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A Quick Note from Sarah (Seels)


Today marks the kick-off for Rock the Vote: 2010 WEEK here at BonesTheory. Will we still be keeping up with our regular daily posts? Yes, we will. In fact, there’s a great discussion post from Stephanie going to go live around 10:00 AM EST today, and you don’t want to miss it! We’ll have TopFiveTuesday tomorrow, Bones Fan Spotlight on Thursday and a Morning After Q on Friday. But we’ll also have daily posts revolving around the campaign trails of Angela/Hodgins and Sweets/Wyatt. As you know, this Wednesday will be the Vice-Shipper Debate between Dr. Hodgins and Dr. Wyatt. Next Monday will feature the Shipper Debate between Angela and Sweets. And on November 2nd, you’ll have the chance to vote once and for all.

Also, from a technical standpoint, each WordPress blog works on a ‘theme’, which is basically the way the page looks, how the top header works, whether there is one or two columns, etc, etc. I really love the theme we have now (called PressRow), because of how minimalistic it is and how it just looks very clean (in my opinion). But there are two things I’d really like to have here at BT that aren’t included in the PressRow Theme. Those two things are:

1. When a post is created by someone other than me, I want it to reflect that right away.

2. WordPress offers themes that are ‘translation ready’, meaning (I think) that it will be easier for BONES fans from all over the world to read the posts in their primary languages.

I haven’t found a theme that fits those two criteria (as well as lets me use the great custom header from pal Spacekid77) that I like yet, but I’m still sort of looking around and testing things out. So if you happen to click on the site and it looks weird or different, just know that I might be trying something out. Thanks in advance for your patience!

BONES pals, you are rocking these days! I’m loving all of your comments and love for BONES! Keep it up!

Peace, Love & Bones,



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