Bones Theory

Happy National Coffee Day!


Hey BONES pals, how are things?

Hope you’re feeling good these days. It’s National Coffee Day, or as it should be called, National Booth&Brennan Day. Right?

So here are 10 little exhibits to celebrate.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

Exhibit G

Exhibit I

Exhibit J

Exhibit K

I don’t drink coffee personally, but I’ll always order up some more B&B moments!

Peace, Love & Bones,



7 thoughts on “Happy National Coffee Day!

  1. Love the pics Seels. I’m like Booth. I like my coffee strong and black and drink at least six cups a day (depending on the day) some days just require more!

  2. I don’t drink coffee at all – but love these photos! Exhibit J is one of my favorites – talk about UST! I too hope that their relationship is more than coffee….and we see that soon.

  3. I don’t drink coffee either, but I love the smell of it for some reason…

    Thanks for the pic-spam! Very much appreciated!

  4. Whenever I look at screengrabs like this, I’m always struck by how often they are in each other’s space. Not just sitting together or close, but in each other’s space.

    It makes me happy. 🙂

  5. I don’t remember this post. I like it! It made me smile 🙂

  6. Uh, you forgot exhibit “H” But I enjoyed all the pictures particulary exhibit “J”.

  7. Thank you, Sarah. Coffee Day or not, these were wonderful exhibits.

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