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Bones Fan Spotlight: Jen



Almost every group of people has one person that is sort of the ‘go-to’ person. It’s usually because the person is trustworthy, smart, funny, kind and willing to listen. It’s also usually because that person tells the truth with love, knows when to call people out and knows when to let things go. For me, in my closest group of BONES pals, this week’s spotlight, Jen, is that person. Jen (and the others in our small little evil collective) quickly catapulted from BONESfriends to friends, meaning once this show is over (sigh), I’ll still be in touch with these people…even though I’ve never actually met them in person. It seems crazy, but it’s true.  A lot of you know her as NatesMama. While I don’t know if Jen has any more room in her life for BFFs, I do know that you’re going to love getting to know her better. So without further ado,

…here’s Jen…


Jen Lester


 The name BONES fans might know you as:

natesmama1128 on Twitter, NatesMama516 at The Lab. Jen when I spew my obnoxiously opinionated comments all over your exceptional blog.


General location:

Claymont, Delaware


If you were to hit ‘random’ on your iPod or iPhone or other MP3 player (or CD, or record player or whatever), what would be the most embarrassing song that might pop up on shuffle?

Close call. Either Copacabana by Barry Manilow or All Out of Love by Air Supply. (No one else is going to see this, right?)


What is one other TV show you’re watching right now and would recommend to others?


Sons of Anarchy. *Love* it. 



What was your first job; what was your worst job; what is your dream job?


First job: Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hated it, which also makes it my worst job. Dream job: Getting paid to write…which I will never have the guts or enough talent to do.


What is the last book you read? Or the BEST book you’ve read?

Last book: Finally finished When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris. I couldn’t possibly narrow down the best book I’ve ever read, there are simply too many great ones. 


Favorite cartoon ever?

Bugs Bunny. The classics never get old.


What is one thing even your best BONES pals might not know about you?

I once dated a famous actor. I won’t name names, but it didn’t last long. Fun, though.


What is the first episode of Bones you ever saw, and why? What made you decide to watch more?

The Pilot. I followed David Boreanaz from Angel. And to be honest, I almost didn’t watch past the first episode. I thought Booth was a world-class jerk and Brennan was kind of a…well, witch. The final scene in Man in the SUV saved me, and the rest is obsessed history.


Which character on BONES do you identify most with and why?

Caroline. Big mouth lawyer who does not suffer fools gladly and dearly loves Booth and his Squints? Who wouldn’t want to be like that?


What does BONES mean to you?

To be honest, I don’t have any great life-changing epiphany or funny story to share about why I love Bones. I just do. It’s a great show, with interesting leads, and one of the most fleshed-out supporting casts on television. Temperance Brennan might be the most completely original and extremely complicated character on television, and I’ve loved watching her progression from internalized, rational woman of science to extroverted (on occasion), irrational (sometimes) woman in love (when she figures that out, anyway). And Seeley Booth is a great counterpoint to Brennan in his own right. He’s deeply flawed but desperately trying to hide it, and when he does show Brennan those parts of himself, its magic. For both characters. That interaction is an amazing partnership of both characters and their actors. I believe that two people so different, like Booth and Brennan really do, despite all evidence to the contrary, belong together.


What are your top five favorite BONES episodes?

Aliens in a Spaceship: My all-time favorite episode. Perfect combination of peril and tension and conflict. Great performances by the whole cast, and the episode that turned me into a full-fledged shipper.

The Plain in the Prodigy: One of the most beautiful episodes of the entire series. Start to finish, an emotional masterpiece.

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole: How can you leave off this episode? The true beginning in the end. Trust me on this. That final scene will be the reference point for every major B&B relationship milestone from here on out.

Judas on a Pole: There’s more than one kind of family. My Bones BFF Mary says this is the theme of the entire show, and I can’t say I disagree with her.

The Man in the SUV: Like I said, this episode saved me as a fan. I saw the true beginning of what their partnership could be in this episode, and it kept me coming back for more.

The Double Death of the Dearly Departed: I wanted to put this one up as a nose-thumb to all the fans who swear they hated it…but I honestly could watch this episode every single day. Very Nick and Nora Charles without Asta. It reminds me why I think B&B should be together. I once again invoke my BFF Mary, who says that this episode is a good indicator of what Booth and Brennan might be like as a real couple. I agree.


Have you ever thought about not watching BONES anymore? If so, why did you stick around?

 Nope, I am in it for the long haul. Short of killing off Booth or Brennan, I can’t imagine NOT watching.


What’s your ideal way to watch a new episode of BONES?

On our big TV, curled up on the sofa with popcorn and the lights off.


Which guest-star would you like to see back on BONES and why?

Josh Malina, the only guest star to make Brennan apologize about denigrating psychology. Or for anything. Awesome.



Pick one meaningful quote (or small section of dialogue) from BONES and tell us what you think it means.

Sully from Boneless Bride in the River: “What you’re doing, it’s important. But it’s not important enough to be your whole life.” This is the one thing that Brennan absolutely needs to learn, but Booth simply can’t teach her in any meaningful way. I just wish I could apply that to my Bones obsession.


 How do you express your love for BONES? This can be anything!

 Nothing exciting…cell phone ring tones, desktop pictures, devoting time to admin’ing a popular Bones message board…


 Describe an instance in BONES that made you cry, either from anger, laughter or sadness.

 The end of Dwarf in the Dirt where Booth tells Gordon Gordon that Brennan doesn’t love him. “I would know if she loved me.” Dammit, that breaks my heart every single time…even more than the end of the 100th.


Favorite song used in a BONES episode (and why):

Fountain by Sara Lov at the end of The Verdict in the Story. That song is pitch-perfect for Brennan’s life.


Have you ever read any of the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs?

Yes, a few.


Okay, last question. If you could guest-star on only ONE episode of BONES, what would that look like?

 I want to be Booth’s new, hot, quirky-but-hilarious B&B shipper secretary.


That would be awesome; I think we should totally make that happen.

Ladies, Gentlemen & Squints, say hello to Jen!


12 thoughts on “Bones Fan Spotlight: Jen

  1. Woot! Welcome to the spotlight Jen…

    I simply loved what you had to say about BONES. In addition to all the great things that you already have to say over at The Lab 😀

    Your take on the Aliens in the Spaceship is spot on, it was a fabulously crafted episode, I always feel like I’ve sat through a feature length movie after watching that episode. It was so packed with detail and action…I may just have to dig it out and watch it all over again!

    As for your dream role as Booth’s shipper secretary – if you want a character reference for Messrs Hanson & Nathan, I’d be happy to oblige…your first task would be taking on Hacker, you’d be kicking ass and taking names, baby!

    Catch you around The Lab & Twitter…

  2. After Booth& Brennan get married they will need a secretary indeed. Maybe Hart Hanson And Stephen Nathan should know this.

  3. Awesome!
    Jen, I like you. We really just started communicating earlier this week, and now you’re the fan spotlighter it’s like it was meant to be… tack my name on to your BFF list, because I think we’re on the same wave length Bones (and apparently life)-wise.
    Great to get to know yet another fan!

  4. Hi Jen!

    “I want to be Booth’s new, hot, quirky-but-hilarious B&B shipper secretary.” — I’m pretty sure you’ve got all but the secretary part going on — you can type, can’t you? Let’s make it happen!

    Please don’t forget that even though you aren’t paid for it, you are a PUBLISHED author! And talented. Life still has a lot in store for you, too . . .

    • OH! Thought of something else . . for those who don’t know Jen, yet (and I only barely, barely, barely, on the surface of Twitter, do), you will love how PASSIONATE she is about things. I know *I* love that. I am a big fan of people who are not afraid to show their passions and speak their minds!

  5. I am glad you stuck with Bones, too! I love your answer for your guest role! Should have thought of it myself 🙂

    Anyway it is great to “meet” you.

  6. *Sigh…* I love Air Supply.

    Great getting to know you Jen!

  7. Hi!! Nice to meet you, Jen!!

    I love the song “Fountain” too!! Had to find it as soon as I heard it! And now it’s played over and over on my iPod.

    And that sentence…“I would know if she loved me.” Your heart wasn’t the only one that broke! 😥

    ..and if you’ll excuse me now I’m going to go listen to Copacabana. Ha!!

  8. Yeah Jen!!

    Now…it tells you what i’m like when all i can think is ‘who was the actor…who was the actor!!!’ LOL. I shall try and focus on the Bones aspect though!

    Have to agree with the ‘I’d know if she loves me’ from Booth….damn near breaks my heart every time. Full on vulnerable Booth…brilliant!

    And Aliens is one of my fave episodes too…everything that they go through in that one episode. Perfect…it has everything you could ever want from a Bones epi.

    And we really need to make this ‘hot secretary’ thing work….it’s just what they need. You and Ange together would have them sorted in no time!

    This just reaffirmed what i already knew…you’re awesome!

  9. Jen,
    I to love Double Death of the Dearly Departed. You aren’t the only one. It cracks me up! I also love the end scene of them walking off in the light rain. She would come talk to him “when” he dies not “if”, of course! 🙂

    Nice to meet you!

  10. Had to laugh at your ’embarrassing iPod selections’ because I’m pretty sure…oh, never mind. 😉

    I like the B&B shipper secretary idea, too. A friend has commented that she’s never seen a show where so many other characters are shippers.

  11. I just got a shiny account to reply to everything with, I hope this doesn’t look silly…bah.

    Nice to meet you, Jen!

    First off, I have to say that I hate you with a hatey hate (kidding, of course, I just love saying hatey hate) for getting Copacabana stuck in my head the entire time I was reading your post. My sister once had a loudloudloud deaf white cat whose name was Boca and I can’t remember the reasoning, but we would sing “Boca, Bocacabana~” at her. Never mind that she was deaf.

    Ahem. Moving on. I’m totally with you on Bugs being the best. And Caroline is hilariously awesome, I find it fantastic that you identify most with her.

    THANK you for including Double Death of the Dearly Departed in your favorites! I love to laugh, myself, and it makes me laugh so hard that I see spots and cough through the whole episode, so..! Aliens in a Spaceship and Judas on a Pole are also just…gah, incredible. Actually. Most of them are.

    You should totally petition to be Booth’s awesome secretary. I agree with somebody above; you and Ange could conspire and really get us somewhere! Haha. Do it, do it!

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