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Rock The Vote: 2010 B&B Shipper Elected.


The votes are in and counted, and we have a winner. Will be back later with an acceptance speech, but for now…


9 thoughts on “Rock The Vote: 2010 B&B Shipper Elected.

  1. Wow that was very close!
    Congratulations for the winning pair! And to the others: nice job guys!

  2. That WAS close….which is probably as it should be…you couldn’t really go wrong with either one of them. As long as the B/B ship eventually sails, does it really matter who helped them the most? Let’s face it…they’ll probably both take the credit anyway – lol!

  3. Well that was definitely a close race, but we all know that everyone must remain vigilant. There is no room for slackers in the pursuit of getting Booth & Brennan together. Sweets, Chef Wyatt, that goes for you two, too.

  4. Glad to see my votes counted in both State/Federal elections and in this one. lol.

    I do believe the right person won, as I believe Ange is not only the Shipper-in-Chief, but also the original shipper (Shall we rename her Washington?). I do think Sweets would have been agood SiC, but not quite worthy, yet. ;-P

  5. How utterly ironic is it that I voted for Angela in the “primary” then switched my vote to Sweets in the “general”?

    As if it isn’t bad enough that I live in a state where voter registration is 2 to 1 in favor of the “other guys!” 🙂

    Oh well. I could have voted for either Angela or Sweets and been perfectly happy with my decision. And besides, our new Shipper-in-Chief will have plenty of cabinet positions to fill…I’m sure Sweets would make a great Shipper of State.

  6. *stamps foot and pouts*

    Damn it!

  7. Yay! They deserve it, I think. After all, they’ve been there from the beginning… and Angela’s been an avid supporter from the beginning. So there you go.

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