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Top Five Tuesday: B&B Moments That Should Have Ended in Bed


While Sweets, Hodgins and Angela are nervously waiting for your votes to come in,

…I figure it’s time to talk about something just as important. And that, of course, is all of the times B&B should have ended up in bed together. Okay, okay, not all of the times…just five.

First of all, don’t get me wrong. How many episodes are there? 110? There are easily 110 moments that should or could have ended with Booth and Brennan in bed. But these are moments that are almost implausible in that they didn’t. Am I saying I’m annoyed that they didn’t fall into bed together?

…………No, I’m not annoyed. Okay, okay…sometimes, I might feel slightly annoyed, but for the most part, I’m cool with the journey. But here are five times when I really wouldn’t have complained.

  1. The ending of Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

It’s not hard to imagine. Brennan had already told Booth he had to clean up. He’d smiled, but you know Seeley Booth makes good on his promises, in and out of the kitchen, if you catch my drift. So, Booth, with a smile and an apron, stands at the sink and washes the dishes. Brennan dries them, making sure to point out that she’s doing half of his job. Booth tells her he did more than half of the eating, which makes them even. Brennan says that doesn’t make sense, but she laughs. Booth laughs too, and they stare at one another. When the last dish is washed, Booth dries his hands on the towel in Brennan’s hands. She starts to pull back, but he tugs her closer and kisses her, just in thanks for dinner and for being awesome. She wraps her arms around his neck and…yada yada yada!

2.   After Booth is drunk on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Booth isn’t a prude, I’m sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a little alcohol would make him a little more inclined to satisfy his biological urges. And I’d like to think that tipsy Booth makes Brennan want him just a bit more. And they’d just gotten done talking about how he had no direct knowledge of how good she was in bed. Come on, you KNOW Brennan was dying to prove it to him. So, she invites him back to her place (he really shouldn’t be driving after all. It’s only rational), and she invites him to crash on the couch (which lasts about 10 seconds). In the morning, he might be a little stunned, wondering if what happened really happened. But when she turns to him and gives him that small smile that proves it was all real, he’ll lean over and kiss her and it will all be good.

3. The ending of The Man in the Outhouse

Surrogate nothing, just dinner and drinks. Good conversation, social setting. Just gotta be open enough to see it. Seeley Booth was in the zone that night. And Brennan was beyond gorgeous. She was pretty the entire episode, but in that black dress, and with that vulnerability? Impossible to resist. Booth doesn’t stand a chance. He walks her to her door, and she pauses, and he knows exactly what that means. He smirks a bit and she eyes him with haughty disdain. But after she unlocks her door, she really looks at him, and his smile fades. Then he swallows and tucks her hair behind her ear, leaning down to kiss her just at the corner of her mouth. Brennan shudders and falls back against her door. But because she’d opened it, it falls open, and they pretty much trip over the threshold. And then, as pal Smurfs would say, “Shut the front door”, because it would be all over then. Nothing but trails of clothes on the living room floor.

4. The ending of Bond in the Boot

This one is almost too easy. Have they ever been cuter? Possible, I guess, but seriously…

Her shirt is wet; she has to borrow one. Hmmm… ‘come on back to the bedroom, Bones. I’ll get you one’. Easy peasy. It’s the weekend. Booth’s feeling like a man and his plumbing’s gonna be fine (insert your own joke here).

5. The hug scene in Boy with the Answer.

How does this scene end without them kissing and more? I’m completely serious. I don’t care what else has happened between them in season five. Brennan has confessed her vulnerability. Booth walks toward her, promising her that everything is going to be okay. He promises. Brennan falls right into his arms. Then what…they pull back? Booth says “I’ll see you tomorrow?” (I’m mocking myself here, I know it). It’s the only scene on this list from the middle of an episode, but it’s also the reason this list even exists. I honestly do not even know how they could have written themselves out of this scene without B&B kissing.

Of course, them kissing doesn’t mean they are going to fall right into bed with one another. But I gotta think that it won’t be far after. Oh y’all, it’s so going to happen sometime. Glug Glug Freaking Woo HOO!

Okay, okay, now it’s your turn. With 105 other episodes to choose from, I’m sure there are moments you like better than the ones I’ve chosen. And with a topic like this, I can’t WAIT to hear what they are. Talk to me!


23 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: B&B Moments That Should Have Ended in Bed

  1. OMG ! The end of “Night in Bones museum” They almost kissing and almost catch fire. God damn Cockblockers squinters !!!

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  3. I really think something should have happened during the first episode of season five “Harbingers in the fountain” because it was after the whole booth comma dream thing and it would have been perfect 🙂 because thats when they both realized (properly) that there was something between them… I also agree with the night in the bones museum one obviously because they were sooo close and then number 4-Bond in the boot :):) err you’re right there have been so many opportunities for them to end up in bed… well hopefully when it does happen it’s perfect:)

  4. The penultimate scene in The Truth in the Lye. I swear they were both considering slipping with each other.

    And then Booth ends up in bed with Cam. I feel like there are so many “almost” moments in Season 2, but then I remember that technically Booth was with Cam for many of the episodes, so I guess they weren’t really “almost” moments but rather “I really want to” moments.

    Intern in the Incinerator. I mean, they were sitting in office doing shots together at the end! And Booth KNOWS Brennan!

    Fire in the Ice. They were so relaxed and close and happy at the skating rink, and it’d have been so natural for things to progress! And he did have to stay up all night, and who else better to keep him company?

    • Meg, I totally agree. I keep saying that B&B missed some kind of moment at the end of Truth in the Lye. They were SO close. There was definitely some serious insinuating going on. Booth should have been in bed with Brennan at the end of that episode…not Cam.

      I also agree about Fire in the Ice… a kiss at least!

  5. Yowza!! I think the scenario of number 1 is the cutest and the best, against all expectations including my own.

    Like you said, the Bond in the Boot was just too easy and they never should have found a way out in the Boy with an Answer! You completely made me laugh there, even though it’s not funny really.

    I’d go with all of the above here plus that time when Booth thinks there’s a bomb and throws Brennan on the floor with him on top. Because seriously, how much closer can you get?

    But then again, I wonder about that half the time…

  6. 3 words for you.

    ‘Be a cop’

    Love that scene! 😀

  7. Ok here’s my take starting with season one, Two Bodies in the lab right before Booth gets blown up. I figured if Booth hadn’t gotten blown up then something would have ignited between the two.

    Now with season two Judas on a Pole enough said. How could have nothing had happened after that last scene. It had me screaming just kiss her already.

    Season three Ugh there are too many perfect moments to pick from. I will have to go with the Pain in the Heart. Pissed off or not I would have jumped Booth the second he stood up from his bathtub stark naked. Brennan seriously should have handed him a towel and jump him the second he actually got out of the tub.

    Season 4 that’s any easy one for me. It would have to be the Hero in the Hold when they are in the helicopter. I’m we were all thinking she’s finally going to tell him, and then she didn’t. I thought Bones was going to kiss Booth in that helicopter and she should have. I think that moment should have ended with them ending up sleeping together.

    Season 5 again too many perfect moments to choose from. But my favorite moment would have to be Death of the Queen Bee when Booth and Brennan are dancing at Bones’ reunion. I mean come on they were posing as a happily married couple, supposedly trying to get pregnant (That might be a little far fetched), and slow dancing to Seal’s Kiss from a rose. That would have gotten me into bed. Heck I probably wouldn’t have made it any further than the car.

  8. I would have to say “The Gamer in the Grease” The ending there where they play a video game. The way they eye each other would be pretty much fair game! At least with a kiss anyway.

    “Night at the Museum”, well that ending. I mean, they have it so bad for each other there.

    You know they edit out alot of stuff. Can you just imagine all the stuff the actors add to the scenes that don’t reach the final cut? They shoot material for HOURS and only 41-43 minutes worth gets shown! That is ALOT to cut out.

    I remember Hart saying once that we get to see the tame version of just what the actors can do.

  9. What an awesome idea! Wishful thinking is such a cheerful sort of reminiscence…

    I’ve postulated a scenario in another forum about how the Mummy in the Maze should have ended up with a little B&B lovin’, so I’m throwing this one in the ring. The Wonder Woman costume & the Squint with a Superman shirt underneath (according to PR for the episode, that is what DB was wearing under his checkered shirt). Come on guys, there was role play, fantasy date mention of Clark Kent & Wonder Woman (cue: M rated Justice League jokes), the magic of Halloween, snakes, clowns, gunfire & adrenaline…and just how Booth could resist the siren call of ‘Wonder Woman’s bosom’?

    There are a couple of obvious episodes as well. Double Trouble in the Panhandle & Woman in the Sand; citing the whole captive audience scenario. Never mind Sweets and his whole ‘if the two of you kiss, the dam will break’ hooey. If you lock the two of them in a room with one bed, they’ve been role playing all day, one of them has wounds to tend, …just sayin’.

    Now I’m going to have ‘Waking Up in Vegas’ playing in my head all day…I’ll add variety with a ‘Waking Up in Texas’ version *snorts*

    • Oh, I love that end scene in the Mummy in the Maze! The looks between them were just delicious…so much potential there, I agree!

  10. Great list! BONES has definitely given us many swoon-worthy should-jump-each-other-immediately moments. 🙂 I totally agree with you on The Boy with the Answer and the Bond in the Boot moments…they had SO MUCH potential! I only joined the shipper train after Season 4, so I have a harder time with the earlier season moments, though you definitely paint a lovely fanfic worthy moment for The Glowing Bones mac and cheese scene.

    The suggestions from others are fabulous and loaded with possibilities too. I especially wonder how they would have ended the night after skating together in The Fire in the Ice. I mean, come on! What was more romantic than that!?

    I think the awesome thing about B&B is that their chemistry is so fantastic that they could literally fall into each other at any moment and it would be believable. Okay, maybe not in the interrogation room (haha!), but any time they’re alone together. I secretly would love it if their coming together was after a regular night at the diner, you know? They’re strolling out of the diner after a case-solved celebratory pie slice, doing their usual banter. Booth offers to walk her to her car, and they stroll in comfortable silence together. One bumps casually into the other while walking, them slowly moving closer and closer together. Booth says something funny, and Brennan’s face lights up as she laughs. He’s mesmerized and she’s happy and in that moment he doesn’t think and just kisses her and she kisses back willingly.

    Sorry, I just lost myself there in a mini-fanfic! Ha!

    I guess I was just trying to drive the point that there’s just so much potential between them, it’s ridiculous. 🙂

  11. Well, I feel that I have to mention how disappointed I was that in the 100th episode flashback that they didn’t go home together… Okay, I know that it would have thrown the whole chemistry thing in the out of whack… But I mean come on!!! They were making out in the rain!! They should have totally made it home together!

    (Deep breath) I’m okay. I’m calm.

  12. I love this topic and agree with everyone’s scenarios! It’s so nice to think about….*sigh* 🙂

  13. Panhandle! The tiny trailer, the role-playing, the single bed-and a whole night alone… (they even looked a little hungover the next day!) Too cute. Also, though they weren’t in the same room at the end, Santa in the Slush. I mean, they already had the mistletoe kiss (extended hot version, please), it’s Christmas, and all that eye contact at the end…she should have come up to his place (after Parker was sent to Vermont) to properly thank him for that sparkling tree…

  14. this list made me go back and re watch some of these moments.
    oh my.
    I miss them 😦 we haven’t had anything quite like these for a while 😦

  15. There are so many, but seriously, how did they NOT do anything in Woman in the Sand or Double Trouble in the Panhandle?? The way Booth’s mouth dropped open when he saw Brennan walk out in that dress; the way they oozed sexual attraction together as Tony and Roxie, slapping each others’ butts. Take that energy back to the hotel room.

    And in Panhandle when Brennan suggests that she and Booth rock the trailer to make it look like they’re having sex, Booth should have gone alpha male on her and said if they wanted to make it look authentic they needed to BE authentic.

    • i agree! And, i mean, they’ve traveled for cases so many times… with one bed sometimes or adjoining rooms at least (that’s what sweets implies in DofQB) that i really don’t understand how they’ve never ended up in bed together. AND they’re always drinking, which should loosen ’em up.

      actually, i REALLY don’t believe it, almost.

  16. I love this!
    What about “The Proof in the Pudding”? She has just abandoned her “100 % sure belief system” for him, he is happy that it hasn’t been JFK, they’re already walking away arm in arm, feeling almost high because of sleep deprivation. They’re too exhausted to drive, too excited to sleep, so he walks her home. She offers him coffee. Coffee turns into “coffee”, day into night, he to her, she to him… the rest would be history.

  17. Love this topic. It makes me want to watch every one of those scenes again Right. Now.

    The one that really strikes me is after the plumbing experiment. Let him be a man? Let him teach you something? Yes, please. And wet clothes on both of them? And still we got nothing out of that? HH&Co outta be ashamed.

  18. I think the scene in Boy with the Answer is almost exactly mirrored in Hole in the Heart and, well, we know how that ended.

    All I know is that I would like to see a scene similar to the one in Glowing Bones in the Stone House playout between new or expectant parents B&B and I hope that toward the end of S7 we get a scene like the plumbing experiment only as it fades out we see that there is potential for more…sometimes that is even hotter than seeing the whole thing. B&B “play” so well together…the mud throwing in Man in the Mud comes to mind.

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