Bones Theory

Rock the Vote 2010: Ask the Shipper!



Hey, hey! We’re getting so close to our official election of the Biggest B&B Shipper.

Will it be Angela?

Or will it be Sweets?

You already heard what their running mates had to say in their Vice-Shipper debate, and now it’s time to submit your questions for Angela and Sweets. Questions will be taken until Sunday at 5 PM EST!


7 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2010: Ask the Shipper!

  1. For Angela: If Booth & Brennan’s relationship were a face you were reconstructing, what would it look like and why?

    For Sweets: How would you describe Booth & Brennan’s relationship in psychological terms (you wrote an entire book about it, so spill the beans already!)?

  2. For both Angela and Sweets: If you’re elected Shipper, what proactive measures would you take to ensure that Booth and Brennan don’t “miss their moment”?

    p.s. I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I love rock the vote! haha!

  3. I am still undecided, question for both candidates, How will you ensure that Dr. Brennan come to terms with her feelings for Agent Booth.

  4. Okay firstly for Sweets: What were your thoughts on the B&B dynamic when they sat onto your zone-of-truth coutch during your first session? And how do you see it now?

    And for Angela: Did you know right from the first time you saw these two together that they were meant to be? And was there a difference in your thoughts on their relationship one year later when they started working together again?

  5. For Angela. You’ve been there since the beginning. You’ve seen the looks in both Brennan and Booth’s eyes. You’re Brennan’s best friend. What made you think that the sexy scientist and sexy FBI agent could actually end up together?

    For Sweets. You can in late to the game but you’ve had the opportunity to see these two at their best and worst and most vulnerable. You even wrote a book about their relationship. You are strictly theirs. What makes you think that Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth could make it work?

  6. For Sweets and Angela:
    How do you plan to get Booth and Brennan together with Hannah still in the picture? Are you going to let Booth break up with her on his own or are you willing to start something that will lead Booth to do it on his own?

    What has to happen to get these two to see what’s right in front of them?

    For Angela:
    You’ve been there since the beginning- Did you always know these two were meant to be together? Or have you been watching throughout the years and picked up the signs?

    For Sweets:
    Do you think you should have pushed Booth to tell Brennan what he felt? Is the fallout that occured (Brennan and Booth going to opposite sides of the world) going to be worth it in the end?

  7. To both: you both have recently taken serious relationship steps of your own — do you believe these recent changes have effected/will effect Booth and Brennan or your “shipper-ness”?

    To both: Has your recent break from the Jeffersonian/FBI and your friends changed your perspective on the B&B ‘ship?

    To both: what are your greatest concerns (not Hannah related, please) for our favorite couple? What are your greatest hopes?

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