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BOOTH WEEK: Mo Money, Mo Problems?


Hey, hey! How are things, BONES fans?

Admit it, you like the title of this post. Wait, what? You’re saying that whenever you think of Notorious B.I.G., you don’t also automatically think of Booth? Yeah right. Haha. Or maybe, like me, you were already thinking about Booth, so…it’s an easy leap. Everything’s an easy leap to Booth here during BOOTH WEEK.

Here’s a question for you for today…

 How exactly has Booth’s living condition decreased over the course of this series?

He’s not homeless or anything, but…right?  I mean, let’s make a little timeline. Blue equals professional success, red equals living conditions. And green equals how much he loves me. Ha.

He gets that great office, and thanks to the 100th episode, we know it’s because of the Gemma Arrington case success. And okay, okay, I’ll allow some discrepancy over the five seasons because of the general tone and lighting and color scheme used in the entire series. I mean, season one was very gray and muted, but once the series was really under way and HH & CO really had the go-ahead from FOX to do what they wanted, it got much warmer. Season three is practically pink and rosy at times. But that doesn’t explain his living condition.

There’s no indication to suggest that he’s secretely gambling away his income. And I suppose it’s possible that he was so good at gambling that he actually now makes LESS money than when he did gamble. But I don’t think so. I’m afraid that it might be even worse than that.

It might just be…crappy writing.


Haha. But, what can we do?

I mean,




Right? It doesn’t make sense. I think he’s been paying child support this whole time, don’t you? It’s not like that’s a new expense. I’ll also allow for the fact that he might keep his apartment a little tidier if he’s in a relationship where a woman is coming over a lot to sleep with him.

But I don’t buy that much of a change, especially in correlation to how successful he and Brennan have been in their work. Here’s what I think it is.

When Booth and Brennan grew in affection and respect toward one another, the writers had to come up with other sources of tension for them. They’ve bickered about religion and sex and all of that, but another sticking point is money. And it feels like the writers, creative designers, etc, have made it a point to put more distance between them in that way. It wasn’t enough for Brennan to just make a lot more money than him (and to get the new car and talk about rebuilding a bridge, and all of that), they had to make it seem like he was living below average. I mean, I’m guessing Booth makes more money than we think he does. But because the writers need us to feel like Booth is “Seeley from the block” or whatever, they sort of make it seem like he’s a lot poorer than makes sense. It’s not just living conditions, either. If an episode revolves around money, we might see him eating cup of soup. It’s an underlying way to make us feel tension for Booth and to justify his bias against rich people. What do you think?



5 thoughts on “BOOTH WEEK: Mo Money, Mo Problems?

  1. “Seeley from the Block” LMAO!

    Anyway…I agree. His apartment from season one would have been comparable to Brennan’s (which, if you take a look, actually *improved* significantly from the Pilot to now) and their income discrepancy wouldn’t have been as obvious.

    You’re completely right. As always. 🙂

  2. You are right about his living conditions. But in season 1, he was much more into GQ Booth and now more of Blue Collar Booth. So fancier place dating corporate attorney. It is also interesting that all the team are millionaires except Booth, except maybe Cam who makes more money than him so she says. Even Angela who came by her money helping write the books and her marriage. It needs to be addressed if they ever get closer together. Also, I wonder what his place will look like when he has the “squatter” move in with him. Yeah, I know I sound bitter, I am. But let’s just get on with it. 4 month hiatus is killing me.

  3. Yes! You’re right, I’ve always wondered about Booth’s apartments, it seems like everytime we see it, it’s a different one!

    For example, in ‘The Foot in the Foreclosure’ they had a shot of his home being above a row of shops (or a liquor store or something) and they’ve never shown that shot before. The lounge they sat with Pop’s and talked about playing dominos is different to the couch they sat on in ‘Cinderella in the Cardboard’ when Brennan is drinking his ‘good scotch’

    So, it’s as if the character moves alot and always to somewhere worse!

    I think your idea as to why is brilliant and makes a lot of sense. Makes me a bit sad for him though.

    Love love love this blog, and how much thought and effort you put into it – also, I yelped inside at the mention of ‘Booth-week’, can’t wait to hear all the things you have to say about him!

  4. I wish they’d given us a view of where Booth’s original place is, location-wise. My assumption has always been that perhaps the current apartment above the liquor store is more convenient/closer to the office, since he seems to spend a lot more time at work now. I guess it’s also fair to say that the economic climate has something to do with it. The writers have always kept the Bones-verse pretty accurate to the real world (eg. the mention of the economy being in the toilet in The Double Death of the Dearly Departed), so maybe even with costs like child support that have continued from the start, it’s just become harder for Booth to afford the old place.

  5. I do think that you might be right about the income-discrepancy, but if you look at the two pictures, he seems happier in the uglier apartment (granted, those two scenes are with Brennan). So it seems kinda like the first apartment kinda had stuff with Tessa (and even Cam and Rebecca), but the second apartment has mainly been with Brennan.

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