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Morning After Q: What Makes Booth So Attractive?



Here’s a little question within our question. Have you voted for Emily Deschanel today?

Here’s the link, if you need it again.

And in other news, I’ll be back either tonight or tomorrow morning (or maybe Sunday) with my 1 year anniversary of 100DaysofBones post. Yay!

But…yeah, you’re not here to talk about that. You’re here to talk about the real Morning After Q. Just because there wasn’t an episode, doesn’t mean we can’t have one, right?

We’ve already spent some time this week talking about some looks and wardrobe choices that Booth should revisit. So I’m not necessarily talking about clothes (or lack thereof) when I ask this question. And I’m not even necessarily talking about the gorgeousness of David Boreanaz. And…he. is. gorgeous. I keep being surprised by it sometimes. So therefore, Booth is also gorgeous. But I think we’ve all known gorgeous people who grew less attractive because of their personalities or their general not-niceness, etc. Right?

So…there’s something else about Booth…something that makes him incredibly attractive. What’s the ‘something else’ for you? Is it because of his confidence? Or because of his vulnerabilities? Because of his optimism? Or because of his past? Because of his goofiness? Or his fierceness? Because he seems practically perfect? Because we know he’s not?

While I know it would be so easy (and honest) to say “He’s hot”, I want you to really dig deep. Last week we talked about what ‘the truth’ of Brennan is, with the underlying idea that we’re really examining what Booth is dazzled by.

So…maybe that’s what I’m asking you here. What’s the truth of Booth? What is it about him that we (and Brennan) are so dazzled by?

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25 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What Makes Booth So Attractive?

  1. Maybe it’s the alpha female in me, but I find myself attracted to Booth’s vulnerabilities. I’ve watched the show from day one, and (I know I’ve told you this before, but…) the moment I knew I was hooked on the show was at the end of The Man in the SUV. The raw, honest emotion on Booth’s face when he realizes that Brennan understands him…she watched him take a life right in front of her, but she still understands how hard it is for him to take a life and is able to accept him as a good person, to show him that what he does is a good thing, that it saves lives…it’s a beautiful scene. And it’s where I absolutely fell in love with Seeley Booth. Everyone thinks that women are attracted to a man’s man, the alpha male, and Booth is certainly all that. But when a man can show that vulnerable side, that they aren’t emotionally indestructable, I find that incredibly sexy. That’s what I love about Booth.

  2. we all know that Booth always tries to appear as unbreakable around other people and be the big macho guy and tries to avoid being volnerable at all costs. Well when hes around someone like Brennan he definitely opens up and when we see that it always makes me smile and sometime even cry..Hes alreday hot as it is but its those moments where we can see right through him that make him irresistable, to both us and Brennan. I mean, who doesnt love a man that is willing to open up to you?

    another thing that i love is his overprotectiveness, not just for brennan but for all of his friends and family.We all know he would do anything to protect Parker and probably Jared too. But also i thinkhe would do anything for the squints. My first thought was that he would only go so far to protect them because they meant o much to brennan but hes not that shallow to not care about them if ahe doesnt. I think he has really grown to love the whole squint squad.

    while writing that last paragraph i realized that what i described wasnt reallly OVERprotectivness, its just him doing the impossible to save the people he care abot wich is still another thing that i love about him. now when i say overprotectiveness i mean the little things. Like in that episode where he brought Brennan some coffee and he put his hand over her cup and she was only a second away from drinking it, he put his hand over her cup and said it was too hot. So thats another reason we all love him.

    I probably could write more on this but i feel like i always make my commants so ong and if you could follow along to this point the GREAT!!! =) because i dont know if i made much sense in that last paragraph haha

  3. What an inspiring thread-especially since we may have 2 (or possibly 3) more weeks without Bones. It’s nice to think about positive things for a change. Where oh where to begin; let’s just say there isn’t much I don’t like about Booth-in fact, I can’t think of anything! His imperfections only serve to make him more attractive in my eyes. But I guess what I love the most is his neverending ability to always put those he cares about (and even those he doesn’t) first, often at the cost of his own happiness. That kind of quiet self-sacrifice gets me every time. Rather than go on and on, I’ll offer some “evidence”:

    1. He threatens the drug dealer without a word to Brennan.
    2. He tells Sully not to give up on her regardless of the fact that it obviously hurts him to see them together.
    3. Always tries to do the very best by Parker, even when it involves lying about his feelings.
    4. He saves Jared’s butt and doesn’t say anything even when he knows it lowers him in Brennan’s estimation.
    5. The Christmas tree-need we say more? (Although he looks so blissfully happy there that I don’t think self-sacrifice came into the picture!)
    6. He sublimates his feelings in the post 100th in order to be there for Brennan (prom dance; burning the lucky “bones;” saving her dad from killing GD because he knows how that will affect her; having his case against GD dropped.)
    7. Unlike Hacker, he follows the spirit of the law and not the letter. He has risked his job many times for the greater good (think Proof in Pudding, Graft in the Girl, and when he lets Russ visit his sick kid and gets suspended for reopening the cop-killing case in Judas on Pole.)
    8. He’s risked his life not only for Brennan, but also for his buddies in the Rangers and countless others in danger.
    9. He’s willing to do what it takes on behalf of Pops without thinking about the sacrifices this might entail.
    10. Takes Sweets under his wing even when it goes totally against his nature to open up that way.
    11. So many things done selflessly for Brennan without hope for a reward I can’t possibly mention them all.

    The fact that Booth has such a dark history, one which he never talks about, and yet he’s still such a spiritual person, one who remains optimistic- trying to be a good person who does the right thing-also makes him incredibly appealing. I’m a sucker for quiet angst in a guy; it harkens back to my Buffy and Angel days. Booth is loyal, steady and true, a chivalrous “paladin” all wrapped up in standard FBI issued armor-what more could we ask for in a guy? Mega-sigh……

  4. Oh Booth, how do I love thee, let me count the ways . . .

    For me, there is that obvious attraction to the alpha male, but it wouldn’t be there if he did not also have that vulnerability AND sensitivity. As a character it is necessary for him to be larger than life (attractive, strong, sensitive, intelligent, intuitive, protective, etc.), but equally necessary for him to be fallible (at times downright rude, insecure, often emotionally closed).

    As for Brennan, I think the truth of Booth is his strength (in a broad sense — physical, emotional, and intelligence) and even more importantly, his integrity. There have been different occasions where Brennan has commented in different ways about this. The first 2 that come to mind are when Booth rejects the slanted file that Cam brings against the Colombian ambassador’s husband (or son, can’t remember which – The Girl in Suite 2103) and in the ways that Brennan respects Booth doing his job when arresting both her father and brother, but supporting them in other ways.

  5. Before I go into the deeper meaning of Booth and what makes him attractive, I have one comment. Last night my friend (who I got hooked on Bones) were watching the end of season one when we realized something. It was in The Man in the Morgue, Booth and Brennan are in New Orleans in some cafe (which later becomes their place in DC) eating. That’s when we noticed how incredibly sexy Booth is when he’s eating. My friend says it’s because it draws attention to his mouth, which I agree. It was just a sudden realization that I had to share with fellow Bones fan. He’s really attractive when he eats.

    Okay, on to the deeper stuff. What makes Booth attractive? I, for one, am deeply attracted to a confident, slightly cocky kind of guy; A guy who knows who he is and what his deal is. Add the slight mystery about Booth’s past that we barely have a peek at and suddenly this confident guy with skeletons (some literally) in his closet appears before us and you’re (or I’m) hooked. Then as the truth of Booth starts to come out; how much he truly cares, his fierce protectiveness, and how vulnerable he really is, the attractiveness is increased exponentially.

    Add in all the emotional stuff and a pair of brooding brown eyes and very broad shoulders and it’s a surprise we don’t need a bib to watch the show to catch all our drool.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the eating-hotness Nicole, can’t believe I’ve missed that…

      One to share back with you – have you noticed how lovely his hands are?

      (ok, we could swap tips on the hot-ness all day haha)

      • YES – I love his hands as well. I’m glad to find someone else out there that digs hands like I do. 🙂

      • Actually, I LOVE his hands. When he hugs Brennan and sort of runs his hand over her back and we get to see his hands, I nearly melt EVERY time!

  6. Ah man, I just love Booth so much that even reading all these wonderful things about him has made me a bit misty.

    What do I love about him? oh, just about every.single.thing. He has such a big, warm heart.

    I think of him as like a modern day Mr Darcy. (stay with me ha) because he appears arrogant and cocky to start with, and is rude to our heroine, but it’s slowly revealed that he’s just a very private, very loyal, very generous man with a whole heap of integrity.

    Everyone else has said such wonderful things about him – all of which are exactly why I like him so much. Booth’s full of contradictions; he’s tough, no nonsense, a bit rude, intuitive, sensitive, perceptive, optimistic, big hearted, fun-loving, dangerous. So many things.

    I really hope that before Bones ends, we get to understand more of his past. Who was his mother, what’s the story with his father, how did the gambling happen? I’m always struck by how we’ve gone 5 seasons, and yet still know relatively little about him. I think more props should go to DB’s acting in general, he’s doing a fantastic job of playing him. He’s made Booth human; real and flawed, and yet still wonderful. The look on his face during the last scene in the 100th literally made my heart hurt.

    (By the by, hope you don’t mind me mentioning but I’d love to know your thoughts Sarah about Booth’s flaws? – everyone’s always talking about them, but a little BT analysis would be wonderful!)

    Sigh, I am LOVING all the Booth chat this week on BT! Thanks for cheering me up during the baseball break (which I hadn’t realised was happening, which just makes it so much worse, sob).

  7. I think what makes Booth so attractive is that he loves Bones as she is. After all, isn’t that what all of us want?

  8. I love this topic!

    First, I’d like to qualify….I find BOOTH super-hot…I do not always find DB super-hot. As a non-Buffy/Angel watcher….I do not usually find younger/angstier pictures of David Boreanaz very impressive (runs and ducks for cover).

    So I guess my attraction to TV characters is heavily influenced by their character in addition to their appearance. (BTW, I do the same thing with people in my RL, so maybe that will make my attraction to a fictional character less weird…I hope).

    What is it exactly about Booth’s character that does it for me? Well, it’s definitely a mix of everything. But, in particular, it’s how he always does the right thing…no matter the circumstance…I think it’s something we all try to achieve, but sometimes falls short of. Also gotta love the vulnerable Booth, protective Booth, religious Booth, etc.

    Lastly, can I just say…he ages extremely well 😉

    • No running and ducking for cover from me. DB is definitely much better looking as he matures and the Booth character really carries that especially well (while still revealing the boyish charm). 🙂

      • Yep. I agree as well. I just discovered DB this summer when we watched Bones on Netflix therefore I was oblivious to Buffy/Angel DB. Now that I love DB wholeheartedly, I will watch a few minutes of Angel in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. Just not feeling the attraction. He is too babyfaced for me, I guess. Also I don’t like his hair that much. 🙂 Now as Booth, he has it all going on!

      • yeah i watched Angel this summer and i was surprised at how much better he looks now, i mean he was definitely NOT ugly or anything back then,, he was really good lookking but right now he looks so damn HOT!! and as far as his old angel hair goes i kind of like it but not as much as i like his currect hair

  9. I’m just going to stand here in the corner and sheepishly admit that the aspect of Booth’s character I am drawn to the most is his white knight “I’d die for you (Brennan)” routine. I know it’s a sign that he’s psychologically stunted, but I just can’t help myself. It’s, just, WOW!

    Rest assured, I am not a completely shallow person. I do find his many other attributes (already well summarized in previous comments) attractive – that amazing vulnerability, integrity, love for family, ability to love Brennan entirely (prickly parts and all), etc. etc., but…

    But, ultimately (for me at least), it all comes back to this:

    …sticking his gun in a gangbanger’s mouth and threatening him with his life if he ever harmed Brennan (The Woman in the Garden)

    …leaving the hospital AMA after being “blown up” to rescue Brennan because “it was his job to protect her” (Two Bodies in the Lab)

    …risking everything to prevent Brennan from taking the fall for a murder *he* knew she didn’t commit…twice (The Man in the Morgue & The Verdict in the Story)

    …And just because I couldn’t resist, telling Agent Perotta that she’d better not let anything happen to Brennan…”you know that silky black hair…” (The Princess and the Pear)

    Ah. It’s moments like these that make my heart flutter. His unbearable need to protect Brennan, that willingness to die for her – it’s perhaps the clearest example of how completely he loves her. It’s a purely instinctual reaction, something he doesn’t even think twice about. And it speaks volumes. Yeah, I’m just a sucker for that kind of stuff.

    Oh, and I love cocky Booth too. Cocky, happy Booth just makes me smile. I didn’t realize how much I missed that part of him until I saw the first season six teaser clip and realized what it was about him that had been missing post 100th.

    Thank you Sarah. I have now been rejuvenated and can face the rest of the day with a silly smile on my face. 🙂

  10. For me it’s Booths lion heart. He cares so much about doing the right thing. He worries that he falls short of the goals he sets for himself. When he has to add another kill to his *list* he hates himself for it even knowing that by taking out the bad guy he saved so many other lives.
    I love how he wants to take care of the people he considers his family and how fiercely protective of them he his.
    Even if Booth weren’t beautiful physically, his heart and his goodness make him special and attractive on all levels.

  11. Besides the killer smile and hot bod, lol, personally, I find that his vulnerability where Brennan is concerned makes him especially attractive. Also, the fact that he sees the truth of her and is dazzled by it, makes him swoon-worthy. I mean, we love Brennan, but objectively, she’ s not the easiest person to like, she’s overly analytical and can come off as rude, right? But that Booth can see past all that and be dazzle by her innocence and her purity, it’s just so beautiful and makes him so freaking hot.

    I love that a certain look from Brennan and he just melts. That makes him attractive. Because don’t we all wish we had that one person who just wants to make us happy? 🙂

  12. I love the way Cam describes him in the first episode of season 5:

    A sweet, kick-ass FBI murder solver with hard fists and a lion heart?

    Because he IS kick ass, but has his sweet moments which we all love, which makes him the perfect combo. He appreciates the simple things and believes in the power of love. He has a good moral system and would die to protect the people he loves. He wants a partner who will love him when he’s 70 years old. He goes to church every sunday and wants to make the world a better place. Need I say more?

  13. Everyone’s comments are so wonderful, and touch on everything I would have said had I not come late to the game. 🙂

    Two things do it for me when it comes to Booth:
    1) Despite Brennan’s “shortcomings” he is dazzled by her. It’s those moments when the audience sees his amazement in her that make my stomach clench and make me sigh in utter contentment. I get butterflies in my stomach…that’s a tell-tale sign of love, right? 🙂

    2) The fact that sometimes he’s confident, sometimes he’s cocky, sometimes he’s vulnerable, and sometimes he’s humble. I love that he’s both a manly-man and a softy.

  14. There have been so many comments already, and I’ll admit, I so eager to put my fingers to keyboard on this one, I skipped some of them. I hope I’m not getting too repetitive on this.

    I didn’t come to Bones as a Angel or Buffy fan. If you’d asked me three years ago who David Boreanaz was, I would have had a very vague answer for you. “That guy, from that one show…”

    I didn’t start with Bones by watching the pilot (though it was the third episode I watched as I knew I’d need to start from the beginning). I actually remember the exact day and episode I first watched that had me hooked. I blame Zack, actually, because I didn’t understand after watching “The Pain in the Heart” why this geeky kid was helping a serial killer. I had to know more.

    But I could have gotten that off of IMDB, and been just fine.

    What got me in PitH, and what’s always had me in every episode, was the B&B interaction. Booth and Brennan are made to interrogate people together… I hate it when they don’t.

    They’re made to engage in witty banter together… I hate it when they don’t.

    They’re made to bring out the best and worst in each other. Though I enjoy the best more, and I think we’re seeing some of the worst of Booth now *ducks*.

    They’re made to be each others best friends and closest confident. I hate it when they can’t talk to each other and be honest. Though, I understand it.

    And they are, sometimes with nothing more than their eyes or a bump on the shoulder, each other’s support system. It breaks my ‘shippin heart when they don’t lean on each other.

    If you had asked me the day before I watched Bones if *insert picture of Seeley Booth/DB* was an attractive man, I would have said “sure” without much behind it (and I’m not blind, stupid, or lacking in taste). But what makes Seeley Booth the attractive man who often forces my brain to consciously remind me to breathe, is what Brennan brings out in him and vice versa.

    Two heads, four arms, four legs… myth or not, these crazy kids up on our screen are soul mates. And they are lesser people, less attractive people, without one another.

    If you’re going on cosmetics and cosmetics alone, DB is an attractive man and completely if-you-see-him-in-the-street-jump-him worthy if that’s the kind of itch you wanna scratch. If cosmetics alone does it for you. (I understand the biological imperative from Brennan’s POV, but I’m all about the psychological need to connect with someone before said horny-street-jumping.)

    But I don’t swoon for DB. I swoon for Booth. Or I did. And I’m sure I will again. But you hit the nail on the head of things needing to be hammered with the comment about some people’s personalities being a turn-off. And right now, in season 6, save for three or four scenes, Booth is a major-turnoff. Despite his still very well-structured physique. And that fact that he’s a much-less-attractive man to me right now proves my point.

    The way Booth adapted to Brennan, changed Brennan, changed his ways because of Brennan. The way he treats her, looks at her, laughs with her, teaches her, supports her… we all see attractiveness in people who we’d like to have in our own lives. I find Booth attractive because I can relate to wanting, needing someone to fill the roles in my life the way he used to fill those roles in Brennan’s life. I think others find Booth attractive because they see one or more of those things in Booth, and relate to wanting someone like Booth in their lives to fulfill that want. Paging Dr. Sweets for the psychoanalysis of my Bones obsession. . .

    Also, the alpha-male thing is, occasionally, just too hot to ignore. 🙂

    On that note, I think “What is the truth of Booth?” and “What makes Booth attractive?” are two entirely separate questions. Or at least they are in my mind. The first of those I’m more than willing to give an answer to in another posting if I get around to it.

    P.S. Have I told you I love your blog yet this week? No? My bad. Your blog rocks. 🙂

  15. What Makes Booth (or David Boreanaz) So Attractive?

    I have no idea. That is why I keep watching him. The word I used to describe him on the Fox Bones forum was ‘intriguing’ because it has so many relevant synonyms:

    interesting, fascinating, absorbing, exciting, engaging, gripping, stirring, stimulating, curious, compelling, amusing, diverting, provocative, beguiling, thought-provoking, titillating, engrossing, tantalizing

    He is all those lovely descriptives and more.

  16. A man who really is a knight in shining armor is how Booth has been portrayed for 5 seasons – he has flaws, but works to overcome them. His care of Brennan and others around him..

    I have a good friend who I introduced the show to. She’s very rational – not really a fangirl type at all. Initially she agreed that he was attractive – but after watching for a while, she agrees that the man that they have put together for us is gorgeous – his hotness plus character make an awesome package.

  17. Booth is just so Booth-y

  18. Like Jenlovesbones said “But I don’t swoon for DB. I swoon for Booth.”

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