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“I’ll See You Tomorrow”: Romantic Stability


In tomorrow’s Top Five Tuesday, we’re going to look at the Top Five Scenes that should have ended with Booth and Brennan in bed. I’m pretty excited about it, I must admit. But what got me thinking on it was the idea that sometimes, I just don’t know HOW Hart Hanson and the BONES writers would manage to get themselves out of scenes, if they were writing books instead of TV episodes. These are the dorky things I wonder about when I’m driving to work each day. If these were books instead of TV episodes, where they can flash from scene to scene, there is NO WAY they could just…end a scene like they do sometimes. A lot more on this tomorrow.

But then it also got me to thinking about how…since we are all assuming Booth and Brennan have not ended up in bed together yet…what DOES happen between them when their special moments are over?

And here is what I think might happen.

I think Booth may have said to Brennan… “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I don’t really have proof of this, and it’s possible that I’m wrong, but I can just totally see it being his thing, that he says to her, whenever they part ways. So then, fast forward years and years to after the GraveDigger trial, and Brennan is feeling anxious, but in a way that Booth can’t solve. Right? That was sort of the first time we’d ever seen that, and I think we can take from Booth’s actions and re-actions that it was the (if not one of the) first times he’s really seen that. So he goes along with her, just to sort of appease her. She hails a cab, and he says, “Let’s get you into a cab,” as if he’s the one in charge all along (this is just so…him all over, as Brennan would say) and everything is just totally fine and normal. And then he leans in and says, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and she doesn’t reply. And that’s…I don’t know, that’s when he knows something’s really not right. That’s really the “End in the Beginning” or whatever, right?

But let’s fast forward almost a year later, and Brennan has just watched Booth accept the gift of the phone from Hannah, and she’s decided to go home for the evening to let Booth and Hannah be alone. What does she say to sort of signify that everything is fine on her end?

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And it’s THAT statement that sort of pushes Booth into action…more than any other thing we’ve really seen this season, it’s that that makes him follow after her. Do you agree? It’s almost like in the middle of all of the things we think are their things…this one sort of slipped past us and is right there!

Is that even possible? Not that Brennan was giving Booth a secret message that she wants him desperately or anything. But do you think it’s possible that “I’ll see you tomorrow” is what they’ve said to just encourage one another over the years?

What do you think?

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23 thoughts on ““I’ll See You Tomorrow”: Romantic Stability

  1. To me ” i’ll see you tomorrow ” meansThey’re saying to each other “i’ll be prepare and waiting for you when you be prepare” w/out noticed .

  2. I have never before considered this. Awesome. As I was reading I thought about The Princess Bride. You know in the beginning when Westley pretty much only says “As you wish” which means he’s saying “I love you.”
    For Brennan and Booth, “I’ll see you tomorrow” is their “as you wish” phrase. Oh I love it! On simple little phrase can change the whole meaning of their relationship. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

    • I love this comparison to The Princess Bride (one of my all time favorite movies by the way)! “I’ll see you tomorrow” could definitely be their “as you wish.”

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  4. I think it is more about “I am here, I am always here for you”. They may not be together romantically but they are each others consistent above all else. Yes she didn’t call him for 7 months, but she never contacts him when she is away on a dig or so. Remember in pilot she didn’t talk to anyone from the lab, S2 opening scene with B&B talking about being with her brother and no contact with him or Jeffersonian, S5 scene as well coming back from Guatemala.

  5. Hmm, this is a very interesting thought you bring up. I can definitely see it. Or maybe it means ‘I’ve got your back’ (something like that).

    Definitely something to think about more later!

    Thanks! 😀

  6. I love this idea. I’ve always wondered what happens to Booth and Brennan’s moments when we stop watching them. and “I’ll see you tomorrow” is perfect. It felt so normal when Booth said it at the end of Maggots in the Meathead. It’s lik their secret language haha.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. I definitely think that there’s something in that statement. It’s more than just “see you tomorrow,” because it seems like a way of saying “you’ll always be there… right?” Especially after what they’ve been through, “see you tomorrow” sounds perfect — it’s a way of establishing that that person is going to be there, beyond tomorrow.

    HEY! I just remembered — the first time that it was said (well, it was “see you Monday”) was in “Proof in the Pudding” in the very beginning! I think it was part of a setup to show you that Booth normally wouldn’t hear from them, that the lab would be empty, etc… but there was something else about it, too (I think Brennan said it that time… if I remember correctly), that just feels like it’s a normal statement between them. I think the recent incarnations, though, are really much stronger, and really have become a way of still grasping at that partnership, and making sure the other person would be there “tomorrow.”

    Hmm… now that I think about it… the promise of seeing each other at the coffee cart a year later… sounds very similar to “see you tomorrow” in the context of making sure the other person will be there, doesn’t it?

  8. It is truly a different animal to write for television than a novel, isn’t it?

    I like this concept of the “See you tomorrow.” I can buy it as a hook for both of them. In fact, I’ve often wondered about it because in the context of work they wouldn’t necessarily see each other every day, would they? That would be a lot of murders that not only involved the FBI (vs. local law enforcement) AND decomposed remains.

    But the fact that they say they will see each other tomorrow gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that they still get together for lunch or drinks every day, anyway. Oh Booth. Oh Brennan. Yes, you will see each other tomorrow and be there for each other, won’t you.

  9. Oh, and by the way – isn’t that a lovely picture of Angela and Hodgins Seels picked out for us?

  10. I think you’re definitely onto something! And I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s post 🙂

    Thank you for writing this wonderful blog!!!


  11. I’ve never thought about it that way but it does make sense. I think you’re definitely on to something! I like it, it’s something really them if you think about it this way and I like the reassurance it brings.

  12. Actually the first time that something like that was said was in “The Man in the Wall” in the end scene. Tessa has broken up with Booth and ruined his vacation plans. Booth and Brennan talk about taking vacations alone. He tells her when he’s gone alone, he considers never coming back. He’s getting ready to walk out of Wong Foo’s and she says “See you next week”. It was still early in their partnership, they were both still hesitant, but I thought that moment was another critical moment in building the solid foundation their partnership/friendship was built on. It was like “you may be going on vacation alone, but you aren’t alone in have a reason to come back, I need you to come back.” Granted, he had Parker and never would have truly considered not coming back, but Brennan (and the audience) didn’t know about Parker at that time.

    I’ve always wondered what the relationship between Booth and Brennan is between cases. Booth doesn’t only work on cases with Brennan (RICO case in ConMan in the MethLab) and Brennan works on other anthropological stuff (IronAge warrior guy…). We know that “if there were no more murders” they assume their relationship will amount to “coffee”…but does it? Or should I qualify that with “did it before Hannah”? I would really love to get my hands on their cellphone records and get Sweets to interpret their texts. OL!

  13. Wow. Great food for thought there, Sarah! I never really thought about the meaning of that statement before, but I’ll definitely buy what you’re selling. 🙂

    Given your examples, the phrase “I’ll see you tomorrow” is like a reassurance that no matter what comes up between cases or between them, they are still connected and still want to spend time together – they are still partners. I think it was particularly poignant in the Boy with the Answer, because when Booth tries to get that reassurance, Brennan doesn’t give it to him, and you’re right in that it made him realize something was really wrong and it was something he nor their partnership/work could fix.

    By them reassuring each other that they will see each other the next day, it implies that no matter what comes up, they still make time for each other on a daily basis. I love the idea that there could be weeks between cases and yet they’ll still get together for lunch or heck even coffee. That warms my heart. I think S4 and S5 progressed them way beyond a “coffee” relationship to what Angela said – before Hannah they were a couple in all cases except physical intimacy.

    Great observation!

  14. Great insight – and something that I will be looking for now as I watch season 6.

  15. What a fascinating thought. I particularly love your tying it back to when she says it to him at the end of TMitMeathead, and he reacts.

    You’re right, it’s like their code for ‘we’re good, we’re here, we’re solid,’ aka, ‘I love you.’ Maybe only as friends, but still.

  16. I know Booth and Brennan will get back together because I can see it in their eyes. Every time Bones went home, Booth went to the door with her. I love their little smiles and their looks. This week is supposed to be Hannah’s last week. I can’t wait to what happens!!

  17. PS oopsies! a think I need to correct my previous statement !! what I meant to say was that can’t wait to see what happens(to Hannah)!!

  18. I just LOOOVE all the posts I’ve read . They all confirm everything that I’ve believed!! Booth and Brennan have a deep and profound LOVE that will be there for each other no matter what ever else happens!!

  19. Is this MESS with Hannah going to last for much longer ? I hope not!! As I probably said before I hope they do everything they do off screen , and we don’t see Hannah’s bimbo face again!!

  20. I think that phrase, or anything similar, has to have special meaning to these two people who were left alone as children.

    Brennan’s parents abandoned her so one day, she didn’t see them tomorrow. Booth’s father left (i.e., got kicked out by Hank), so one day, he didn’t see him tomorrow.

    I can see how that little phrase is like a promise between the two of them. I’ll be there, no matter what.

    It gives me the warm fuzzies. 🙂

  21. Both seems to say it a lot – he said it to Brennan in tCitC before he went off with Hannah and Brennan smiled. I think it may be just a way of Booth telling her he will still be there. Please don’t read emotionally or anything into ‘still be there’. He will not turn his back on her no matter what even if they will only be friends. He will not disappear out of her life.

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