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Rock the Vote 2010: Who is the Biggest B&B Shipper?


The other day, Pal Marisa wrote in this article (spoilery, be warned) that Angela is arguably the first B&B shipper. I have to agree!  Perhaps her first order of shipper-business was to NOT act on the flirting that occured between Booth and herself when they first met. Though it probably killed her just a little bit…she knew he was for Brennan and she was for him. But still… that statement got me to thinking…

Which character is now the biggest B&B shipper? Per…

The term “shipper” comes from supporting a ship. To ship something means a person wants two characters to get together and/or shows support for two characters already together. The term “ship” came from the X-Files fandom, when fanfics were written about Mulder and Scully. The fans then called themselves shippers. It quickly spread and is now the title a person gives themself if they believe two charcters should or will be together (The characters can be from anything: Books, Movies, Television, Video Games, and even Actors/Actresses). It is not limited to the couple actually happening, a person can ship something just because they enjoy the possibility of them getting together or even just because they think they would look good together.

So…I want to think about this more. I haven’t come to a final conclusion; I want your help. Once a couple of weeks go by and everyone has the chance to vote, then we’ll look into it further. Let’s look at this like the primaries. And perhaps some of you feel particularly strongly one way or the other as to an answer/candidate and will want to join in debates we have from now until November 2nd, where we elect an official #1 B&B Shipper! As for me, right now,  I think an argument can be made for the following characters:

1. Cam:

 She may not always get along with Brennan, and yes, she was first and foremost Booth’s friend, but she’s also been a big supporter of Booth being very happy with Brennan. Yeah, she also slept with Booth, but maybe she was saving him from making a bigger mistake…finding someone else to rebound with after Rebecca. Haha…yeah, biggest ‘sacrifice’ ever! She also however, makes it clear to Brennan that the anthropologist probably does not want to be alone (RitRC) and calls her out for being possibly interested in Jared.

2. Max

Ah, wily old Max Keenan! He’s such a B&B shipper, and more than that, he really loves family. I think beyond seeing the UST between his daughter and her partner resolved, what he really wants is family for both of them. And, he wants that for them…together. He approves of Booth as Brennan’s dad, but he also likes to see Brennan with Booth. As much as he loves Brennan, he really does look out for Booth. It will be interesting to see if that dynamic comes into play here in season six. Max might just have to (once again) take matters into his own hands…if he ever wants grandsquints, that is!

3. Sweets:

I was just reminded the other day (while talking with pal Smurfs) of how when I first watched BONES, I was mostly alone and how after I watched Secret in the Soil, I felt like Sweets and I were the only ones who knew about B&B! Right? That pic there is from Man in the Outhouse, but the idea is the same; Sweets gets to see more of what we get to see than just about anyone else. Also I contend that while for the most part, each person mentioned does care for B&B, there is still the general feel that each person belongs to either Booth or Brennan, based on the past, or work environments, what have you. With Sweets, he’s sort of ‘theirs’.

4. Angela

Ah, is the original (and let’s agree with Marisa and say that she is!) still the number one shipper? She certainly has no trouble telling Brennan her thoughts on the matter, and that’s one reason why we totally love her. But…if B&B honestly never got together, would she be really that bummed? She’s Brennan’s best friend, but what loyalty does she have toward Booth, except that she wants to see him happy? If Brennan were to say “Once and for all, it’s not happening. Now, will you please just be my best friend and drop it?”, would Angela sigh and say yes, or would she say something like, “Oh, I’ll be your best friend, but I’m sure as heck not dropping anything. And you can take that to the bank, sister.” To which Brennan would reply, “I haven’t been to a bank in years. Everything is done electronically. And even if I did, why would the teller want to know about our friendship…or…metaphorical sisterhood, as it were?”  Haha!

5. Hodgins

Is it a coincidence that Hodgins is the voice over for EitB? And go back to Intern in the Incinerator and check out Hodgins’ smile when Booth reveals that he knows Brennan’s passwords and subsequent choices. Hodgins just smiles at her like, “You’re toast, baby…” That, combined with the friendship we sort of see between Booth and Hodgins in that episode always makes me think…yeah, he gets it. Right? Of all the characters on the show, Hodgins is the one who really would get the struggle that each one is facing. Sure, he’s with Angela, but he knows  better than anyone how it feels to  be in love with someone and not really know whether it’s going to work out or not. Angela…we didn’t really see that on her end. She had some regret, but not like Hodgins. So yeah, he gets it. And also, more than Angela or Sweets, I think Hodgins really actually does understand both Booth and Brennan better than anyone. Sure, Angela is Brennan’s best friend and is intuitive like Booth, but Hodgins is a man and is rational like Brennan…maybe a little bit harder of a combination to come by. All I’m saying is…I think he’s a shipper. You?

6. Caroline

Why is it that posting anything about Ms. Julian always makes me nervous? Like she can even see it! Ha. But seriously…you know, for all of the people we’ve mentioned, she sure as shooting gets results, doesn’t she? What’s fun about her is that I don’t even think she LIKES Brennan all that much; it’s like she just knows they are destined to be together and is rolling up her sleeves to make it happen. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad she’s on our side!

So, there you have it…at least, those are my choices!  Weigh in below in the poll and also explain your choice in the comments!

Peace, Love & Bones,



33 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2010: Who is the Biggest B&B Shipper?

  1. Hmmmm Gee who did I vote for??

  2. What – no Clark on the list?!?

    Seriously though, this is a great idea. I’m going to have to think on this one all day before I vote.

  3. I voted for Sweets. He is totally invested in B&B, personally as well as professionally. After all, if they don’t get together, his book is crap. (I don’t for a minute believe he abandoned it after #100. He’s just waiting for the final outcome before submitting it for publication!)

  4. Sweets – all the way.

    Cam, as much as she has grown to love Brennan, has loved Booth longer (and I don’t mean romantically) and understands his heart. She wants Brennan for Booth because he wants Brennan. Hodgins wants everyone to find love like he has with Angela. He even expresses that to a certain extent with Sweets by telling him “if it were Angela, I’d follow her to Maluku” and basically anywhere. Caroline: all about what makes Booth happy. Angela, in the end, I think, is all about what will make Brennan happy, even if she thinks it is Booth. She supports Brennan in everything. Max – he is a close second to Sweets, though. I really like the argument you make for him.

    Sweets knows almost as much about Booth as Brennan does – and surmises so much more because of his psychological “mojo”. Equally, he knows almost as much about Brennan as Booth. I think you’re right – he is “theirs” and they are most definitely “his” and because he loves them both almost equally, he wants them together . . . and, I think there might be a little pride that he would take in saying he had a hand in it.

    BTW, I clearly “talk” too much. Someone needs to give me more adult contact throughout the day . . . fortunately y’all can just ignore text!

  5. No Parker either!

  6. I loved this post! It was so hard for me to decide who to vote for so I had to go for Angela. She’s been around Booth and Brennan the longest, well besides Hodgins.

    I think all those mentioned above are now definite shippers. Although, I have to agree with Stephanie: no Clark? Ha ha. He’s one of those “hiding in the janitor’s closet” shippers I think.

    Anyway, this was GREAT! Can’t wait to see who we, as awesome fans, vote as the biggest shipper on the show.

  7. I voted for Caroline. All the others have a personal interests because they’re are true friends who want to see their friends be happy or because they need it for a book… but even before Caroline thought about any impact on their work relationship (which would affect herself), she shipped them. Just for fun, just because she felt puckish. And although she is not as close to Ange to Booth or Brennan, she expressed her opinion in the s05 finale just as blunt.

  8. Sweets for sure — after all, he’s the only one actively questioning Booth & Hannah’s relationship. Everyone else just kind of resigned to it…

  9. This is quite a difficult question!

    You’ve given some reasonable arguments for all of them so some way they all know that B&B are meant to be!

    Like most people say, Angela is like the orginal B&B shipper but I agree with you, I think that in the end it doesn’t make much of a difference for her.

    When you look at it that way, I think Sweets & Cam are more keen. Sweets because he sees it all and basically is the baby duck who wants his parents to live happily ever after. And Cam because she cares a lot about Booth and, maybe a little less obvious, about Brennan. She’s the one who keeps saying that they love each other and that she’s surprised that they haven’t ended up together.

    Caroline would be a shipper in a less dominant way because she isn’t around that much. Yet she clearly saw what’s there right from the start and she wouldn’t mind helping things along a little. I guess the same goes for Max a little. He wants his daughter, and possibly Booth as well, to be happy and has seen that they could do that for each other.

    And Hodgins is a little bit of a pecualiar case if you ask me. I totally agree with what you said, of all people he might be the one who understands the best. He cares about the both of them a lot and wants them to be happy and most likely together, also because he can relate so well. But I don’t know if I’d really call it shipping. He’s just not “gooshy” enough for it. Haha Or maybe he’s just the more secretive, silent, sneaky shipper, he is after all the conspiracy theorist! Hmm maybe that means that he’ll come up with the ultimate get-them-together plan some time! 🙂

    All things considered I think Angela is the original shipper but Cam and certainly Sweets are the most keen right now, Angela is more into her own bussiness. Strangely enough my vote went to Cam. I’ve really come to like her more and more and I think she gives a lot of allusions to B&B relationship in the latest episodes.

    Oh and I agree with some of the others here, Clark should definitely be added! LOL

    I clearly talked a little too much, sorry!

  10. Interesting post! A friend of mine has said several times that can’t think of another show where so many other characters actually shipped the primary pair. I’ll pass this onto her, I think she’ll enjoy it.

    But here I am again, splitting hairs. 😉 What do we mean, really, by ‘biggest’? The person who has the most invested in their being a couple? The person who’s actually contributed the most to moving them in that direction?

    As you noted, many of them are less interested in seeing the two of them as a couple than they are in seeing them (or one of them, at least) happy. I think the only two who are really focused on the relationship itself are Sweets and Caroline. I chose Caroline because I think she’s actually contributed towards moving them closer to being a couple, whereas Sweets, uh, mostly hasn’t.

  11. Don’t know about biggest, but cutest and sweetest is definitely Parker! 😀

  12. I had to vote for Caroline. After all, she is the reason they’d kissed again!

  13. So many good arguments and only one name to choose! I’m so conflicted…

    But, after much thought, I have to give this one to Angela. Not only does she want Booth for Brennan because he’s hot, but because she truly believes they are meant to be together (and not just because Avalon said so).

    Cam and Caroline and Sweets and even Max have done their part, but I feel like it’s been Angela who has encouraged Brennan to take that risk over and over and over again.

    Do I think she would let things be if Brennan ever came out and told her to back off and let it go? Yes I do. But it would be out of respect for Brennan (not because she agreed with the decision), and I think that’s an important distinction to make.

  14. You make a good argument for all the B&B shipper possibilities and at one time or another I’ve thought of each one of them as the biggest. But after careful consideration and when it came down to it, I had to pick Sweets. Not only for the reasons you listed above, but because I believe he truly has their best interest in mind as their friend and not just their psychologist. And after seeing how he’s been so far this season, how can you not think that? 🙂

  15. This was great! Your arguements for all of them were thorough, but I had to pick Sweets.

    I agree with you about that Sweets is “theirs.” Although, Brennan and Booth don’t necessarily like their ‘couples therapy’ sessions with Sweets, they still share a lot of themselves to him. They have some very serious discussions (ie “there’s someone for everyone”) in front of him. He sees things that the others don’t. (Does Angela and the rest ever find out about their kiss in the 100th? Does Sweets know?) Sweets told Booth to make that move.

    I think Sweets is their biggest shipper 🙂

  16. For me the answer has to be Sweets! I mean he’s their baby duck and all he wants is for them to be happy. Even all the things we have gotten mad at him for have been in his quest to protect B&B and get them together in my opinion. He is one of the only ones that calls Booth and Brennan out for their actions toward one another and most importantly gets away with it AND makes them think about it! Somehow no matter how much they discount what he says to his face, you can tell they’re thinking about what he said and it’s bothering them. And I think he knows it so if he pushed them very carefully in the right direction we might just see results. 🙂

  17. Sweets is definitely a shipper, but sometimes when he’s with B/B it feels like he’s a nerdy kid all excited about his science experiment instead of a mature adult with a bit of good judgment to dispense. Plus he’s experimented with Booth and Brennan’s feelings before, although lately I do believe he does have their best interests at heart. Good intentions aside though, his ill-timed “you’re the gambler” comment sent us all into the abyss, even though it’ll surely be for the best at some point, we hope. I personally love Caroline and I wish she would appear more often because her bluntness makes people take notice (plus that kiss!) Cam is very supportive and almost maternal towards B/B (well, after she finished sleeping with Booth, anyways) but I’m not sure how much people listen to her. But ultimately my vote goes to…..Gordon Gordon Wyatt! He’s incisive, gave Booth hope and good counsel, made Brennan question her purely rational motives for being with Booth and kept them together after the Sully incident. Plus, he makes a to-die-for cassoulet and some strange-looking food over which our favorite non-couple loves to bond. So more Stephen Fry, please!

  18. I’m definitely thinking Sweets, although Angela and Caroline come in very close.

    The reason why I chose Sweets is because I believe he has served a purpose for the writers — he is basically coming from the fans’ point of view (and could even represent the fans) — and is like an interpreter between fans and characters, in a way. He can only see what we have seen (think back to the 100th — he didn’t know about that first case, just like us), or what Booth and Brennan (and the squints) have told him, and I’m going to assume, knowing Booth and Brennan, they haven’t told him much more than what we know, probably even less. So if Sweets is the shipper that (many) fans are, then Sweets is our guy, hands down!

    • Oooh I totally agree with you. With Sweets, it feels like he represents the audience. He tends to say things we want to say/scream at the TV. 🙂

  19. I voted for Sweets. Why? Even though I don’t necessarily approve of his methods, I feel as though right now, and really for the last two seasons, Sweets has been the biggest shipper. Through the writing of his book we’ve seen that he’s analyzed the two of them and come to the public conclusion that they love each other, and then has encouraged acknowledgment of feelings between them on several occasions – the “coffee” talk, Critic in the Cabernet and the 100th episode come to mind. I feel like he’s the only one that has tried to promote a relationship on both Booth and Brennan’s behalf, and he’s the only one who is trying to get actual reactions from them, thereby encouraging a romantic relationship.

    Angela comes as a close second, but she’s sort of lost her touch. She’s been wrapped up in her own issues the last couple of seasons, and while she’s always been in Brennan’s corner trying to get her to address HER feelings, I think Sweets wins out in that he encourages BOTH Booth and Brennan.

  20. Sweets! I mean come on, he was able to get them to talk to each other. He is their baby duck! Angela came in second for me because she pushed Sully on Bones.

  21. This was kind of tough – you made good cases for them all. I was especially kind of blindsided by Hodgins – because I don’t automatically think of him that way – but he is a total shipper who may actually understand them both the best.

    However, I went with my first instincts on this – which puts Angela, Caroline and Sweets towards the top of the list, with Sweets leading the pack.

    • I forgot, I also wanted to say that I agree that Angela was the original shipper.

      And…I also believe all of the characters are shippers…maybe that’s why we all love the supporting cast so much! 🙂

  22. Sweets character was created just to say the word ‘both of you should be together’

    Really I think his character isn’t necessary for the show. He should be once in a while like GordonX2.

  23. O man, I had missed this post, how did that happen?

    What a great question, with some fantastic choices. I def agree that all of these are shippers, but the biggest shipper of all … close call, but I’m going to have to go with baby duck Sweets!

    I actually think Caroline is a very close second option. I’ll never forger her “the way you two are running from each other, this will be your last case” comment. From what I remember, no one else came outright and said something like that during the finale.

    But, this is about Sweets and despite the ups and downs (i.e. lying to Brennan about Booth’s death, etc.), I think he will be the happiest about seeing Booth and Brennan together. I think someone else mentioned that out of everyone, Sweets is probably the one that has gotten to see the inner person of Booth and Brennan the most and because of that he knows just how acutely miserable they will be without each other and how incredibly happy they can be together. And he really wants that for them. Didn’t GG say that Sweets lost his adoptive parents shortly before meeting BB, so they are actually kind of like a second set of adoptive parents. And what child doesn’t want to see his parents together and happy?

    I think that’s also why we see Sweets clearly not convinced by Booth’s happiness this season. Because he knows him enough to know when he’s really happy and when it’s just a very good front. And he doesn’t want Booth to have to front, he wants him to be genuinely happy! 🙂

    I’m def going with Sweets on this one!

  24. For me everyone from them can be B&B shipper, but I voted for Angela 🙂 But maybe Sweets is better??

  25. First i would like to say that i voted for Sweets on this one and then i noticed how so many people have been choosing him. I had a tough time choosing between him and Angela.

    I do agree that angela is the first shipper and all but lately she has been to busy with hodgens and her pregnancy and all that to really pay attention to B&B as much as she used to.

    So thats why i chose sweets, he has really tried to get them togethe since the first day he met them. He really knows the both of them equally, which is something that all of the other shippers lack. I mean even gordon gordon is more booth’s than brennan’s.

    I also agree with some of you above that said that sweets is like from our point of view and he says all the things we wanna scream at the tv. He is sort of the bridge between us, the fans, and B&B. Although i think we probably know more than sweets knows about B&B since were there when he just so happens to not be in that scene and they seem so resistant to tell him anything. But regardless he still know more than enough to know for a fact that B&B deserve to be with each other.

  26. I was surprised Max finished last. He almost seemed second to Angela at/through this point in time (early S6), even to the point of asking Booth if he was sleeping with his daughter. Hello, green light!

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