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BONES Fan Spotlight: Jenny


Have you ever read a book from a new author and thought, “I want to be best friends with this person.” And then you (aka I) might say, “Whoa, slow down creep-o!” Haha, but still…there is just that first initial feeling like, “Yes…this person feels the same way I do.” This happened to me with Jenny, this week’s spotlight. She’s funny and smart and not afraid to speak her mind. If you already know her, then you already love her ‘squeecaps’, where she breaks down episodes of BONES frame by frame and comments on the scenes. When I was thinking of fans to spotlight a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to include Jenny on the list. If you don’t mind a little language and lots of capslock…I really cannot recommend them more. Either way, she’s really awesome and worth getting to know, so let’s get to it!

Here’s Jenny…

The name (or twitter handle or whatever) BONES fans might know you as: 

JennyJenWho on Twitter, fiery_twilight on Livejournal, and intoyoursunlight on Tumblr 


General location: 

The Last Frontier (not to be mistaken with The Final Frontier. I do not live in space, although some of my friends might disagree with that due to my constant crazy state which tends to suggest a lack of oxygen/human contact) AKA: Alaska.


If you were to hit ‘random’ on your iPod or iPhone or other MP3 player (or CD, or record player or whatever), what would be the most embarrassing song that might pop up on shuffle?

I had a pretty strong N’Sync phase from age 9 to 14 and some of their music may or may not still be on my iPod…


What is one other TV show you’re watching right now and would recommend to others?

That would have to be a tie between Modern Family and Community. They are my two favorite comedies on TV right now and always manage to make me laugh so hard I cry.


What was your first job; what was your worst job; what is your dream job?

My first job was at the grocery store my dad currently manages; I was 16 and I had to stock the products, clean the shelves and floors, and towards the end of my time there, I was one of the cashiers. That was also my worst job because I was the only girl working there and all of the other employees were men over 40 who enjoyed hitting on 16 year-old girls. 

On a less-creepy note, my dream job is to be the best elementary teacher I can be with a side job in photography. And possibly publish a few books here and there.


What is one thing even your best BONES pals might not know about you?

I’ve never been kissed! Embarrassing, but true.


What is the first episode of Bones you ever saw, and why? What made you decide to watch more?

Back in 2007, two of my close friends were going on and on about Bones and I asked them, “Is that show any good?” and they just stared at me as if I had grown a second head. Without another word, my friend walked over to her DVD shelf, picked up the season 1 and 2 DVD sets, handed them to me and said, “Watch these.” Well, I couldn’t say no to that, so that afternoon I watched the pilot and I was instantly hooked. What I loved the most from the very beginning was the character interaction. Combine that with the excellent wit and drama and I was sold.

The sexual tension between Booth and Brennan helped a little bit, too, I guess. 😉


Which character on BONES do you identify most with and why?

Parker. I love baseball and science experiments that involve soda and taking eggs out of birds nests and playing video games on giant computer screens and getting my face painted and-

Okay, I’ll try to be serious, I promise.

I think I can identify the most with Sweets because I think that I can read people pretty well, and I’m a really socially awkward person who is always trying to fit in wherever I am. Not to say that Sweets is socially awkward, exactly, but he does have his moments, and those moments remind me of myself just a little too much. Oh, and he’s a Booth/Brennan fangirl.

I identify with Brennan a little bit, too, because at this point in my life I’m extremely focused on my career and I don’t set aside as much time as I should for a social life. My obvious internet addiction isn’t helping things in that area of my life either, BUT I DIGRESS.


What does BONES mean to you?

Bones is a form of escape for me. Not to say that my life is completely horrible and Bones is my only relief, because I truly am a very lucky person and I have nothing to complain about, but I have an anxiety disorder and a pretty crippling shyness that prevents me from going out into the world and socializing like “normal” 22 year-olds tend to do. I’m easily stressed and I don’t do well with big life changes, so having something constant that I can look forward to almost every week is a big deal for me. Watching Bones and participating in discussions with fellow fans about the show allows me to escape into another world for a little while and take a much-needed break from the real world. I suppose that’s what TV, movies, and books are all about, right? But for me, having a wonderful show like Bones to look forward to every week is an extremely necessary stress reliever. Some people enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day, or go out dancing with friends. Me? I like to curl up in my PJs and re-watch an episode from my favorite TV show.

I’ve noticed a trend in my life that involves me obsessing, for lack of a better term, over one specific television series (or book series) at different stages in my life. During my adolescent years (age 11 to 19) I connected with the Harry Potter series. When I left home for the first time to go to college, I connected with the character Rose Tyler in Doctor Who and loved that show during the first three years of school. And now that I’m “a grown up,” I’ve connected, and am still connecting with, Bones. The characters are all older than me, so I can’t really relate with any of them age-wise yet, but I’m at that point in my life where I’m striving to obtain a stable career and to find peers in the same field who I can relate to and form close bonds with, which is how I perceive the relationships between Brennan and her colleagues/friends. I would also love to find a knight in shining FBI-standard-issued body armor, but that’s beside the point. 😉 I admire each of the characters on Bones an incredible amount and I can only hope to meet people like them in the future.

Not only is it a fantastic form of escape, but Bones has also allowed me to become a part of an amazing community of people. My fantastic fandom friends are enthusiastic, caring, fun, and just all-around wonderful people. They always brighten my day and have the magical ability to turn my mood from completely awful to squeeful joy. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Basically, Bones is the light at the end of the work week tunnel and without it, my life would be a much more dreary place.


What are your top five favorite BONES episodes? Or Top five moments (include which episode each is from) And WHY?

This was incredibly difficult to narrow down, but this is what I came up with…

5. Judas on a Pole – I’m a sucker for excellent character development episodes, and that is what Judas on a Pole is all about. Meeting Brennan’s father for the first time was thrilling and I love Brennan’s interactions with her family. The “There’s more than one kind of family…” scene is still one of my most-watched scenes from the series. A very beautiful episode.

4. The Boy with the Answer – CHILLS. That’s how I would sum up this episode. The dream sequence in the beginning alone was stunning. The acting was, once again, phenomenal, and the team kicked so much ass. (Pardon my French.) Overall, this was one of the most suspenseful and well-written episodes of the series and definitely deserves a spot in my top 5. 

3. The Verdict in the Story – I’m pretty vocal about my preference of character development over plot, so it’s no surprise that this episode made it into my top 5. I adore episodes that focus on the team rather than a murder victim. I know Bones is all about solving murders, but damn, the episodes which only focus on our wonderful team are remarkable (The Proof in the Pudding, anyone?). I loved the pure emotion we got from The Verdict in the Story

2. Aliens in a Spaceship – Oh my goodness, this episode. THIS EPISODE. Stunning from start to finish. Why TJ Thyne and Emily Deschanel didn’t receive Emmy nominations for this episode, I’ll never know. I’m not even going to try and explain why this episode is so amazing because there is no way I’d do it justice.

1. The Parts in the Sum of the Whole – Booth knew, right from the beginning. He knew


Have you ever thought about not watching BONES anymore? If so, why did you stick around?

There was a brief time during season 4 where I stopped watching the episodes live. I don’t exactly remember why, but towards the end of the season, I did a rewatch of all the episodes and the flames of my fiery obsession were fanned into life once again. 


What’s your ideal way to watch a new episode of BONES?

On my comfy couch, in my comfy PJs, eating a delicious dinner (which I always regret the minute the dead body shows up).


Which guest-star would you like to see back on BONES and why?

POPS. Because he’s adorable, he’s fun, and most importantly, he’s a big-time Booth/Brennan shipper.


How do you express your love for BONES? This can be anything!

I think my squeecaps (recaps of each new episode with lots of screencaps and plenty of CAPSLOCK squee) on Livejournal are my biggest displays of my love for Bones. I also tweet about Bones quite often, and post plenty of picspams on Tumblr. In other words, my love of Bones is spread loudly and proudly throughout the fantastic land we call Internet.


If you could guest-star on only ONE episode of BONES, what would that look like?

I would be a murder suspect. I’d be the crazy internet nerd girl who shows up randomly and spouts out theories about who the real murderer is while throwing in loud and not-so-subtle hints about why Booth and Brennan would make an amazing couple in and out of bed.


Describe an instance in BONES that made you cry, either from anger, laughter or sadness.

Basically, any time Emily Deschanel cries, I cry. She is a remarkable actress. 

I cried the hardest during the last scene of The Parts in the Sum of the Whole. Booth knew, right from the beginning. Brennan sacrificed the chance to be with the man she loves to save him from herself. The acting was phenomenal, the writing was heartcrushing, and it’s one of the greatest scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.


Scenario: Hart Hanson asks you to pitch him an idea for an episode in 250 (or so) words or less. Describe the case, the victim, any character developments or actions and the end closing scene and anything else you want to add!

Hawaii. Intense heat wave. Bathing suits only. Dead body on a beach. Case solved. Down time on the beach. Lots of fruity alcoholic drinks with umbrellas. Glug glug woohoo! Sex on the beach (the drink and the activity). Confusion but no regrets. Come back home with a tan and the start of a beautiful relationship.



Um…yeah! I’d say yes to that!

Ladies, Gentlemen & Squints, say hello to Jenny!

Peace, Love & Bones,



8 thoughts on “BONES Fan Spotlight: Jenny

  1. The “squeecaps” — FREAKING HILARIOUS.
    I am learning about too many fun fandom pages out there . . . I can’t even keep up with my real life right now. I’m in some serious trouble.

    Good luck with being the best elementary teacher! I teach (mostly middle school, now some high school, too) and love it . . . and god bless you for the elementary level. Those kids are truly adorable, but I’d be an emotional mess at the end of each day!

  2. Haha! I had never discovered the screencaps before! They are now my new favorite Bones related thing. And the NSync thing…I’m sad to admit they may or may not be on my ipod as well. 😀

  3. Haha, oh NSync, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who obsessions. I’m totally with you there! I love your enthusiasm, I can feel it coming off in waves from my computer screen just by reading your answers 🙂 P.S. Watching Bones in your pj’s on a comfy couch IS the best way ever to watch!

  4. Hi Jenny!

    I can feel the love for the show and I love how it keeps you grounded/happy in your life – a nice balancing object.

    Good luck with figuring out what life will be and what you want from it – I’ve got years on you and I’ll tell you – that never ends…

  5. Wow! You have no idea how weird it was for me to read this. Suddenly I was looking at my life (give or take a couple of things) on paper… okay on screen. You sound like you’re a lot of fun (which I’m not). I’m also very proud that you’re so open about your love of Bones. Oh and I love the word “squee”. Nice to meet you Jenny.

  6. I totally agree with what Nicole says! I recognize some of myself in what you’ve said.
    You seem like a very good and nice Bones fan. 🙂 I’ve already requested to follow you on Twitter. Nice to meet you!

  7. Hi Jenny!! Nice to meet ya! My brother will be moving to Alaska next year (he’s in the military)

    Thanks for sharing your story 😉

  8. Oh man! Squeecaps have been required reading forever!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I used Squeecaps to be sure I didn’t miss anything when we recorded a SquintSquad! In fact- there are several times I wondered if you were actually like in my brain or something! LOL!

    Hugs from IN!


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