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Episode 105: The Boy with the Answer


I don’t want you to kill people for me. Just buy me a sweater like a regular dad.

Leave her alone, Max!

BONES: Season Five

The Boy with the Answer


This episode is cramazing, and we’re going to talk about it soon. But first of all, a quick administrative note. Some people have commented on previous episodes over on 100DaysofBones and leave a note saying something like, “Hey, not sure if you still even check these, but…”

And I just want to say that yes, I do still receive all comments from 100DaysofBones (and this blog) directly to my email. And I love all of your comments; always have, always will. So, I certainly welcome you, anytime you are watching an episode, and you feel the need to just express SOMETHING about something amazing that has happened, hop on over to the 100Days and comment. I promise I’m listening. That’s one of the reasons I did that blog in the first place. When I watched the first 2.5 seasons of Bones, I was alone. I didn’t have anyone or a blog like that to just go and gush about shirtless Booth or “King of the Lab” and stuff like that. And I wanted to create a place where anyone could go at any time and talk to someone about any episode. Cool? See you there!

Enough of that though, let’s talk about the CURRENT episode. I actually think this would have made for a better season finale.


It’s trial time for Heather Taffet, the woman accused of being the GraveDigger. Now, whether or not we have accepted that she is the GD in the grand-Bones scheme of things, for the purposes of this episode, she is.  And her trial is the moment we’ve been waiting for since the team discovered what looked like two aliens in season two. But when she proves that the evidence the team found in a storage locker was gained through improper means (AKA Jared in Hero in the Hold), that evidence becomes unable to be used against her. She also gives Brennan a clue to the location of her first victim, Terrence Gilroy. When B&B find his body, they begin to investigate. But Caroline tells them that they can’t work the case because they are part of the charges against Taffet.  In a gutsy and heartwrenching scene, Brennan, then Hodgins, (and then later Booth), decide to drop their charges against Taffet so that they can investigate Terrence’s murder. But Taffet shows no mercy and calls their expertise, personal lives and experiences to the carpet on the stand. Caroline Julian represents the prosecution, and it’s up to her to convince the jury that Taffet is guilty.

You know how on cartoons, when a character is nervous, they’ll hold their hand up to their mouth and move it almost like a typewriter and fingernail clippings will just being to pile up? That’s how I felt about this case. It had been a long, long, long, long time since I’d felt this immersed in a Bones ep while it was going on. Maybe even since Aliens in a Spaceship, actually. Up until the moment the judge read the verdict, I felt like it could honestly go either way. Hodgins discovers a dust mite from between the boy’s teeth and it contained human female cells belonging to Taffet, and she was convicted. And as she was carted away, saying “This isn’t over,” to Brennan we both got chills.

Taffet’s smirk is still so awful! Evil, evil, evil!

On the side of “Not Evil” is Caroline Julian, and I like the way she fights for her squints. She would never call them that, and please don’t tell her that I did, cheries, okay? But I think that her approach was more than just her job. She loves her team!  And it’s funny when she asks Booth how his ‘girlfriend’ is and then calls him on his quick response.

And like always, straddling the line between good and ‘evil’ is Max. I knew as soon as the Fox promos showed him declaring he was going to be there ‘for moral support’ that he was up to something. And immediately, I wondered if the coma/dream/story involving Max as part of the Gravedigger plot was going to come into play. Thankfully, it wasn’t revealed that Max was in on any Gravedigging plans, and I had to laugh when he tried to use a rifle. When will he learn not to mess with Booth? Another fistfight between the two of them was just awesome.  I liked the hug between Max and Brennan at the end, and that she didn’t bail him out of jail in the middle. Sweets MIGHT say that Max wanted Booth to catch him so he could stay around Brennan, but the fact that she didn’t bail him out proves that she didn’t want HIM to do anything that would prevent him from being around.


Hodgins.  He’s awesome; he really is. You know, his character has kind of changed the most over the course of the series in some ways. He’s gotten a lot happier in life; some of that might have to do with the general mood of the series. But I remember while watching the early BONES eps, how surprised I was at how incredibly cynical he was. Some of that was to serve as a foil to Booth. And some of it, I think, is just his character getting happier. Haha, I could totally do a case study on him (maybe I will! Hodgins week, anyone? haha) Let me ask you this; do you think that, instead of Angela, Hodgins is actually the one who understands Brennan best? Remember in Mummy in the Maze, when Zack, Brennan and Hodgins are trying to figure out the case, and Booth is sort of hovering around them? Brennan kicks him out because he’s throwing off their empirical groove and Angela tries to help, but she’s rejected too and Hodgins kind of smiles at her. “It’s true. I love you, but it’s true” or something like that? He’s actually more of a link for Brennan between intuition and rationality. Just my opinion, I guess!

Anyways, in this episode, he’s amazing. I love the way he kind of freaks out about Brennan wanting to drop the charges against Taffet. And I like the way he and Brennan sort of come to blows on it. I also like the way he doesn’t exactly give in (This better work) AND that he finds the dustmite that solves the case. And I love that he announces to the group that he and Angela are married. It’s kind of awkward, as far as the tone of the rest of the episode, but as it gives us a major breath-stealing B&B moment (more on that later), I’ll let it slide!

Angela, Cam and Sweets are all really good, too. I really like the way the team binds together in this episode.


The quote I chose at the beginning there is one of my all time favorite B&B moments. It just so totally has a feel of almost like a boyfriend thing from Booth, right? Actually, this entire episode kind of has that feel in some ways. But I just love when he sort of calls out to Max over the phone when Brennan is talking to him. And I like that Brennan doesn’t even flinch or call him out on it. Right? Interesting that Brennan admits to Booth that part of her wished Max had killed Taffet. Booth tells her, “well, not the good part.”

Booth is almost a little heavy handed in this episode, though I’m not trying to get on his case about it. I think it’s more that he’s just sort of sensing tension in Brennan, and his strategy for that is to sort of just ‘power through’ and ‘fix it’.  When Brennan admits that she’s having nightmares, he tells her that Taffet will never get the best of her. He promises. Oh, Booth!

I don’t know about you, but it’s moments like those that always leave me thinking…how exactly does that evening end? Right? I think in some ways, we think Booth and Brennan are closer than they are. I’ll talk more about that another time, as far as I don’t think they really do spend their weekends together or have keys to each other’s apartments or make each other meals, etc, etc. But still, how does this evening end? Booth pulls back and says he has to leave? She nods, and that’s it?  😦

The scene I love most (besides all the ones I’ve mentioned, haha), is about 34 minutes into the episode when Brennan and Booth are sharing a drink at Founding Fathers. Emily Deschanel…

I don’t know. Can I just be honest with you guys for a moment? It breaks my heart that there is kind of a lot of Bones hate going on right now (not here! Other places!). You all know I try to be spoiler free, and for the most part, I have been. And from where I sit, there is just no reason for it (the hate). I think we owe it to the show and the characters and the actors to just let the episodes be what they are. I jokingly tweeted that it made me laugh when non-Bones people are so surprised when we fans never miss any detail ever but that hello, with Booth and Brennan as our guides, we’ve totally learned from the best, right? And so I think it’s time that we also take something else our fictional friends have said to heart, and that is “Don’t jump to conclusions until all the evidence is in.” And yeah, haha, Booth joked once that he never said Brennan was the friend who said that, but we know it was. Okay? Small rant over.

Back to Emily Deschanel…she’s amazing. Her subtle acting is severely underrated, though I feel like she is beginning to get more and more notice, which is a good thing. This is all I’m ever going to say about this, but I think that out of the sometimes scandals that surround BONES for whatever reason, the beauty of Emily Deschanel is going to continue to rise. It breaks my heart when casual fans disregard Temperance Brennan as cold or unfeeling. But also, doesn’t it feel kind of good that we sort of know her really well? We can tell just from a particular tilt in her chin or a waver in her voice that she’s breaking. And she is. Brennan’s carefully woven wall of impenetrable rationality is cracking into a beautiful spider web design of emotion. But it’s just too much for her. Emotions like fear and insecurity are also there, and those are both uncomfortable feelings, for all of us.

And I kind of think Booth wasn’t really prepared for her breaking like this. It’s a difficult dynamic, because what works for them professionally (his gut, her brain) also sort of disintegrates their success rate personally.

And let’s not forget, this case is extremely personal. Though Brennan sacrifices her personal charges for the sake of justice, she is still suffering emotionally. She hates psychology, but she’s sort of trapped in some.

I like the scene where Booth and Brennan share a look about Angela’s comment about love. Very bittersweet. Also, anyone else find that during the reading of the verdict, Booth and Brennan’s immediate hand grab is special, but their hug is…interesting? I mean, it’s nice, but almost awkward? Am I reading too much into it? They don’t even look at each other at all. Are things tense between them? Or are things just so utterly perfect in that moment and they can’t quite deal? Ah, my heart!

On a lighter note, pal Sleepless and I talked once about how fun it is when Booth gets on Max’s case for leaving him with the bill again. Like before with the “leave her alone, Max!”, doesn’t that sort of feel like a son-in-law thing? Killing me, Bones writers. Killing me.

I know that there was some criticism about the fact that Brennan seems to all of a sudden be tired of murder when there wasn’t much of a lead in for that, as far as previous episodes are concerned. But what I totally buy is that this trial brings up her buried emotions regarding Booth being captured. The ending of Hero in the Hold was so awful as far as not even coming close to the gravitas that was deserved, in my opinion. But if the writers want it to be that it took over a year for Brennan to finally deal with that issue, well…okay, I’ll accept that here.  In my first review of this episode right after it aired, I wrote that “I love this progression showcasing her removing herself from Booth’s life romantically to protect him (ep 100) to the idea that she might even break off their partnership to keep him safe. Completely in character. She isn’t running away to protect herself; she’s trying to protect Booth. But not just Booth’s body either…also his heart and soul, as he would see it. Stay with me. Epps, EMT Geller, Gormogon, Dr. Leacock…they all went after Brennan in some way, and Booth shot them (okay, not Epps, but you know what I mean.)  She knows what it costs him to kill people, and she knows that the odds of him having to do it again increase if they work together; she’ll be putting him in a greater risk of having to kill FOR her, and she’s hurting because of it.” I still believe that. I think when she gets into that cab and doesn’t answer Booth…when she turns and looks at him, it’s like she knows that for all of her trying to protect him, it wasn’t enough. Ironically, now she’s trying to protect him from the fact that she cares too much. And I think he’s hurting too badly to challenge her on it. Booth has a tendency to be incredibly pushy when it comes to Brennan, except when it comes to her feelings or emotions for him. That’s very in character, that he doesn’t follow her home or demand she really explain how she’s feeling. I think he’s trying to protect himself a bit, and I get that.

 I’m not giving up on these two, not even close. This episode put me in mind of Hero in the Hold, and so I was glad when Pal Junie chose a Booth of the Day (she had the 100th comment!) from that episode. The moment is when Teddy asks Booth if he’s tight with his partner. Booth’s immediate, unstoppable, pure, unadulterated reaction is amazing.

The “She’s my partner; she’s everything. She’s mine. And before I die, she’s going to know it” Booth


Hero in the Hold: Season Four


 Peace, Love & Bones,



13 thoughts on “Episode 105: The Boy with the Answer

  1. Great review, as usual.

    I love what you have to say about Emily Deschanel. I also think that people often fail to appreciate her acting ability. I think the character of Brennan is just so amazing, but not everyone sees beyond the surface like we do. There is just so much to that character and Emily has done a terrific job in bringing Brennan to life and making her nuanced so that we can, as you said, tell from just a particular tilt of her chin what she’s thinking.

  2. Fantastic as usual…this was my second favorite episode of the season after Prodigy.

    The part of this that breaks my heart (aside from Brennan’s breaking, of course) is how damn hard Booth is trying everything he always tries to get through to Brennan and none of it is working. He uses all the tools in his “Help Bones get through another emotional crisis” toolbox and still…nothing. And then…and *then* she gets into that cab (same exact cab, BTW) AGAIN and drives away from him. The look on his face….ouch. My stomach hurts at the end of that one, let me tell you.

    But hey, it’s the price we pay for this ride. Right?

  3. Another great review – I loved this ep, it had my heart pounding the whole way through because there was a genuine feeling like the GD might just get away with it.

    I loved the sneak peek into Brennan’s dream at the beginning, and how much it distressed her not to be able to help/save Hodgins and Booth. And I loved that Booth is the only person she tells about the nightmares and she gets a guy hug. It just proves (as if we needed it) that she feels so much more than she ever lets on and that Booth is who she feel’s she can tell.

    Hodgins was brilliant in this episode, I love love love the breaking of his voice when he tells Angela he’s ‘barely keeping it together here Ange’ – and how raw and angry he is.

    Cam was fantastic as well, you really got a sense that she was worried for her team and what everyone was going through.

    What does sort of break my heart is agreeing with what NatesMama said – Booth’s trying to make her feel better and it’s not working, and there is this feeling of him desperately trying to hold on to her, to them, and still feeling that she’s slipping away. The centre isn’t holding.

    He practically begged her at the end not to make any big decisions, and then she said she might ‘need more than a little time’ – ouch. What do we think? Originally, I thought she meant that she’d need quite a bit of time, a proper break, but then I remembered back to ‘Conman in the Meth Lab’ and started to wonder if she was trying to say she needed space as well as time. Which just killed me, because if Booth picked up on that, he might take it to mean she needed space from him, which is just heart crushing.

  4. I just found this blog site through a posting on forensicmama’s site, and I’m as happy as a pig in mud. I love the reviews and the very warm and positive feelings that permeate your whole site; I find an excess of negative comments to be detrimental to my health, so it’s very nice to stop by here. (BTW, forensicmama also does a nice job with trying to keep a happy mood on her site, against all ornery-poster odds.)

    I found that many of the shows from this season feature a Brennan that seems emotionally distant from Booth, despite some of the warm and fuzzy eps. On some level it’s as if she knows that he’s fallen for her and it scares the hell out of her because she knows that with Booth it’s all or nothing. There won’t be any “no strings attached” involvements and her heart, her whole being, will have to be exposed for scrutiny.

    What she feared most came to pass on the 100th thanks to Sweets’ child-like and ill-considered enthusiasm (oh where were you then, GGW, you of the hope and patience counsel?) Booth “mans up” and rolls the proverbial dice with his heart stamped all over them. She says she can’t; at this point, she’s not ready to open up because she feels she’s not good enough for him. So now they’re both stuck in limbo, a no-man’s land where Booth says he needs to move on, but obviously he isn’t and where she wants their surrogate relationship to stay as is, but obviously it can’t. In this episode he valiantly retrenches, trying to reassure her that things will stay the same for them no matter what was said before. If he can’t have her, body and soul, at least he’ll be there for her even if it kills him. She intuitively sees what he’s doing, and understands that it won’t do. This, coupled with the possibility of his being physically injured in some way where she can’t help, lead up to that final, heartbreaking scene which was in the making since the 100th.

    And what a scene! He’s trying to lighten the mood as usual, even as he senses that something very not good is eating away at her, something that has made both of them uneasy the entire episode. They walk out of the bar and he tries to persuade her to stay and talk things over. In the past, he’s always been able to fix things for her in one way or another and it’s sort of become his purpose in life, that, and being a good dad. Only this time he knows in his heart he can’t fix it, much as he desperately wants to. The look on his face when he takes her hand and she breaks off contact and gets into the cab, distancing herself from him emotionally and physically, well, words don’t do it justice. Booth knows for a fact now that what happened in the 100th has changed things forever and there’s no doubt in my mind that if he could take away his declaration to her, and thus her resulting agony, he would do it at any price to himself.

    The thing I love most about Bones are the quiet moments; those silences when everything is said and felt between Booth and Brennan without the need for words-hence the bittersweet perfection for me of that ending.

  5. I think I’m going to have to watch Hero In the Hold again. I have no recollection of that line at all. “She’s everything. She’s mine.” Yeah, it’s making my toes tingle just reading it!

    • Those “Booth of the Day” lines are seels – not actual quotes. 🙂 They’re good, though, huh? They *should* be in the shows. “Haha” (and now I am quoting seels).

  6. This episode was really suspenseful for me. Like you said…I really thought it could go either way too! The song playing during the verdict reading was a nice choice as well (I think it was Seen Enough by Dryer).

    Max and Booth having a fistfight? I could watch 20 more of those and still would love it!

    Hodgin’s week!! YES PLEASE! There’s something I really like about Hodgins and I can’t quite put my finger on. I really love how angry he got when they decided to drop their own charges to pursue TGD for the Gilroy case. I love how he did not just “brush off” his experiences being buried alive, how the case was so personal to him. What’s more intriguing is how Brennan seems to be on the verge of “holding it all together”. Absolutely awesome!

    As for all the hate going around….just gotta say…I’m with “BONES” all the way!! Haha!

  7. Hi!
    I watched that episode again tonight and I must say this is one of my favorites. There was serious tension from the beginning until the end and I love it 🙂 The writers showed again how close Booth and Brennan actually are–Brennan admitting only to Booth that she has nightmares and their shared look after Angela says: “No, this is love.” I was so happy to see that they were immediately looking towards each other after hearing the word “love”. yay 🙂
    And I am thrilled that I found your blog! Thanks a million for writing!!! Now I know that there are also many mad fans out there like me, who just can’t get enough of Bones. I love reading your posts and I can’t wait for the new season to begin!!
    Fan from Estonia

  8. The dream at the beginning totally creeped me out. Seeing Brennen screaming Hodgins name as he was dragged away was heartcrushing. It fit, but was still freaky.

  9. Hello ! I am french. I wanted to put you one message, one review at least … I think I’m going to do it again soon lol. Just … I love this website so much ! Your comments about all this Bones episodes are complete and sound good. I like to read them (even if I’m 17 and if I am not bilingual yet lol … but reading you help me to progress)
    I wonder … Are you going to put others reviews after this ? Because, you put the title of episode 106 and the episodes of the 6th Season .. I hope you’ll do it … =)

  10. In the 100th ep, Brennan got into the cab after deciding not to have sex with Booth. In this one she gets into the cab because she was really vulnerable and she did not want to be alone with Booth because she could not guarantee what would happen if she stayed. She was protecting him although she was hurting badly and she could not just ‘use’ Booth because she was in a desperate situation.
    Also, they found out Hodgins and Angela got married and that makes her even more vulnerable.
    She wants to protect Booth but knows that there is no way she can do that and the thought of losing him in the line of duty is very unbearable. There will be other Taffets, Epps etc and what if she can’t save him? She can’t embark on a relationship with those thoughts coursing through her mind. I guess the adage that if you really love someone, you will let them go no matter how much it hurts seems to be her motto here.
    I feel for Booth and I have always wondered why he never went after her but that is just not his style. He must have guessed when she looked back in the cab but he just could not put himself in situation where he would have to confront her in an intimate location. It’s almost like when Hodgins refused to break Angela’s celibacy. He loved her but he turned her down.
    Love confuses as much as it clarifies.

  11. Just watched this ep again and I feel so sorry for them – Booth in particluar. I remember it was Brennan who insisted she wanted to go out into the field and forced Booth to take her along. I wish she would just hit the nail on the head and spare us all this misery. Although,it was a highly emotional episode where everything she knew to be true and believed in was questioned and dissected. Also the fear of not being able to save her loved ones especially Booth will surely make her rethink her stand on justice etc.
    She will need time and space to figure out what is happening and what steps she would like to take next. Wish she explained that to Booth. Poor guy will just be clueless as to her real motives and feel helpless and uselss – lots of -less’s.
    Love Max. His solution was the best IMO but love makes us do the wierdest things. Max wanted to kill for Brennan, Booth stopped Max for Brennan and Brennan apreciates both gestures. She has changed a lot – a part of her wanted Max to have succeeded. She does need to get away. Away from Booth to be able to think for herself and pave a way for her future.

    Just read my contribution above and it seems a bit different from this but I stand by both. I wish they would just communicate more.
    Is it just me or does Booth always seem to finish off Brennan’s sentences with what he thinks the problem is and not let her actually voice it herself? Quite annoying because I want her to say what she has in her mind. That is the only way we will not jump to all these ‘crazy’ conclusions. Let Booth speak for Booth and Brennan for Brennan.

    What a great show. Still can’t get enough of it and I have watched it like 4 times over (the whole series to date) in the past 1.5 months. How? I quilt and bake so I have it on while sewing or while icing my cakes. Keeps me entertained.

    • At the moment I don’t know if him cutting her off is the norm, but I definitely remember it in this episode. I think it was really making him nervous the way she was pulling away and how despondent she seemed. He can usually help her feel better, and she’ll often accept his support, but she was rejecting all of that. As a guy who likes to “fix” things, nothing he did or said seemed to help. He obviously still really cared about her even though she said no to a relationship, but they remained partners and friends. I always thought that he was afraid of her leaving him behind even in that sense, and he couldn’t bear the thought and was afraid of her even hinting that, much less actually voicing it. Booth was trying to hold on to their partnership/friendship because he still valued that even if he wanted more. Scaling back feelings is really not easy, but he agreed to do that for her. So yes, what he was doing was annoying and he should have really listened instead of telling her what to do/think, but I could see why he was doing that here.

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