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Happy 5th Anniversary, BONES! With Love, from fans around the world.


Hello darlings!  We’re taking a small break from BOOTHWEEK to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our beloved BONES. Five years ago, on September 13th, 2005, it premiered. You all know my story on how I discovered the show, and over the past few years, I’ve learned some of your stories as well, and I must say, after five years, we are still looking pretty darn good, BONES pals!  If you’ve been following on Twitter ( @100DaysOfBones and @SarahinPrint), then you’ve seen the challenge to tweet at least one positive thing about BONES every day until the premiere. It’s really encouraged me that BONES lovers all over the world still feel the same way I do. (PS…digging the BONES inspired header? It’s all thanks to pal extraordinaire, @Spacekid77).

So when it came time to sit down and plan out my 5 year party post, I realized it was important to include as many people as possible. Bones has always been bigger than ‘me’ and bigger than us, which is why we’re so drawn to it. And as I received heartfelt submissions from friends around the nation and the globe, I could not help but smile, even sometimes with a couple of tears streaming down my face. Every single word was infused with complete honesty. I think that’s what Bones does. It makes us honest.

Well, enough from me. We’ve got  special B&B moments from each episode, chosen by us, BONES fans from all over the world. And if we didn’t happen to mention yours, have no fear; the comments are OPEN!


One moment I really love from the pilot is after Brennan has messed up. Booth kind of vouches for her, but Cullen basically tells her to go back to her lab and stay there. Booth asks if she’s okay, and Brennan calls Booth out on helping her, saying that he shouldn’t have, when she got him into trouble. Booth encourages her that her heart was in the right place. Brennan tells him HE’S the heart person, she’s the brain person and that he vouched for her. Booth sort of deflects and tells her to forget about it, and Brennan says, “No, I won’t.” It lays the groundwork for partnership, including later, after B&B have bickered at the shooting range. Booth tells her that partners share things. Brennan kind of disses that, and Booth is unfazed. He shows her the warrant for the senator’s place and tells her he didn’t do it just because she’s a genius. Brennan smiles, and Booth…well, with that white shirt, tie slightly undone, perfect hair, wide shoulders, pointed finger, kind eyes, day old beard (need I go on?)…yeah, a lot of people at this point were saying, “Angel, who?”.


The Man in the SUV 

Camila, Chile

Well, I have many favorite B&B moments, but I think that the earliest I can remember is one from “the Man in the SUV”. For me it is as if we already knew they’d have feelings for each other. Brennan is jealous of Booth and Tessa throughout the whole episode, and we can see that because she brings up Tessa’s name a few times. 

But, by the end when they are having a drink, we can see that Brennan is trying to make him feel better over his 47th killing by saying he has saved so many people by killing the guy; Booth wants to spend more time with Brennan, but she tells him to go home to Tessa. Two lines which reassures me that Brennan, over all, wants him to be happy. Add to that “Every ship must sail away” and this moment is gold!


The Boy in a Tree  

The moment I love most from this episode is the end, when Brennan, quite in a condescending tone, tells Booth she promises to consider his ‘something stinks aptitude’ as valid in the future. Booth is a real cocky SOB back to her, laying claim to the bar as ‘his’ and asking if he needs to say it in Latin. She beats him to the punch and says absit invidia (no offense, basically) AND TOUCHES HIS ARM and walks away. And Booth stares at his Jeffersonian-issued ID and smirks. Mmmmm.



The Man in the Bear

I love this episode so much. There are about 35 parts I could mention, but I’ll start at the beginning. No, not the person inside the bear, but when Booth and Brennan bump into each other literally in Brennan’s office doorway. It just sets a righteous bickery-mood. Woot! And of course, “An autopsy on an animal is called a necropsy,” followed by Booth’s, “Yeah,  you know it’s pretty crucial we get that straight right off the bat. Meanwhile…” Haha. And then they say things in definitive tones.


A Boy in a Bush  

 Petra, Croatia

Like any other good Bones fangirl, I adore almost all of the B&B scenes (OK, all of them), but this one is definitely my favorite. It’s the ending scene from A Boy in a Bush (1×05):

 So, why is this my favorite scene of all of the B&B scenes? Why didn’t I choose one of the 3 real kissing scenes, or the loaded scene after the last kiss (in the 100th episode)? Why not one of the amazing scenes from season 4 finale?  “A Boy in a Bush” is by far one of the most beautiful Bones episodes so far. It’s one of my favorites. The case was crushing and it revealed to us a little pieces of who Booth & Brennan really are.  It was one of the rare episodes on TV that leave a mark on a person. The case, the perfectly chosen music (Starsailor ~ Some of Us) & the flood of the emotions all resulted in a wonderful ending scene. In 1 min or so(I counted!) conversation you can see how much Brennan already knows, trusts and relies on Booth.  And the smile Booth had on his face afterwards – you can see the pride & the love (Although, I’m not sure I can call it the love just yet. Maybe the caring would have been better? I don’t know.). It made me melt.  

In my honest opinion, the words are not enough to describe the beauty & the emotion of this scene. It was just magical. Then again, it always is with Booth and Brennan.


The Man in the Wall  

The fact that Booth has never worn that white polo shirt again is one of the great tragedies of Bones alongside Caroline Epps’ head and H&A’s diner break-up. But the SPARK in Booth’s eyes, reflected in Brennan’s always makes me smile. He’s on his way to Jamaica alone, as something came up at Tessa’s work, and by something, we mean that she turned into a crazy person for letting him go. But her loss is our gain in soulful brown eyes in invitation…Brennan wants to say yes, don’t you think?



The Man on Death Row

Ah, Epps. Gross. Do yourselves a favor and check out 28:00 and watch a few seconds. Booth threatens a prosecutor and Brennan is surprised, and Booth gives her this smile full of comraderie and alpha male tendencies. But the best part of this ep is the very beginning when Brennan requests a gun from the FBI. Just…go watch it. It’s the funniest! Denied!


The Girl in the Fridge

Did you guys know that Brennan whips Booth in this episode? I had forgotten about that. Good times. Also good is at the end, when Booth apologizes. I like that we saw him use Brennan’s past against her. It sort of showed that he’s not perfect, and I think his apology and her acceptance of it is important in their partnership. Plus Brennan looks BEYOND gorgeous up on that tower thing with her hair blowing, etc. Booth’s just feeling lucky that she accepted his apology. And we’re left wondering what in the world happened to that skeleton in the first place!


The Man in the Fallout Shelter

This episode is so amazing. For a lot of reasons, but also for Christmas Eve. It’s both an eve and a day. It’s a Christmas miracle. And so are those biceps.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 The Woman at the Airport

What I love about this episode is that it gets B&B outside the lab. That always provides for some great snark, and in this case, it’s about who’s sitting in the Grandma seat!


The Woman in the Car

Such an underrated episode! And Brennan gets to see a case get personal for Booth. He’s emotional, and she insists that she works better when she leaves emotion out of it.

Also, two separate times, Booth makes it clear that while he likes being her partner, her presence gives him something else to worry about.


The Superhero in the Alley 

This episode is chock full of Booth and Brennan getting to know each other better, and sort of feeling each other out more. But the best B&B moment in this episode is TOTALLY when Booth uses his charm smile on Brennan and she calls him on it. And he’s like, “It’s a mark of respect.”

Booth. Perfect hair, charm smile, cocky attitude, Converse All-stars. Heck yes! 


The Woman in the Garden

I joked about tragedies before, but really one of the actual ones is that Brennan never found out what Booth did for her in this episode. In BONES heaven, we’ll tell her. If she’s there. HA!

But seriously…

He’s also so modest when he talks to Brennan later and she kind of gets on his case. I like his quiet confidence, though.

And Brennan looks so pretty, it’s clear to all of us why he finds her so important.


The Man on the Fairway  

Booth has decided to ignore Zack (nicer than shooting him, Booth suggests). Brennan isn’t quite sure, but in the end, she realizes all the more that Booth is a really good person. In fact, she says, “It’s kind of sweet.”  He deflects, in his usual way and shrugs. “Your people are my people.” Brennan is all, “I have people?” Booth gives her this tiny look like, “Don’t you know how amazing you are?” Haha, maybe I’m reading too much into it. At the very least, we now can see with our 20-20 hindsight vision that Booth is quite possibly more lonely than Brennan. Exaggeration? Possible. But I know I’m not exaggerating how special it is when before that, Brennan asks Booth for a favor in helping her find her missing parents. Booth’s response? “I’m proud you asked, Temperance.”  Yeah.  


Two Bodies in the Lab

From Monisse, Portugal

It’s truly difficult for me to pick a favorite moment of B&B from all 5 seasons, but I guess that, since my favorite season is season 1, my favorite moment is also from that season. My moment is Booth rescuing Brennan in Two bodies in the Lab (1×15). 

For me this is a very special and interesting moment. Not only it is the first time we see each other coming out of their comfort zone to reach for the other, but it’s also when they realize something very special is happening between the two. I’m referring to the fact that even though Booth has a hero syndrome and he would put is life in danger to save another person, we see in that scene that it’s quite different when it comes to Brennan, because he got out of the hospital, injured as it is, to save her. At the same time, this is the very first moment that really hits Brennan that Booth would do anything, including putting his life in danger (and kill another) for her.

In that moment she does something that we’ve come to see it’s truly uncomfortable for her (in relation to other people), she reaches out and holds him like her life depended on him (and a few seconds back it really did). For me, this is the first moment of a series of other moments where they do whatever they can to save, comfort and love the other in that real special way that they have.   

Kylie, USA

I love this scene, because it’s the first time they really depended on one another and were okay with it. They bonded a lot; it’s a very important part of their relationship. And it’s evident later in the episode when Brennan skips her date to stay with him.



The Woman in the Tunnel

What stands out to me in this episode between Booth and Brennan is when she asks him about his war time. Booth tells her he’ll tell her, if she really wants to know, but she needs to be sure she really wants the truth. Brennan, surprisingly (but not OOC) says nothing, and Booth tells her she made a good choice. One day we know he’ll want to talk and she’ll want to listen. For now, at least they are one good looking crime fighting pair! TicToc!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Skull in the Desert

Ah, Angela’s boyfriend is missing and Brennan goes out to her to assist. But when she doesn’t get the results she wants, she decides to call Booth.

 She wants what we all want, really…

…Which is for Booth to get Federal, of course! 


The Man with the Bone 

 This episode is kind of light on the B&B, which is okay, I guess. But it always makes me smile when Booth gets all bent out of shape trying to protect Brennan from the pervy FBI medical examiner who is turned on by her no-nonsense approach and the idea of her in rubber suits. Yeah, you best back up, buddy!


The Man in the Morgue

Ahhhhhhh…I’m not ashamed to admit that Booth can make me weak in the knees sometimes. But I think one of the first MAJOR times for that was when (after Brennan insisted he NOT come), he busted into that hospital room only to gently touch her face to make sure she was okay.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to take Booth with me behind this curtain and…oh, wait, what?  There are still a lot more episodes to talk about? Sigh…


The Graft in the Girl

This episode always makes me want to run a decathalon to raise money to open an orphanage or something equally philanthropic. I love this episode, though it makes me sad so I don’t watch it that often.  I love the beginning when Cullen gets on Booth and Brennan’s case. “You two bickering in an adolescent ward. How appropriate.” Haha.


The Soldier on the Grave  

Jane, Wales
It’s so hard to pick just one favourite B&B moment because there are so many of them, but off hand I can think of 3 that stick in my mind.  The first one is in The soldier on the grave, season one.   It was the end scene when Booth opens up to Brennan in the graveyard and shares the horrors of his past with her.  The simple hand gesture of her hand on his arm and his hand over hers really touched me.  It was the moment that cemented their bond for me.  He trusted her enough to share something so traumatic for him and she responded by giving him the comfort he needed in that moment.

The Woman in Limbo 

Jen (NatesMama1128), Delaware

My choice is the, “I know who you are.” scene. I’ve watched the show since the day it began, and I think I have a different perspective than the fans who started watching much later. Throughout the first season, Booth was kind of an ass, Brennan was a little bitchy, and they were taking these small baby steps towards “getting” each other completely. We saw flashes of how they cared for each other in Man in the Morgue, Two Bodies in the Lab and Woman in the Garden, but caring for someone and knowing who they are are completely different things. That scene, not just Booth comforting her but Brennan accepting that comfort was pivotal in their overall relationship.




The Titan on the Track 

 This episode is actually really, really good and worth a re-watch. I just re-watched it and realized that I’m pretty sure it’s the first time we see Brennan steal one of Booth’s fries. And that is just pretty much awesome.


Mother and Child in the Bay

Like most episodes where children are involved, this one’s B-plot revolved around Parker, specifically, Booth’s arguing with Rebecca over her new boyfriend Drew. In this scene, Brennan attempts to make Booth feel better by listening. The only problem is that he doesn’t really want to talk about it. She accepts it, and then he talks about it. Haha.


The Boy in the Shroud 

This is a really fantastic episode. In fact, I think it might be in my top two season  two episodes ever. And the best Booth and Brennan moment  comes courtesy of Booth’s office, where he asks Brennan about her foster care situation. She looks so pretty, and she tells him the truth. His next order of business is to get her to stop involving him in her work disputes with Cam.



The Blonde in the Game  

Nicole, Utah

There are so many favorite Booth and Brennan scenes I have. But the one that keeps coming back to me is the moment from The Blonde in the Game when Booth gives Brennan the little toy pig. Jasper. It’s just so sweet. I love Seeley Booth when he’s sweet. I’m sure I could actually find a moment that I love more but for today, that’s my favorite.


The Truth in the Lye  

 Cassie, Kentucky:

My favorite B&B moment is from my favorite ep, Truth in the Lye, from S2.  You know the one — starts out with nekkid Booth in bed with Rebecca, ends with nekkid Booth in bed with Cam.  And Bones razzes him about giving into his biological urges, while he tries to act like he hasn’t just been boffing his ex.  In between, the case is about the polygamist dissolved in the Godiva 3000 bathtub.  See the lovely symmetry there with the polygamist and Booth juggling the multiple women in his life??  Anyway, the BEST B&B MOMENT EVER is near the very end of the ep, when Booth tells Bones he can’t sleep with Rebecca anymore because there are some people you just can’t sleep with.  And Brennan tells him that if he should slip again, with anyone, she’ll keep her mouth shut.  THEN THE MIRACULOUS MOMENT!  Booth narrows his eyes ever so slightly, and you can hear him thinking, “Are you offering?”  And she looks straight back at him with those clear baby blues that are saying, “Yes, I am.”  *DIES*  Seriously.  Go rewatch that moment.  It’s phenomenal.


The Girl in Suite 2103

Hands down some of the funniest BONES stuff is the dialogue between Booth, Brennan and Alex from the State Department. Booth ends up ‘interpreting’ state speak for Brennan and he feels pretty proud of that!


The Girl with the Curl 

Forensicmama (Seattle):

Favorite scene? The Girl with the Curl, the last scene where they grin at each other. Their looks are so genuine. Great acting! 🙂 

Spezzella, USA

 How can you ask us to choose ONE moment. I know you know that’s impossible. haha But I will try to play along and pick one that always pops into my head when thinking of favorite moments. I love the end scene to The Girl with the Curl: “well structured,” “thai food,” not to mention the way they are looking at each other.


The Woman in the Sand  

Danielle, Illinois

I love when they are getting dressed up as Tony and Roxie. What is Booth doing picking out a dress for her and how does he know her size??? 🙂 From bickering about marriage one minute, to the look on Booth’s face and lack of speech he has when an unsure Brennan comes out of the bathroom and the “that’s hot” comment Brennan tries to cover up. Priceless.


Aliens in a Spaceship  

Sara, Wales

My favourite b and b moment ever? Wow , that’s hard. I think (apart from the unedited Christmas  kiss) that the best bit for me is when Booth is looking for Brennan and Jack when they’re buried. You can feel the worry and tension oozing from the screen and when he sees the puff of dust you scream run faster at the TV! Then the relief he feels when he gets her out and at that moment you know that her faith in him is unwavering (though she would call it confidence.)

Melissa, USA

I’m torn between a few moments.  I really don’t think I can choose, but I guess if I had to pick….
The rescue scene in Aliens in a Spaceship.  I could watch Booth run down that hill over and over again, and I’d still melt every time.  The look on his face, the naked fear and determination as he charges towards the blast site, and then the sheer relief once Brennan is safely above ground, it’s just amazing.  


The Headless Witch in the Woods

Brennan kills me sometimes; she really does. The single tear down her cheek as Booth interrupts her date with their victim’s killer breaks my heart. Every. Single. Time. And we know it does Booth’s, too, because he can hardly get through reading the rights. And it’s that caring that leads him to introduce one of BONES fans’ all time fave things: Guy hugs.


Judas on a Pole

Smurfs, Delaware

 I thought about this all day, and I decided that my all-time favorite moment is the scene in Judas when he’s driving her car back to the lab after they found the blood in her apartment. I don’t know why exactly, though. Maybe it’s because it was the first time we really saw her relinquish control to him or maybe because it’s such a boyfriend thing to do. I have analyzed this from top to bottom for years and I’ve never come up with a concrete answer.

Lisa, USA

My most favorite moment is Season II Judas on a Pole outside the diner when Booth lifts Brennan’s chin and tells her there is more than one kind of family. The way they look at each other makes me weak in the knees everytime!

To me, that is the moment they really connected on a deeper emotional level on their way to being more than partners and friends.

Lydia, USA

I love when Booth and Brennan enter Brennan’s apartment and Brennan sees a lot of blood. When she fears it’s Russ’ blood, she hugs Booth. That hug was just so great, and it was the first time that Booth didn’t have to convince her that it was ok to hug him. Also, I love when Brennan brings it up in the car ride back to the Jeffersonian and tells him she wishes he wouldn’t let her hug him; he tells her that when he gets scared he will hug her and they can call it even. I love everything about that moment; it was just so amazing, beautifully written and acted.


The Man in the Cell

My favorite Booth and Brennan moment in this episode actually comes right before Booth talks about there being a line that shouldn’t be crossed. He tells her he had to make things right (with Parker), and she tells him “that’s you all over”.

That, combined with the fact that she knew he’d be at the park on Saturday morning and her easy acceptance of his words…I love it. She knows him. And in light of the 100th episode and what Cassie talked about with TitL, lately I just feel she knows EXACTLY what he’s talking about. Even if he doesn’t necessarily. We’ve debated it a few times, but I’ll ask again. The Line: Forgotten by B&B and obsessed over by the fans? Or is it something that is still carries subtle tension between our favorite pair?


The Girl in the Gator

Booth tells Brennan as she’s explaining her work with Sully, “You never broke me in.” Ah, hahahaha. Yeah, okay, Booth. Whatever you say, baby! And while you’re at it, make me a hamburger, will you? Dr. Wyatt and I will be inside discussing recipes. Though, I do really love how many times Booth and Brennan keep in contact over the phone.


The Man in the Mansion

36 episodes into this thing, and in my opinion, Booth’s admission to himself that he’s going to need a flashier tie is really the first honest to goodness proof we have that he really, really wants her. In an episode without much B&B, I love the end scene where Brennan tells him that she slept with Sully. Even though Booth says it’s not really any of his business; Brennan disagrees. After all, he told her about his socks.

Yep. “Sex, socks…pretty much the same word.”

But I like that she tells him, as a partner thing. I like to think that she values his opinion. Either way, BONES fans, it’s about to get messy and we need our gumboots!


The Bodies in the Book 

This epi is heavy on the Sully, which doesn’t bother me, but does present a couple of probs when I’m trying to pick the best B&B moment. The end is awesome, but kind of heartbreaking. And it’s nice when Booth accompanies her to her book signing, but since that ends in a swarm of ants…well, it’s kind of a downer. So, I chose this scene, where Booth tells Brennan that he has read her book(s). At least we remember. Apparently Brennan forgets by season four. Must be a hazard of being a sexy scientist!


The Boneless Bride in the River

Sarah (ShepHerdsTV) 

Favorite moment from all 5 seasons…it’s a tough one, but I think I’m going to go with Season 2: The Boneless Bride in the River. The moment isn’t the Everything Happens Eventually moment which so many people equate with that episode. It’s before that when Brennan reveals to Booth that Sully asked her to go, and he encourages her to leave. Does he want her to go? Absolutely not and you can see that written ALL over his face, but he tells her to leave because he knows its best for her. That simple exchange, over the exhumation of a coffin, is one of the first times we see how much Booth truly loves her. He’s willing to let her go, if he believes she’ll be happy.  He has seen how good it’s been for her to get out of the lab and he knows that she’ll be happy if she continues “living wide”, even if it’s with someone else.


The Priest in the Churchyard

My fave B&B scene in this episode comes courtesy of the smarts of Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt. He diffuses the tension between Booth and Brennan through blatant lies. Ha, don’t believe me? That’s fine, you don’t have to. But you do have to believe the looks on Booth and Brennan’s faces when he tells them exactly what he thinks they want to hear.


The Killer in the Concrete 

Ashley, Tennessee

There are so many moments to choose from that I honestly couldn’t narrow it down to just one, but one of my absolute favorite B&B moments is when they sing “Keep on Tryin” together in the diner.  There are several reasons for this…

1. They’re in the diner.
2.  Brennan just risked everything (including bonding with her dad) to rescue Booth.
3.  The song is just great and has such amazing meaning for them as a couple. 
4.  They sing it TOGETHER, which is just way sweet!
5.  And of course… they way they smile at each other while singing it and afterwards… soft, sweet smiles that they’re sharing something like that.


Jenny (@bugaboo623), Wisconsin

My favorite moment is the end of Killer in the Concrete when Booth and Brennan sing “Keep on Tryin'” in the diner.  I love that scene because it was so un-Brennanlike but not where I was uncomfortable watching it.  The expressions on Booth’s face during that scene were priceless.  He was as shocked as we were to see that side of Brennan.  The song they sang was “comfortable” for Brennan and reminded her of her childhood.  You could tell it meant so much to her that Booth knew the song.


Spaceman in a Crater

One of the most beautiful facets of Booth and Brennan’s partnership is their shared sadness over death and injustice in the world. BONES writers always do a nice job of making us see as many sides to a story as possible. And it’s always special when Booth and Brennan share a moment in which they both are sort of sad for the way a normally good person has an accident or does the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing. And after the arrest in this case, they have one of those moments.


The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

 This is my all time favorite BONES episode, so I was really glad when pal Kari chose it as HER fave B&B moment too. I remember reading once where Emily Deschanel didn’t want there to be anything kissy or super physical in this episode since her dad was directing, but for my money, it’s one of the most romantic Booth and Brennan scenes ever  when she makes him dinner.

As Kari said, “I have a million favorites. But this is just a great, great, fabby scene: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House – the mac & cheese dinner!!! What more can I say???”

Booth and I could not agree more.

There is an inherent happiness that is going on here between them in the way they are showing and allowing genuine kindness for one another. Very symbiotic.


Stargazer in a Puddle      

This B&B moment is so fun. The entire episode is great between them, but I just love when they are completely locked in each other’s arms during Hodgela Wedding I. And it was a great end to season two.



The Widow’s Son in the Windshield

Gina, USA
THIS always gets me. It is so simple yet says so much. “The center will hold.” Makes me believe no matter what, B&B will be okay.

pic courtesy of @brennanbooth


Soccer Mom in the Mini Van 

Raquel, Brazil

Since I have to choose one, I will say I love this moment because it seems here like they are a couple on a casual date. Love it!


Death in the Saddle 

Breaking the laws of physics. Crappy Sex vs. Making Love. Giddy-up. Cliches at this point, but do we care? No, we  do not. 

 Kristen, USA  

My fav B&B moment is at the end of Death in the Saddle when Booth tells her about the magic of two becoming 1 and she agrees. It is my favorite because of the passion when he tells it and the looks between them and how she agrees at the end.


The Secret in the Soil

This episode just hurts sometimes, but it’s one I can’t stay away from. Ever. It was almost like we all thought it was kind of cutesy that Brennan flirted with Sully (well, more than flirted, but…you know, Booth got her back in the end, right?) or that Booth was with Cam and Rebecca, but now…now we were dealing with blatant unrequited affection, from Booth to Brennan. Not that she doesn’t care for him, it’s just that we can now see that Booth  cares more than she does. Maybe it’s because Sweets is there to see it all. Maybe nothing has changed except someone ELSE knows. Thoughts?

Either way, I feel there is a difference between Booth and Brennan now.

Between this,


…and this…



Mummy in the Maze  

It’s no secret that Squint Booth in his squint pants and squint glasses makes me want to have his brown-eyed squint babies. But what I really love about this episode when it comes to B&B is the way Brennan basically forces him to deal with the fact that he had to kill someone.  She kind of forces her comfort on him until he accepts it. And I love her for that.


Intern in the Incinerator 

Brennan’s question to Booth on whether he’ll betray her always intrigues me, but what always makes me SMILE is the way he knows things about her. He knows her. Daisy, Daffodil, Jupiter…ah.


Boy in the Time Capsule

Mary, USA

The scene when Booth is telling Brennan about being under the bleachers, starko with nothing but his St. Christopher medal on. One, that’s a nice image. Two, it was one of the first times we heard Booth talk about his past and he seemed so happy about it. Also, Brennan harshing his mellow is always a good time. Plus, he’s a gentleman; he brought his sleeping bag.


The Knight on the Grid

Lauren, Utah

I love this episode, and Brennan’s kiss on Booth’s cheek is one of my all time favorite BONES moments. Why do I love it? I…I don’t know, lay off, Dr. Sweets! Haha, but I guess…it’s because she showed him she was grateful in a completely non-Brennan fashion. And you could tell he loved it with that little foot stomp afterward. And a Happy Booth=Happy Lauren.


The Santa in the Slush

Melissa, USA

Let’s see… my fave B&B moment of all time.  So many to choose from!  I think I’m going to have to go with The Kiss from The Santa in the Slush.  It just gives me goosebumps every time I see it!


The Man in the Mud 

Yeah, B&B get themselves a baby duck in this episode,and I always smile when Brennan finds Booth’s sexual innuendo distasteful,  but the moment that always sticks out to me is right after one of their suspects dies in the bike accident and Booth turns to Brennan and she meets his eyes and they are just both so disgusted and horrified by death. You can just see on their faces that even though they work with it every day, they are still like, “Damn it!” And for my money, it’s special that they can share that with one another. Their shared experiences in suffering is one of the ties that bind them.


The Player Under Pressure 

It’s not often that Booth gets annoyed enough with Brennan that he won’t let her off the hook, but that is what happens in this episode. And so it makes the end of the episode all the sweeter when she is the one to make things right. Speaking of sweet, how about when Booth licks off that little bit of milkshake from his upper lip? Um, one fully developed male with a side of pie to go, please!


The Baby in the Bough 

Mariana, Portugal

I have 2 favorite B&B moments, it’s hard to choose just one, but if I had to, I’d say the final scene from Baby in the Bough because Booth has this really funny and cute reaction when Bren shuts him up with the pacifier.


The Verdict in the Story 

This is the first episode that received “save until I delete” status on the DVR the split second it was over. I can’t believe it’s over two years old, as the moments between Booth and Brennan feel like they still took place yesterday. The beginning of the ep features one of those pesky unsolved cases (and how the HECK did it get into that position?!?) but that’s not even a complaint in the scope of how amazing this ep is. I’m going to sort of cheat and allow myself three favorite moments.

  1. At Brennan’s apartment, Booth explains the difference between Brain & Heart. Brennan laughs and tells him that sometimes she thinks he’s from another planet, and sometimes she thinks he’s very nice. There is this instant flicker in Booth’s eyes that shows us that he really does crave her approval. And NOW we know that Booth doesn’t really have many people in his life who encourage him. We all love him beyond words, and so its unfathomable that he’s had the life he has. But when we see him almost flinch at her compliment…well, it’s clear that he’s vulnerable to her praise.
  2. Booth takes the stand and is asked to testify against Brennan. He immediately stands up for her. “Temperance Brennan…I know this woman. She could not have done this…  “ and then when he looks at her and can see that she is actually asking him to testify against her, he speaks only to her. “That’s a lot of heart, Bones.” Gah! Amazing.
  3. But my FAVORITE moment in this episode between Booth and Brennan is this. After all of that, when the verdict is about to be read, we see Brennan is not in the room. And just as the judge sort of begins, Booth stands up and walks out. Max kind of sees it and sort of gives his approval, though Booth never once asked for it. It’s like, it doesn’t matter where in the world she is, he wants to be where she is. And he’s just so sure about it, too. In his quiet way. She sees him and falls into his arms, and it’s awesome.


The Wannabe in the Weeds

I love the part of this episode when Sweets and Booth sort of tease Brennan about singing like Cyndi Lauper. But even more than that, I love the look on Booth’s face when she IS singing.  He is so in love with her. And she is staring back at him. It’s one of the rare moments in the show where I think, “Okay…something could really happen here.”  Of course, something DID happen, and that it was so traumatic makes the tender expressions of affection between Booth and Brennan and the underlying hum of…possibility…all the more bittersweet.


The Pain in the Heart  

My favorite Booth and Brennan moment in this episode comes at the last second. After everything the entire team experienced, Brennan goes off alone. Angela could have followed her, but Booth is the one who does. And he knows the right thing to say, encouraging Brennan with evidence of her work and her value to Zack. And just before the lights go out on season three, Brennan rests her head on Booth’s shoulder. Booth doesn’t say anything else but just kind of leans into her as well. They certainly had their own issues to deal with, but in that moment, I knew that they at least were going to be okay. And Brennan’s small gesture of affection in response to her acceptance of his offer of comfort was very special, very in character and very meaningful.



Yanks in the UK: Part One

I’ll tell you a secret. I cry at the end of this episode every time. Why? Because when Booth and Brennan are bickering about luck and tomato/potato, behind them, the bridge is moving and they’re missing it. I just want to say, “Stop fighting and turn around!” We’re not talking Man in the Fallout Shelter level tears, but just a few, and even now, I can’t help feeling the imminent threat that they are going to bicker just enough to really miss out on being happy together. I don’t want that, but…there you have it!


Yanks in the UK: Part Two

 This episode doesn’t make my cry, unless you consider the tears I spill over the terrible treatment of the diner. Boo! But mostly the ep makes me laugh, especially in this moment when Booth tries to out-stare a buffetier.


The Man in the Outhouse

Please, this entire episode is just amazing on the B&B front. It’s impossible to choose one moment. I love “Underwater?” and “My gut says you’re going with your gut on this one and that’s never a good thing”, and even “What do you do with this one, Temperance”, even though neither Booth nor Brennan says that. But I really love the way Brennan admits the unpleasant sting of rejection at the end.  And I love  the way Booth sort of cuts through their usual crap and just lays the truth out on the line. Surrogate nothing, indeed. 


The Finger in the Nest 

With the exception of Booth’s “God spelled backwards is Dog” line or whatever, the ending of this episode is very special between Booth and Brennan. Brennan is just so beautiful when she allows herself to be vulnerable. And Booth (and his warm reassuring brown eyes) is very protective of her when she does allow that. And all of that is reflected at Ripley’s funeral when he shovels ground and she gives her speech. She begs him with her eyes to understand what she’s saying, and he does, and when she is sad, he hugs her.


The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond 

This is another episode where Booth and Brennan have a shared moment of horror and pain for humanity, when they unearth the box with Jared Addison’s head inside and his mother standing right there. I love that (The moment, not the head). But the moment I rewind over and over is the scene at the end when Booth tells her that they are sexy and they can’t change who they are. Haha! Brennan’s reaction is funny. It’s also fun when she fixes his back; the look on Booth’s face just as her arms begin to snake around his waist is priceless. And I love when Booth brags that he knows what quid pro quo means and Brennan is smiling and proud of him, “I’m sure you do.”


The Crank in the Shaft 

Like in Verdict in the Story, I love when in this episode, Brennan compliments Booth and he kind of flinches in smiling disbelief.  Brennan sort of acknowledges his surprise and moves on, but it’s clear that they are both aware of a glimmer of her affection for him.


The He in the She 

I love the end of this episode when Booth sort of twirls his poker chip between his fingers and thinks about redemption. Brennan’s “always swim with a buddy” line is meaningful to her, even if Booth doesn’t quite get it. I also love the part earlier when she gets to be the bank lady.


The Skull in the Sculpture 

 I know there is a sort of a trend going on here with the end scenes and B&B, but hey…what can you do? Especially when said moments are as great as this one. After Sweets and she who will not be named go public on the forensics platform, Booth and Brennan are left to figure it out. They agree that common ground is important. Yes, Booth and Brennan…we know.


The Con Man in the Meth Lab 

Workaholic888, Bangkok, Thailand

My all time favorite Booth and Brennan moment is from the very last scene of “the Con Man in the Meth Lab” (aka. season 4 episode 9).  It’s the part where Brennan comes out with some cake (and two forks) and the conversation went like this:

Booth: Bones, I just need some time

Brennan: Do you need time and space?

Booth: Just some time.

I just love, love, love Brennan’s line.  It reminded me somehow of two very good friends being there for each other when one of them was having a tough time.  Nothing much needed to be said, but the fact that Brennan was sitting there in Booth’s “space” made everything a little better for him.  I thought that moment was beautiful.    



The Passenger in the Oven

E, Georgia

This scene is so amazing because Booth is fully aware of what he’s doing, but it’s like he just can’t control himself. When he walks into that little area and she raises her head and he sees her in those glasses and the bun, he kinda just stops in his tracks and he just CANNOT censor himself. I mean can you imagine if she had done as he asked?!?! But I digress, okay, I get a little thrill every time I watch this scene, for a couple of reasons:

1) How sexy Booth looks, just walking slowly forward with that little half grin, oh man, and his voice kinda drops just a teeny bit and he actually tells her exactly what’s on his mind,

2) He’s really not a prude, I mean if you have a sexy librarian fantasy, how much of a prude can you be? I love that, he has all this Catholic guilt about sex, maybe, but he’s not a prude, at least not when it comes to Brennan and those glasses, right?

3) This scene makes me wonder how many other naughty little fantasies he’s been harboring, but mostly
I am just shocked that he put it out there for her ( I mean she doesn’t get it-story of his life, right?) but he told her what he wanted her to do and it was sexy and playful and a little naughty and it totally goes over her head. Ah Brennan. 



The Bone that Blew

This episode is worth rewatching, just to see Booth interact with Max again. And I love the way Max sort of presides over the experiment, spending time with Parker and knowing exactly what his daughter and her partner are up to on the upper level. It’s fun watching Brennan in daughter mode, and I also like Booth’s reaction to her as well as they watch the experiment.


Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Brennan’s ever increasing excitement as Booth continued to throw knives toward her general person is one of the top moments of season four. I loved how encouraging (and let’s face it, forcing) she was to him and how his confidence grew with every throw. And I love that when it was all over, he hissed at her about the danger, and she was exhilarated. Therein lies the excitement, indeed!


Fire in the Ice 

Tory, USA

So, it took a long time to try and think of my all time favorite B&B moment! As you know, there are just so many good ones! I decided on the last scene of Fire in the Ice. I’m sure it’s a popular one among shippers, but I just can’t help rewinding this part every single time I watch that episode. I love it for a few reasons. First and foremost, I just like how comfortable they are with each other. It just feels like a moment between two best friends, but with a flirty undertone. They are both being kinda flirty….and they are both ok with it. I also love how Brennan tells  Booth that he is the only FBI agent that she wants to work with and she is almost shy about saying it. When she says that ,he doesn’t say anything he just gives a very…hopeful(?), affectionate smirk. He also just dismisses the talk about Perotta. Sure, he flirted with her, but Bones is the one he wants to focus on. Finally my top two reasons this is my favorite B&B moment:

(1) How easily their hands just slip into one another’s, like holding hands is the most natural thing in the world for them (corny- I know, but I love it).

2) This exchange: Brennan: “You’re gonna make me fall!” Booth: “I’m never gonna make you fall! I’m always here; are you kidding me?” LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that! 



Hero in the Hold 

Just like with Wannabe in the Weeds, this episode began with what felt like amazing potential. Booth and Brennan talk about her big night and Booth tells her he’s sure she looks beautiful. Has he ever said anything like that to her before? No, I don’t think so. Not that blatant. So again, that it just feels SO…possible between them…it makes it all the more frustrating when it feels like nothing comes to fruition. So why is it still my favorite moment of that episode? Well, there are a few reasons for that, and I won’t go into it here, but the main one is this…possibility, darlings. I still have hope in the possibility.

pic courtesy of The Lab FB staff


The Princess and the Pear 

Ah! I was just talking about this episode the other day. We know Booth is charming. We know HE knows he’s charming. But it was kittens and chocolate covered cherries to find out that Brennan knows how charming he is, right? And to have that little moment where Booth ASKS her if she wants MORE and for her to say no, and him to laugh at her? Delightful. Absolutely delightful. He fakes an “Ouch” as he turns around and I love, love, love it. Perotta, who?


The Bones that Foam

Brennan is so funny. For a genius, sometimes she can be clueless. Or is she? Perhaps she knows exactly what she is doing when she watches Booth with Strawberry Lust. Her facial expressions  never fail to completely crack me up.  And I love the end scene at Founding Fathers, where she admits that Booth is better than her at something,


The Salt in the Wound

Though I really love the diner, I do also love Founding Fathers, and I like the scene near the end of this episode where Booth and Brennan discuss their case. They don’t quite agree, but there is a sense that they are really actually listening to each other and that they both know that underneath their differences, they care about one another. There is a very sweet moment when Booth says “On what planet?” Brennan answers very literally, “Earth.” “Earth?!” Booth replies with a disbelieving chuckle, and Brennan says “yes,” but she also kind of smiles in that way that a woman will when she knows she’s made her man laugh. It’s awesome. And then of course, he goes to talk to the kid .


And Brennan watches from a far and realizes she wants to have his brown eyed squint babies. Haha. 


The Doctor in the Den

My favorite B&B moment in this episode is when they are in the SUV. Booth tells Brennan she might be more useful in the lab. It doesn’t sound as harsh as that, but Brennan interprets it that way and kind of takes it personally. She snarks back to Booth, but he takes it in stride and just asks her to trust him.

And…she does.


The Science in the Physicist

I love this episode. I love the way it’s sort of Brennan’s territory, as far as a case goes, and Booth is kind of edgy, and as he calls it, not in his element. My fave moment is when Brennan caresses his face after Booth gets punched.


The Cinderella in the Cardboard   

 Diane, Philadephia

 Sure…I have a lot of favorite moments, but the one that always comes to my mind first is the end of “The Cinderella in the Cardboard”. She goes to him, upset, thinking she almost ruined the relationship of Sweets and Daisy. She tells him she’s jealous of them all. The looks exchanged between them at that moment, and Booth’s “why?”…I just love it. And then her reply about love being transcendent and eternal, and wanting that for herself, AND, Booth sitting there knowing in his heart, he’d give it to her a thousand times over…wanting to show her how it can be….. That is so very special 🙂


Mayhem on a Cross 

Ana, Ontario

You know you’ve asked us to do the impossible, right?  Pick just ONE favourite moment…surely you jest!  No, okay, then I jest. 😉

Oddly enough, my all-time favourite B&B moment wasn’t hard for me to pick at all, despite the plethora of examples.  I think I’ve gushed on your blog about it already…in fact, I know I did.

My all-time favourite scene was the handkerchief end scene in Mayhem on a Cross.   It still makes me hold my breath just thinking about it.  I watch that scene and every time it’s like the first time and it is magic – the connection between the two of them in their pain, totally forgetting that Sweets was there…simply AWESOME.  There’s just something about that scene!  My heart goes aflutter and aches simultaneously, and I am in awe of the facial acting on the part of DB.  So much said with so little, you know?  I know you know. 😀 


The Double Death of the Dearly Departed 

This episode continues to grow on me, though I may never love it.  But one scene I always do rewind is when Booth decides to go on the prowl for the case.


The Girl in the Mask 

I like this episode mainly for the way we get to see into Booth’s life a little bit more. I like his friendship with Ken, and I like the way Ken talks with Brennan. And I love the ending.


The Beaver in the Otter 

 Cecile, France

I love when Booth and Brennan leave Founding Fathers running, “without paying”. They seem  young and in love and full of hope and faith.


The Critic in the Cabernet 

 Darlene (California) 

That is a tall, tall order.  I can hardly think of one episode (let alone one moment) that I can singularly pinpoint as my favorite of all time.  If there’s just one scene though, it’s going to have to be my favorite season 4 moment from the end of The Critic in the Cabernet…

 …I actually think I left a comment on your review of it on 100 Days of Bones that basically says what I’m just going to reiterate – the part where Booth is looking for Brennan from his bed and sees her through the window.  The conversation they have through their eyes and facial expressions without uttering a single word (or even being in the same room)?  Amazing.  Kills me every time.  And you can quote me on that!  


The End in the Beginning 

Claudia, Belgium

Ok, my absolute top favorite B&B moment is officially not a Booth&Brennan moment – yet.
It’s from EitB and the dream. But I still name it since it IS Booth & Brennan, even if it only happened in their heads. It’s them without baggage, without hurdles, but still them.  It’s the pregnancy scene (she on his lap, his infectuous exuberance, her amazing smile and their snuggle on the leather chair)




Harbingers in a Fountain 

 Elizabeth, Tennessee

The great moment is after Booth shoots Dr. Leacock. He holds Brennan and is reassuring her while they wait for the ambulance. It is such a great moment at this juncture because Booth is still trying to recuperate from his coma. His reassurances that he’s there for her and that he’s got her, baby, show that he is now able to do the best part of his job, which is work with and protect her. 









The Bond in the Boot 

Episodes like these make me think that as BONES fans, we could TOTALLY handle a season of domestic blissful bickering. Right? We so could.  If they get fired from the FBI and the Jeffersonian, they can do home repairs. I would watch that.


The Plain in the Prodigy 

Here’s another episode in which Booth and Brennan grow closer together through shared empathy for pain in the world.

I really believe that one of the reasons they are so compatible is that they understand pain. The levels of pain they see in their work are astounding. Yet they both have mostly managed to maintain pure hearts, and I love when the writers showcase their understanding of the human condition.


The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

I think if I had to choose, I would pick this moment in my top five of season five. Booth asking Brennan to be his village and Brennan replying that she would  be his hamlet of 800 people or less is just the sweetest thing we’ve seen on the show since Hodgins proposed with sushi.


A Night at the Bones Museum 

Debbie, Guatemala 

My all time favorite Booth and Brennan is actually a combination of two different scenes that involve almost the same line.

“What goes on between us, that should just be ours.” and “Because what goes on between us is ours.”

I really like the respect, the love, the agreement about what’s “theirs” by Brennan that takes place here.



Catalina, New Jersey

 I love the almost kiss scene at the end of ‘A Night at the Bones Museum’ because  for a few precious moments, they were both on the same page. 

pic courtesy of @beccae





Marisa, USA

For me, the most amazing B&B moment ever is incredibly hard to pick. Is it cheating to say I have about 10? I do. They’re all special in their own ways.

But since for the purpose of this post I’m only supposed to pick one, I’d have to say the scene that keeps jumping out at me is the final scene of “A Night at the Bones Museum.”
Look, I love Brennan. But as we’ve all seen, her social skills can often be lacking. Yes, she has a steep learning curve, but even after Booth gives her a speech explaining some sort of human behavior, it sometimes seems like she doesn’t really get it — she might understand the language, but the concept is still rather foreign to her.
However with this scene — after she realizes she’s betrayed Booth’s confidence by telling Hacker a story Booth had never shared with anyone besides her — Brennan makes a proactive move to fix her mistake. She tells Booth she didn’t invite Hacker to a work function because what goes on between them is theirs. Her repeating the words Booth had spoken to her earlier might not have been the biggest deal in the world, but it was clear that she understood what he meant — what happened between them was special. They had a bond and some things should be kept just between them. Brennan not only understood what Booth meant when he told her that, but she excluded her maybe-boyfriend in order to keep what was theirs — in this instance, the case — between them.
Besides, who can resist the smitten looks on both of their faces in that final scene? Their adoration for each other is clearly written all over their faces.


The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken 

Kate, Vancouver

So after some back and forth and mentally going over those moments that came to mind instantly I found my favorite one. It’s from the last season “The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken” after Brennan had her fight with Angela over the little piglet and Booth asks about it and tells her he won’t get in between two best friends.
My favorite moment is when Booth grabs her hand as Brennan gets up and just holds onto it and tells her things will be okay. It’s like they completely close out the rest of the world – and Sweets – and it’s all about them. The love between them, the trust, the friendship, the caring.
I know it’s not a HUGE moment or a defining moment but to me that one moment holding hands, to me that’s Booth and Brennan.


The Dwarf in the Dirt 

This is my favorite season five episode, and there are so many amazing Booth and Brennan moments in it, from Brennan announcing she likes nice boys to her support of him at his shooting test to him admitting he likes it when she tells him the truth. But my favorite (as of right now,) moment in this episode is the shared look they give one another at Chef Gordon Gordon’s fare. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that they are kind of flirting with one another, maybe without even knowing it. They are just so awesome together. There are two underlying factors in this case. The first is that Booth just received a burst of purpose from GGW and the second is that Brennan is feeling like she has succeeded in helping Booth, something she admitted earlier she couldn’t think of anything she wouldn’t do…to do. So they are both feeling pretty good, I’d say. I’d be happy if the episode ended there, but HH and Co decided to give us a lot more where this came from…

Pal Annie writes, ” My favorite moment is the last scene in The Dwarf in the Dirt.  It helps that the scene follows the one with GG at the restaurant, but I love how both Booth and Brennan are tense until the shots are fired, how they are together in their concern (Booth nervous, Brennan nervous for him), the look that passes between them after he sees his great marksmanship!  They seem like such a couple to me there – I’ve watched that scene countless times”


The Foot in the Foreclosure

My favorite Booth and Brennan moment in this episode comes from Club Jiggle. When a woman propositions Booth,  asking if he’s with Brennan, he at first says no, falling back on his standby denial. But once he realizes the woman is interested in him, he yanks Brennan to his side.


The Gamer in the Grease 

 Sleepless, Atlanta

I really do think this might be in my top five. For one thing, the song playing during that final scene … oh my god, I didn’t catch it until the second time I watched the episode and I gasped when I heard “look me in the eye and tell that you don’t feel a thing” -I feel like this should be the theme song for season 6.

Anyway, song aside, how cute are BB in this end scene and how smokin’ hot is
Booth? I think someone in your blog mentioned he had that cocky vibe going
here and it is so true. When he tells her to go ahead cause once he starts he’s not going to stop, when he whistles and pulls out the quarter, when he flips it to her, when he gets up and walks towards her for his turn, ahhhh, holy cocky hotness. And Brennan is just adorable here, she actually says, “c’mon, baby” to the machine and she tells Booth she’ll knock him dead and then she loses in like point two seconds, haha! It’s cute and sexy and flirty and how I think things would be if they were together, right? Why can’t they see it? WHY?


The Goop in the Girl 

I will never get tired of watching Brennan undress Booth for the sake of evidence. I love the way she invites Booth over for Christmas and the way she insists on removing his white dress shirt herself. He would certainly know better than to compromise her remains, and by that point, all Booth can do is stand there, stunned.


The X in the File 

This episode is kind of intriguing, because it’s very friendshippy, kind of in a way that the post-1ooth episodes are. But I’m not complaining, as I like the friendship between Booth and Brennan. It’s sweet when they lie together on top of the SUV, staring at stars and making fun of anthropologist aliens.



The Proof in the Pudding 

I totally love when Brennan uses scientific jibber jabber and Booth is proud of her and she is so pleased by that!  She is so sweet when she’s cocky. I love it. I also love the way she and Booth kind of wait for one another at the end of breakfast before walking arm and arm together. Very sweet.


The Dentist in the Ditch 

Brennan’s toast to love is very meaningful, and I think Booth understands what she is saying. But even more special, in my opinion, is Brennan’s small anxiety attack at what she perceives to be Booth’s change of character and nature. She challenges his bias against Padme, citing her relationship with Max (encouraged by Booth) as evidence. She then offers Booth the chance to think about it, and leaves him a bit stunned.


The Devil in the Details 

I don’t know why, but I love the moment when Brennan latches onto Booth’s arm. It’s just kind of sweet, I guess!  She has no rational explanation for being nervous, and so therefore I won’t worry about having one to talk about it.


The Bones on a Blue Line 

Having Brennan followed around by a journalist was a fun idea, and I like that she (the journalist) was very intrigued with Booth. She wrote down what he said and did. But I’m not sure there is anyone who didn’t fall just a bit further in love with Brennan when she said, “Ah HA! Gotcha, dirtbag”. Hahahaha!



The Parts in the Sum of the Whole 

Rosalyn (PoeticLine), North Carolina

All the kissing scenes are my favorites.  I was on a “kiss campaign” asking Hart Hanson every week on twitter to put in some more Booth/Brennan kissing.  And he finally did in the 100th episode.


The kisses outside that bar were so sweet so I knew that it wasn’t just sexual tension that kept me watching Bones, I could be happy watching the expression of their love.





 Junie, Canada
My favorite B&B moment ever?

That’s like asking me my favorite food.
I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but the one that made me re-watch over and over again, that made me write literally mountains of speculation and comments, that I believe has had the most impact on the series as a whole, that made me giddy and depressed and jog around the room aimlessly because “wow, I can’t believe what just happened”, and that frankly angered me the most (before I slept on it and decided that I loved it. But I still hated a little. We have a complicated relationship.)
Ok, you can probably guess by now. I’m talking about the end of the 100th episode, obviously.
I believed, like everyone else I guess, that nothing would actually happen. How many times have we been promised something big? “Oh, B/B have sex except it’s not real, sorry.”

And then something did happen. Booth finally had enough of the pretense and went for it. Maybe she wasn’t ready. Maybe he asked too much too soon. But he spread his feelings at her feet for her to tread all over and I still maintain that it’s the most courageous thing he’s ever done (either that or singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot at Hank’s funeral). And Brennan… After all this time I still don’t know what to say about her. She crushed millions of hearts that night but Booth and I will always love her anyway.
And you know what, maybe every couple has a moment, one moment, and maybe this one was it. Maybe those two missed it. Maybe Brennan never will be able to have a real relationship with anyone, and maybe Booth will move on, marry a nice woman that the fans will murder mercilessly in their fanfics even though she hasn’t done anything to anyone, and maybe he’ll start that family he always wanted. Maybe this moment is the beginning of the end.
But at least they got themselves out of this limbo of half-lies and unsaid feelings, and they can figure out whether or not this was meant to be. If it isn’t, they still shared this moment, and every single other B&B moment there ever was, and they were beautiful. Most people have so much less than that.
So I guess this is my favorite moment because it made me think, it made me re-evaluate their relationship throughout the whole series, and it made me so damn angry for a while. They’ve been through a rough patch ever since. It’ll make the the moment they finally become a couple that much sweeter. If they don’t… You already know my opinion on that.

When they become a couple, THAT will be my new favorite moment :).


Olga, Latvia

“Look, I want to give this a shot.”
-“You mean us?”

Why: In addition to loving how wonderfully written and acted this scene is, I’ve always appreciated it as a massive breakthrough while staying true to the characters. Somehow I never imagined Brennan agreeing to a relationship right away if the show was to aim for a believable angle. That would have written everything we’ve learned about her character’s abandonment issues & heavy reliance on statistics right off. At the same time, the concept being brought up as an actual possibility, an offer, changed their dynamic. Finally, Booth and Brennan are on the same page when it comes to being hyper aware of one’s attraction for the other. At the end of the scene, Brennan asked Booth if he was okay with still working together – yet she turned out to be the one who couldn’t in the end. The fact that she mentioned contemplating the meaning of their partnership as one of the reasons definitely spoke volumes. I believe this powerful, touching and insanely beautiful scene was a significant milestone on the road to B/B getting together. Even if it effectively crushes my heart whenever I watch it!


The Death of the Queen Bee

It might be cliche already, but once again, I don’t care. I love the dance between Booth and Brennan. I think it shows a lot as far as what each one is feeling, and it’s pretty honest with us, the audience, even if they aren’t being completely honest with one another.



The Predator in the Pool

“You are the standard” and The Rat Pack…all fine. But my favorite B&B moment in this episode is the lunch Booth and Brennan have together at the diner where they sort of brag about their own dates while trying as hard as possible to not talk about the other person’s date. It’s funny and feels like the old school B&B bickering, and it lets me know that they are not as blase as they’d like people to believe.



The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

I love when Brennan arrives back to Rock and Roll Camp to find that Booth has gotten involved in the culture there. She chides him, but as soon as he turns the tables on her, asking her who she would want to meet at fantasy anthropology camp, she says, “Me… I’d want to go to fantasy camp to meet me.”  Haha.

Booth MAY have replied, if not for the sounds of their song.


The Witch in the Wardrobe

I actually love the very beginning of this episode, when Booth and Brennan arrive to the crime scene. Brennan is surprised by the state of the remains and their re-construction. And Booth is surprised that she is surprised. It’s funny and cute. But even more than that, I love the end scene, with Booth and Brennan sharing another after case drink.


The Boy with the Answer

There is SO much I could say about this episode, and I will say it on Thursday when it’s time for that. But right now it just time for one thing I love. And it’s this…


I just don’t know how Emily Deschanel does it. She is so skilled at subtle facial expressions. In this scene, Booth has just told Brennan that he’s going to have his GraveDigger charges dropped as well, and we can practically see disbelief, thankfulness, affection, surprise and still fear on her face. Amazing!


The Beginning in the End

I watched the entire episode again, so I could choose a moment to love. Not that I don’t LIKE the finale, but I was kind of having a hard time picking something I LOVED about it between B&B. I liked Angela’s conversation with Brennan. I liked the way Booth tried to dissuade Sweets from Daisy. But as far as Booth and Brennan moments,  there is only one moment that managed to stick out and move from ‘like’ to ‘love’ territory.


Brennan tells Booth not to be a hero, to not be himself. I love that because it means she knows him. It’s a strange tension going on within in her these days (the last eps of season five), and I think she is going to begin to realize that like all the other knowledge in her life, everything she knows about Booth isn’t going to just go away or be easily compartmentalized. I could be wrong. She IS a pro. Then again, so is Booth. She’s also a fighter…and so is he.



Well, what do you think? Did we get any of yours? And if not, be sure to weigh in below in the comments! And let me know where you are from! A couple more matters of business. Over at, we’re planning a live chat for the season premiere, like last year, and we’re asking around, seeing if people are interested in partcipating, so let me know that too in your comment.

And if you need ANOTHER reason to comment, we’re pretty close to our 100th comment here at BONES THEORY, and 100DaysofBones pals know that the person who submits the 100th comment gets to choose his or her own Booth of the Day. Can’t go wrong there! Enough from me…let’s hear from you!

As always,

Peace, Love & Bones,




33 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary, BONES! With Love, from fans around the world.

  1. *sigh* I love all those moments. And you did a fantastic job at compiling everyone’s choices…this was just so much fun to kick back and read…

    And honestly, I have no problem with the *you know what* storyline coming up, but this blog just reminded me why I completely, totally, wholeheartedly love this show.

    *sigh again* Thanks.

  2. This is amazing, I just stayed half an hour late at work to read it!

    So many incredible moments, and many of them make me so happy or so heart-crushingly sad, but all of them add up to why I love love love this show so much, and how happy it makes me that other people do to!

    Happy 5th Birthday Bones, we love you!

  3. This so helped. I have been agonizing about the SO storyline for months and this article brought me back to why I love the show in the first place. Please HH, make that arc be smallish, a small bump in the road and bring back the characters to where they were before all the angst started so I can enjoy the ensemble again. I am not giving up on BB yet.

  4. Great job compiling all of these! It was enjoyable to see how many fans from all over the place this great show has. I especially enjoyed the pictures and captions you provided.

  5. Thank you for compiling all of this – it is always interesting to hear what people like/dislike about the show. I know I did not start watching Bones until it had been on probably a year or more, but am totally addicted now and will follow it like a baby duck that has imprinted on a lawnmower…

  6. ^^ Thank you for considering my email! It was a pleasure to help with this post. You do a great job, so congrats on the blog, I enjoy it so much! Happy 5th Bday to this awesome show!

  7. Excellent job, my detail-oriented friend! 🙂 Can’t wait for more Bones!

  8. Wow, thank you so much for putting this article together!

    Regarding a few of the scenes you mentioned:

    In the Woman in the Tunnel, I really like that she actually chooses not to ask Booth about what he’s done: this is a very difficult issue and one of the foundations of Booth’s character, so I was glad they didn’t have that discussion in the car in the middle of a case. I think it was a good choice to postpone it both in terms of the evolution of their relationship and in terms of writing, by having an episode where this issue takes center stage

    Although it’s not a B&B moment per se, The Boy in the Shroud is the first ep I remember where Brennan begins a sentence by “Booth says….” (in the diner when talking with Cam at the end). I think it’s very telling of the importance Brennan gives to what Booth tells her in relation with emotions and people in general even though she might mock him, or tell him she doesn’t believe in psychology anyway when they first discuss a subject. She’s essentially quoting him as evidence, just like she would refer to a law of physics or a biology principle to explain something science-related, and I like that she trusts what he tells her that much

    Without this post, I might never have noticed that the bridge was moving in Yanks in the UK! Maybe due to the fact that part 1 is one of my least favorite Bones eps and I’ve only seen it twice (I think). But yeah, talk about symbolism!

    As for my favorite, well, I have quite a few, enough for a top 20, at least. Typically, everything that has GGW in it automatically makes it a fav with me. But one thing that always, always makes me squee and go *awwwwww* is in The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken, during the last scene. Booth is worried because he didn’t figure out the murderer had been lying to them, and then presses on saying he couldn’t even remember that morning if he liked brown sugar on his oatmeal. And then Brennan has this brilliant solution: “Well, next time call me. You like brown sugar on everything.” and the way she tilts her head and looks at him, like he should have known to call her in the first place. It’s a simple statement, but it tells so much about Brennan and the extent to which she cares about Booth. She has difficulties at reading people and I think that her way to compensate for that is to do what she knows how to do as an anthropologist: she observes. It’s her way to get to know people. So her cataloging everything there is to observe about him, filing it in her head, even the most mundane, minute details, shows in her own, unique way how much he matters to her, how much she loves him (and I don’t even mean that in a romantic way – there’s that too, of course, but it’s only part of it: I think her love for him as her partner, as her friend, and for the person he is, are even more important)

  9. My favourite scene is :Last scene of the “The soldier on the grave” episode.Booth confesses how he killed a serbian general when he was a sniper to the Brennan…I still feel impressed by that scene everytime I watch.


  10. Okay, it’s been 5 amazing years..

    I can’t belive how fast all this happend. When I look back it feels like yesterday that I was watching the pilot, and falling in love for the great chemistry between Booth and Brennan and also falling for each character.
    I owe it all to Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Eric Millegan, Michaela Conlin, TJ Thyne, Tamara Taylor, John Francis Daley, all the guest stars and directors, everyone that made this show so amazing.

    Happy 5th Anniversary Bones!
    We just can’t get enough of it!

  11. Thank you. This tribute to “the heart of the matter” in BONES (Sweets’ phrase) brought a smile to my face — which has admittedly gotten squinty since I’ve begun tracking the debate about Season 6. (Ain’t waiting the worst, though?)

    A “throwaway” scene (and there are so many of these moments in BONES, seemingly unimportant but actually loaded with hilarity or, more often, pathos) that makes me laugh every time is about 17 mins into S5’s “The Dwarf in the Dirt.” B&B are in the field questioning a suspect, Gidget, a fight promoter, about the victim. Gidget (in a hilarious manner, IMO) tells them about her sexual relationship with the ex-con decedent and drawls tigerishly, “What can I say? Got a thiiiiing for the bad boys. Don’t you?” she twinkles at Brennan.

    “A-no,” Brennan replies, matter-of-factly. “I like good boys.”

    At which Booth, distracted now from both the suspect and the case, pops his head up. “Really?” he says to Brennan, trying to sound cool and off-handed and not succeeding at either.

    The expression on his face, the ensuing acknowledgement by Brennan, the whole ridiculous setup — literally-laugh-aloud-funny.

    But may I, seriously, highlight another aspect of BONES which greatly enhances my enjoyment of the show but which is not discussed at length here?

    The MUSIC. Ahhh, the music.

    Whatever imps or angels sit atop the music director’s shoulder, they are truly inspired. Nothing rounds out the sadness, joy, or hope of a Brennan & Booth moment better than the music which is chosen to amplify it. Matthew Perryman Jones, Susan Enan, Cyndi Lauper, Glass Pear, and on, and on. Each artist … each song … stands in for the audience as we feel for the moment and hope for the future of these wonderful characters.

    • Example #1 —

      In Season 2, Ep. 3, Susan Enan’s “Bring on the Wonder” soothes a young, heartsick girl as she acknowledges that her brother killed in the mistaken belief that the victim would have taken away his big sister — but it also evokes Brennan’s repression of emotion to cope with a friendless world in which her parents and brother have abandoned her to (we later learn) cruel people:

      “I can’t see the stars anymore living here,
      Let’s go to the hills where the outlines are clear.

      “Bring on the wonder,
      Bring on the sun,
      I pushed you down deep in my soul for too long.”

      Example #2 —

      In Season 2, Ep. 9, after Brennan & Hodgins escape / are rescued from a buried car (and the clutches of the Gravedigger), Tim Easton’s “Next to You” plays in the background as Hodgins takes shelter from flashbacks and nightmares with Angela, and Brennan is — once again — back with Booth. They crackle with their residual (perennial) disagreement about spirituality, but overarching all is their faith in one another:

      “I’ve laid some bad things down before
      I heard the sound of your voice
      And you drowned out all the noise
      I made till now

      “So let me be next to you
      I want to understand …
      I can hear every note better
      When I’m next to you”

      Not least, example #3 —

      In Season 6, Ep. 1, Cyndi Lauper’s “Fearless” is a veritable anthem for Brennan and her evolving relationship with Booth:

      “There’s something that I never told
      When I find myself slipping off of my pedestal
      I’m a fierce believer, afraid to fall

      “But if I was fearless
      Could I be your reckless friend?
      And if I was helpless
      Could you be the one comes rushing in?”

      • Example 4:

        The ending of “The Bone That Blew”

        “The Sun Will Rise” ~Brendan James

        “The sun will rise, the sun will save me
        from the night the change will change me,
        change the way I feel.
        The love I want, the love I need is
        sure to come its sure to lead me,
        lead me home again.

        The light is low, the night is burning
        my head is still but my mind is turning,
        turning round again.

        If only I can make it through this,
        lonely night, if I can do this,
        If I can drift away

        Then the sun will rise, the sun will save me
        from the night, the sun will change me
        Change the way I feel.”

        Example 5:

        “My Ghost” ~Glass Pear

        “Lovers come and lovers go,
        Once they lived but now they’re ghosts,
        Walking the streets they used to know like shadows.

        People disappear every hour and every year,
        Sometimes I believe they’re here like shadows,
        Like shadows.

        Who can you trust, in this place?
        And whom can I put my faith?
        If you’re real, then show me now,
        Who you are.

        How can I love, without grace?
        Shine a light on your face,
        If you’re real, then show me now,
        Who you are.”

        Example 6:

        Season 5: “Death of the Queen Bee”

        The song that Booth and Brennan danced to at her high school reunion. 🙂

        “Kiss From A Rose” ~Seal

        I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey.
        …kiss from a rose on the grey.
        The more I get of you,
        Stranger it feels, yeah.
        And now that your rose is is in bloom.
        A light hits the gloom on the grey. “

  12. Hi!!

    I just wanted to say thank you, first of all, for putting all of this together!! I enjoyed reading it and made me look back at some episodes!!!

    I don’t really have a favorite scene because I love it all! 😀

    I would love if you did a live chat!!


    Ps. NINE DAYS!! 😀

    • Awesome picks, Aly. I esp agree about Glass Pear, because Booth was turning to look at Brennan at the firing range just as I caught this line, “How can I love, without grace? / Shine a light on your face / If you’re real, then show me now / Who you are.”

      • Thank you very much Snow!!
        You had some amazing picks too! 🙂

        Yes, the scene with the Glass Pear song is definitely one of the best ones! 😀

        If we listed all the great songs with great moments from Bones, we would be doing this FOREVER. hehe 😛

  13. Well I can’t say that you got my favorite moment. But my favorite moment is in Baby in the Bough. When Booth slips and says “our little guy is going to be fine.” Or something like that. Brennan stares up at Booth sharing a caring moment. Then he corrects himself saying “The little guy.” This was a very big moment in this episode and shows that Brennan is coming around about wanting to have children, and Booth realizing that he wants Brennan to have his children.

  14. Oh man, this was awesome. My hellacious day ended at 7:oopm and I headed for this site at 7:01!

    Thanks so much for this amazing compilation! I think it’s been said, but reading these really reminds me how I love this show. Even better, it reminds me that this show is all about BB and really gives me hope that no matter what, it will STILL be all about them! 🙂

  15. I loved the ep where Sully left and Brennan is waving him off but sad & then she turns around & Booth is standing there. ‘sigh’ I could watch that scen over & over…well I have actually.

  16. What a wonderful surprise Seels!! I stayed up late to finish reading this…totally worth it!! Made me wanna rewatch everything all over again! Oh…and thanks for including my moment!! 🙂 🙂

    5 years!! YEAH!!

  17. I followed the link to this blog when I was on campus. I couldn’t even finish it because I was grinning like a fool the whole time and getting weird looks from fellow students. I waited until I got home to finish this post and then I weirded my roommates out because I was grinning so widely. I loved reading through all these favorite Booth and Brennan scenes. There were some that I didn’t even remember.
    LOVE IT!!

  18. Oh God. Seels, you actually put up the entire thing? You should have edited out at LEAST half of it.

    Ahhh, way too long. I’m sorry. I can’t help myself.

  19. Sigh, that has just made me even more desperate for season 6 to start. I also feel a compulsion to watch seasons 1 thru 5 again asap! Especially to pick up on some of the things people wrote about here.

    Bones is such a brilliant show and has such an incredibly loyal audience. We spend so much time revelling in the mastery of HH and SN and also at times shaking our fists at them when they ‘let us down’, and also being amazed at the skillful acting of the cast.

    The hiatus has been so incredibly long, I am wishing for time to speed by so that we can embark on the next phase of B&B’s journey.

  20. I just remembered my favorite moment this morning . . . The Woman in Limbo (Season 1 Finale) . . . Brennan is telling Angela about how Russ and she used to do the “Marco Polo” call-response. “I miss that. Someone caring where I am all the time.” And the great timing with Booth below calling out “Bones! Bones, you up there?” It is a magnificent demonstration of “showing us, not telling us” that appears throughout all 5 seasons. *That* is what makes this show compelling to watch.

  21. Yep, I have also stayed up too late and now have an insatiable desire to re-watch them all!

    I agree with the consensus that there has been beautiful and poignant music choice – you can read as much or as little into the song choice, but I choose to read much. It adds a depth and dimension that couldn’t be communicated simply by dialogue.

    Bring on season 6! (For which I remain hopeful that there will be much Booth and Brennan with few complications where true believers can enjoy watching their relationship blossom…)

  22. I know this has kind of already been mentioned, but one of my favorite B&B scenes (and I have many) is the very end of The Dwarf in the Dirt. After Booth aces his marksmanship recertification he turns and looks at Brennan as “My Ghost” by Glass Pear plays (hauntingly) in the background. The look on his face says it all. This is his moment of truth. And it’s awesome in its simplicity.

    It’s also a great example of how ED and DB can speak volumes without even saying a word.

  23. Seels, this tribute was simply phenomenal! All that work that you put in! I think we all BONES fans are truly thankful for putting that together. I know I for one was grinning from ear to ear reading all of those fabulous B&B moments. This show is so amazing…sometimes we rabid fans forget that, especially when we’re not supportive of the decisions the writers make, but when you step back and look at it in it’s entirety, BONES is simply an amazing show. All of the stuff listed up above only reinforces that and shows how deeply it affects us.

    BTW, I totally feel famous now that you included all of the ones we e-mailed you, especially since Hart tweeted about it! 😀

    You know what I find really interesting? The fact that despite there being 106 episodes of BONES and hundreds of B&B “moments” among them, very few people had the SAME favourite moment. We all had something different that touched us. I think that speaks volumes about how far-reaching and great the show is.

    This cheered me up so much! Yay! and THANKS for doing this!

  24. I loved this compilation! Thank you so much for putting this together!

  25. This is fantastic and you are amazing for doing this!!

  26. some sleeping bags are waterproof and weatherproof too, they are nice for camping outside the house :*`

  27. I’m going to bookmark just this specific post, so when I’m having a bad day I can read it again and instantly feel better. I thought I knew what my favorite moment was (the kiss on the cheek), but found myself repeatedly thinking, “Oh no, that one! That one is my favorite!” with every scene description.

    So really, I guess my favorite started with Piolot and ended with Change in the Game. Can I do that? 🙂

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