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Morning After Q: Why Didn’t Angela Ever Seduce Booth?


Well, this might not be a normal question asked around BONES blogs, but…it’s still something I’m kind of curious about. And when I’m curious, there’s only one thing to do…and that’s ask for my friends’ opinions of course!

There are certain unwritten rules about not seducing your best friend’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Of course, Booth isn’t and has never been Brennan’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, but…even from the start, Angela seemed pretty hands-off where Booth was concerned. Not that she didn’t make her opinion known (“If I were you, I’d buy a ticket on that ride”), and when watching season one, there is some pretty potent chemistry between Angela and Booth (specifically the beginning of The Man in the Fallout Shelter).

Angela has never really been the type to NOT go for a man she’s interested in. And if she ever put the moves on Booth now…well…I’d be creating an experiment that would result in more than poultry being thrown at her head.

In Mastodon in the Room, she admitted she loved Booth, a little bit, and I loved that more than a little bit. After all, we’re all in love with Booth (some of us more than a little bit); there’s no shame in admitting that. 

So, did Angela sense something from Booth in those early days? Something that convinced her he was interested in Brennan? Or did she sense something from Brennan? Brennan told her she found him attractive, but would that be enough for Angela to keep her hands to herself?

Thoughts from you? If you were Angela, would you have had that kind of self-control?


14 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Why Didn’t Angela Ever Seduce Booth?

  1. Ooooh…this is a fun one!

    I think at first, Angela really thought Bren was interested in Booth (this makes more sense post-100th episode)…then they found out about Tessa…by the time Booth/Tessa fizzled Angela probably thought Bren might go for it. (If only they had, huh?)

    In the end, I think there are 2 reasons. 1 – Angela has always wanted B/B together, and she never wanted to get in the way of that (see ‘Rock the Vote’ for greatest B/B shipper). 2 – Even if they were only ever ‘just partners’, I think Angela knew if she ever tried going for Booth it would affect Brennan’s friendship/partnership with him, and she would not have wanted to take that away from Bren.

    Of course, all of this has probably never stopped Angela from fantasizing about the possibility…why do you think she always wants details?…I know I would 😉

  2. Thankyou so much for posting this! i really loved this one! First i want to say that i have thought about this before when i wacthed the earlier seasons of Bones and i wondered why that was. At first i didnt like it too much because i had already seen seasons 3-5 and i just didnt like the fact that Booth had chemistry with her but then i realized i was being a bit stupid because then i thought that it was nice that i saw those moments between them that maybe even helped them and their friendship grow.

    i really agree with Lisa that Angela thought it might affect their partnership if she went there with Booth. She respepected them and what they had. I think she just saw that they had a little history when she first saw them working together and while she might of thought in her head that he was all hot and she wants to bang that, she also thought it would be completely and utterly wrong to mess with what they had.

    And since then, all she wanted was for Brennan to be happy and show her its not all just about the brain, but the heart too.

  3. I always thought Angela just saw that Brennan was interested in Booth (whether she admitted it or not) and figured it was “hands off.” One of those you can flirt with him, but don’t touch. Especially after seeing the 100th episode this makes so much more sense. I mean Ange is there when Brennan walks in after the night of tequila and her denials are very telling and Angela gets that “cat that ate the canary” grin on her face. After that it pretty much was game over.

    And yes Booth flirted with Angela, but left touching (ie guy hugs and hand on the back) and real smiles for Brennan. I think Ange saw that and knew that someday this was going to be a good thing for Brennan. She saw them together and realized that for her something with Booth would be temporary, but for Brennan it might change her life. She wanted her to be happy so she sacrificed what would have been a temporary (but oh so fun!) relationship.

  4. I’ve wondered about this before as well and have kind of come to the conclusion that Angela was intuitive enough to realize that there was something between B&B (even if neither of them would admit it) and felt like she owed it to Brennan, as her friend, to not get in the way.

  5. Oooh…interesting question.

    I think several things come into play here.

    First, although Angela can be quite pragmatic about sexual relationships, she’s always struck me as being very much a romantic at heart. Thus I tend to think she believed Booth and Brennan belonged together (I’m not sure she doesn’t still think this) and wouldn’t poach on that.

    Second, I think she’s quite aware of the undercurrents going on around her, at least in respect to other people – thus there’s a reason for why she believes they belong together. (I’m not sure she’s as sensitive to moods and emotions involving her, which is why she never realized that Hodgins still loved her. In this sense, she’s similar to Booth, IMO.)

    Third, at various times she’s been in relationships with other people. During S1, she wasn’t, but that’s when we see the most obvious flirting as well as some very strong comments to Brennan about what’s between B/B. From mid S2 through the end of S3, she’s with Hodgins; S4 sees her with Roxy and then the celibacy thing, followed by Wendell in S5. Although her views on sex are rather freer than mine, I think she definitely has a code she lives by (in terms of not cheating on someone she was with) – and even if she didn’t, she’d have known that Booth does.

  6. First off, I need to confess that Angela isn’t one of my favorite characters. In the beginning, I really liked her because I felt that she was good for Brennan as a link to the outside world. I’m not a huge fan of how her character developed but I still think she’s a great friend for Brennan. Which is why she didn’t go after Booth.

    I think Angela is very… sexually in-tune. There is a definite chemistry in the beginning between Angela and Booth and she may have seriously, albeit briefly, considered going after him. But I think she also saw the way Brennan responded to Booth (Don’t they say that arguing can be form of foreplay?) and the way Booth responded to Brennan. That’s when she stepped back and started to push Brennan towards Booth.

    That’s my opinion anyway.

  7. In my opinion, Angela knew there was something electric between B&B right from the beginning. When she goes to scout out Tessa in the beginning of S1 (ep 2 or 3?), her meddling was with the intent to find out what the story was with the girlfriend, mostly on behalf of her friend, Brennan. Even Zack picked up on the sexual tension!

    I think Angela’s always known Brennan is drawn to Booth, and that’s why she’s stayed away. Even though Brennan makes no claim on Booth, he’s hers anyway. 🙂

  8. Looking back at season 1 and then Mastodon in the Room i was thinking this aswell. Because we know that otherwise Angela pretty much gets any man she likes… but i always pinned it down to a few reasons.

    1. After what we now know happened in the 100th, Angela was probably just letting Bren have Booth, thinking that they would be all over eachother sooner or later, cos she just knew that they were good together, and that Brennan actually did like him, deep deep down. (probably had something to do with the fact that her best friend came into work late with hangover, which i doubt she wouldve done for any other man)

    2. She was the only person who probably took notice to Brennan’s character after she had met Booth the first time. Angela would’ve been the one who saw the effect he had upon her, the rebound relationship, and then her hate for him again, i think she would have been happy to leave Booth to Brennan if it meant that Bren would have Booth.

    3. She also knew that Booth liked Brennan, i think she just knew that from the start, after he kissed her and then they started fighting.

    4. Angela knew that if she got between Booth and Brennan, she would lose her best friend, and no matter how much Angela liked Booth, i don’t think she wanted that to happen. Angela always take friendship very seriously.

  9. Very fun question!
    I’ve often thought about this. Angela has always had really good intuition, and of course she has her psychic too. I think she sensed more from Booth first. She said a lot in the first season that she thinks Booth likes Bren and alluded to that quite a bit. Clearly, it was plain to everyone but our 2 favorite crimefighters that they belong together.

    I’m pretty sure if Angela didn’t sense all the chemistry between them she may have tried something, but at the same time I don’t think she would have tried anything lightly. You see how serious she was about the consequences of dating someone she worked with when it came to Hodgins, I think she would have put the same foresight into anything happening with Booth too had it ever come up.

  10. This has always been a detail that has lurked at the back of my mind as well…I agree with everyone’s comments about Angela valuing her friendship with Brennan more than something fleeting with Booth. While they did have some sexual tension, I don’t think that if they had started something that it would have lasted. What B&B have is much deeper than that, whether they want to admit it or not. I also do think Angela is one of the biggest B&B shippers.

    Another note, I would like to point out that one of the reasons I think I love this show so much is that they don’t sell out for all the relationship stuff. For example, all of the characters sleeping with each other (Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.). While this formula may be successful on other shows, I am so happy that this show hasn’t really visited that. Do I enjoy seeing the bedroom scenes with Hannah? Not so much, but I’m really glad that they didn’t have him jump into bed with another regular on the show…I don’t know if anyone thought of this possibility but I think I would have hated it…a lot.

  11. This is a great question that I’ve thought about myself before. It is kind of weird because indeed Angela is the kind of woman who’d just go for a guy she’s interested in.
    So I think the best explanation is that she sensed the B&B attraction right from the start (But I mean who didn’t?) and she didn’t want to come between that.
    Brennan’s her best friend, she wouldn’t want to compromise their friendship by sleeping with a guy that according to her is very much liked by said friend.
    And it’s good that she did because otherwise the whole friendship between these three might have gone different.
    But of course I’m sure she’s fantasized about it, but we can’t blame her cause we’re all guilty as charged. 😉

  12. I think even though Angela thought Booth was hot she always knew he was not for her. Whether or not she knew he was meant for Brennan *I think she did* she knew it would never be more than a friendly/sexy rapport between her and Booth.
    I think any woman who’s ever been around Booth for any length of time, would end up a little in love with him *sigh* how could you not? 🙂

  13. In the beginning, Angela might have known there was some kind of attraction between Booth and Brennan, but she was probably aware, too, that Booth was more of a traditionalist than she was. He was a man given to long-term relationships. She never struck me as someone who would commit to one lover for more than a few weeks at most.

  14. I think it was obvious from the first time she saw B&B together that there was something there.

    Despite what most people think about her, Angela has always struck me as pretty straight-forward sexually. She’s aggressive but not promiscuous. We’ve never seen her have multiple simultaneous partners. I think she considers her friendship with Brennan important and she wouldn’t jeopardize it,

    And I also think she’s been Shipper No. 1 from the beginning.

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