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To Hart Hanson: October 4th, 2010

To Hart,

On September 25th, you tweeted, “I think you should quit fixating on what you think you’ve been told and simply watch the show and see what you experience,” and I RTd you, saying, merely, “Word”. I agreed with you, and I’ve felt that way for a long time; media can skew things one way or the other for ratings, and likewise people (including myself) have a tendency to see what they want to see or…ignore what they DON’T want to see.

I was feeling good about it up until about 7:55 EST on September 30th.

I began to get nervous. And at thirty minutes into the episode, I emailed a friend, “I’m not really any less nervous”.

Was I nervous that Booth had found his 30, 40, 50 years ‘someone’? No…I wouldn’t say that. I was more nervous with the realization that I am not sure I’m able to handle Brennan’s character development.

You don’t know me, and so you don’t know how almost laughable this is. I’ve been begging for years in my episode reviews for Brennan to FINALLY come to terms with the emotions we know she has. At Bones Theory, we’ve been talking about it lately, almost giddy with excitement. In fact, we dedicated an entire week to her amazing contradictions.

But now that it’s happening…it hurts. It’s beautiful and real and true…and scary. It’s scary because it could honestly go either way.

After the season five finale, I tweeted that I loved it for the following reasons:

  1. “Because…even though the work they do is important, it’s not important enough to be their whole lives, and they will learn that.”
  2. “Because…even though they are moving to different parts of the globe, they are still on the same path.”
  3. “Because…in order for Brennan to realize she is in love with Booth, her first love, anthropology, must not be enough for her.”

And I added that the theme of Brennan’s character development is “what she thought she knew, she must examine” and “the show is called ‘Bones’ and HH has been slowly chipping away at Brennan’s walls, and I think this is just another step in that process until ‘single life shared’”

Now, my cheeks burn with shame at how blasé I was about it all; as if with the flick of a wrist and a few combinations of 140 characters, it was so easy to explain.  

As the final seconds of the episode slipped away, and Brennan was sitting at the bar, I thought, “This could really be what happens. It really could be a story of this woman, and how she will grow strong in the knowledge that she is satisfied with her work and her relationships as is.” And then I thought, “No, no…no way. We can’t have come this far…it’s not over. Not yet.” And in that moment, I knew I would be satisfied either way. I know what I want for Brennan, and I knew for sure that I want to still trust you, and that I’m not going to miss a moment of this.

So even though she was yours to begin with, I (we) feel as if her story has become ‘ours’, and it’s scary to see our favorite girl struggling. I also feel like she’s just grown up, and we can’t protect her anymore; she has to figure this out on her own, and any problems she faces will only make her stronger.

Doesn’t make it easy, though.

So, as Max said to Booth in Judas on a Pole… “You take care of her.”

Peace, Love & Bones,



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