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Top Five Tuesday: Brennan Breaks My Heart


Bonjour and bienvenido to Brennan Week.

(Really quick:  if you’re on Twitter, Pals Danielle, Smurfs and Jen have been putting together Hashtag’s for each character for each day. Today is Booth, and #BoothChickaWowWow. Check it out! And be sure to check it out tomorrow to find out what they’ve come up with for Brennan!)

For this week’s Top Five Tuesday, we’re going to take a look at five times (1 per season) in which Brennan showed a lot of heart. Now, whether or not she would consider those times to be weaknesses or not, I’m not sure. The point is that she showed that (in the metaphorical sense), she cares. Remember when Booth said something like, “For someone who hates psychology, she sure does have a lot of it?” That’s kind of how I feel. For someone who doesn’t believe in heart and love, she sure does have a lot of it! Once again, since I’m choosing one from each season, there might be other times in which she breaks our hearts. But for me, these are the ones that always make me have to grab for the tissues!

Let’s do this thing!

Season One: The Man in the Fallout Shelter


Before I watched this episode, I guess I would’ve considered myself a casual BONES fans. But I absolutely fell in love with Brennan during this approximately 45 minute span. Some of the writing is a little heavy handed, but we can over look it because there is just so much heart. What’s really great is that we’re sort of seeing Brennan emerging from her pain cocoon alongside everyone else. One of the best things about BONES is that we see Booth and Brennan get to know one another. It’s not (mostly) that they have a history (you know what I mean). We get to see the real deal, right? And we’d seen Brennan passionate about her work, but this was new. This was being honest about her emotions to Angela (her assumed best friend) and Booth (her new partner). I love it. And the scene where she opens her gifts from her parents, and the fact that SHE STILL HAS THEM and KEEPS THEM in her special place (the Jeffersonian) just rips me apart every time.

Season Two: Boneless Bride in the River

I love this episode, especially the scene where she tells Sully she can’t go with him. Maybe not really for that reason (that Sully’s getting rejected), but more because we get to see a very honest Brennan. I think she genuinely cares for him and when she says he’s worth the risk, she believes it.

I’ve already talked about how I think she wasn’t abandoned by Sully, but that she willingly chose to stay and how it has to be one way or the other. To me, the look on her face as she’s explaining why she knows that rationally, she should go, but she just can’t…that’s all heart. And that’s the heart of a woman who is making a conscious choice to stay. This is a hard episode for Brennan. One of her respected colleagues basically tells her she’s lost the heart for true anthropology and that she’s become a pawn in the hands of the FBI. Ouch! And Sully asks her to sail away, and even more confusing, Booth and Angela both tell her to go. So when Sully leaves and she kind of turns and sees Booth give her that thumbs-up through the interrogation window, she can’t quite process it all. It’s very private between us and Brennan, and we can kind of see that she’s wondering if she made the right choice. She’s not sure if she was led by her brain or her heart and how she feels about that, because it all feels so wrong. But it also feels right and she doesn’t understand that, and that annoys her.

But the moment that always makes me cry is when Brennan is staring at the pair of skeletons on the lab table and she sees the wedding portrait that Angela sketched in their honor. I love that!


Season Three: The Pain in the Heart

There are two separate moments in this episode in which Brennan just breaks my heart. The first is when she busts into Booth’s bathroom, eyes a blazin! Obviously, she’s furious at him. That Booth is caught off guard is the reason why it doesn’t end with him kind of up in her face (like he was before at the lab when she claimed not to care about his death). It kills me when she shouts out that he obviously has no concern for her! Um that’s a leap, there, Brennie-baby. Right? Oh, her heart reacts in hyperbole! But what really gets me in this scene is after Booth is like “Fine, I’ll find out, is that what you want?” and she kind of shrugs. “If it’s important to you.” Oh, gosh, ha, Brennan…so full of crap. So full of emotion! Yes!

And the part that always makes me cry is when she presses her forehead to Zack’s in the hospital room. I. Love. It.


The scene is AMAZING with Booth’s nerves hanging by a thread and Brennan sort of pushing through that and talking with Zack. When Booth is like ‘I need a name” and she’s like, “We know,” I love it. She just breaks my heart into a million pieces. That she has to use emotion, reason and login ON Zack, her beloved student and assistant…it’s hard for her. Sorry Brennan, your pain is our gain sometimes.

Season Four: Mayhem on a Cross


Are you freaking kidding me! My heart=a zillion pieces. That Brennan is expressing her pain in order to soothe someone else’s, well…that’s even more beautiful. Right? I can’t…I can’t even quite form the words to explain how much that scene means. What do you think? What did that moment mean for her, and for us?

Season Five: Parts in the Sum of the Whole

 I know.

AH! Those two words! For all of Booth’s I knew and I know, hers pack just as hard of a punch for me. I always think, ‘I’m not going to cry. I am NOT going to CRY’, and then she busts out those two words, and I can’t take it. As much as Booth’s heart (and mine) is breaking there, so is Brennan’s. Pal Jen said it best the other day,

“And yes, she did want to keep the status quo…but I think that she knew that if he caught up to his own reality before she did that they would lose that essential element of “someday…eventually”. Her despair in that scene is her reaction to that. She knows she isn’t ready and he is, and she knows that her rejection is going to ruin things, and she….knows.”

She’s the one who knows, or has known equally for awhile that Booth has a need for more than (she thinks) she can provide. When he says he has to move on, to find someone who can love him, she says “I know.” . And while at the same time I was totally pulling for her, whenever I watch it, I can help but kind of nod through my tears. I just want to hug her and say “I’ve got you, baby”.



Haha, well…sorry for another downer of a post! But with Brennan, I think her heart is something to explore. Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about how Hart Hanson likes her best and will stop at nothing to develop her character. That should be more fun. And of course on Thursday, I’ll post the review of Episode 106 and “Brennan and Family” to round out Brennan Week. See you around!


9 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Brennan Breaks My Heart

  1. Brennan breaks my heart in every episode. Whether it’s her total lack of guile, her lack of pop culture knowledge, her obliviousness to Booth’s affection…every single part of her character is affected by her parents leaving her, and you see it in every little thing she says and does.

    That is what is truly heartbreaking to me.

    Another fantastic post…as always. 🙂

  2. I’m feeling teary just reading your choices! Agreed that this amazing woman should be able to enjoy her depth of feeling and the capacity to love that she has, and it is heart-crushing that she struggles with it so much. It is wonderful that we get to see her grow (albeit with an occ. backwards step) – and hopefully we will be able to see her enjoy and revel in her emotions someday!

  3. I’m with Jen…Brennan breaks my heart all the time. She is such a phenomenally complicated character, and it’s so wonderful we’ve gotten to see her at her best and worst, you know?

    I think out of all of these, despite Mayhem being my all-time favourite scene, the one that broke my heart the most was the “I know” from 100. My heart = shattered into a million pieces.

  4. Those moments are all ones that stand out to me as when I really felt Brennan’s pain. Good job on picking them! Another one that really stands out to me is yet another moment from “The Man in the Fallout Shelter.” When Brennan is watching everyone visit with their family through the lab doors the look of confusion and despair on her face kills me every time. It just cuts so deep that she doesn’t have anyone to come visit her. What is ironic is that those that would eventually become most of her “family” are those she is already with. 🙂

    • Amanda,

      I agree with you about that scene from “Man in the Fallout Shelter.” That scene makes me want to cry every time I watch it. Because somebody comes for everyone, EXCEPT her. And the look on her face is just heartbreaking.

      But yes, I’m so glad they are her ‘family’ now 🙂

  5. Just found your site. Love it

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful insights! Can’t wait to keep reading.

  6. Awww, this made me sad.

    But everything your saying does make sense unfortunately.

    Yeah, the 100th episode- I can never watch the last five minutes. It kills me too much.

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. Man in the fallout shelter- that whole episode is sad!!!!!!! I cried and cried…… It is the saddest bones episode ever!! 😥

  8. Rthe 100th episode I avoid watching the end. But I love the first episode of the fifth season and the one with the duawf killed at the parts booth admits he has feelings for Brennan.

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