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Episode 104: The Witch in the Wardrobe


Okay, why is that when things like this happen, it always happens to people you don’t want to see naked?

BONES: Season Five

The Witch in the Wardrobe


I mean, I think we all sort of knew that if Angela ever really got married, there would be handcuffs nearby somewhere, right? *wink*

But seriously, I don’t know of any fans who were disappointed with the way things turned out between her and Hodgins in this episode. I remember thinking at the time, “Okay, we’ve seen this couple go through a lot, and it hasn’t been all for nothing. That HAS to mean good things for B&B.” 

This episode is written by Kathy Reichs, the creator of the character “Temperance Brennan”. Have any of you read her books? I own the first three and Devil Bones, but so far haven’t started them. A few weeks ago, I tossed out the idea of doing a Kathy Reichs/BONES BookClub, and some of you said you wanted to do it. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it so that it’s:

  1. Fun and not homework
  2. Reasonably timed so that people can participate.


In my mind, I imagine doing maybe a book a month. Does that seem reasonable? The hard part is that we’re literally spread out all over the world. So it can’t be something where we all agree to meet at the same time; that’s just not reasonable. Yet, the point of the bookclub is to be doing it together, so…it’s a conundrum. I welcome your creative thoughts!

 But, enough about that, let’s get back to the episode!


Booth, Brennan, Angela and Hodgins are called to a crime scene where a woman’s skeleton is found in a wedding dress, in a wardrobe. But when a second and more recently deceased victim, Sherrie Bird, is discovered a few feet away and within a burnt circle, they figure the two bodies are connected in some way. This leads Booth and Brennan into the world of Wicca and witchcraft and it leads Hodgins and Angela to jail. Well, maybe not that exactly, but still…

Back at the lab, Brennan identifies that the wardrobe skeleton is from the Salem Witch trials. She spends a lot of her time in the lab while Booth interrogates several suspects, including a developer who wanted Sherrie’s house, another man who hired her to put a hex on his ex, and one of the witches, Ember. The other witches in the coven do not approve of Sherrie’s black magic, and Sweets finds out that Ember is a direct descendant of a Salem Witch, and that she dug up the skeleton of her ancestor (the witch in the wardrobe).

The local sheriff arrests H&A (in her Prius) and they are forced to assist with the case from their shared cell. Meanwhile, Sweets is eager to assist on the case, while B&B observe and then interview a coven of white witches. Sweets finds out that one Salem witch was pressed, Emily Quimby.

Booth and Brennan decide that Ember is their killer, but when the evidence isn’t strong enough, Brennan works harder and realizes that the entire coven inadvertently drugged themselves and acted under the influence to kill Sherrie.


Hodgins and Angela: SQUEEEE! I loved their penny game and them getting stuck in jail in the first place. I also loved that they couldn’t wheedle their way out of it. How freaking awesome is it that Hodgins has had his original ring for Angela since their LAST wedding! And this!

I cried. And laughed. And loved it.

Cam was fun in this episode too, especially when she had to deal with not really having her team around.

And I liked Clark. He gave it a good shot.

As for Sweets, I liked his enthusiasm. What I also love is the way he kind of follows Booth around all excited. There is some hand waving required these days as far as what in the heck the FBI really pays Sweets to do. I wouldn’t mind seeing him actually have other patients. I would mind seeing more of she who will not be named, so it’s a trade-off I guess. But when I watched this ep again, I was reminded once more that even though Brennan is sort of the one who forced Booth to really accept Sweets as someone who needed friendship and family, Booth is the one who Sweets really looks to. It’s fun when Brennan compliments him (sort of…it’s in her way, haha), and Sweets says he finally feels validated. Of course Booth insults him like 0.2 seconds later, so I guess it evens out. Also fun is Booth’s sort of grudging acceptance of his role in Sweets’ life. What I really love is sort of the ‘do-over’ that Booth is getting as a big brother. More on that later next week during BOOTH WEEK.


This episode makes me laugh from the start, as Booth and Brennan are bickering, but what I really love is when Brennan is surprised by the reconstructed skeletal remains and Booth is surprised but her surprise. It’s cute and fun B&B.

The episode is kind of light on the B&B, which is okay. I haven’t said this yet, but I LOVE  that each episode since the 100th featured them sharing a drink together. I’m just so proud of them. I think they at first were kind of fighting for their friendship, and I love that. It was kind of edgy and rough for a bit, but they are getting it.

I do like the end of this episode for one reason, and that is that Booth is very…deliberate toward Brennan. He actually always has been. Very deliberate when he feels he has something important to say. He takes her feelings very seriously.

You guys, I’m such a hypocrite sometimes. I know I’ve been saying all along that the friendship between Booth and Brennan is what holds them together and is the most important thing AND that even if they don’t get ‘together’ together, then what they have in friendship and partnership is still completely amazing.  And I still believe that. I do. But here’s the thing. When we have an episode like this, that sort of paints the picture of a possibility of just a B&B friendship, I can’t help thinking…not good enough.

I won’t be satisfied with just friendship and partnership.

I want happiness for Booth. I want happiness for Brennan. I want happiness for us. But I really want happiness for them. For them!

For Booth and Brennan together, I want Happiness. Love. Laughter. Friendship. Purpose.

…and a dance.

And yes, Bones fans…he’s handsome, and she’s beautiful…

Here’s your Booth of the Day (from the Facebook page for “The Lab”. Have you joined yet?)

The “I’ll bet you’re looking beautiful because I am in the finest tux that money can rent” Booth


The Hero in the Hold: Season Four


Peace, Love & Bones,



10 thoughts on “Episode 104: The Witch in the Wardrobe

  1. I loved this episode for a couple of reasons….Hodgela, of course. Sweets and Booth…they are quickly becoming my favorite bromance on the show…Sweets practically solving the case…and the last scene with Booth burning the Little Bones.

    But you’re right…the friendship is not going to be enough. It’s great, I love it, it’s why I kept watching after the first three episodes waaaay back in 2005, but we need more now. I think we’ve earned it, we gave them 6 seasons! 🙂

    Another great blog post! You’re awesome!

  2. I’ll second that. You are awesome and you always provide the best BB insight!

    I remember after watching this episode I kinda breathed a sigh of relief. The previous ones had seemed kinda awkward (which was realistic and I appreciated) but I wanted my BB back and here I kinda feel like I got that. (Of course, there’ll likely be some regression again in the beginning of season 6) but at least I know they can get back to that place.

    Also, Hodgela! Ahh, I am a shipper, and I love both Angela’s and Hodgins’ character. And seeing them happy makes me happy 🙂

  3. I just totally adore how Booth added “purpose” in his list of thing he wants for Brennan. I think it’s something she values a lot! She has tons of money and the only reason she’s doing her job is for a sense of purpose (to help people)….and I think Booth respects her for that.

    I’m glad Hodgins and Angela finally tied the knot!! It’ll be interesting to see their dynamic after this!!

    As for the fact that Kathy Reichs herself wrote this episode…I LOVED IT! I felt it was more “factual” than most episodes which was really interesting to watch!

    As for B/B’s friendship….if “there’s more than one kind of family”, I’m sure there’s room for “more than one kind of love”!! *wink wink* Haha.

    Thanks for the post, Seels! 🙂

  4. I loved this episode because it had almost a Season III feel to it-when Booth & Brennan were on the verge of something more with each other and we were happy to watch and wait.

    This was of the few episodes after the 100th that didn’t leave me feeling sad. I loved that Jack and Angela got married (should never broken up in the first place) and you just knew of course Jack still had the ring.

    The burning bones and Booth’s wish for Brennan was definitely and awww moment for me.

  5. Your BOTD just put a thought into my head. Since Booth got kidnapped right after that call, Brennan never did get a chance to straighten that already-straight tie!! The missed tie opportunity is the real crime the Gravedigger commits here IMO. 🙂 Although….the HUG in the helicopter I guess makes up for that! 🙂

  6. WHERE DID ANGE GET HER RING FROM?!?!? I have seen this episode at least 3 times and still have no clue. It’s driving me, straight up, BONKERS. Did I miss something from this ep or another one? The look on both of their faces says that there is a story behind where it came from and I feel left out! >< boo

    • I wonder that too =/ I have not an answer … too bad …

      • Found this in a web site forum ==> “As for the ring, it looked like a piercing to me, such as you might wear in your bellybutton, perhaps. However, since I imagine she’d probably just say “It’s my belly button ring” if it were somewhere as benign as that, I think it’s quite possible that the piercing may have been somewhere else. Just a possibility.”

        “Haha, I did consider that and it would make sense with Hodgins facial expression and his “Oohh.” :lol:”

  7. Your review is so spot on. Partnership and Friendship is just not enough for these two. There is no way they will be happy with other people. They will always have at the backs of their minds the ‘if onlys….’. Those hot looks they share will get creepy when their respective new partners catch them off guard. Booth has convincing himself that it is just him she does not want on a relationship level so he wishes her well in whatever she decides to do. It still grates and hurts but there isn’t much he can do about it.
    Brennan must have been scared that Booth would wish she would fall for him hence her relief when he said ‘Happiness, Love, Laughter, Friendship, Purpose, …and a Dance’.
    Irony of it is that she already has Friendship and Purpose in Booth and their partnership/friendship. Happiness and Laughter – She seems happiest when she is with Booth but she does not have complete/total happiness and they have shared so much together they have so much to laugh about. Love is one-sided so still lacking and a Dance? She’s danced more with Booth than I’ve ever danced with anyone in my life or even anyone in her life for that matter.
    Poor kids!

  8. I only just watched this episode (12/14) as a re-run on a local channel. I was appalled at the inaccuracies and stereotypes portrayed of Pagans and Witches. Whoever wrote the script would have benefited enormously from consulting someone who actually knows something about Pagan rituals. The portrayal of the coven was laughable and almost Disney-ish. Even references to the Salem witch were wrong (witches would never have been buried in a graveyard with a marker). I have a doctorate in religious studies, specializing in contemporary Paganism and have been teaching the subject to university students for years. This show was hugely insulting to real Pagans, especially the scene comparing Paganism to Satanism – which is something I thought had stopped years ago. There are no such things as ‘good’ or ‘white’ Witches, much less ‘black’ or ‘evil’ Witches, nor do Wiccans kill animals, conduct sacrifices, or carry out rituals that might harm others. Try reading a book next time you put together a script about something you know nothing about.

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