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BRENNAN WEEK: 25 Times She Knew


Hey, hey! Welcome Back to Brennan Week! It’s so much better than Shark Week in that we get Booth shirtless. Then again, if shirtless Booth were to help host Shark Week…well, we wouldn’t complain.

We did the 25 times Booth knew that he knew last week, and I mentioned that maybe the Top Five Tuesday should be when she knew! Because, as we agreed…


Not to mention…

But I’m getting carried away…

Now, I’m not saying that it’s 25 times that she knew Booth was the man for her. But there have been a lot of times our favorite genius has known…something.  These below aren’t the only times, but they are just a few. So let’s see how it goes, shall we? Once again, in no particular order:

1. She feels his blood seeping through her fingers and she knows it’s not just his life that’s slipping away.

2. She sees him for the first time and knows she finds him very attractive.

3. She turns down Wexler and a night of sex, and she knows that a beer and bickering with her partner will be more satisfying.

4. She hears that he’s dazzled by the truth of her, and she knows she wants that to be true so badly.

5. He tells her there’s someone for everyone, and now she knows she has to do the research for herself.

6. He’s furious in a way he’s never been with her, and she knows she made a mistake.

7. She sees all that blood and she hates that she knows she can’t do anything else but fall into his arms.

8.  He kicks down the door, and she knows he’s not to be messed with. And she kinda likes it.

9.  He’s thankful she’s alive, and she knows he wouldn’t give up and he never will.  

10. He charms her and she knows she’s helpless to resist.


11. She knows he’s drunk and she knows she could probably have him. But she knows it wouldn’t be right (but it would be good!).

12. She watched him talk to the kid, and she knows he’s the best man she’s ever known

13. She’s in his arms, and she knows that for just a moment, she can pretend that she could be the woman for him.

14. He explains sex vs making love, and she knows he’s right.

15. He got blown up, escaped from a hospital to save her life and she knows she didn’t cancel her date or stick around just because it’s the nice thing to do or because she has a headache.

16. She kisses him, and she knows she has gotten more than Christmas for her family.

17. He asks who she is, and though it’s a metaphorical expression unrelated to the actual human body, she knows her heart just stopped.

18. He says, “My dad drank,” and in that moment, she knows there’s still a lot to learn.

19. He broke the rules for her (again) and she knows there isn’t another way to really thank him.

20. He gives her Jasper and she knows that he listens to her.

21. He talks about God and she knows he’s the most infuriating and sexy man she’s ever known.

22. She’s just watched Sully sail away and she was pretty sure she knew he was behind her.

23. He’s pressed up against her from chest to hips, and she knows it feels damn good.

24. She’s dreamt about this and she knows she might be lying about evidence.

25. He’s offered her his stuff for a baby, and in that instant, she knows it’s a baby with him that she’s really after.

And you know what? Because I think Brennan would WANT to prove that she knows more, I’m including a 26th. It’s sort of a stretch, but I really do believe that this scene from EitB is ‘real’ and not part of the dream. The looks on their faces are what’s keeping me sane right now, so…

26. …He loves her, and she knows she’s right where she wants to be.

But enough from me! What do you think? Which moments do you think illustrate when she knew? Comments=Love!

Peace, Love & Bones,



14 thoughts on “BRENNAN WEEK: 25 Times She Knew

  1. *sigh*

    I have nothing to add. That was perfect. I so love Brennan.

  2. Wow! This was awesome. I can’t even think of any way to add to it. I totally have BONES fever again.

  3. I could add one from season four – the hero in the hold when she’s in the helicopter and Booth joins her and she holds on for dear life to Booth. She knew she wouldn’t be able to live without him. And what about when he saves her in the first episode of season five. Booth is holding onto her keeping pressure on her wound and she pratically buries her head in chest looking for comfort and he gives her that comfort.

  4. this post warms my heart – love each of these scenes, seels! agree with piper above, and would add when she tells GG in dwarf that ‘there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help him’ counts as a time.

  5. Sigh….you made me happy today! Loved it all and I hope at some time this season we get more of these B&B moments. Sure do miss them.

  6. This was ABSOLUTELY perfect and I LOVED it!! I completely agree with you about Brennan realizing SOMETHING at these moments!

    I agree with Piper and Annie above and I think that where she mentions that their partnership still means a lot her should be included. (It’s towards the end of Season 5, but I can’t remember which episode).

    Thanks! I love reading these! 😀

  7. Ah. Reading that warms my heart. Thanks.

  8. And many more moments to come this season. I can’t wait.

  9. absolutely love it, I agree with everything…she knows…

  10. I just turned into a pile of goo! That was just perfect-I loved every single one.

  11. Loved every single one of them. She definitely knows a lot about one Seeley Joseph Booth, doesn’t she? And yet, there’s so much more to know… 🙂

    Thanks for making my day again Seels!

  12. wait, why do you think the sex was real? not that i disagree with you! (in fact, if it were, i’d be the happiest little girl in the world!)

    i’m just curious! 😉

  13. LOVE THIS! While I think she’s known about the attraction from day one, I think she. became aware of the emotion we would call love, in your #22. She knew he’d be there and it’s his always being there for her, for his understanding her, and her feelings for him that is why she couldn’t go. She couldn’t go, even though, at this point, she also believes they can never date or be sexual because Booth won’t cross the line of being romantically involved with a co-worker, and she promised she wouldn’t let him. He is there for her, and his friendship, his physical presence in her life, is more important to her than Sully’s love for her and really good sex.

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