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Top Five Tuesday: Creepiest Villains


 Why are you nice to me?

Because. Because they think they get away with it.



 They burn their victim. They blow him up. They toss him in the ocean. They bury them in the desert. They throw ‘em to wood chippers. Sometimes, you know, years go by, they relax. Then they start living their lives like they didn’t do anything wrong. Like they didn’t spend somebody else’s life in order to get what they got. They think they’re safe from retribution. You make those bastards unsafe. That’s why I’m nice to you.


I couldn’t do that without you Booth.

 Yeah. So, um, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?

 I really should.



TOP FIVE TUESDAY: Creepiest Villains

BONES seems to have four main kinds of killers:

  1. Jerks/people who think they can get away with it, like Booth tells Brennan in Man in the Morgue
  2. Normal people who get caught up in a moment of passion and make a mistake. Usually they try to hide it, and we feel a bit of conflict when they confess.
  3. Mentally ill people who are probably good at heart, but who make the wrong choice. Whether it’s of their own free will or not is not always revealed.
  4. Creepy McCreepersons

And since Halloween will come and go by the time we have another Top Five Tuesday, this seemed like the perfect time to delve into the minds and motivations of five BONES killers who still make my skin crawl. In chronological order:

  1. Jamie Kenton, Two Bodies in the Lab:What always sets me on edge is that he’s…in. Most of the time, I’m not worried that pain/death, etc is going to befall Booth or Brennan. They will use their mind and mojo to solve the case and put the killer behind bars. But with Kenton, he’s a trusted colleague of Booth’s. Booth trusts him to care for Brennan, and he seems legit. It’s his stableness that makes him the most skin-crawlingly terrible.


2. Howard Epps, The Man in the Cell (etc):  His creepiness begins in season one, but is most evident in season two. What makes him so awful is that though his games are somewhat juvenile, they are still effective in knocking B&B off kilter. And if you count Epps’ death in Booth’s count (actually…do you?), then Epps’ actions cause both Booth and Brennan to kill someone. I don’t like having Booth and Brennan in pain, and Epps always seems to make that happen.

3. Arthur Graves, The Knight on the Grid:   The thing about Gormogon is that…well, I’m not that affected by it. It’s sort of underdeveloped, and what with Booth calling him Gorgonzola (and Sweets’ fake coma dream family fun time band is named that), well…the G doesn’t really give me the creeps too much. Yeah, he rationalized Zack away, and that sucks. And he did take that kid to the bottom of the pool, and that was awful. And yes, in general, he is just incredibly horrible. But…maybe not that creepy. It’s a mystery who he is, and the end result in Pain in the Heart with Booth shooting the guy (awesome)…well, we didn’t even know that guy at all. He was a nobody, as Sweets said. But this guy?   Are you freaking kidding me? When he gives that hiss…zoinks!

4. Alexa King, The Bone that Blew:  What’s kind of nice about this one is that she also gives Brennan the creeps. I like being able to agree with Brennan. And we agree on this: The entitled princess who murders her manny (quite cruelly) over homework…well, that’s just creepy. Very creepy!

5. Heather Taffet/Gravedigger, The Boy with the Answer (etc):  I guess we’re assuming that HT really is the GD? I think it’s safe to assume she is. While I still have doubts on the physicality of all of that, one thing that is clear is the amount of chills inspired by her cold, insidious personality. What makes me the most nervous is the way she manages to get under Brennan’s skin, in an emotional way. Sure, we might like the emotional development it brings, but below all of that is a real mega creepy-town mayor. 

So, what say you? Which did I miss? Since I only chose one from the first five seasons, I’m sure there are some others I could have included. Who gives you the creeps? And why?  Discuss! And…this guy’s not creepy, but he’s kind of cute, right?

Peace, Love & Bones



25 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Creepiest Villains

  1. Oh yeah, Gormogon the First totally creeps me out. And Epps? That dude was totally twisted. So I’d say I pretty much agree with everyone on your list.

    But I’d probably give honorable mentions to the EMT dude from The Mummy in the Maze (for the clown suit alone) and the mom in The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond. I kinda think you have to be a little bit out there to chop your own son up into pieces and then bury his head underneath your birdbath. That definitely qualifies as creepy in my book.

  2. I loooove the Epps episodes, in a bring-on-the-creepiness kind of way, but what about the guy who beheads his own brother because “Maggie” made him do it? Creeeeepy!

  3. Man! Creeptastic! The other one I thought about was the EMT that Stephanie mentioned. I mean, he comes at Booth in a CLOWN COSTUME! And not a fun and friendly one. A super creepy, killer looking costume. And then all the snakes!!

  4. My favorite creepy guy technically doesn’t qualify, since he didn’t really do anything, but he makes my skin crawl nevertheless: Russian mobster from Predator in the Pool. He is so oily and has such potential for badness, I really hope they bring him back. Also Will, the seemingly normal but actually nutty guy Brennan was dating in Headless Witch who killed his brother. The look of horror Brennan gives him when Booth arrests him is heart crushing. Plus, the arrest resulted in “guy hugs.”

  5. Pam, from The Wannabe in the Weeds. Gah, she re-e-eally freaked me out, and despite my jitters about her, I think she had the potential of being an excellent character/stalker turned villain/murderer in a longer-running story arc.

    I remember thinking that Brennan’s stalker, Oliver, sometimes came off as oddly cute and sweet in his basically harmless adoration of her, but Pam was something else. She was frightening.

  6. Great post!

    Pam Nunan. That woman gives me the creeps every time I watch The Wannabe in the Weeds.

    • Oh I made a mistake while coping and pasting my website on the comment above. Sarah, would you mind deleting it? I don’t want to cause trouble in case the other person sees it.

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  8. Can I just say….I LOVE serial killer arcs…so I totally agree with creepy Epps, Gormogon and Gravedigger.

    So, I got to thinking about other story arcs I enjoy…and I thought of Max…and started wondering where he might fit into all this? I mean, I don’t generally think of him as creepy, I love Max…but he can definitely be creepy-scary when it comes to protecting his family…just sayin.

  9. I’m gonna have to go with Epps and the old man Gormagon (yes…I actually jumped when he hissed…probably the only time I jumped EVER!). The Gravedigger kinda makes me really angry (trying to be polite here) rather than scared or freaked out. In the Boy with the Answer, I really wanted Max to take that shot (although it would have made things worse…but I mean…if she was dead it would have been a lot easier on B/B).

    And I agree with the above comments. Pam Nunan definitely deserve a spot on this list (although she didn’t technically kill anyone–yet–but what she did was waaaaaaaay worse if you ask me!! haha!). Stalkers just give me the creeps!

  10. Gormogon’s apprentice that we first see, Jason Harkness, totally creeps me out. He’s the kid with the diamond inset in his tooth who goes on and on about how tasty flesh is.

    “Its not like chicken or pork, you know. People always say that. It’s more like beef. The face is a little sweeter, more tender. The younger the person, the better. Except for babies. Babies tastes kind of like fish.”

    He totally gives me the creeps when he bites into that wax mold!

  11. These all creeped me out, but surprisingly the most creepy of them all for me was Alexa King. I mean she’s what 12ish and murdered someone without remorse. I think she creeps me out the most because really…there’s probably kids like that out there somewhere being taught they can get away with anything, even murder. *shivers* Hopefully I never meet any of those not so nice children. I know there’s crazy serial killers out there too, but maybe it’s her age that so unnerves me.

  12. Okay, so maybe it’s because I live down here where if you go out in the middle of nowhere in southeastern Louisiana at night you BELIEVE, by god, but the Benoit father and daughter in The Man in the Morgue freaked me right out. I don’t remember which killed the guy whose blood was all over Bones and was flayed all over the wall, but that…yeah. It still gives me the willies. On the other hand, the other guy, Sam, I think, was really cool. That episode was pretty great, but the father and daughter…they rate right up there with everybody on this list, for me.

    Also, Dr. Leacock from Harbringers in a Fountain. WOAH, talk about creepy. He stabbed Bones with a SCALPEL! A scalpel! Dude! …and crazy Julie from high school. She was one messed up wench, with the whole ‘neither of them would share so I just killed them; oh and do you think whats-his-name knows I’m out here?’ thing.

    But otherwise, this is totally spot-on. Kenton? WAY not cool. So very wrong on so many different levels that still creep me out. Poor Bones. Poor Booth, for trusting him and being wrong. And you know what, poor Kenton, horrible might he have been for doing what he did. I guess, at least he killed the (also incredibly creepy, amirite?) guy who tied girls up, let dogs eat them, and gouged out their eyes.

    Howard Epps…there is no limit to how much that guy freaked me out. I wished that Booth had put a bullet in his head the first time we saw him. I’m not even sure I want to look at that actor again, though bless his heart, it’s not his fault he’s a really good actor. Very good. Ugh. And old hissing Gormogon guy who spent his whole life eating people and making a skeleton out of their bones? Totally not cool. Gross. I didn’t jump and wasn’t that scared of him, but dude, just thinking about how much evil he’d managed in his life…

    The creepy girl-child wigged me right out, too. Dude. Thank God most children aren’t born into that type of situation! Thank fate that my parents and most peoples’ let them make their own mistakes and didn’t let them become crazy little monkeys with no sense of morals at all. Though, I want to deck her mother for starting all of it. Even if the kid did make me want to hide under a rock.

    Out of all of them on your list, though, I’d put Taffet at the top. That’s just me, though, in all of my majorly-claustrophobic, over-protective-ness. She could so easily have destroyed all of them. So easily. And she gave us awesome things like ‘that’s faith, baby’ and Teddy and such, but…dude. That woman. She creeps me out. The actress EXCELS at the ‘I’m a cold, creepy serial killer who KNOWS she’s better than you’ look and I want to wipe it off her face with a brick every time it shows up. Yeaah.

    An awesome list, in short! Jeez. This was long. My bad.

  13. Just discovered the site thanks to Bones Addict and I gotta say I love it. Fabulous discussions and topics!

    And I agree with Maria–my vote goes to the Russian Mobster. You just sense the potential there for him to really want to come back at Booth for not giving him a quid pro quo.

  14. Great list! Everyone elses suggestions for runners up fit perfectly too. I also found the mom from Purple Pond really creepy, and Pam Nunan.

    One other person I thought of was the killer in Princess in the Pear. The poem he wrote and the claim he made about people not understanding what true love is? Weird…

  15. Woah, this is a great list. My creepies are: Gravedigger (seriously, she’s AWFUL), Epps, Pam (because she attempted to kill Brennan and ended up shooting Booth), the creepy clown guy, the guy who killed his brother, the hissing Gormogon guy, the voodoo guy from “Man in the Morgue,” Dr. Leacock, and Kenton.

    Hmm, I didn’t realize there were that many scary people in Bones. OH And the guy from “Baby in the Bough” who killed the mom and left Andy all alone 😦 (He’s not really creepy – more like an awful person)

    Now I’m going to be thinking about all the baddies…haha 🙂

  16. That’s a good list! In a totally different direction, what comes to mind is when Booth has his gun stuck in Ortez’s mouth at the end of “The Woman in the Garden,” promising him that he’ll do away with Ortez if he touches Booth’s partner. I know that that was totally hawt, and I’m sure we all cheered Booth on for doing it. But my reaction creeps me out too, because if I can give Booth a pass on that kind of reaction, what might I actually think about something like that happening with a real live cop?!

  17. I agree with your choices! I never thought of Alexa King as creepy, but thinking more about it she totally is!
    You didn’t mention my own top creepiest bad guy, which is a woman and didn’t actually kill anyone… Pam Nunan!!! That woman gave me the creeps since the first time my eyes landed on her! even before she tried to harm B&B… passive aggressive, fake sweet, stalker… UGH!!

  18. … one more thing… and Kenton? I recently started watching Chuck and he (well, Adam Baldwin of course LOL) is in there… the first few episodes were VERY hard for me to watch! I gave me the creeps everytime he appeared! now it’s better, I started to love the real character without any Bones references… but sometimes it’s still weird 😉

    • LOL! I started watching Firefly and he was in that as well and I had the same problem. His character was even kind of similar in the way that he sometimes had no sense of boundary. It took me awhile to really be able to watch without thinking about Bones and how creepy he was there.

  19. Um, I’m going to throw in some S6 killers because the killer in Maggot in the Meadhead was super creepy… he said it didn’t matter who he killed b/c they all look the same. *shudder*

    I also got creeped out by Mary & Scott Costello in Girl in the Fridge… they didn’t even seem worried that they killed a poor girl.

    Mary Corbis in Mother and Child in the Bay. Home-skillet was straight up crazy, and she stole a baby. That ranks right up there with the serial killers in my book.

    Personally, because I was under chiropractic care for so long, Dr. Fitts, the killer from Salt in the Wounds freaked me out. I don’t like thinking that my chiropractor has the power to kill me with a little machine in his office.

    And lest we forget Julie Coyle from Death of the Queen Bee… that girl needed serious psychiatric help before she even graduated high school… she ranks up there with Alexa King on the creep-factor in my book. Woah (horse).

  20. The creepy couple in Girl in the Fridge. Yikes. Just, yikes.

    And the guy from “Boy in a Time Capsule” just broke my heart. Just so sad.

  21. Pelant was so creepy! Even more so because he was so technologically savvy!

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