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Top Five Tuesday: Booth Looks That Need to Make a Comeback


Hello, Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday! I really hope this post makes it all the nicer!

Before we get to Booth’s sexy bod, take a minute to vote for Emily Deschanel for a People’s Choice Award. You can vote once a day for it to count!

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But enough of that…let’s talk Booth.

Over the seasons, our main man has had several different looks, and there are  a few that I think should come back to grace that fine body we all admire. Speaking of, let’s get to it:

1. Gray Sweater

You always remember your first, and gray sweater Booth was my first Booth ever. What makes this one so great? I don’t know…it’s a different kind of dressy; it’s kind of classy, but not snobby. It sits perfectly at his waist, showing off his nice…below the waist parts that usually get covered up by a suit jacket.

So yeah…I want to see more of the gray sweater.  

2. White Polo Shirt

This is the Booth that always makes me feel like I’m in high school, in all the good ways. Look at those arms. Look at those shoulders. That tan, that jawline…the man rocks crisp white dress shirts all the time; why not bring back the white cotton polo? There is really no reason not to. In case you needed more convincing…


3. FBI Booth

The return of the holster has been very, very, very nice. And this new-ish development of that tight black FBI t-shirt has been quite excellent. But I want more. I’m greedy for FBI Booth, so sue me. I want this:

and I want this:


4. In Boxers in the Lab with Brennan:

If this were before season six, I’d say I wanted more shirtless Booth, but we’re kind of getting that, and so I think it’s important to set some qualifiers. So what I’d like to see is more Booth in his boxers (and socks) with Brennan. Doesn’t HAVE to be in the lab, but…why not? Why can’t Booth read more official case files while shirtless? It’s not too much to ask… if you’re asking me!


5. Green Jacket/Blue Jacket 

 Ah, this one is the saddest, at least as far as the green jacket goes. Look how optimistic it looks. Oh wait, no, that’s BOOTH who is optimistic. But still…


That jacket was around for some really great times. To ease the pain, they could have Booth in this blue jacket that’s almost the same:

Plus…it might be nice to see that jacket during a scene that doesn’t change the course of B&B history!

Honorable Mentions:

In Dress Uniform:

Squint Booth:

In a tux:

pic courtesy of The Lab's FB page

 Covered by Brennan: (come on, you know we all want it back!)


And there might be some that YOU like that I just don’t care as much for, aka:

Jeans and a t-shirt 

Beer Helmet/Rubber Duckie:

Three-piece suit

Hockey Uniform

Flannel Shirt

Or maybe something in leather?  

Hmmm…I seem to have gotten carried away. What can I say; I just like Booth.

Who’s with me? What did I miss? Which one is your favorite? Comments=Love!

Peace, Love & Bones



31 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Booth Looks That Need to Make a Comeback

  1. Ohhhhh maaaaan, these are some delicious Booths!!!

  2. My favorite Booth look is definitely the green jacket with a t-shirt and jeans, followed closely by a suit and tie.

    I never liked the gray sweater or the flannel shirts much.

  3. The hockey uniform sans shirt (as in the locker room). Ahhhh! And the hoodie injured Booth wore (without shirt, again!) when he rescued Bren in Two Bodies in the Lab…but my fave is Booth with his St. Christopher medal showing-give it back already, Jared! (Many exclamation marks, I know, but our Booth deserves every one.)

  4. Oh my gosh!! This post has totally made my day. I guess my favorite is when Booth is in jeans and a tee shirt. Or in his suit. Honestly, most of the time I don’t care what Booth is wearing… or not wearing.

    Oh and side note: I know some people really didn’t like him in a three piece suit because it seemed to push the alternate reality thing they were in at the end of the fourth season. Let me just say that I agree that it was kind of odd but let me also point out that I have never seen a three piece suit look so good! Just sayin’.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of the grey sweater, but I heartily endorse Hockey Booth. 🙂 I am also a big fan of Wife Beater-wearing Booth from Woman in the Sand. Yum.

  6. To me all Booth’s look above are perfect .I like him w/ The jacket that he used on ” Titan on a track”.Any way i like all kind Booth and you’re right i want Booth covering by Brennan at least one time for episode please.

  7. My favorite is Booth covered by Brennan..;) But he always looks good I think..:)

  8. I love them all including the wife beater t-shirt from Woman in the Sand. Great job with the list. Favorite is the black FBI tee with the gun.

  9. That was a mighty tasty little treat to find! Muchas gracias, Sarah. 🙂

    I honestly can’t pick a favorite, but I do enjoy scruffy Booth more than you, and gray sweater Booth a little less. I have to admit that as tantalizing as Booth is I would never have the backbone to approach him, so maybe that’s why I find Squint Booth so appealing. I think I just might have the fortitude to take a deep breath and saunter up to him with a smile, then take those glasses off him with a wink and a waggle of my eyes. 😉 ^^

  10. FBI Booth in the black shirt and gun – I mean just look at those flexed muscles and the “don’t-mess-with-me” expression? Ooh-la-la.
    3-piece suit sans jacket? Yes, please.
    T-shirts that accent his broad shoulders and arms? More, please.
    Suits and tuxes? Who doesn’t like a Booth in those?
    Booth with Brennan on him in any way, shape, or form? Absolutely.

    Ice please . . .

  11. Thanks for all the yummy Boothness.

    What about GI Booth? I grew up around the military and I love me a man in military uniform. I don’t think I could pick a favorite. I love most of his looks. Not really crazy about the flannel or the hockey or the grey sweater. But I do find the shoulder holster verrrryyyy sexy. And I guess I’m in the minority on the 3 piece suit because I loved it…I thought he looked so hot..especially with the jacket off. Love FBI Booth…especially the one in the Woman in the Tunnel with the gun on his thigh. know what I miss..the long black coat from Season 1.

  12. I have to say I’m a huge sucker for stubble on a man. So Booth in his t-shirt and jeans with a slight beard, Oh my word!!! Freakin’ gorgeous. Put him in the FBI black t-shirt and I would be in heaven. I also love the vest. I don’t care that it was forced upon us. Also a big fan of the jeans with no shirt Booth after he slept with Rebecca.

  13. You just made my day! Here I was, bit stressed, tense and depressed at the end of a hard day at work and now I am trying hard to suppress the grin that wants to break out on my face!

    And good grief, what a wonderful collection of Booths. What a beautiful reminder of what a gorgeous man he is. Sigh, I want him.

    Ok, some serious analysis. My favourite Booths…the one I remember literally making me squeal the first time I saw it was black-t-shirt-at-the-range-with-a-gun Booth. Just so manly and powerful and muscled. Phew! *fans self*

    But some other particular favourites – I’m with you on the grey jumper look, love the jeans and black leather jacket of Proof in the Pudding, think he looks uber cool in a 3-piece, and I like jeans and a tight t-shirt. Also, a Booth in a tux is always special, he certainly fills them well. Blimey I like them all, how embarrassing.

    Two that I think deserve particular mention though – when he’s being interviewed by Perotta in Fire in the Ice, and they’re kind of flirting – Booth leans forward onto the table. We see it from Sweets’ perspective – looking through the one way mirror. Booth’s back in that shot is, Just huge and you can see the muscles moving under his t-shirt as he does. I think Brennan would say that it’s an excellent example of the musculature structure of an athletic, well built, adult male (haha) Me? I just think it’s smokin’ hot 🙂

    But my all time favourite, the one that beats all others? Just jeans, in Truth in the Lye = Swoon

    Thanks for cheering me up no end Sarah!

  14. Ooooh…remember Booth in what remains of his tux in “Hero in the Hold?” Who cares that he’s not getting that deposit back…(honestly, I am over 12!)

  15. Mmm…I’ll take Booth any way I can get him… 😉

    I have to say though, I do miss the green jacket, and I definitely love FBI Booth in the black t-shirt. In fact, I love him in all t-shirts and jeans moments.

    I’m off to go slowly peruse those pictures again and daydream of Booth…thanks Sarah!

  16. My first Booth was FBI Booth, so I’ve always been a fan of the FBI garb, especially if he has his gun as an accessory.
    This was a great way for me to spend my study break. Thanks for the excellet post!

  17. Green jacket and hockey uniform, please.

  18. HELLO!

    Well, this just made my day, so THANK YOU!

    I love them all but my favorite Booth would have to be him in the gray sweater. But I do like the green jacket.

    I like how I remember which episodes he wore these in. haha

    Thanks! I love your posts! 😀

  19. I am definitely voting for naked Booth! But you also forgot Booth in fatigues, because that is all kinds of gorgeous. Laid back Booth, definitely a look I love to see.

  20. Finally had time to read this. Lovely…but it’s completely unreasonable to be asked to choose. (This is along the lines of there being approximately 35 eps in my top 10.)

    I vote for black t-shirt/gun FBI Booth, or green jacket Booth, or hockey Booth, or naked Booth…actually, yeah, I think my very favorite one is probably ‘covered by Brennan’ Booth. 😉

  21. I’ll be honest, I will take Booth anyway he is dressed or not dressed. I’m not picky 😉

  22. What an excellent topic! I’m not picky…I like them all (although squint-Booth and beer-helmet-Booth are not my faves). Anyway, thanks for helping me survive the baseball hiatus with all of these awesome pictures 😉

  23. Some of those… *sigh*
    But when it comes down to it, I’m not picky, I’ll take him no matter how he’s dressed!

    Though the favorite just has to be Booth covered by Brennan!

    This is a great topic! We gotta survive this dang baseball hiatus somehow after all!

  24. thanks for the awesome photos! I love the way he fills out a t-shirt and jeans, but agree with all of you about how he always looks yummy!

  25. All of the above (with the exception of squinty Booth, maybe) plus Booth in shirt as in ‘Passenger in the Oven’. Whoo!

  26. Ooooooooh…..any kind of Booth with a gun if you please….no preferance on clothing (or lack of!). Just a gun…and maybe some handcuffs.

    Not too much to ask surely?! LOL

  27. Oh, Blue Shirt With Missing Button Booth, from Man in the Bear. Not only is that a FANTASTIC color on him but hello? Missing button!

  28. I have a weakness for men in three-piece suits…it all started with Indiana Jones. I know a lot of people don’t like End in the Beginning, but watching it is worth it to me just to see Booth in those suits.

  29. Mmmm love booth in the tight black FBI shirt and he always looks good in jackets….green, blue, FBI, leather…….yum. Lol.

    Btw love this thanks for all the pics ha ha ha

  30. Booth in blue shirt from the end of Man in the SUV….Booth in navy overcoat from Woman in the Car…..Booth in dark shirt at diner in Santa in the Slush, and definitely a Booth in a crisp white dress shirt.

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