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“Just Partners”; When Did it Become Just “Everything?” And Is That Gone?


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Enough of that, let’s get to today’s topic. It’s something I’ve been pondering since Couple in the Cave. Though I suppose if I’m honest, it’s been on my mind since probably Rocker in the Rinse Cycle and Boy with the Answer. But there were two instances in CitC and one in MitM that caught my attention and made me wonder if those latent suspicions could be confirmed. Are B&B still partners? And if so, why won’t either of them say that? Brennan tells Booth at the diner that she’s pleased to be working with him again. He challenges her sincerity, reminding her that she was opposed to all of that before they both went away. She replies with her conclusions, including that they have a ‘strong and mutually beneficial relationship’. Okay…

And later, Hannah asks Booth what the deal is between him and Brennan. He assures her there is nothing romantic going on between them. Hannah tells him that’s not what she meant; she’s merely commenting on how close they are. Booth backtracks a bit and says that’s bound to happen when you work with someone for so long. Work with?

In Maggots in the Meathead, Hannah observes that Brennan is very close to Booth; our fave anthropologist replies that it’s out of ‘necessity’.

What? Like it was some chore or something? Last I checked, they didn’t get to know one another out of some begrudging attitude of being forced together by superiors. Sure, they didn’t always get along, but they chose to work together, time and time again. Shared experiences bring about relationship, and so yes, they did get to know each other that way. But to suggest that they got to know each other because of their work, and not in spite of it…yeah, I’m not buying that. I have over 100 episodes to prove it! 🙂

So yeah, on the surface, their replies sort of rub me the wrong way, but underneath that surface, I can’t help but ask…what about ‘partnership?’ Why is their standard ‘go-to’ answer (‘we’re just partners’) not what they are saying any longer? Thoughts from you?

Maybe it’s because they never were just partners, but now can’t admit that? ‘Just partners’ was the new ‘Just Everything’. It was more than saving each others’ lives. On the surface, that seems crazy. What greater gift can anyone give than to save the life of a friend? Normally, the answer is nothing. And yet, with Booth and Brennan…we did see them save one another, multiple times. But we also saw a relationship in which if one was upset about something, he or she would knock on the other’s door. Didn’t matter when. And I don’t believe that every time Brennan knocked on Booth’s door, she was secretly looking for sex. And I don’t think that every time Booth showed up at Brennan’s office with food, he was looking for sex. Sure, there is the underlying attraction between them, but more than that…they really care for one another and take care of each other, and are just… there for each other. In life-saving circumstances (AiaS, HitH, KitC, HiaF), but in other situations too. In just plain…life. When Booth woke up from his coma, Brennan was there. When her mother’s remains were identified, Booth was there. When Max and Russ ride off again, Booth was there. And when he needed ‘just some time’, she was there. There are so many more instances of this ‘single life shared’. Is anyone else sort of holding on to that like a promise?

Who knows? Maybe Booth and Brennan aren’t the center. Maybe their partnership is, and they are just clinging to that. Once that cracked, then they didn’t hold. I find it so interesting that what I thought would happen (they would form an official romantic relationship, then be forced to dissolve their partnership) may in fact turn out to be the opposite. The dissolution of their partnership (as it was) will be what brings about their romantic relationship.

That is what feels off to me. It has nothing to do with the idea that Booth is dating Hannah; it has everything to do with the fact that B&B aren’t really ‘partners’ any longer. ‘Surrogate nothing’, Booth said, and I liked to quote him. But that’s gone. They BOTH relied on the status quo of their relationship as it was. Each had his/her own reasons why, but they did both hide behind that.

Angela told Brennan they were a couple, just not having sex. David Boreanaz tells US all the time that they are ‘together’, and we’ve always told each other that we value their friendship, affection, partnership, etc, just as much as the sexual tension. But I just find it so intriguing that they aren’t using that word…partner. It’s almost sacred between them. Interesting that what they hid behind is now true, and yet…they can’t say it.

When Hannah asks both of them about how close they are, neither one replies. “We’re just partners”. So either it’s not true anymore, or neither one ever believed it. I asked around on Twitter yesterday, wondering when people thought that ‘just partners’ turned into ‘more than partners’, and the majority of the responses included moments from season one. In fact, quite a few people mentioned Two Bodies in the Lab, and some people replied that it’s ALWAYS been that way. They’ve never been ‘just’ anything.

Until now?

Let’s take Hannah out of the equation. Booth comes back single, and Brennan is also single. Do we see the same sort of awkwardness between them? The same sort of uncertainty of how they fit with one another? Yeah, I think we do. I think what we’re seeing isn’t necessarily Hannah related; it’s more that Booth and Brennan are trying to figure out how they are going to work. After the 100th episode, I wrote…

Brennan will have to deal with this. It’s not the same as him being fake dead, or him being in a coma, I guess. This is him being himself, the same him, with her every single day like ‘normal’ and it not being the same. I’m curious to know which one will be the first to say they can’t have it be like it was. We’ll see I guess. But, though ED and DB have double billing, the show IS called BONES and so Brennan’s character development is what is really going to drive the rest of this series. She has been presented with Booth’s feelings on the matter and now must deal with them. Not that I don’t love Booth, but basically, his feelings for her have somewhat become a plot point in her character development. His family issues and past and all of that are there for us to see as parts of BRENNAN’S relationship with him. It’s really all about her character. So in that way, it comes as no surprise that Booth would be the one to confess his feelings and now Brennan must react and work through that.

And…it was Brennan. She told him in Boy with the Answer that she couldn’t do it any longer. She told Angela she had to get away (in BitE) to sort out her feelings for him and their relationship and what it all means (though Booth didn’t know that, as Stephanie pointed out in her excellent essay last week). I’m saying I think that B&B have their own issues that need dealing with. Hannah is sort of a minor issue at this point.

So, when the closing seconds of Maggots in the Meathead ticked away, I wasn’t struck with the idea that Booth and Brennan are desperately in love with each other. My main impression was that Booth isn’t trying to find a way out of his current relationship with Hannah. Like in most things he does, he’s all in. And yet, he still cares about Brennan. He has to know that yeah, in order for him to have a successful relationship, things would have to change between him and Brennan. He told her and us that in the season five finale. He’s not caught off guard by that. But even in a successful relationship with another woman, he still cares for Brennan. Sure, it’s still love, as he said in CitC; it was and it still is. Maybe a bit muted, but it’s the partnership type love that they’ve shared. For Brennan’s side, I think she’s realizing more and more that her nights aren’t going to be filled with sharing meals with Booth, with stopping by his apartment when she has a question, of him stopping by hers when he wants to hash out something from the case, or if he just happens to see her lights from the road. When she reassured him in RitRC that their partnership was so important to her, Booth assured her that he understood. “You’d die for your partner; that’s how I look at it.” And she agreed, and I think she’s seeing that she should sacrifice herself (die, in theory) for him. For her partner. And he (though committed to Hannah) has also sacrificed in a way, giving up what he considered to be ‘the one’ for the sake of Brennan’s well-being.

No big deal, that’s nothing new, they might individually say. After all, we’re just partners, they might say. But like Sweets said in Secret in the Soil, why would we think otherwise?

Why? Maybe because they aren’t saying it at all.

Peace, Love & Bones,



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23 thoughts on ““Just Partners”; When Did it Become Just “Everything?” And Is That Gone?

  1. I didn’t even pick up that they weren’t saying “partner” until you pointed it out. You make some very compelling points in here. As usual, I have to agree with you.
    I do have to confess though; I’m really loving this season. Even if Booth and Brennan are kind of struggling with each other, I feel that it makes the show even more interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens next. And who says “partner” first.

  2. So if they arent saying their just partners i wonder if something happened between them in the 5th season final did they get “together” because in The Couple in the cave Bones was asking about Booth missing Hannah she offered 2 help him. Just wondering

  3. I definitely wondered about what seemed like a deliberate avoidance of the word “partner” at the end of season 5 and CitC. Guess they realized the standard “we’re just partners” wasn’t so true anymore.

    Maybe they are avoiding the word “partner” with those who are in a position to challenge that supposition. Everyone Brennan works with knew they were more than partners, and Booth knew that too. If he goes around calling Brennan his partner to Hannah, he’s inadvertently telling her things he probably doesn’t want her to know, whether she realizes the meaning behind the word or not. Being partners was more than just a work thing, it was everything you mentioned. So they are boiling their relationship to just the work aspect right now because all they can handle.

    However, once they stop thinking about their partnership in abstract ways – once someone actually threatens Brennan for instance, Booth immediately was on the offense with his, “Did you just shove my partner?” This, more than anything, gives me hope that all the up-in-air-feeling I have about their relationship will settle eventually because some things just haven’t changed, no matter how they might deny and protest.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself (but you know that). Thank you for being the voice of reason in a very unreasonable time in our fandom. And for asking such an important question that even I myself didn’t think to ask. 🙂

    • A little miffed here at being called part of the ‘unreasonable’ fandom – because I don’t agree with your view that the SO storyline is so wonderful. I’m fine with your having a different opinion of it, and my response to it is perfectly valid – I wouldn’t call it unreasonable….

  5. like it was already said… they know that they aren’t partners anymore… they knew that they were more…. but with Hannah… they can’t lie anymore about it…. they have to admit this fact…

  6. I don’t think Booth and Brennan were ever more than just partners until any of the mentioned episodes in S1. Given what we know from 100, I think they could have *potentially* been more than just partners, but I don’t think that ended up being the case.

    So, I am one of the crowd that had also not noticed the lack of using this term/phrase, although it has been painfully obvious that they haven’t been working in the same sense as partners, so it is interesting to bring in the semantic aspect as well. Brennan seems to currently only be a part of the team, vs. Booth’s partner. We used to see scenes where Brennan was almost always with Booth when meeting with victims’ loved ones, potential suspects, and, as you’ve noted before – in the interrogation room.

    Booth is neither insisting that Brennan accompany him all of the time nor is Brennan forcing herself to join him. “Things would have to change between him and Brennan.”

    When Booth said, ““You’d die for your partner; that’s how I look at it.”, I felt that it still reflected his love for Brennan – and perhaps hopefulness. And though Booth would still definitely die for Brennan, I think right now, they *aren’t* partners. Man, that just depressed the heck out me as I typed that thought just now. 😦

    “Booth backtracks a bit and says that’s bound to happen when you work with someone for so long. Work with?” Hadn’t really thought about this line, either. But you are so right that in many ways, it would have made much more sense to say, “that’s bound to happen when you’re partners”, right? It is no accident, I think, that Booth is avoiding this term. I am in the camp that even though Booth may not see that there may be a future opening with Brennan and that he is not pursuing it, he definitely knows that he feels the same way about her as he ever did.

  7. Hmm. Are you talking about those times when they deny a deeper relationship between them by saying, ‘we’re just partners’? Or any reference to being partners? (I’m assuming the former since he refers to her as his partner in 6.3).

    In some ways, it would have been very awkward to use the ‘we’re just partners’ excuse after the 100th, after it was clear Booth wanted it to be more. I guess they could now, if he wanted to reassure Hannah that they’re just friends and colleagues, but I wonder if it’s painful for him to say that, remembering how many times it was said in the past when he (at least) didn’t mean it?

    From a writing perspective, I think it might be another small way for HH to keep driving home the truth that things are not like they used to be, that nothing is the same. In that sense, I’d be surprised if either of them ever says it again. That cat is out of the bag (and took up residence in the room as a mastodon, to merrily mix my metaphors) and can’t be stuffed back in.

  8. I never even picked this up, although i did think something was a bit iffy… as soon as you said it though i remembered something. not sure whether it means anything though.

    At the end of PitSotW, just after Brennan breaks our hearts by saying “i’m a scientist, i can’t change”, she says “Can we still work together?” I don’t know why, but that always struck me as slightly odd. It might just be the scripting, but personally I always thought that the most important thing to B&B wasn’t the fact that they actually work together, but it was their actual partnership, the fact that Special Agent Seeley Booth’s partner is Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Their work was just what drew them together, and kept them in close proximity on a regular basis, but really they were partners. But after this it was like their partnership was now a given, that that would always be the same, that meant everything, but she was just worried about the fact that they may not work together, as that was the part that made them see eachother each day.

    It’s like the coffee thing, if there were no more murders, they would still be partners, they just wouldnt see each other as much. She was worried about the “as much”.

    BitE is the last time partnership is mentioned i think, when Brennan says to Angela that she doesnt understand what her “partnership” with Booth means anymore. I believe that somewhere between then and the start of season 6, while evaluating their patnership while away, they both decided that they weren’t just partners anymore, and that partners wasnt enough to explain their relationship anymore.

    i dont know, i cant remember where i was going with this but hope that makes sense…

  9. quickly, id just like to add something. I’m watching SotG, from season 1, and Brennan says “i’m your partner, let me be your partner”. Obviously back then they understood what partnership was, it was clear to them. Maybe now they have stopped using the phrase “just partners”, because the lines of partnership have been so blurred that they dont understand what parts are their partnership, and what parts are their relationship. It has lost meaning.

  10. When I saw the title of this post, I immediately thought of the pilot episode, and I had to watch it because it was the first time that they both said the word “partner” and became partners.
    “Temperance, partners share things. Builds trust.”
    “Since when are we partners?”
    What’s so different from where they were then, when Brennan denied that they were partners, to right now, when neither mentions the word? From a post-100 point of view (meaning looking at the Pilot with 100th episode eyes), not much. In the Pilot, neither trusted the other, due to the fallout of the previous case. Now, they don’t really trust each other because of the fallout of real-time-100 (and leaving in the finale). It’s on Brennan again, like the first time. Maybe she has to share something of herself again, and he does too.

    Were they ever “just” partners? Yes. I think it took them a while before the word partnership meant more than just a working partnership like it was supposed to be. I think it became more than just partners when they started relying on each other beyond what a regular partnership does. I guess I could say Two Bodies in the Lab is one of those episodes, but I also think it was a journey, too, it wasn’t sudden. Definitely by the end of season 4, they were not “just partners.”

    Sudden realization: Booth describes partnership the same as love.
    Example 1 (Rocker in the Rinse Cycle, partnership): “You’d die for your partner; that’s the way I look at it.”
    Example 2 (Couple in the Cave, love): “It’s thinking of someone else before yourself. It’s giving your life, if necessary, for that person. It’s love.”
    Obviously, Booth’s definition of partnership seems to have changed from giving something of yourself (using Angela’s words) to giving your whole self. No wonder Brennan questions him after he says that in CitC, and then neglects to use the word partner with Hannah — he basically said that being a partner = love, and since he’s with Hannah now, Brennan can’t see it as a partnership if partnership = love. If she uses Booth’s definitions (and is very literal about it), well… we sure have an interesting season on our hands, don’t we? But you’re right, was he just talking about partnership love, or romantic love? I can’t decide. I also agree about the last scene of MitM… it didn’t scream love to me. It was more of a care/concern/friendship scene than anything. Booth sees that Brennan feels out of place (everyone has someone else to go home to), and he’s Booth (yes, that can be an explanation for things *shifty eyes*). He needs to see that she’s OK. Just partners? Now, yes. Before? No.

    • Owl said: “It’s on Brennan again, like the first time. Maybe she has to share something of herself again, and he does too.”

      What a very thought-provoking statement! I am inclined to think after what we’ve seen thus far this season, that what Brennan needs to share (in order to re-establish the trust and “partnership” between her and Booth) is the truth about her feelings for him. I’m not saying she needs to say “I love you” (quite the opposite, actually), I’m saying I think she needs to explain the “why” behind some of her actions – why she said no (fear?), why she went to Maluku (perspective). Both of those actions were at least partially influenced by her feelings for Booth, and I think she needs to own up to that struggle.

      On the flip side, though, I’m not sure Booth is quite ready to hear what she has to say yet. Booth put himself in a very vulnerable position in the 100th when he essentially declared his feelings and she didn’t reciprocate (at least not verbally). Talk about a lack of parity! Hannah’s presence may even the scales somewhat now, but underneath, that lack of balance is still very much an issue.

      I’m very curious to see how the inevitable Booth/Hannah breakup plays out in this respect. If Brennan’s confession of her feelings to Booth isn’t the cause of the break-up (and I don’t think it will be), then it will have to be because Booth comes to his realization first (Hannah may have to tell him, but he’ll figure it out some way). The scales will tip again and it will be up to Brennan to restore the balance (hopefully for good).

      • I agree — Brennan needs to share about the “perspective” and that “why” behind her actions, not “I love you” at all (I don’t think she’s figured that out, anyways). It’s going to be tough for Brennan. I don’t think she’s completely figured out her whys yet, or that perspective. I think Booth saw a little of that in the most recent Gravedigger episode, but you’re also right, he’s not ready to hear it. I wish I had a better handle on what Booth is feeling — I have a more difficult time understanding him than Brennan.

        At first I didn’t agree about the scales thing… and now that I think about it, I agree. I also think that they are on the periphery of what their partnership was — all of the actions are there, but they’re too distracted by other things for it to be the old partnership. I think that also happened with the first season — they were in the process of building their partnership. They were chasing after each other literally and figuratively. Now they’re at it again, both the chasing and the building. They can’t build the old partnership back, so what will happen? At the moment, they are work partners, not more, which is why they won’t mention anything beyond that (also, interesting to note that Hannah told Brennan that Booth called her the best partner he’s ever had, and with MitM, he obviously still calls her as his partner when she’s threatened). I’m not sure if Booth is going to realize things first. Maybe with Hannah’s help… but I don’t know. I don’t think Hannah will be around in the girlfriend capacity by the time this whole thing comes together, it just wouldn’t be right (although I’d completely buy her being a witness and/or involved in some other capacity). *shrug* I guess now it’s just time to wait.

  11. This is a great topic…I had kind of noticed the lack of the word partner this season, but hadn’t realized it hadn’t been said AT ALL! I’m sure it means something, I’m just not sure what…I’m totally enjoying the ride right now and am curious to see where it will all lead (as long as it leads to B/B eventually, I’m happy).

    I totally agree with what you said here:
    “So, when the closing seconds of Maggots in the Meathead ticked away, I wasn’t struck with the idea that Booth and Brennan are desperately in love with each other. My main impression was that Booth isn’t trying to find a way out of his current relationship with Hannah. Like in most things he does, he’s all in. And yet, he still cares about Brennan”

    • Well, he did refer to her as his partner in last Thursday’s ep, but it was a heat of the moment comment to a suspect, not in the context of a discussion about their relationship.

  12. so I find your points intriguing, but also depressing. partner was always the code for so much more, and the fact that it has been missing from this season is worrisome – because at least at it’s most basic level it was a foundation for their relationship. I worry that if they don’t have a base (it’s too shaken by their respective needs to protect themselves), they cannot rebuild.

    I don’t think Booth is trying to find a way out of the H relationship – yet. I think until he lets himself value Brennan again, even just as a friend, he will keep trying very hard to move on and protect himself.

  13. It’s so interesting to see everyone’s perspectives on this topic! Your question provoked some thought about when I think the development in their partnership happened, the transition between “we work together” to “partners” to “more than partners, but we’re ‘just’ partners”. 🙂 It’s interesting that many think that Two Bodies was when they evolved to “more than”, since I felt like that was the first episode they truly became real partners. The reason why I feel this is because until this point, I felt like they were just feeling each other out, working together but not working as partners. After Two Bodies, it felt more cohesive to me, and then somewhere around S1 finale or beginning of S2 was when it became “more than”, and as the seasons have progressed, we’ve seen that sort of stick.

    I definitely agree that for a long time they weren’t “just” anything, but after 100 the scales tipped and they weren’t sure how to act around each other anymore. The deep bond was still there, but it seems like their 7 month separation took its toll on their partnership in the purest sense. It seems like the word “partner” has become sacred to them, and right now they’re both unsure of where they stand with each other. It seems Booth’s keeping Brennan at arm’s length and Brennan doesn’t feel as close to Booth because of Hannah. I’m intrigued to find out how they’ll cross the barrier back to “partners” and than “more than partners” again, but hopefully this time round, they’ll never have to say “just partners” again. 😉

  14. What a great post!! Thank you for addressing yet another issue that’s been bothering me!!

    I totally agree with you when you say that Booth and Brennan were never “just partners” and that NOW they are “just partners”. Every time I heard them say “we’re just partners” I say (out loud) “KEEP TELLING YOURSELVES THAT!!”. There was NO WAY they were just partners. OK. I think I’ve established that! 😛

    What is so brilliant (and heart breaking) about BONES right now is that whatever “partnership” they have is not there anymore. I feel like there’s a gaping hole in the middle of everything (or a Mastodon or elephant…whatever you want to call it). I barely cannot wait for one of them to crack!

    When you brought up the quote by Booth: “You’d die for a partner, that’s how I see it”…a thought came to me. What if…in the near future…Booth has to save Brennan or vice versa? Would that trigger feelings about their “partnership”? Would that make them realize what they lost? Would it be a “Eureka!” moment for them?

    So….it seems like Hannah is not the wall between Booth and Brennan. “Booth and Brennan” is the wall between Booth and Brennan. Does that even make sense!?!??!

    By the way. Now that you mention it. Brennan really can’t drop by when she’s feeling troubled and Booth really can’t bring her food etc. etc. Now THAT really breaks my heart. Feels a bit like losing a friend, really. Sad!! T___T.

  15. That is what feels off to me. It has nothing to do with the idea that Booth is dating Hannah; it has everything to do with the fact that B&B aren’t really ‘partners’ any longer.

    I don’t think it’s possible to take Hannah out of the equation, though. The reason they aren’t “partners” – with all the deeper meaning attached – is because he isn’t free to be partners with her and she isn’t free to think of him as a partner any longer. So, they went from being “partners” to being “just partners” and neither one of them wanted to verbalize that. Because it hurt both of them too much.

    They were both so defensive about their relationship especially during the Hannah-era. Booth’s immediate “oh, there’s nothing there!” to Hannah is one example. Brennan’s “it was out of necessity” defense is another. Both of them repeating over and over how Hannah’s presence has no affect on the two of them together. Etc., into infinity.

    IMO, Hannah just can’t be removed from any discussion about the change because she’s a big huge wooley mammoth part of the change.

    • Good discussion! I recently re-watched the Critic in the Cabernet again and, in light of what is happening now, it took on a new meaning for me. At that point, pre-comma dream, they were “just partners”. Brennan wanted a baby, not just any baby though, and Booth wanted to help her but he didn’t want to be just a “donor”, he wanted to be involved. Now, that conversation never went anywhere due to the tumor issue but…. re-watching it now, when Booth tells her he needs to be “the father” if he’s going to father a child…he didn’t really say no; he was, in my opinion, asking her if he could be part of the child’s life, and thereby them having a real connection. If there had been no tumor, what would have happened at that point? They weren’t sleeping together, they were “just partners” but, as Angela said, they were a couple – just not physically intimate. I mean did Booth ever tell Hannah that he wanted to have a child with Brennan? Not just donate, raise a kid with her? Akward. I mean….really. Waaaaay beyond “just parnters” or co-workers. EVERYONE knew they were more to one another than work-related partners. The squints knew, Caroline knew it….that’s why things were so akward at the beginning of S6. And, yes, I do think things would have still been akward without Hannah. I think Booth felt very, very rejected after their seperation – even moreso than post 100th episode. To me, Booth looked more devasted after putting Brennan in the cab at the end of Boy with the Answer than he did after the failed proposal to Hannah. He was trying to hold on to what he/they had and it was slipping away. Booth was “mad” at the end of Daredevil in the Mold but I take it as just an all around disappointment with where he was in his life at that point….about not being able to really move forward as he tried to and all the hurt that he felt from being “rejected” or feeling that “something is wrong here”. It did not take him long to start hanging around again with Brennan after he told Hannah to hit the bricks.

    • Oh, I definitely agree that things would have been awkward at the beginning of S6, Hannah or not. But the way that played out – those emotions, that refusal to acknowledge exactly how important they were to each other – that was all because Hannah was there and Booth was working so hard to make that relationship work.

      Which is what should be expected from Booth. That’s what he does, right? But he couldn’t cling so hard to Hannah and what he wanted that relationship to be and still hold on to Brennan. Something had to go, and he let go of her.

      At least, he tried to. 🙂

      But Brennan is kinda like Hodgins’ pond scum. Once you get it on you, no matter how often you wash your hands, you can smell it.

      And I mean that in the nicest way possible, obviously. *lol*

      • Yep, he definitely tried to “let go” or distance himself a bit for Brennan…. he “lied” to himself to “protect his own feelings”;) But, ultimately, he let go of Hannah. Season 7 will be very interesting to see how the balance between Booth and Brennan works in their personal relationship … as long as they don’t make it ridiculous. They love one another, now they have to make it work and, really, it shouldn’t be sacrifice or really “hard” work. In other words, Booth trying to make it work with Brennan should look different than Booth trying to make it work with Hannah. They have to stay true to themselves and, yeah, they’ll bicker but the love has to be there….I think it will be. To me, the end of S5 and the first half of S6 was a painful time for them and I would like to think lessons were learned there. After everything they’ve been through and knowing what they know about one another, they still wanted to give it a try when they were ready in Blackout in the Blizzard. Relationships are hard, nothing worth having is easy.

  16. Sometime in early season 2, I’ve always had the impression the word ‘partner’ meant more than just work colleagues to Booth. When he treatened the gang boss, he said he never said Brennan was FBI but that she is his partner. Two people who share a life together/live together but are not married are called partners – at least here in the UK – so it always felt like they were 2 people who had more than a working relationship every time they said they were just partners. It sort of saves them having to explain what they were feeling as the word emcompasses a lot.

    Now, they are not ‘partners’. They are work colleagues. A distinction needs to be made or I see someone getting sucked right back to where he is trying so hard not to be.
    Booth wants to be certain that Brennan is ok with his relationship with Hannah/their current working relationship before he can use the word again because he does not want anyone having the wrong ideas. Brennan is aware of this too. She is not as clueless as we all make her out to be. She is a genius and Sully did say it takes her a split second to make decisions where it takes others a while to put it all together. She knew and knows what the word relates to and would avoid it in the hope that it is what would make Booth happy and have a stress free relationship. Until they feel they both will not attach emotional relationship to the word ‘partner’, I’m not sure they will want to use it.

    Poor kids!

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