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Rock the Vote 2010: Exclusive B&B Interview and a Chance to Ask Your Vice Shipper Debate Questions!


Today, we’re gathering questions from you, the voters. Questions will be accepted until 11:59 PM EST tonight (Monday, October 25th, 2010), so be sure to post your question today. We’ll use as many as possible.

Remember, these questions are for Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Hodgins. You’ll have the opportunity to create new questions for Sweets and Angela on Saturday.

While you’re thinking of that, I’m happy to report that we have new developments in the reactions to this entire campaign from the man and woman in question, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan. Our intuitive political correspondent Avalon caught up with B&B at the FBI building. Here’s what she found out!

Hello, BonesTheory voters! It’s clear to me that whether or not they’re admitting it, both Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth are highly aware of the proceedings going on. When I approached them at the Hoover building, they quickly split apart in the way they do when they want us to think they don’t need one another. But that was okay, because I was able to interview each of them individually. First was the dashing Agent Booth.

I asked him his thoughts on the upcoming election and whether or not it surprised him that Dr. Wyatt had entered the ring as Dr. Sweets’ running mate. He didn’t comment. In fact, he said, “No comment”. But I could tell that the idea intrigued him and made him a little nervous. Of course, I could tell a lot of things, including this: no matter what he says, it’s impossible for him to hide the glint in his eye and slight smile on his lips when Dr. Brennan’s name is mentioned. Just as I was walking away, he called me back, saying. “Look…those kids, they can do whatever they want. Bones…she knows we’re solid. That’s what I care about.”

Speaking of the lovely Dr. Brennan, I was able to speak with her.

I  asked her how she felt about her best friend Angela running for the title of B&B Shipper in this year’s Rock the Vote:2010. She replied, asking, “What did Booth say on the matter?”

When I told her he’d decided not to answer, she nodded. “Then I also say no comment. Though I do feel inclined to add that the phrase ‘rock the vote’ seems to be incongruous with the actual definition of rock. As a world-renowned anthropologist, I’ve had to study geology and ‘rock’ is a term of course referring to sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous materials that–”

And at that point, Agent Booth approached and took her elbow in his hand before gently steering her away from the conversation. I wasn’t able to follow them to hear everything he said, but my sources say that he did lean in and tell her, “It’s not like rock rock, Bones. It’s…like…you know, rock and roll, baby. Rock the vote!”

Apparently, her eyes widened and then she nodded, a smile growing on her face as she said, and I quote, “I see. That makes much more sense. It’s rather clever, actually.”

To which Agent Booth was heard to have replied, “Yeah, well…let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we?”

I don’t know about you, but I’d say it might be a little too late for that. As for what’s in the cards for this election…well, dear voters, that will be up to you next Tuesday, November 2nd. Reporting live from the Hoover Building in Washington DC, I’m Avalon Harmonia.

Thank you for that coverage Ms. Avalon! There you have it! Sources say that Dr. Sweets and Dr. Wyatt are carefully planning out their strategies…


And Angela and Hodgins are doing the same.


Enough from us here; now it’s up to you. Be sure to submit your questions!


3 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2010: Exclusive B&B Interview and a Chance to Ask Your Vice Shipper Debate Questions!

  1. For Dr./Chef Wyatt: How would you define Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, and their relationship in culinary terms (could be as a particular dish or a culinary process)?

    For Dr. Hodgins: How would you define Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, and their relationship in “bug and slime” terms (could be as a certain organism or particulate or related to the life cycle of an organism)?

  2. For both of the teams: What do you think that the eventual and inevitable consumation (how, where, when,…) of the relationship between Booth and Brennan will look like? (And no I don’t necessarily mean that in a sexual context, not at all!)

  3. Dr. Wyatt, who do you think will be the one to break the wall between Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan? Who is going to take that first step to bridging the chasm that they created between each other? Agent Booth tried the first time, do you think he’ll try again?

    Dr. Hodgins, do you think a personality like Dr. Brennan’s could meld well with a personality like Booth’s? How would they make a romantic relationship work with some key differences that can often-times make or break a relationship?

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