pretty pretty and so sweet. In light of the revelation that he was smitten (loved at first sight) all the kisses and touches they share are particularly beautiful imho. He is in love from the moment and I think she is shortly there after (possibly the scene in front of the poolhall, when they kiss and she goes home alone). I believe this becos I think she really listens to him even back then and when he says it’s serious I think she snaps what that means. I think that’s why she goes home alone. She’s been intoxicated before, she’s probably gone home high with someone before, but this time she somehow knows what they have is force of nature and not to be entered into lightly, that it will not never be a passing fancy. Amazing little show.

  15. Your line 23 ………. Just beautiful ❤ I love your website, your posts … You're amazing girl !!!
    B&B too (sorry, french)

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