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Top Five Tuesday: Brennan Makes Me Laugh!


I don’t know about you, but I could use some cheering up these days, BONES-wise. Not that I’m unhappy with the show or anything; but I have just noticed that most of my posts lately are kind of reflective of the beautiful angst that seems to be permeating from each episode. But in light of last week’s Maggots in the Meathead, I decided to take a look at five episodes in which Brennan completely cracks me up. Sounds easy, right? Well, I found it impossible to choose. I just cannot deny Brennan her moments! So, here we have the top TEN episodes in which Brennan makes me laugh big time. I hope you’ll find at least one you agree with and that you’ll join in with a comment of your own, weighing in on my choices and adding your own!

(in chronological order)

1. The Man in the Wall

“Let’s just say, your boss inhaled”, and let’s just say…I laughed. I love the way Brennan sort of manhandles Booth at the crime scene, but is kind of clueless to it and the way she rushes over to Zack, so happy to see him. And it’s funny when Booth is annoyed that Tessa left and Angela and Brennan get all girly on him. It’s kind of deliciously grotesque when she puts on that human hand skin-glove and I always laugh when she changes the music in Booth’s SUV. Yes!  

2. The Girl in Suite 2103:

“See…even you don’t want to say anything to hurt his tiny feelings. I don’t mean that your feelings are tiny; I mean that you have feelings about being tiny.”

Brennan completely cracks me up in this episode. She’s so blatantly her with Alex from the State Department, to the outrage of Booth (I’m sensing a trend. Maybe I find her most funny when Booth is horrified. I’ll take it). But she’s also  funny at the beginning of this episode when Booth is humming in the elevator (due to his new/renewed deal with  Cam), and again later when a waitress flirts with Booth and she rolls her eyes at his returned smile.

3. The Girl with the Curl

AH! You guys, hahahahaha! Brennan is just perfect. I mean, she makes mistakes, obviously (as she would say), but in this episode, I can’t help but laugh a lot. What is so endearing about her is that she is so genuine. She knows the truth and has to share it with these girls. “It’s a Darwinian pressure you’re too young to bear.” Haha, enter Booth (in his gray suit). He literally picks her up off the ground. One of the young girls says, “You have huge muscles.” And he just says thanks and asks Brennan if she learned anything? Her response? “Yeah, I learned about cankles.” Awesome.

4. Death in the Saddle

You all know that my all time favorite Brennan is when she tries to tell jokes. I adore it. So of course I love when in this episode, she does actual research on horse jokes. “Hay…is for horses.” Check her out, using improv! Though she’s a little annoyed that Booth already knows the answers, which is typical and funny too.

But the best is in the elevator later… “Giddy-up!”

Hahaha, poor Booth.

5. The Baby in the Bough:

This episode is one of my all time favorites, but for some reason I don’t watch it much. I have no idea why; I really should watch it a lot more. It has one of my all time favorite Booth and Brennan moments, when Brennan tells Booth he should care for the baby, as he’s the ‘baby-daddy’. Booth is like WTF does that mean and then tells her she can be the ‘daddy-mommy’. Um…okay! Haha! What does THAT even mean? It’s such a throw-away part that it almost feels like improv. Who knows? But even apart from that, Brennan just brings the funny in this episode. “A prime number”, “Elephants are not purple; this is wrong,”, “Just because I have breasts doesn’t mean that I have magical powers over infants”, “I sent an intern who apparently loves bears which in reality would devour a small child.”  But of course… “Phalanges! Dancing Phalanges, Dancing Phalanges!” is just the all time best!


6. The Science in the Physicist:

I know a lot of people don’t like this episode, but for some reason, I just adore it. I think maybe because Brennan’s in her element and it just puts Booth on edge.  Either way, she really makes me laugh. I love when she gets this fun little ‘share a joke with me’ smile on her face about catching Jennifer and Milton with Booth. Booth is kind of prudish, though he denies it. She says, “Well, you have what they would call ‘hang-ups’.” Ha!

She’s so sweet! And I love when she touches Booth’s face after he gets punched. But I always laugh a ton when at the end of the episode, she keeps saying the wrong thing. It’s funny because she KNOWS she’s saying the wrong thing…to Booth at least.

7. The Double Death of the Dearly Departed:

This is the only one on the list that also showed up on the top five episodes where BOOTH cracks me up. Confession: I still don’t really like this episode. I think it’s really funny in spots, and in other parts, it’s way over the top. But for the parts I love, like, “Booth we are talking about translation!” and this gem…

…I can’t help but laugh a lot.

8. The Dwarf in the Dirt:

This is absolutely one of my all time favorite episodes ever. And it’s very serious in some parts, but Brennan mostly makes me laugh. I love how she laughs at the ‘sinkhole’ joke, and though her attempts at humor in the episode are basically attempts to ‘help’ Booth get back to his confident self, she’s still funny to me. In fact, because she’s so sweet about it, (as long as I don’t have to shave my head!), I love her even more.

The two parts that always really make me laugh though are when she announces, quite succinctly, that she prefers good boys, and earlier when she calls out the fraud in the ring. “BOO!…Fraud! Look at his femurs!”

One cannot deny the femurs, BONES fans. We cannot.

9. The Foot in the Foreclosure:

I love Brennan in this episode, and she makes me laugh when she is with Booth and Pops. I particularly love when she insists that she has ovaries and when she also insists that Booth is skittish about sex. It’s fun to see Brennan and Pops kind of bully Booth, and of course he reacts. But what always makes me laugh is when Brennan is on the phone with Pops and she tells Booth that, “He says shut up and don’t be late.” She’s so awesome!! I love when she closes the phone and talks trash with Booth about kicking his butt at dominoes. Woo!

10. Maggots in the Meathead

 You guys…are you even KIDDING ME with this episode? Normally I turn off the internet when I’m watching an episode. I like it to be just me and the ep. But when Brennan said, “Eureka! A gathering of guidos!”, I had to get on my Twitter account and add that it was #WhyIWillNeverStopWatching. Brennan can  be funny in other ways, but her genuine sincerity in her work is absolutely delightful to me. I laughed a lot! Emily Deschanel is a comic genius!

Okay, so there are ten to get the discussion started. Please weigh in below with agreements/disagreements and your own additions of course! When I come back tonight, I want to be able to say, “Eureka! A gathering of comments!” Haha.

Peace, Love & Bones,



23 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Brennan Makes Me Laugh!

  1. Love all those moments, here’s my favorites:

    Proof in the Pudding: Brennan: Oh, you know who can do jibber jabber? Booth: Who? Brennan: Me. And then how giddy she gets about it…classic.

    Man in the Outhouse: Brennan: He can hold his breath for three minutes down there. Booth: Underwater? Brennan: Of course.

    Please. She so knows what that means. 🙂

  2. The Maggots in the Meathead was SO hysterically funny! My absolute favorite Brennan funny moment in that episode was when she and Booth walked up to Terror (the bouncer) at the entrance to the club. Brennan turns to Booth and says something like, “I know how to handle this” and then says to Terror, “Yo! ‘Sup!”, gives him a hand clasp/hug and then walks right past him. Booth just kind of stares after her incredulously.

    Another one of my favorite funny Brennan episodes is The Critic in the Cabernet. Brennan is SO matter of fact about her plans to have a baby with Booth’s stuff in that scene on the forensic platform and Cam, Hodgins, and Angela are SO horrified. And Fisher’s discount sperm? Classic.

    The best part, of course, is how whenever Booth says “whoa,” Brennan automatically says “horse.”

  3. thanks for the big smile – love these moments!

  4. Haha lots of those made me laugh, and reminds me how much I love her.

    I thought Meathead was the best ep so far this season – it was hilarious, but also had a few heartfelt moments that I loved. Brennan proving she knows Booth ‘on a very deep level’ = awesome. And the first proper ‘Boothy’ look at Brennan of the season in the final moment? Spread warmth through my shipper heart with the knowledge that it’s all still to play for.

    There are lots of moments where Brennan has made me laugh, but the one coming to mind right now is in ‘Secret in the Soil’ when she’s telling Booth the merits of organic food, and chooses the colourful research of the alligators with the ‘smaller genitalia than their fresh water counterparts’ with that little raise of the eyebrow she does. Cracks me up every time. She knows exactly what she’s saying, and Booth’s reaction is amusing in its predictability as well.

    Can’t let a mention of this episode go by without mentioning one of my ALL TIME favourite funny-Booth moments – when he’s talking to the older lady who is making all the agents lemonade while they search her land, and her husband is being all cagey and obstructive to Booth’s questions. His wife comes along and just through being really helpful makes her husband look like the number one suspect and Booth just looks like the very charming, very amused, cat-who-got-the-cream when he says ‘thank you, you’ve been verrrry helpful’ with this big cheeky grin.

    Charming-Booth and witty-Brennan gets me every time.

  5. I love all of these moments, especially Baby in the Bough. That’s the episode that got my sister hooked on Bones, and we still yell “Dancing Phalanges!” for the fun of it sometimes (and it has become a joke between my sister and her friend). Oh! And Brennan talking with Pops on the phone has to be one of my favorite scenes — she’s just so cute, and Booth is so annoyed!

    “If you drive one more block, I’m yelling kidnap out the window” is my favorite Brennan moment, and always makes me laugh. I’m not even sure why, but I just think I love it when Brennan is teasing Booth.

    Brennan’s excitement about the mummy in Night at the Bones Museum is also one of those times she made me laugh. As a history nerd who has loved (Egyptian) mummies since I was in kindergarten, I completely sympathize and feel her excitement — if I was able to study a real Egyptian mummy, I’d be bouncing off the walls! Plus, anytime Brennan is that happy, it’s always a gem to watch.

  6. I love the Funny Brennan moments from Mummy in the Maze. Her “competition” with Cam about whose costume is better (Cat Woman vs. Wonder Woman). Priceless. I love her reaction to the snakes and jumping on Booth’s back even if it is a little OOC for her to afraid of snakes. The GUN!! Too funny. Also the very end of the episode where she starts spinning in circles as she and Booth leave the lab for dinner. ED was awesome and hilarious in this episode!

  7. The end of Science in the Physicist – definitely laugh out loud . . . and more than just how she interacts with Booth. I couldn’t help it, I had to utilize Netflix and get the whole scene:

    Brennan: What, don’t worry about that. I figure out a long time ago how stupid you are.
    Booth: Hmm.
    Brennan: What I just said is true, and yet it really sounded wrong. What I should say is that I don’t care how stupid you are.
    It’s not any better?
    Booth: No, no, not at all.
    Brennan:There is intelligence, which is what I have and Mr. Nigel-Murray.
    N-M: Oh, thank you.
    Brennan: And Sweets, even though his is so misdirected as to be meaningless . . .
    Sweets: Wow, backhand full of knuckles with that compliment.
    Brennan: And Hodgins; and Angela . . . not so much, but she’s very talented.
    Angela: Thank you very much.
    Brennan: Your welcome.

    It is sweet, though, how she manages to turn it into a compliment to Booth – who surely understands the motive, if not the long roundabout wording . . .

    And, well, of course the:
    ‘sup, yo?

    • Yes! This is one of my favorites too…this part always makes me laugh:
      “Brennan: And Sweets, even though his is so misdirected as to be meaningless . . .
      Sweets: Wow, backhand full of knuckles with that compliment.
      Brennan: And Hodgins; and Angela . . . not so much, but she’s very talented”

  8. I LOVE when Brennan gets to be funny! We see it so much from the other characters and it’s nice to see her get some of the comedy spotlight. 🙂

    I have to say the line about the gathering of guidos has to be one of my all time favorites. My mom and I were watching the ep together and looked at each other like “Did she really say eureka?” before bursting out in hysterical fits of giggles.

    One of the funny Brennan moments I think of is in my favorite episode “The Man in the Fallout Shelter.” Her whole conversation with drugged Booth makes me giggle every time. When he jumps up from behind the table on the platform rambling about Christmas Eve and her only reply is, “Still enjoying your medication I see,” I start giggling, and the laughter only increases when Booth

    • Ha! Apparently my computer decided to submit comment and I was not done. *rolls eyes at technology*

      Anyway…as I was saying. When Booth is trying to explain about Christmas being a time to reexamine your relationship with God and waving his finger around in the air and Brennan says, “A helicopter pilot?” Her cluelessness and Booth’s frustration make me laugh harder every time. I think you’re right, Seels, Brennan frustrating/embarrassing Booth=funny Brennan moment. 🙂

  9. Thank you for the funny moments.

    My shipper heart needed it. I just don’t know how much angst we can handle. I did like the last episode. It is probably my favorite since the 100th. I keep holding out hope and believe the payoff is out there….

    Thanks for lifting my spirits!

  10. Great examples Sarah! I had a big smile thinking about all of those moments, which was a great addition to my day. 🙂

    The one other moment that I can think of when Brennan’s antics truly made me grin was in Mayhem on the Cross when she’s in the interrogation room with Sweets and Booth is looking on from his laptop. When she turns on the over-the-top “bad cop” routine and sits in that chair backwards…makes me howl every time! 😀

  11. I’m not even sure how you picked 10! The more I think about it, the harder it is to decide – I love Bren, and the truth is, she makes me laugh ALOT!

    Thanks for highlighting some of her funnier moments!

  12. I don’t know how to explain to you how much this post just brightened me up except that a friend of mine just walked in while I was reading this (but doesn’t know what I’m actually doing) and said “why are you smiling like you’re in love?”….then she pinched my face! 😀

    See? I’m still in love with BONES after all these years!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Oh… this list is fantabulisticulous. Truly. 🙂

  14. I CANNOT think of the title of the episode, but there’s a scene where Brennan and Booth are in a greenhouse and they smell the fertilizer and both think the other one farted. I don’t know if it’s just because I have an immature sense of humor, but I literally have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard everytime I watch this scene. It’s just hilarious!

    • I do believe that was The Secret in the Soil from Season 3, and I totally agree. That scene makes me howl with laughter every time as well. I personally love that they too can make jokes about farts! How DOES Brennan know the phrase “he who smelt it dealt it?” Haha, priceless.

  15. Oooh! The beginning of “Baby in the Bough” when Booth is holding Andy and he’s (the baby) reaching out to touch her arm and she looks at him (the baby) like he’s giving her cooties or something. Seriously cracks me up every time.

  16. How about in The Death of the Queen Bee? That had some funny moments. Brennan’s fond memories of the creepy janitor. “Now, I’m a wealthy author and a successful scientist. (To Booth) Did I do that right?” Booth: “No.” Then “We have intercourse every chance we get.” I bet you would, Brennan! And then Booth’s, “Uh, yeah, all over the place.” I bet you would, Booth!

    • I always found it interesting that them using words like husband, wife, and sweetheart didn’t sound or feel weird to me at all. And this was in spite of the fact that the whole situation between them was a bit awkward after Brennan had just turned down a romantic relationship with Booth. Now I’m not saying I’m pushing for Brennan to change her stance on marriage even though I don’t have anything against marriage, and don’t see what the big deal is to not do it. But I can see it happening on the show for ironic purposes, like when she said she would never have children. I really can’t imagine a wedding ceremony, though.

  17. Oooh, another one! Brennan was so funny (and adorable) in The Santa in the Slush when she was coming up with all her reasons on why the victim could be the real Santa Claus. And them bantering in front of the victim’s landlord…priceless.

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