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Hannah: Why I’m Nervous; Why I Shouldn’t Be


This post isn’t necessarily theoretical; it’s more like “Dear Diary”. I’m sure I’ll regret posting it in the morning, but…I feel safe with you all, and I just want to express my thoughts on this. On the one hand, I don’t want BonesTheory to be a ‘reactionary’ blog; I really want to continue to dig deep and discuss the show as a series from a literary perspective. And writing about my feelings about Hannah seems to be reactionary.  But to be honest, I feel I need to share my thoughts.

What is so difficult for me to handle right now is that Hannah is so pretty. Of course she is, though, right? I mean…Booth’s gorgeousness is no secret. He would naturally pair up with someone incredibly attractive: tall, blond, young, thin, sexy, gorgeous, confident, all of it. But it is what sort of makes me nervous, and I think I’m projecting my own insecurities there. I’m not any of those things, and I think I’m judging Hannah because she is. No matter how nice she is, she represents the opposite of me and is the kind of woman that has always been intimidating to me.

Imagine this scenario…you’re walking to the library on campus and a guy comes up and walks beside you. He asks how your classes are going and what you’re going to do for the weekend. And it’s nice…random conversation, but nice. But then, he adds, “So…would you put in a good word for me with __________?” and you can fill in the blank with the name of your best friend. That kind of thing happened to me all the time. Sometimes the guys were jerks and sometimes they weren’t. I always managed to laugh it off to myself later, and of course, I’d tell the best friend in question. And we’d laugh. But there would always be this tiny part of me that would blink and think… “I just got used. Someone pretended to get to know me for the express purpose of hooking up with someone else.”

I’m not saying that Booth is using Brennan to get to Hannah; I don’t think anyone thinks that. It’s more that underlying feeling of being passed over for gorgeous people…it makes me nervous for Brennan.

Brennan is pretty, but what I find beautiful about her is her awkwardness in expressing affection, in the way she tries to tell jokes and fails, and when she’s passionate in the way she cares for the people in her life. To coin her phrase, those things are beautiful to me. And what is making me break out into hives is the idea that Booth will eventually miss out on it because of how pretty Hannah is. I feel like I NEED Booth to know and love Brennan.  Does anyone else feel that way? I’m fully admitting that it’s my own issue that I’m projecting onto the scenario.  Each of us (or maybe just me) wants to have someone in our lives who knows all the crap and is still dazzled. And the idea that someone like Booth…who is completely out of my league, hello… that he might be really interested in someone like Brennan and then maybe someone like Hannah…it sort of just makes me feel insecure. I’m nervous for Brennan because I’m really nervous for myself. Why wouldn’t Booth want to be with Hannah? Why would someone like Brennan be more attractive to him than Hannah? Why would someone know the real me and not be more interested in someone else, you see what I’m saying?

Maybe that’s the very reason I shouldn’t be nervous. We’ve been told that Booth knows the truth of Brennan and that he’s dazzled by that truth.

So maybe I’m just being dumb. Maybe worrying about Hannah or not liking the show as much because she’s on it is the same as Angela not wanting to be friends with Brennan ‘because the pig is cute’, aka…sort of missing the big picture. Is that too harsh? I guess if it is, it still doesn’t change the way I feel about it.

I’m not trying to open up a discussion on how Booth has “changed”, because I’m not so sure he has. First of all, we’ve never seen him at the beginning of a relationship, except, interestingly enough, with Brennan. He was VERY gung-ho about her and absolutely would have slept with her that night after he fired her. If that had gone well, he would have probably proposed, haha. Talk about moving fast!  But with every other relationship, we’ve never really seen the beginning. We saw the end of Tessa and Rebecca and with Cam, all we saw was a mutual hook-up of affection and sex. There’s something about Booth’s excitement and fast pace with Hannah that strikes me as accurate.  But like I said, I’m not trying to dig deep into that.

If I were to put my (spoiler free) swami hat on and look to the future, I’d say that what will happen is that Hannah will figure out that Brennan is in love with Booth. She’ll maybe confront Booth about that, and Booth will deny it, or at the very least, say that he doesn’t care about that; he’s with Hannah and he’s happy with her. But Hannah will have come to care for Brennan so much that she’ll re-think her relationship with Booth. At which point, Booth becomes furious at Brennan for ruining things. And he’ll yell at her, and the bear poop will hit the fan and Brennan will be crushed. And then…something else will happen. Something that had better make all of this angst worth it.

Something that will make our love and devotion for the show worth it. And awkward, bad at jokes and worse with pop-culture references Temperance Brennan will be loved by emotional, desperate to love and be loved Seeley Booth.

And as for me, well…I’m going to try my best not to judge Hannah because she just happens to seem practically perfect in every way. And I’m going to try my best not to judge myself because I happen to not be.

Peace, Love & Bones,



23 thoughts on “Hannah: Why I’m Nervous; Why I Shouldn’t Be

  1. Very interesting opinion… I confess I’m judging Hannah (and hating her, yep, I am) mostly because of 3 things:
    1) the Hannah-wave that seems to have taken over every single news article circulating about the show (I get that they’re trying to get the fans to like the new character but there is such a thing as trying too hard);
    2) Booth’s snippy mood around Brennan (sorry, Hart, but he IS being a jerk!);
    3) the amount of time that has been “lost” showing useless things on the relationship (tonight’s episode, for example, while really funny – give Emily more comedy bits, I say! – was somewhat lacking in the forensic department… and I think that all 3 eps have been).

    I guess what I’m thinking is that, while it is good to shake things up a bit, I miss the balance between personal character stories and the squinty science that made this show so great in the first place.

    As for Booth choosing Hannah over Brennan… If he does, well, my faith in knights will be crushed.

  2. Sarah, I believe you should NOT be nervous. The last scene where Booth does the extra “see you tomorrow” with Brennan? He totally knows that the phone is from her and though one of Booth’s primary love languages (I think) is words, gifts are definitely another. Brennan just pulled away one of the layers around Booth’s heart that he thought he had securely fastened on over the last 7 months.

    I think Hannah might already suspect something with Brennan. She had a look in her eyes while Brennan was describing Booth and the phone. However, I don’t think Booth will be upset with Brennan about the future dissolution of Booth and Hannah’s relationship. I think he will be sad, like he was with Rebecca, because he won’t know, yet, that he really has a chance again with Brennan and will have thought that he missed yet another shot at his 30, 40, 50 years. But at the same time, he will also know that, like with Rebecca, he does not feel the way he wants to with Hannah, so it will also be okay. And besides, we all know that he WILL have another chance with Brennan, right?

    • RE: The gift. Although Booth says “see you tomorrow” in that scene, his hand gesture with that bow says “thanks for my gift” to me. He knows who it’s really from!

    • Sarah – thank you for another great, insightful, beautifully transparent post!

      Let me begin by saying that I know exactly what it’s like to be awkward and overlooked. I was that person in high school and it would have continued through college (and beyond?) if I hadn’t met and started dating my now husband when I was 18. I thank God that he loves me BECAUSE of who I am and not in spite of it.

      Deep down in my heart, I know that’s the same way Booth feels about Brennan. Yeah, Hannah is stunningly beautiful, but I believe (and have believed for awhile) that it was absolutely essential for her to be cast that way. When Booth finally does choose Brennan – it will be because he loves her completely for who she IS, inside and out, and not because she was the prettier (or more intellectual) choice.

      I completely agree with Janet’s analysis of last night’s episode where Booth and Hannah are concerned. Hannah is very intuitive (I don’t think that’s a coincidence) and I think she realizes, at least to some extent, that Brennan has feelings for Booth. That scene in Brennan’s office was fantastic. The way Brennan responded shows just how very well she knows Booth and I don’t think that was lost on Hannah AT ALL. I haven’t quite figured out what she knows about Booth’s feelings for Brennan yet, but it’s enough right now that she’s able to sense a connection there.

      I also think that we’re starting to see cracks in those walls Booth has built around his heart. You could see the internal conflict beginning to build in the final scene of the episode. And do I even need to mention the, “Did you just threaten my partner?” line? It made my little heart skip a beat (because you know I just love Booth when he goes all white “knight in FBI standard issue body armor” on people).

      You know, I don’t think Seeley Booth is the only one who’s “desperate to love and be loved,” either. Whether she realizes it or not, beneath her tough exterior, Brennan has that same desperate need. One day, we’ll see that need crash through to the surface. And when it does, I predict that all the beautiful women in the world won’t be able to keep Seeley Booth away from her.

  3. I get your fear, I really do, but I also think there’s just no way Booth ever picks anyone over Brennan! I mean, that’s def not what has happened now, I don’t think. He’s not choosing to be with Hannah over Brennan, rather he’s choosing to be happy with someone who is willing to be happy with him.

    I mean, even Brennan’s comment in last week’s episode where she admits that she has thought about them together was quickly followed by, “but it would never work because we ‘re too different.”

    Brennan is hurting, I know and it hurts me too, but I don’t think she’s the only one. Booth has to be hurting too, if only because somewhere inside he has to know that as great as Hannah is, she’s just not the One and it probably seems to him right now that partnership and friendship is the only thing he’s ever going to have with the One and damn, but that’s got to rake him up somewhere deep inside he doesn’t even want to think about.

    I don’t know why, but tonight’s episode made me less worried about Hannah. Maybe simply because at the end there, Booth really does look like he much rather walk out that door with Brennan than go back to perfect, beautiful Hannah. I mean, am I the only one that thought that?

    • I agree sleepless – this episode finally quelled some of my butterflies about B&H – as we finally saw Booth allow some of coldness/ice around his heart to slip away.

  4. I don’t think you need to be nervous, but I do sympathise with your concerns – the type of guy you describe though, is one that overlooks the other girl in the first place (you, or I or Brennan) but Booth isn’t that guy. He fell in love with Brennan, and he does know her – social awkwardness, bluntness, lack of knowledge of popular culture etc. etc. and all, so I can only assume he loved this about her as much as I do. I think he often enjoyed that aspect of their relationship – her being socially awkward and not getting references to things – it meant she needed him from time to time, that he could be on hand to help her. It’s also an example of their “symbiotic” relationship, it’s a rhythm they’ve developed and are comfortable with. But I’m getting off topic.

    What I really want to say is that if Booth was genuinely in love with Brennan before he went to Afghanistan, if she really is “the standard” and he is comparing the two, it won’t matter how pretty or perfect Hannah is, she will never be Brennan, and thus he could never love her more than Brennan.

    I think it’s also important to take into account what Sweets says about the way Booth and Hannah got together – in this “adrenaline fueled environment” (or however he put it…) and how their dynamic will be different now they’re in a calmer one. In Afghanistan, when Booth and Hannah are together it’s a reminder of ‘normality’ for them – of home, of not being at war, of a life they’d ‘prefer’ to be living. Whilst they’re there, this may be wonderful, but as soon as they’re taken out of that environment, back home, there are thousands of other people who understand you and your culture [although, granted, do not understand what it is like to live in a war zone – but I doubt that either of them are affected enough by it for it to be a case of them only being able to be with someone who understands that aspect of them – which I think was supposed to be the case with the alcoholics in last week’s episode]. So, now they’re back, some of their reason for being together no longer exists, their compatibility needs to withstand the test of a much more mundane environment. They need to have more in common than being in the right place at the right time. Obviously comparison on Booth and Brennan’s compatibility could be made here, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to attempt it – I will say though, that maybe they both need someone who understands what it’s like to deal with death/murder everyday?

  5. Wow Seels! Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve never had that happen to me, but I know what it feels like to be sitting alone at a table during a slow song at prom while everyone else is dancing.

    I don’t know why but I’m not really worried about Hannah at all. I don’t think Booth is simply going to “like” Hannah more just because she’s prettier (although I’m not saying that’s the only thing Hannah is good for….she also seems to have a pretty nice personality). I don’t think Booth is that type of guy. She’s like Booth’s new “shiny bauble” (see Con man in the Meth Lab for this reference). What Avalon said is right. Booth knows the truth of Brennan and still is “dazzled” (don’t you just LOVE this word??). So yeah, I don’t see Hannah brushing anywhere near that level of intimacy.

    I agree with you when you say she’ll figure out that Brennan is in love with Booth. I also think (being the perceptive girl she seems to be) she’ll figure out that Booth is still in love with Brennan. That plus Hannah’s “I’m-a-free-spirit-rebel” attitude = not going to work between Booth and Hannah. But then again…my math could be wrong! 😛

  6. I don’t care for the Hannah storyline. I’ve been pretty up front about this, and likely childish to keep reiterating it. But to me, Hannah, while beautiful and apparently wildly successful at a young age (remember her Christine Amanpour line?) is no competition for Brennan in Booth’s heart of hearts.

    I think so because Booth has always been portrayed as someone who sees inside people, and thus has been shown to love Brennan with all of her awkwardness – he has seen all the depth and truth of her. And she is also beautiful (bonus!). So he shouldn’t pass over Brennan for Hannah, as he may have if he were a callow college youth, but the Booth we have seen (and hopefully will see again very soon!) can see beyond the surface. When he slows down, he’ll start looking deeper into himself and the women around him.

  7. I thought about this post for so long before trying to put down my thoughts-Sarah, you articulated my feeling so beautifully. After reading this post, I had this thought about Booth’s relationship with Hannah-to me it’s an “aspirational” relationship, where you get into a relationship with someone because they’re a match for the person you wish you were, rather than who you are. Booth going off to Afghanistan allowed him to re-create himself the same way that anyone tries to when they leave for college or move to a new town-cut out all the parts of yourself you dislike and present yourself as you wish to be to those you meet.

    Per some of Hannah’s comments, she obviously doesn’t know about his sniper past or the associated guilt, his abusive childhood or the wrenching relationship he and Bones have been through. To her he’s free, easy going “Seeley”, without any demons. It’s very seductive to get into this type of relationship, because it makes you feel as though you can leave behind the things that you don’t like about yourself or your past life. You exist in the moment, as only the present self you’ve created.

    The thing is, a relationship built on your ideal of yourself rather than your authentic one cannot last, because eventually you have to acknowledge your true feelings and deal with them. That’s what Booth is going to discover, both in regards to Brennan and himself.

  8. Thank you. I was starting to worry that I was the only one that was worried about this. Not her relationship with Booth, but a certain essence that she gives. I have to agree, she is very much that girl that is so pretty on the outside that all the guys liked, when they passed up the other girls. She reminds me of the girls I went to high school with, and some from college, that could be nice, welcoming, and all that, but they never went beyond that stage, even if I tried to engage (I was and still am that awkward girl, I admit). It was a very superficial life, social butterfly is the term I think (maybe enhanced in Hannah by the nomad idea). In a sense, that almost could be how they want to portray Hannah — she’s exactly who she says she is on the outside and inside. We see her for who she is, and maybe we shouldn’t worry, because she has gone one step beyond those girls in high school and college — she’s accepted the awkward girl for who she is. Think about it — have you ever seen a new character come on the show and not be off-put by Brennan’s quirks, especially a female character? Cam didn’t, she was first and foremost boss. Caroline still doesn’t. Daisy (bleah) may be the only one (bleah). Maybe it’s because Booth talked about Brennan a lot (aha! we have hope!), maybe it’s just because it’s who Hannah is. So your prediction is probably going to be right. Hannah respects Brennan at some level already. When she figures out what is going on, something is going to happen. Maybe she won’t give up immediately, but something will happen, and it’s BONES… so it’s going to be amazing.

  9. I know I’m very late commenting on this post – sorry. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit, because this goes to the heart of why I love the show.

    The answer is this: I’m a hopeless, and yet hopeful, romantic.

    Part of what I love about this series is that it shows is a strong, handsome, brave, intelligent man be utterly devoted to a seemingly prickly, unavailable, difficult woman.

    But of course Booth knows, like we do, that Brennan isn’t really those things, that actually she’s radiant and extraordinary. Booth knows it better than she does even, and that is so wonderful. Who wouldn’t want a partner to know the truth of us, and be dazzled by that truth? He sees through her and loves what he sees, even when she makes it hard for him to.

    This truth is why he won’t choose Hannah in the end. She seems perfect, but she’s not Brennan. He’s not going to choose Hannah because he’s not the jock he was in college, or the cocky agent who first met Brennan. He’s kind of been humbled by his love for Brennan, but in a way that makes him a better man.

    Hannah might seem to be the obvious choice, being young, beautiful, easy to be with etc. But it’s not going to be enough, because Booth loves Brennan completely, for who she really is. And that kind of love is inspiring, and encouraging.

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  11. I just watched a Biography Channel episode on Toby Keith, and reading this post reminded me of something on that show.

    His label argued with him over the release of a song called “How Do You Like Me Now.” (If you haven’t heard it, the YouTube link is: Women will hate it, they said. They would think it was petty and insulting and it would tank. Well, it went number one (and is still one of my favorite TK songs), in part because “they” were wrong and women loved it.

    Moral of the story, never assume you know how the audience will react.

    I think HH&Co misjudged how we’d react not only to Hannah but to Booth with Hannah. Or, to Booth with Brennan during Hannah. I’m not sure they expected the backlash they got when the audience started turning on Booth, too. Or, maybe they did and it was all part of the grand scheme of things.

    But it’s interesting that everyone assumed Hannah would eventually find out how Booth felt about Brennan and end the relationship, and that’s not what happened at all. Instead, Hannah found out how Brennan felt about Booth (which for the sake of my blood pressure, I’ll just let slide) and didn’t care.

    God bless Aunt Bea, I am so glad the first half of S6 is over.

    • This is interesting, MJ. I think they anticipated the Hannah hate, but I have a hard time believing that they set out to turn the hero of the show into … well, not a villain, but to make him unsympathetic, no longer heroic. I didn’t feel that way and so was shocked by how many people started bashing Booth.

      I think part of it was the writing. There were a lot of things that fans said they saw that HH said was not what they intended. So, maybe it was all just lousy writing.

      In totality, as we’ve discussed, the writing does deserve some of the blame. Whatever the merits of the storyline were, it did not flow well. Things were started and dropped. Characters were underwritten. Motives were often hazy. A lot happened “off screen.”

      I loved the end of the season, but what it took to get us there was a nightmare — and not as well done as it should have been.

      • I tend to agree with you, that the ire against Booth was unexpected. When they decided to bring in Hannah, was she scheduled from the beginning for a finite number of episodes? Or was it more of a let’s-see-what-happens kind of approach? I’m curious because I wonder if the reaction from the audience against her (and against Booth, somewhat) factored in to her rather abrupt departure. I remember being surprised that all of a sudden, she was gone. Kiss-kiss/proposal/gone. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I wonder about the timing.

      • My own sense is that she was there for about how long they expected. You may remember the earliest spoilers from HH and SN were along the lines of 5 or 6 eps. Then they were we’ll see how it goes, it’s open-ended. But, in the end she was in 6 or 7 eps.

        My own feeling is that what ultimately made it so abrupt was their need to create a context in which they could get a baby Booth-Brennan. Instead of being able to let did they or didn’t they be the cliffhanger for the summer hiatus, they had to figure out a way to get a pregnant Bones pronto. Yeah, they intended to revisit the baby issue — eventually — but I will never believe that they would have gotten to it so fast, had ED not gotten to it so fast in RL.

        That meant that whatever story arc they had mapped out for the second half of s6 (and which had to have been pretty far down the track in terms of writing and prepping for principal photography) had to suddenly rewind, remap, rewrite, etc. to remove Hannah, show the aftermath of Hannah and somehow get Brennan and Booth together and into bed in a plausible way. Clearly the execution was less than perfect, which makes me think I’m right in those assumptions.

      • MJ –

        What’s the link to your blog? I’ve been there, but I can’t find the link. I may be ready to share mine. ;-0

      • Oh, God, I hope you haven’t been there. *lol* I have one but it’s just a bunch of random thoughts and stuff that makes sense only to me. Now I’m terrified at the thought I might have screwed up and made it public because I’m horrified to think someone would actually read it. The thing here on wordpress is empty, I hope. But if someone brilliant wants to fill it up with fascinating musings, they should feel free. 🙂

        Now, trying to type through my hyperventilating, I wonder if the timing of Booth’s changes (the looks at Brennan with the sea shell and the “you only love one the most” etc.) coincide with when ED informed HH&Co about her pregnancy? Sort of setting the stage for the panicked proposal and that ended with the B&B baby.

      • Angelena-
        Obviously I don’t know for sure, but I think HH/SN’s plans for Hannah’s exit had to have been in place prior to ED’s pregnancy. I think it’s possible that the last part of the season was reworked for the purposes of writing in her pregnancy, but I’ve gotta believe that the way the Hannah arc ended (as well as the timing of it) would have happened pregnancy or no pregnancy.

        Here’s why: Ausiello’s interview with Hart Hanson where he teased about the big debate in the writers room being whether or not to end the season with B&B together was released on January 13th. If you ask me, THAT debate was very possibly the result of HH et al finding out about ED’s real-life pregnancy. But the promotional photos and press release for Daredevil were released in late-January, MAYBE two weeks after that interview. No way could they have re-written, re-shot, and re-produced anything for Daredevil that quickly (and certainly not for any of the episodes leading up to it). Add that to the fact that the title for The Daredevil in the Mold was released in late-November (which means that’s when the episode was written) as were the first spoilers of a proposal during February sweeps, and I just don’t see any way the pregnancy would have (or even could have) affected that part of the story. The timing just doesn’t fit.

        And while we’re on the subject of timing…while I don’t know exactly when ED is due, I do know that news of her pregnancy was made public very close to the end of the first trimester of my own pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant in early February. My best guess based on what I’ve read is that she’s due between 2-4 weeks before I am…which means SHE would have found out sometime in January. And, of course, all this is assuming that she told HH the news right away (which is certainly no guarantee). So, yeah, I don’t see HH or the writers knowing anything about her pregnancy prior to early/mid-January, which would have been way too late to affect the Hannah storyline.

        Okay, I think that’s about it for my hormone-driven, obsessive-compulsive rambling. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

      • Stephanie –

        We’re in agreement. This is my point. Whatever was already filmed or close to being filmed had to go as planned, meaning that any changes they wanted to make had to come in a very short series of episodes. I didn’t mean to imply that Hannah’s exit per se was what was abrupt and perhaps not as planned, but that some things felt abrupt. That made me think that some changes were driven by ED’s announcement.

        I do think that Hannah’s departure was more or less as planned, especially with regard to how many eps she was in. I think that all the “it’s open-ended” was typical TPTB disinformation to mess with the fans’ heads.

        Must go — board meeting in 40 minutes.

      • Ah. Gotcha. I misread then. 😉 Thanks for clarifying.

      • More like imprecise writing.

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