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Morning After Q: Just how far will Brennan go to ensure Booth’s happiness?


Hey Bones fan! Another episode down and for me this means another episode closer to getting rid of Hannah. Ha. Yeah, that sounded harsh, and I actually don’t hate the character, but Brennan’s pain right now is killing me. And as much as I think that this pain is something she has to go through, it does bruise my heart to see her like this.

Which brings me to today’s question: How far will Brennan go to make sure that Booth is happy? Far enough to recognize that risking her heart on him will be what it’ll take to make him truly happy?

I think that during the 100th, we see very clearly that Brennan doesn’t think she can make Booth happy and it terrifies her. I am strongly of the opinion that turning him down hurt her as much as it hurt him (maybe Booth would disagree), but the point is that she did something that caused her pain because she really did think she was protecting his chance at happiness. It has to devastate her to think (as I believe she does) that the happiness she so wants for him is not going to come courtesy of her.

Brennan has said, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Booth,” and in her mind, protecting him from herself is one of those things that she needs to do for him. Now, of course, you and I and every shipper ever born is frantically screaming, “You don’t need to protect him! He’s a big boy, he knows what he’s doing!” And oh dear reader, you are so right! I know it and you know it. But Brennan simply doesn’t.

I think—and feel free to disagree—that as deluded as Booth is in his proclamations of happiness, Brennan is actually even more so. And by that, I mean that she’s buying into this whole happiness façade, even more than Booth himself. It’s like she wants to believe that he’s really, 100% happy because then that means she made the right choice. That her sacrifice was worth it. If he is in fact not happy, then she made a mistake, didn’t she? And tell me, how does Brennan feel about mistakes? She simply does not make them, right?

In Maggots in the Meathead, I felt she sacrificed something again, just to make him happy: the gift. I mean, tell me she hasn’t thought about giving him that phone herself-maybe for his birthday or Christmas- and seeing that look on his face and knowing that it was because she gave it to him. And tell me it didn’t kill her to give that up to Hannah tonight? But she did, because at the end of the day, she knew getting that phone would make him happy and isn’t that what really matters to her anyway?

What do we think? Have I completely lost my mind? Am I reading too much into the phone? Isn’t she willing to do just about ANYTHING to make him happy? And will she ever recognize that letting go of her fears and insecurities is the one thing that will truly fulfill that goal? And if she ever does recognize it, then I guess we’ll know for sure whether she truly IS willing to do anything to make him happy. Won’t we?

Talk to me and let me know I’m not the only one who agonizes over questions like this!

bbmagic is a law student from Florida, in love with all things Bones. She also worships at the temple of baseball and is completely torn over the fact that the World Series means no new Bones episodes. Arguing is one of her favorite things to do and hence one of the things she does best. She also has a major addiction to chocolate and uses swimming as a distressing mechanism, which is maybe why she does it only when the sun has set and there’s no one in the pool.


29 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Just how far will Brennan go to ensure Booth’s happiness?

  1. You’re not crazy, the fact that she shared that with Hannah just made me love Brennan all the more. And that Booth not only knew she shared it out of love and affection, but remembered? You know he loves that more than he’ll ever admit. Every time he looks at that phone, he’ll be thinking of Brennan…not Hannah.

  2. Oh man! It nearly broke my heart when Hannah gave the phone to Booth. Brennan is sitting awkwardly on the couch. And when Booth says thanks, they both say you’re welcome. But I guess what really got me was when Brennan and she looks back and Booth is standing there with a red bow in his hand. They share one of their lingering looks that take me back to last season.
    She wanted him to be happy. She WANTS him to be happy. So she’s deluded herself into thinking that he is truly happy (he is-but for how long?) and for her… that’s enough… for now anyway. Those are my thoughts.

  3. I really wanted a moment like that to be between B&B but instead Hannah got that moment. It crushed me when Bones gave that information to Hannah, and it crushed me even more when she was telling Hannah to make sure that moving in with Booth is what she really wanted. But the moment that almost got me crying was when Booth saw the phone and both Hannah and Brennan said your welcome in unison, and you could see the look in Brennan’s eyes that she wanted to be where Hannah was and felt awkward on that couch when she realized that the affection Booth was showing was for Hannah not for her. You can tell she’s regretting that decision in the 100th. It’s killing me too that Brennan is trying to hide her true feelings once again, but is finding it very difficult with all of these new thoughts of her wanting Booth are going through that huge brain of hers. I like Hannah too, but I can’t wait until that relationship bites the dust. Only four (4) more episodes to go, and they better not extend it. I don’t know how many more Brennan suppressing her feelings moments I can go through before I’m actually considered crazy. Heck I might already be considered crazy, if that’s the case let’s hope I don’t jump to insane. 🙂

  4. I totally agree that turning Booth down in the 100th episode hurt Brennan immensely. It’s written all over her face in that scene and the non-verbal expression of her pain is one of the things that makes that scene so very exceptional.

    In terms of the phone – maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, but I thought the scene between Hannah and Brennan in Brennan’s office was just incredible and to me, it illustrated two things (about Brennan) perfectly:

    1. How very well she knows Booth.

    Brennan didn’t hesitate a second when Hannah asked her for a gift idea. And not only did she know exactly the gift Booth would love, but she knew WHY he would love it. And that why was attached to something that Booth doesn’t talk about much – his childhood (remember what she said about his grandfather having one that he used until it fell apart). And you know what? Hannah noticed it too.

    I will say that I was relieved when Hannah told Booth who gave her the idea for the phone. It would have been so very tragic if Brennan’s part in the gift had gone completely unnoticed. But it didn’t, and that fact didn’t go unnoticed by Booth either. And that, I think, is very significant.

    2. Her willingness to put his feelings before her own.

    Brennan’s parting words to Hannah in that scene – her explanation that Booth would give himself completely to Hannah if she let him and the pain it would cause him if Hannah wasn’t really serious about their relationship shows not only that Brennan understands exactly how much pain she caused Booth when she rejected him, but that she would do just about anything to keep him from having to suffer that kind of pain again. That is huge coming from Brennan.

    I don’t know that Hannah really took Brennan’s question seriously, but then again, I’m also not sure that she quite understood that Brennan’s question came from cold, hard experience and wasn’t a hypothetical.

    Again, I may be a glutton for punishment, but I think that the way the writers are using the Hannah-Booth-Brennan relationship to kind of sumultaneously open both Booth and Brennan’s eyes to the truth is absolutely brilliant and I am very much looking forward to watching the rest of the story as it unfolds.

  5. Brennan has definitely sacrificed a lot for Booth despite what she said last week about how foolish it is to put yourself in the line of fire for another. Obvious to everyone but herself though, she’s also unwittingly sacrificed Booth’s happiness along with her own in the process. We don’t need Avalon to tell us that Booth loves her completely and wants her just the way she is. He has never asked her to change and, up to the time she left, would have been happy in just about any exclusive form of relationship with her, even just a professional one. Substitutes, pretty or not, just won’t do for him in the long run-especially when the standard is still working right next to him day after day.

    The phone of course is THE perfect example of Brennan’s misguided selflessness. She knew he wanted it, probably has known that he wanted it for a long time. But understanding social contracts as she does, she probably refrained from giving it to him because of the emotional closeness it implies. This is after all the brave new world of the post 100th; in the old days the giving of a gift, even a cocky belt-buckle, wouldn’t have been so loaded with meaning. We see though just how the phone gift backfires. What was meant as a way of giving Booth happiness by making Hannah more dear to him only serves to draw the noose tighter around his neck. He knows where that phone came from and it leaves him yearning more for Brennan at the end of that episode than it probably ever has. It also makes him confused as hell over the state of Brennan’s heart, which can’t ultimately be good for his relationship with Hannah. And thus they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

    Off topic, anyone notice what Brennan said to Fisher about how highly intelligent people are more prone to massive emotional meltdowns? Didn’t Hart just tweet that someone was going to have a meltdown in the 9th? Somehow I’m thinking the meltdown may not just refer to a victim. Food for post-MLB playoff thought.

  6. I think Brennan would do anything to ensure Booth’s happiness; she told Gordon Gordon that a while back and she proves it in every episode.

    I don’t think she’s starting to regret her 100th episode decision; I think she already did, even before she was done with her whole “I’m a scientist, I can’t change” speech. She has been, since the beginning and in her own way, protecting Booth.

    And this includes loving him from afar, giving up perfect gift ideas and their one-on-one time together (passing up on dinners with the happy couple, Sweets in the field with Booth, Hannah with them at Founding Fathers, Sweets with them at the diner…) as well as supporting and respecting Booth’s relationship with Hannah. It’s funny to compare Brennan’s reaction to Hannah and Tessa, huh?

    I think, in some ways, Brennan is wishing – and trying – to reverse how she was in season 1 (hey, no problem by me, I loved no-nonsense-in-your-face-kickass-Brennan! :] ), but she’s finding that, especially when it comes to Booth, she can’t.

    And all of that, my friends, makes me worried that the writers are going to have a heck of a lot of trouble trying to get these two stubborn kids together. Because I feel that Booth isn’t going to try again and, really who can blame him: he gambled and lost. So it’s up to Brennan… What scares the b’jeeeesus out of me, though, is that she’ll probably be thinking “well, if he and Hannah, who are so similar, couldn’t make it, how on Earth are he and I supposed to?!”, thus reaffirming her theory that love doesn’t last forever/true love doesn’t exist. Seems like one huge stalemate to me! Ha, I knew there was a reason I’m not on that writing team! 😛

  7. My heart broke a little when Brennan said “you’re welcome” just as Hannah said it. Something tells me she really wanted to make Booth happy by giving him the phone, despite the fact that she wasn’t going to be the one who actually gave it to him. And seriously…that’s selfless…and that’s love!! I kind of see the phone as a metaphor for Brennan’s love for Booth. She wants to give it to him, but she can’t so instead she has someone else do it, although maybe not consciously. At this point she’s really just happy for Booth, and suffering in silence alone. What really made me leap for joy was the fact that Booth followed her right to the door and said, very meaningfully, “see you tomorrow”. It was as if he was affirming their partnership…like he was making sure that they were still going to be fine working together. Having seen that, I feel like everything’s going to be OK! Hannah or no Hannah!! Yeah!!

  8. I have not seen the show yet. I plan on watching it soon. WOW….the whole thing breaks my heart and I just hope this angst doesn’t last forever. Glad there is some glimmer of B and B. I miss them as best friends. As much as Booth and Hannah break my heart, I just try to tell myself that this is Brennan character development. Right? We are seeing a work in her, right? That is what we need. I have always thought that she told him no because of how much she did love him not because she didn’t. I guess we just wait and see.

  9. Damn talk about heartbreaking. Brennan has realized exactly what she lost, and in that moment when Booth thanked Hannah for the gift, is when she realized it. It’s new to her, not being the woman in Booth’s life. She has to share him and I think it has taken its toll on her. She is in denial about it, which is what makes it that much harder to watch. She will deny her feelings until she is blue in the face, because she is a scientist and she can’t change. But she has.

    I really think that Booth is honestly trying to make it work with Hannah. But he did see the look on Brennan’s face as she was leaving, and I think that hit him hard.

    She will do anything for Booth, even go as far as letting him go. She loves him enough to step aside for his happiness.

  10. So, here’s a thought that came to me during my daily clarifying-make-me-philosophize walk.

    First, thinking like Brennan, I DO believe she will indeed do whatever it takes to make Booth happy. I absolutely agree that the phone may not have initially been about that, but it turned out to be. In the scene with Hannah, Brennan does not skip a beat in sharing the idea of the phone with Hannah. I’m thinking that it just slipped out because clearly Brennan herself had been thinking of that. So, it may not have been a conscious decision to “give” that to Booth through Hannah, but her simultaneous “your welcome” might have made her realize what actually happened.

    NOT explaining to Booth how she was the one that really explained everything about the phone to Hannah – that was where she did what she thought would be best for Booth. Leaving Booth and Hannah on their own for dinner: also a conscious decision to “give” that to Booth.

    So, here’s the thing. Brennan says she cannot change because she is a scientist. That has always confused me, because, being a scientist she does know that many things DO change. She understands evolution (which is a SLOW change, I will grant, of course). So what if Brennan really taps into the science and logic of it all and her epiphany is that not only has she changed (not fundamentally, but her perspective), but that she is, rationally speaking, the best match for Booth and vice versa? I don’t know if I am explaining myself very well (which often happens the longer amount of time between these “Eureka” [get it?] thoughts on my walks and after I get back from them), but it seems like that could ultimately be a Brennan thing to do.

    I don’t think she would break up Booth and Hannah (if they were still together at the time of Brennan figuring herself out), but would find other ways in her Brennan-like methods, to make their relationship happen.

    Alright. I am just thinking about what I just wrote and am feeling a little “out there.” So, feel free to disregard everything I might have said beginning with “So here’s the thing” if you agree with my own self-assessment of craziness. How does this show DO this? 🙂

  11. When Brennan told Gordon Gordon Wyatt she couldn’t think of anything she wouldn’t do for Booth, I almost couldn’t believe she made that huge admission, and she clearly wasn’t happy revealing that much. I thought it was a big step for her, and I was so happy. But now, I see her still going by that, and I now see that that statement isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Her reason for rejecting him in the 100th episode was to protect him, to protect his heart . Apparently Booth isn’t the only one capable of doing for the other at the expense of their own self. She is standing by her decision and truly does not want to be in the way of him moving on believing that someone else can really give him what he needs. (Personally, I think that was part of the reason she went to Maluku. He said he was going to move on, but I think she saw that he wasn’t really – but I digress.) What put alarm bells in my mind was her recent offer to lie for Booth when we all know Brennan is ALL about the truth. Brennan has shown in so many ways what she has been willing to do for Booth, but what is Brennan willing to do for Brennan? She expects to live life alone; she thinks she deserves to live life alone. Worst of all, she thinks she would be better off living her life alone. Ah, Brennan really breaks my heart sometimes (I think that would make a great topic.) Because of this, I don’t think the biggest obstacle between B&B is Hannah. You take her out of the equation, and you’re still left with Brennan and her issues that she really doesn’t like to deal with. If Brennan really loved and appreciated herself outside of being a brilliant scientist and famous author, and she thought someone else could do the same in a romantic sense, and if she was willing to fight for her own happiness, things would be a lot different. But she has to see that for herself, and that kind of emotional growth is difficult and painful, especially for someone like Brennan. Even though Booth is not being very nice right now, I see he’s acting out of being in a lot of pain. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want Brennan to stand up for herself and tell him off and/or kick his butt like I know she can 😉

  12. How far will she go? Pretty far. The question that is haunting me these days is this; how far will she go to get what she wants? I wonder if Brennan will fight for Booth, for her man. That would mean a sort of awareness that she somehow ‘deserves’ Booth as hers. In some ways, I can see that never happening, and yet, there is a part of me that can also see it happening, that if anyone is going to fight for Booth and Brennan, it could be her. AH!

  13. No, you aren’t crazy to obsess over the phone…I’m so obsessed with the phone that I just watched the ep AGAIN, and it’s January 12th. It really drives me nuts that she GAVE Hannah the best gift ever for Booth. Just gave it to her, not because she had to, but because some little voice in her head told her that it was the right thing to do. She totally could have saved it for a Christmas gift and she would have SMOKED whatever stupid trinket Hannah would have gotten him, but no, she had to be the bigger man here. And it makes me even more crazy that I can’t even hate Hannah, because she gave Bones credit for coming up with the gift….how can you hate her when she does stuff like that?

    And Janet, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who walks around my neighborhood, obsessing about these things.

    • And Brennan has proved there’s more where that came from. The Tommy guns on anti-Valentine’s Day were her idea, too. I bet she could get a Ph.D. in Seeley Booth if it were possible.

  14. Very belated post, but I just want to say that I agree with you completely. I skipped over 6×02 – 6×11 because I couldn’t bear to see Booth with Hannah, but I’m watching this episode specifically for the phone scene. From what I’ve heard of the scene (since I haven’t seen it yet), what you said in your post sound right on target.

  15. Ah, how it aches to read these old posts and remember how painful they were first time around. As for the phone, it proves how much Hannah doesn’t know what she really knows that she went to Brennan for advice. Brennan and Booth are just partners? Partners talk about baseball and takeout menus, not childhood memories and mementos that have special meaning to them.

    Unless those partners are Booth and Brennan.

    So glad Hannah is gone. So, so, so, so glad.

    • Me too! Did you watch the Comic-Con video? You’ll notice somebody doesn’t show up at all.

      Hannah was supposed to be this really intelligent, successful journalist, and even as a woman, she didn’t pick up on anything kind of suspicious between “Temperance” (who really calls her that?) and her boyfriend – not that he was cheating or anything. Is it just me that can’t fathom this, but after you find out your boyfriend’s partner has feelings for him, you barely bat an eye and you’re more upset about emotions getting involved, and meanwhile they continue to work together and you go off on assignments like nothing happened. What woman would do this? Is this some kind of ideal woman, to show how much she trusts him? Either she was an incredibly gracious and trusting girlfriend, or an apathetic one, or she was just stupid. Brennan is not a typical woman, but as a beloved character I give her more leeway for doing things out the norm.

      Walter’s words about the “bone lady” being the one, but Hannah’s words about them not being done make me apprehensive. Although they kind of stripped the love triangle of a lot of potentially interesting drama, if she re-appears, I don’t want any drama involved. And she must leave quickly, never to return again! lol

      • I meant to say Walter’s words didn’t bother me at all. He didn’t have a chance and he never will. And he seems easily distracted.

      • (FYI: I meant to say, how painful these episodes were the first time around because I’m just now reading these old posts now. Note to self: Proofreading is our friend.)

        Hannah, IMO, just wasn’t well done. The writers had one view of her but they didn’t do a good job of fleshing that out for the viewers. Maybe it was the lack of screen time they gave her. Maybe it was that they wasted most of that screen time forcing us to watch her wrestling matches with Booth. (Pardon me while I vomit.)

        I get that they thought of her as sort of Brennan’s blonde twin sister, but I certainly didn’t see it. She won a couple of TV awards and spouted some random trivia factoid (before stealing a pair of sunglasses!) and that put her on equal footing with one of the foremost authorities in an advanced field of study? Bish, please.

        I agree with you – Walter’s words didn’t bother me because I knew Brennan had no interest in him. Plus, I was still glowing over the “maybe you’ve got a shot” / Whomp! moment that just screamed “look, we’re flirting with each other again!” to me.

      • Yeah, the whole thing where Hannah didn’t mind “Temperance” and Seeley working together AFTER she found out Temperance had feelings for him was just….ridiculous. I don’t care how confident she may be. That whole thing played out so akward. When Booth told Hannah about what Brennan had said, – well, actually, he told Sweets that Brennan had said “I love you” when…well…not in those exact words but, whatever – it sounded like he had just told her about his own “past” feelings for Brennan as well….how did he classify his “past feelings”? Hmm. Just weird. What would ANY woman say if her live-in boyfriend said, “honey, my partner who I used to be in love with in the past just told me she loved me too but I told her nothing was going to happen because of us and, by the way, we’re still working together. Oh, and if you have lunch with her, you don’t need to bring this up because she’s “different””. Um…okay. And, really, NO ONE was buying the “past feelings” at home. NO ONE. Hell, he even began his ill-fated proposal with “I never thought I would find anyone again” which just screams bad sign. HOW we are suppossed to buy that she didn’t pick-up on anything is beyond reason. I really hope we never have to see her again, whether she felt they were “done for now” or whatever. Just, no. Her name need not be mentioned again.

        Hell, even Caroline knew as soon after Hannah was gone as “Killer in the Crosshairs” that Booth was just going to that war lecture to be with Brennan. Remember her little “of course he was”. Yeah. She knew. And Caroline was happy for Booth for having found someone but….she knew. She knew. As Clarke said about Hannah/Booth, “what the hell is up with that?!”

      • I think the problem with Hannah was that the writers were really trying to avoid a stereotypical love-triangle catfight. These scenarios are always tough. If they made Hannah a conniving witch, it would beg the question”why does Booth love her?” If they made her a seemingly sweet, but secretly conniving witch, it would suggest “Booth is too stupid to see the truth”. So they made her nice. But she couldn’t be too nice, because she can’t overshadow the leading lady. They didn’t want the audience to hate her, but the audience was never going to love her, so we just felt apathy, which is the last thing the audience should feel about any aspect of a show.

      • Apathy? Some people hated Hannah with a vengeance! I was more apathetic, though. But I definitely get the quandary.

        There are a lot of women who watch the show. I don’t know if women outnumber the men. For a lot of women, a “younger, prettier blonde” is often a threat. We really don’t know Hannah’s age, but she seemed pretty young, and I don’t think she was prettier than Brennan, but it seemed like her role could have fit that stereotype. That probably rubbed a lot of women the wrong way in the first place. Hannah was nice, too nice, and too close to “are you dumb” nice. And she was boring because she was too perfect. What were her faults? People are okay with nice people, but they are not okay with unrealistically perfect people. So when people ask, “What was wrong with Hannah?”, my response is, “Nothing! That’s what’s wrong with her!”

      • Sheesh! You all make me want to go on a rant. Which I don’t really want to do for a character who is gone and has little importance. But there was one point that I’ve wanted to make before but I always forgot. Booth’s behaviour during the last season was heavily debated (it might soothe some to go back and compare it to his behaviour at the beginning of their partnership – it’s not that bad). So I don’t think he was really a jerk. He may have done more things in the name of self-preservation, and I wasn’t about to be mad at him doing that for at least once in his life. I think he was still basically a good guy. The only thing is, we know Booth is better than good, and I think Brennan helps to really bring that out. I didn’t really see Hannah highlight or praise any of his “Boothy” qualities that we love so much. I was overwhelmed with their relationship while I was underwhelmed by it all. Okay, rant over. One day, I will forget she ever existed.

      • I was not really in the online fandom until after Bikini in the Soup, so I missed out on the peak Hannah-hatred. But I wonder if it was based on hatred of the idea of a 3rd party storyline altogether? I don’t want to make you rant more! LOL.

        I do think TPTB grossly underestimated the audience’s willingness to go through a third party storyline. And that is why, IMO the ghost of Hannah continues to haunt the show for some folks.

      • What Hannah boiled down to me was that she is a good time girl. Yes, she is nice; but, in a “I am the master of my own fate and nothing and no one will upset me” kind of nice. I have known someone like that and until you have you don’t realise how depressing it is to be around someone like that. They are very nice; but, nothing you do will upset them because you are players in their movie. Hannahs’ script: Booth liked Temperance, Temperance loves Booth? Meh, so what? As long as I have Booth at home when I want him and need him, then who cares about the rest?
        I am glad Hannah is gone now. She was very irritating.

    • RE: the phone gift in Maggots in the Meathead…. It was a heartcrushing scene to see Brennan watch Hannah give that gift to Booth when Hannah had no real idea of the meaning behind it….we all know how much Booth loves Hank and that Hank had a phone like that….it kind of puts Booth’s love of the 30s and 40s era stuff that he fills his home with in perspective. Anyway, yeah, watching that scene just tore us up inside. Fastforward to present day and, well, Hannah gave Booth a phone but Brennan is going to give Booth a baby. Ha! LOL. And it’s a gift they will both share so…yeah… there!

      • Hannah gave Booth a phone but Brennan is going to give Booth a baby


      • I wouldn’t mind a scene where Hannah runs into Booth and a very pregnant Breannan on the sidewalk outside the Founding Fathers. Brennan could have her triumph without any words. It would also allow Booth to show Hannah that “it is over” with Hannah and that there is someone out there that loves him and wants him. I’m not being vindictive. I just hated the way that Hannah used Brennan and Booth. In my opinon that is just what she did and Hannah needs to see that how she treats others is not all about her.

  16. I don’t need to see anything rubbed in Hannah’s face. Just as long as she stays gone — and I am reasonably certain she will.

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