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Top Five Tuesday: Funny Booth Episodes


Hey, hey, hey! We’re back to our regularly scheduled BOOTH WEEK posts with today’s Top Five Tuesday! Welcome to everyone who is new to the site, and for the regulars, well, you know I love you!

I never watched Angel until after I’d already seen Bones, so unlike some of you, I didn’t have years of very serious David Boreanaz moments under my belt. Not that Angel wasn’t funny sometimes, but his experiences were a LITTLE more angsty. I mean, Booth has some issues, but I don’t see Parker stuffing him into a locker and sending him out to sea, right? Or for Booth and Brennan to have only 24 hours to express their true love for one another only to be forced to go back to being doomed never to be able to be with her again. THAT is angst, some really serious stuff. Having to go to Sweets sessions? Yeah, not as bad.

The point is that I didn’t have any previous experience with DB in a serious role, so it didn’t come as a surprise to me that he was funny. I just figured he was funny, and that was it. But I remember also an interview with HH (or maybe an episode commentary?) where he talked about being surprised at DB’s comic ability. They (the BONES casting directors…God bless them) knew Boreanaz could do serious acting, but when he also could be dry and witty and funny, they knew they had a gold mine. A gorgeous, broad shouldered, clean shaven gold mine. Haha, okay, I may have fudged HH’s words a little bit, but you get the point.

And it’s interesting, because while Booth generally has a better sense of humor than Brennan, he’s kind of the straight man to her. Not that Brennan is spouting off jokes all the time, but more that her entire…deal…is just so fun and outrageous sometimes that we can’t help but laugh and Booth can’t help but be either mortified, amused, or even more hopelessly in love with her.

But…unlike other TV shows where there’s an “Odd Couple” vibe, Booth and Brennan sort of seamlessly flow with one another in the humor department as well as being serious. It’s very good and fluid writing, keeping them both (as individuals) able to be funny and serious without breaking their character (for the most part). Sometimes they don’t get each other’s jokes, and sometimes they do. It works.

So let’s talk 5 episodes where Booth has been really funny!

We’ll go in order, starting with…

1. Season One: A Boy in a Tree

This case is a pretty serious one, but because it deals with a high profile school and government officials, we get to see Booth’s snarky side. I love Booth’s explanation of how guys store their music. And the way he kind of dismisses Brennan at the end of the episode always makes me smile. But as far as making me laugh…there are two parts.

The first is when Wong Foo’s is overrun by the squint squad, and he’s kind of pinned in the middle of the Booth between Angela and Brennan. Not that he’s complaining or anything (and once again, here in these beginning eps, there’s a teensy little vibe between Booth and Angela), but it’s still fun to see him uncomfortable. Previously in the episode, Brennan had disregarded his gut as a valid resource (especially when smelling things, haha), and in this scene, Booth is annoyed with the way Zack and Hodgins and Brennan and Angela are sort of talking about the case. He pulls out a letter, an email that sort of disproves their theory, hands it to Brennan and says,

“See? Look at that. It stinks. Go ahead, smell it. You know you want to smell it.  It stinks.” Hahaha!

The second one is later when Zack asks him if sometime when he’s not busy, if he’d talk to him about some sexual positions, and Booth replies. “If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes.”


2. Season Two: Stargazer in a Puddle

I always laugh at the beginning of this episode when Booth sets up a verbal trap for Brennan. They are talking about Angela finally accepting Hodgins’ proposal, and Booth leads her into saying what Angela said, which Brennan states is, “I want to marry you.”

And Booth replies, “Kind of sudden, Bones. I’d like to think about it.”

Good times.

This episode is also very good, and totally worth a re-watch. Booth arrests Max and later fights him.

It’s also funny when he asks Hodgins what he has to do to fulfill his Best Man role. Hodgins tells him he has to “stand there, make a toast, hand over the ring, tongue kiss the Maid of Honor at the reception when people clink glasses…”

Booth says, “Nice,” but when he finds out that Brennan is the MoH, the look on his face is priceless.

And it’s fun when at the end, he compliments Brennan on her dress, but when it’s fixed, then he says she really looks nice. And when she’s confused by the possibility that he didn’t mean his first compliment, he quickly deflects, “Whose day is it, huh? It’s Angela’s, come on.”


 3. Season Three: Wannabe in the Weeds

Yeah, Booth gets shot in this episode, and that’s not funny, but for the most part, this episode will make you smile. There are a LOT of examples of Booth making me laugh in this episode.

  1.  His reaction to the karaoke and Brennan’s reaction to karaoke are always great.
  2. We get another Boothy Euphemism for sex, when he claps his hands together twice, very quickly. Brennan ‘interprets’ it for their suspect and when he alludes to the fact that Fat Pam and Tommy weren’t having sex and Brennan is like, “So, no?”, Booth applauds her. It’s just funny! Take my word for it. Better yet, watch it for yourself!
  3. Booth ogles a woman at the gym and Brennan is annoyed with him about it
  4. Booth and Brennan also tease Sweets about his reasoning that Fat Pam is dangerous.
  5. And it’s fun when he and Sweets are giving Brennan a hard time about her singing talent. She tells them that she used to want to be the next Cyndi Lauper, and he says, ‘I’d say you’re kidding ,but  I don’t think you know how to kid.” And when she insists that she can’t sing without the proper atmosphere, he makes fun of her (but it’s sweet). “Diva! Forensic genius, best selling author. Better than Cyndi Lauper?” Haha. Rewatch this episode; it’s great.


4. Season Four: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

Okay, so even though I HATE that Booth sings at the funeral (and I’ll never forgive him for taking the money from the dead guy!), I have to admit that it’s………sort of…kind of…I guess, maybe a little bit…funny. Ugh, that took a lot. I don’t want to think about it any more.

Let’s talk about the other ways Booth totally cracks me up in this episode.

Mostly his humor comes in action or reaction to something toward Brennan or something she has said.

She tells him that Hank was murdered.

Ha! I think that exact kind of reaction/facial expression is what HH was talking about when he said that it was a very pleasant surprise to find out Boreanaz is a funny, funny actor.  I love the entire “translation” talk. “Bones, did you ever think that, I don’t know, if there was evidence of foul translation that the coroner would have spotted it?” and “Okay, fine. Fine, fine, fine. Triple Fine!”

And I LOOOOOOVE the part when he’s trying to figure out Brennan’s hand gestures/euphemism for sex.

It cracks me up when he gives his own example.

So funny!

Season Five: The Death of the Queen Bee

Why is Booth always so suspicious of Mr. Buxley?

“Why? Because, you know, he’s psycho, he has access to the shop, and he has a huge knife.”

Haha. Though this isn’t one of my fave season five episodes, Booth really does make me laugh a lot. It’s fun to see him sort of out of his element with Brennan, but also sort of out of place when he has to pose as her husband, Bobby. I can’t help but laugh when a lot of the women from Brennan’s class hit on him.

“Whoo. Slow down”

And it’s funny when he closes the computer on Sweets and later tells Brennan to save room for the Holy Spirit. But the all time best is when Booth and Brennan find Andy in the shop, carving wood cutouts of girls’ names. He’s just finished “Temperance.” Andy thinks Brennan should like it, and she says, “Thank you, Andy”, and Booth grabs it from her hand.

“No, not ‘thank you, Andy’, she’s married!” Haha


Well, what do you think? Let me hear you! Bloggers like me don’t get paid to write about Bones, and that’s okay. I just love doing it. But when people comment, even just a few words, it feels even better than getting money. So…you know…no pressure or anything, haha.

Peace, Love & Bones,




14 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Funny Booth Episodes

  1. Those were great! Another fantastic blog post! I love Double Death, though…Mary and I are always using the “fine, fine, fine, triple fine” line. The whole thing cracks me up. And this:

    BOOTH: Drink up, will you?
    BRENNAN: Why?
    BOOTH: ‘Cause I’m hoping you’re gonna pass out.

    Classic. 🙂

    I have a few others to add, though…cause you knew I would. 😉

    Intern in the Incinerator, when Cam’s sister plants one on Booth and Cam comes out and he’s freaking out: “Let’s go! Ye-Yeah, okay, you look great! Doesn’t she look beautiful?! She looks beautiful!! I am so lucky to have you as my girlfriend.”

    He looks like he’s about to pee himself. Comedy gold.

    Doctor in the Den: When Booth, Brennan and Hodgins are looking at the pictures from the zoo and they get to the snakes and Booth leans in and says, “Snakes!” in Brennan’s ear and she jumps a foot…and Hodgins even smirks….I *love* that!!

    And in the unintentionally funny vein, the scared little girl yelp Booth makes in Mummy in the Maze when they go into the fun house and the clown scares the bejeezus out of him. I rewind that a couple times every time it’s on. Laugh my ass off, it’s so girly. 🙂

  2. Well I don’t think that’s the funniest moment in season five. I think the funniest moment is in the episode, The Goop on the Girl, when Brennan has to undress Booth. Booth is clearly uncomfortable and I crack up everytime when Brennan is taking his pants off and Cam walks in right when Brennan’s face is well…we all know where. The another moment in that same episode is when Booth is being rolled out in his underware and Angela says “If we’re doing experiments on Booth, I would take part.” or something like that. I don’t know the exact quote.

  3. Thanks for another great article! How do you manage to write a new one almost on a daily basis? Not that I’m complaining, mind you!

    Regarding HH’s comment on DB’s comic abilities, I am sure he mentioned it during a commentary, possibly for the pilot – I’d have to check again.

    Always commentary-related, I love how, in Stargazer in the Puddle, at the end of the Booth-Max fight when Max lends his final blow and Booth doubles over, I think it’s HH who says “We’ve been dying to do that to David the whole season”. Coupled with Booth’s face at that moment, it’s just hilarious :p

  4. I like to think that all the people who ‘work’ at the Jeffersonian have a pretty good sense of humor. I love the DB/Booth both have a sense of humor. Especially because the subject matter is so grim.

  5. I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I think, but it is worth saying again – DB has excellent facial expressions in his acting. It is one of the things, in my mind, that helps him stand apart from others . . . so, for example, the “what?” expressions he gives Brennan or the squints when they say something strange are priceless.

    Off the top of my head, another funny moment: there was an episode about a car dealer (season 4, I’m pretty sure) and a monkey where Booth is talking with Brennan about having a “monkey on his back” – metaphorically. Brennan, of course, tries to roll with it and Booth says something like “I’m getting off that merry-go-round right now” and hangs up.

    Most of Booth’s interactions with Sweets keep me laughing, as well.

  6. Oh, and here is another one: The X in the File . . . it is not strictly Booth but Booth and Brennan together: I love the scene when they are doing the CT scan of the bones and Brennan screams (in a very un-Brennan-like way) and Booth loses his gun. “I won’t tell anyone about the scream if you don’t tell anyone about the gun.” / “I find those terms acceptable.” THAT is great partnership/friendship.

  7. Personally, I loved “Double death of the dearly departed”. I know…it’s kinda silly, but I’m silly too :P. I laughed VERY hard (maybe a bit too hard) when Booth and Brennan stole the body. As crazy as that sounded, B/B stealing the body cracked me up BIG TIME. The hand gestures were priceless too–sometimes I think these two have their own language :).

    Other comedic moments I loved involves B/B teasing Sweets…

    e.g. in “the Man in the Mud”, Sweets asks B/B to go on a double date with him and his girlfriend and Booth says “They need someone to buy them beer”

    a while later in the same episode…Sweets promises that “if it goes well, I’ll withdraw my concern. I’ll release you back into your environment” and Booth says “What are we, brook trout?”

    LOL. Good times 🙂

  8. Ha! I love it! The BONES writers sometimes come up with the best lines for people. Booth has had some winning comedic moments throughout the last 5 years. I love all of your choices! There are many more out there, I just can’t think of any at the moment, but everyone posting before me had some great examples.

    DB’s ability for facial expression is phenomenal – happy, sad, goofy, angry – he’s so great at conveying it!

  9. LOVED THIS!!!

    I agree with all of this!!

    One of my favorite funny moments with him though includes Double in the Panhandle where they are on the motorcycle and she’s looking for his phone. She’s looking for a long time and he says something like “What’re you doing? Digging for loose change?” That scene gets me every time 🙂

    There is one episode, where Cam says “Booth is being played like a cheap piano.” And Booth says “No ONE plays me like a cheap piano.” (or something like that. And if anyone remembers what episode this is, could you reply please? Because I can’t remember it and it’s driving me insane. Thanks)

    In “Man in the Mud”, Booth is showing off his clay horse and making the noise and it’s so funny and adorable.

    This is all I can remember for now! 🙂

  10. I know I already wrote on here once but I saw an episode, Yanks in the UK part 2, that made me laugh. And I guess it might not have really been DB that was being funny per se but I just wanted to share it. It’s the part where they got to the rowing club (or what ever that place is) and the guy tries to headbutt Booth. Of course Booth barely flinches and the British guy is practically knocked cold. The British guy says “He’s got a head like a boulder” and DB/Booth just kind of raises his eyebrow like, “Well duh.” I had to chuckle because I’ve never really noticed it before.

  11. I totally agree with you. I enjoy all of the comic moments of the show and DB has quite a few (although I think Cam does some of the best one-liners). I did not watch Buffy or Angel, so I didn’t know DB’s angsty side before Bones either.

    As for Double Death – I also HATE his singing of Swing Low – it always makes me cringe when I watch it.

  12. I thought Booth’s jealousy over David in “Two Bodies in the Lab” was hysterical. Especially when David leaves the interrogation room and Booth sort of leans over to block Brennan when she’s trying to get another look at her internet beau. Funny funny funny.

  13. bliss, pure bliss 😉

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