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Morning After Q: Has Brennan’s Opinion of Booth Changed?


So…how’s everyone doing? I hope you are having a good Friday.

What did you think of last night’s episode? If you want to weigh in on my GMMR review, here’s the link for that.

That’s not our question for this week though, so while you are welcome to weigh in on that here, what I really want to know is this…

Has Brennan’s opinion of Booth changed?

Though I think it’s simmered a bit, there has been some dissention regarding the public opinion of Booth this season. I haven’t had any problem with how he’s been portrayed this year, but I know some people have. And that’s cool. Each person is allowed his or her opinion on that. But what I’m wondering is what you think Brennan’s opinion of Booth is.

I guess that I’m using the assumption that Brennan had a very HIGH opinion of Booth up till the end of season five. So when looking at season six, has that changed at all? Some might feel that Booth sprung his “Hear me out” speech on her too quickly (while some say it was 5 years too late), and some feel that his “I’ve gotta move on” statement was much too fast.

But remember what Brennan said when Booth said he needed to find someone who was going to love him for the rest of his life?

She said… “I know”.

It’s just irony that Booth knew, and she knows. Isn’t it? I just don’t see Brennan as being caught of guard by Booth then, or now. But maybe I’m just not seeing it. If we’ve put Booth up on a pedestal (and the state of my single life tells me often that I have, haha), does that mean Brennan did? If we’re hurt by his moving on, does that mean Brennan is? And even if she is, is that still a reflection of how she views Booth?

But that’s enough from me. Now it’s time for you to weigh in.

PS…did anyone else notice Brennan touching Booth’s arm while they were walking to question the street performers? A conversation about busking does not require a hand on Booth’s arm, Brennan! As he would say… “Busted!” Haha. I think Nicole’s post was so timely, and as I was watching the ep, I couldn’t help but think of it. Of course, it also made me think of our LLs convo, and then later when H asked about the sunglasses, I was like…ah, ‘gifts’, haha. And then I was like, WTF is her deal? But that is REALLY not the question for today, so…forget I asked that.


30 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Has Brennan’s Opinion of Booth Changed?

  1. OK, so I’m a little confused, but I’m going to write what pops into my head.

    We’ve all put Booth up on a pedestal, but until this season I sort of think it was a merited pedestal. He’s never let us (or Brennan) down. With Hannah, he’s still doing that, sort of. He’s not playing with half a deck (or not seeming to… I find it odd that H doesn’t seem to know about his gambling past). He’s trying to love Hannah and trying to get over Brennan.
    I think that because Brennan is so logical, she respects Booth’s choice. I think she’s more disappointed in herself for taking so long to figure everything out. Now, she’s trying to keep him happy by bonding with Hannah, and trying to help in her own special way. I think she thinks that if she can’t have him for herself, she loves him enough to try and help him be happy with someone else.
    I’m not sure if that makes sense… perhaps something else will come to me later.
    To summarize, I don’t think Brennan’s opinion of Booth has changed, I think her opinion of herself has.
    Also, in trying to become a better person, and be more open with those around her, she’s trying to change herself… possibly to make Booth notice? I don’t know. Someone make me stop writing….

  2. I think Brennan is seeing a Booth that is “trying ” to move on. And she really believe he did.Although she’s be eating inside cuz of that she loves him and she wants see him happy mostly she thinks he can’t be happy with her. She couldn’t be more wrong. Booth is not the real Booth this season cuz he only can be the real deal with Brennan. Hope see him again soon.

  3. It’s entirely possible (probable?) that Brennan is hurt by Booth moving on…but I don’t think it’s changed her opinion of him at all. If anything, his actions may have solidified her opinion of him and what she thinks he needs. But, of course, she’s wrong….so maybe her opinion of him NEEDS to change in order for her to realize she was wrong???? (I think I’m getting more confused as I write this…)

  4. I think that Brennan has come to realize that because she wasn’t ready, Booth has moved on and that to her they have missed their moment. She is now trying to help Booth be happy with someone else because she wants him to be happy no matter what.

    I also thought of the Love Languages conversation during the scene with Hannah and Brennan and the sunglasses. But I also wondered what was up with that whole scene?

  5. No I don’t think Brennan’s overall opinion of Booth has changed. She clearly understood his need to move on post-100th, in fact she even encouraged it. He’s doing what he had to do and she knows that. What I think HAS changed is how much it matters to her that he actually has moved on (or at least that he’s trying to). I honestly don’t think she expected it to hurt so much.

    I’m not saying it didn’t hurt Brennan to have to turn Booth down. I think it hurt her immensely. BUT she’s always had the ability to compartmentalize her feelings for him (I think this explains why she appeared to “not care” about his feelings in the episodes between the 100th and the finale)…up until now. For whatever reason, that ability seems to be gone, or at least greatly diminished. Now she’s being hit with the full force of her feelings and she has no choice but to face them.

  6. First off, I’m so glad someone else noticed the little arm touches! I was practically freaking out. I think the arm touching is getting worse (not in a bad way). Anyway, uh, that’s not why we’re here.

    Has Brennan’s opinion of Booth changed? I think I’m going to go with Colleen when she says that Brennan is more disappointed with herself than with the changes in Booth. I don’t think Brennan realizes how selfless she really is and how letting Booth ‘love’ someone else shows the depth of her own love.

    So no, I don’t think her opinion of Booth has changed. I think our opinion of Booth has changed but that’s not really what the question was. I’m just going to stop now.

    • Brennan was touching Booth’s arm all over the place in this episode! It was fun being so alert to it during this ep. 🙂

  7. I completely agree with Colleen. I think logically Brennan has worked things out in her head and understands from an anthropological stand point that Booth needs to love some one who loves him back. I don’t think she has changed her opinion of Booth. I think if anything, she just misses him, but knows that if he’s happy that’s ok.

    Now, we as the totally emotional, non-logical (at least when it comes to BB) fans have changed OUR opinion of Booth, but I really don’t think Brennan has.

    P.S. I so saw the arm touching!! And I immediately thought of the LLs you talked about!! But at the same time, I don’t know if that was just an automatic reflex of Emily’s or Brennan’s. Sometimes those touches just happen with a person you’re comfortable with and you don’t even notice it.

    Ok ok ok I’ll stop. lol I really have tons to say about this whole episode, but here is not the place to do it. Awesome question! Thanks. 🙂

  8. I’m honestly not sure Brennan’s opinion of Booth *can* change. She’s a scientist, after all, if she thinks she can’t change, then any facts she’s gathered won’t either (however backwards that idea might be). I think he’s the one person she believes, trusts and (loves) implicitly. But the fact that he’s got a long-term, steady relationship now doesn’t change who he is, in fact it just makes him more *him*, if that makes sense?
    I completely agree with Lisa, his actions have only reaffirmed Brennan’s belief that she’s not good enough for him/would hurt him/whatever. Which is one of the reasons (not the only, or the biggest IMO), that she’s putting forth the effort with Hannah and everyone else.
    I think she misses their closeness and that hurts her, but she sees it as a valid consequence to him being “happy” and so does her best not to let it affect her. But I’m also one of the few people who do not think she came back from Maluku fully aware of the love we all see.

  9. I don’t think Brennan’s opinion of Booth has changed at all. Quite honestly, I don’t know if there is anything/anyone at this point that would sway her admiration of him to something more negative. Her respect and caring for him was earned over all the years they’ve worked together. In a sense, she’s collected lots of evidence to support her high opinion of him, and even evidence of his weaknesses (e.g. his gambling problem) has not dissuaded her – it’s only made her opinion of him stronger. She has faith in him, baby. 🙂

    I don’t really blame him for moving on, and I don’t think Brennan does either. I think she ultimately wants him to be happy, and if Hannah’s the answer to that, she will support it (even if it slowly kills her heart).

    P.S. Totally noticed all of the arm-grabbing on Brennan’s part, and it made me very excited. 🙂 We fans will take anything we can get at this point. 😉

  10. I don’t think her opinion of Booth has changed. As a person, anyway. I think she still respects him and loves him as much as she ever did. However, I think she might be a little worried that she was proven right about all those years of saying that love and emotional attachments are always finite. He promised her forever, decided he had to move on, and then (in her eyes) did. I think to her, he chose to fall out of love with her, and she thinks it worked. She sees that he could will himself to not love her anymore out of the desire to move on. I think that’s what is hurting her the most. He seems like he can just decide not to love her anymore, but her feelings for him aren’t going away. Of course, I don’t believe for a second that Booth isn’t still head over heels ga-ga over Brennan. I just think that through her eyes, he’s just decided not to and succeeded. Now maybe she’s a little confused that he, the one who was all about the heart, is the one who can choose to stop loving her and she, the one who was all about the head and reason, can’t seem to. Anyway, I just typed as things came to mind, but that’s my two cents. I hope it makes sense. 😛

  11. A hard question for a Friday evening, but i’ll give it a shot!

    I don’t think Brennan’s opinion of Booth has changed. Honestly, i think she (like a lot of fans) has him up on a pedastal and nothing he says or does will change her opinion. She understands him…she knows the demons that drive him, and she knows what he wants from his life.

    And that is someone to grow old with, to have children with. At the end of the 100th she didn’t think that was her, and now i believe she understands that she is capable of giving him what he needed…but she’s also aware it is too late. For now anyway 😉

    She wants him happy, it’s all she has ever wanted and if Hannah does that for him then Brennan is going to make it as easy as possible for him in her own unique way. Hence the end scene and the bonding.

    Hannah is important to Booth so she is important to Brennan. It’s how best friends work and at the moment that is all they are.

    OK….not sure any of that made sense but i tried! You guys are much more eloquent than i am 😀

    • I agree….For years Booth was the selfless one and now we are seeing a selfless Brennen. She is sacrificing more and giving more than she ever has….and that is the definition of true love. She just needs to see what she is giving up because she loves him as much as she does.

  12. I think it’s easy to say that everyone here agrees that Brennan’s opinion of hasn’t changed and can’t change. I agree with Colleen that Brennan is more upset with herself than with Booth, and she’s trying to make up for that by making Booth happy. She knows that if Hannah died Booth would be devastated and therefore saved her life. She’s also helping Hannah with Booth too. Hannah truly doesn’t know anything about Booth. She doesn’t know about his gambling past, she doesn’t now exactly how close Brennan and Booth have been in the past. She probably doesn’t know about what happened during the 100th, and I’m willing to bet there’s no way in hell that she knows about Booth giving his sperm to Brennan so that she could have his baby. I can already see this relationship going south between B&H and I think that those truths will be what breaks them up.

    • I completely agree that as Hannah learns more about Brennan and Booth’s past she’ll have some major problems with it. Maybe not with the fact that they have a past at all, but that Booth kept it from her. She’ll wonder why he felt like he had to keep his feelings for Brennan a secret if he doesn’t feel them anymore. Then she’ll realize that he does still feel them, even if he doesn’t realize it himself. Not that I’ve thought about this or anything. 😛

  13. I’m going to invoke a semantic response to this question. Brennan’s opinion is in the process of ‘being’ changed. In my opinion, this is why:

    Brennan and the audience, have indeed had a view of Booth up on his pedestal – as the hero, the alpha male, that guy, the man who wants the simple things; like having a woman to love, having a fulfilling life.

    What we (& Brennan, bless her metaphorical heart) are seeing now, is Booth setting out on that path to seek what he desires most. Brennan, in my humble opinion, is observing how his journey is playing out as objectively as possible. So much discourse has occured between Booth and Brennan over the years about the difference in their world views, which are almost diametrically opposed when it comes to love. She is the empiricist. He is her metaphysical opponent. Although, when given enough evidence, Brennan has conceded some points along the way (think about the ‘love’ toast with Jared and Padme).

    When Booth stumbles off his path to happiness, she calls him out. She expresses her concerns when she observes that he is diverging from his previously stated ‘model of happiness’. Sweets does the same thing too…as do some of us, yelling at our TV screens – LOL!

    In many ways, the recent reaction of the fandom to Booth is the same. For five seasons, we’ve seen Booth with his heart out on his sleeve, telling and teaching Brennan how he feels love should be. The evidence for the appeal of Booth’s approach lies at the heart of every shipper fangirl, right? In episode 100, he took a gamble to let Brennan know that with her, it could be, if she wanted it. Brennan could not see herself within his ‘model of happiness’…and the rest of that train wreck is history.

    Now, with Booth in a relationship with his Nookie Nomad, we see the reality. All of a sudden, Booth seems less of the romantic hero, a guy trying to make a relationship work for real, like we all do. So why does it feel slightly off? A little awkward? A touch cliched? Just a tad pedestrian?

    It is confronting for fans, because we would all love him to be Mr. Perfect, who can sweep a girl off her feet and carry her off into a cliched fanfic future. This holds true regardless of whether you happen to be a hardcore B&B shipper, or of the opinion that Booth should find himself a woman with a lower IQ.

    Not having the experience of a long term, healthy relationship, the wheels are gonna fall off. Brennan will be watching, her opinion will change about Booth, which will in turn modify her opinion of her own ability to engage in a meaningful relationship.

    I for one, am waiting for that eventuality. Because, everything happens eventually, right Mr. Hanson?

  14. Ok in a very small nutshell this is how I see things.
    Brennan’s opinion of Booth isn’t changing it’s her opinion of what can/could be that is.
    Booth is trying very hard to have a relationship with someone else but I believe he knows he is still in love with Brennan. You don’t get over people so quick but you do try to move on.
    It was also telling when Hannah said “I like how you know me so well” to Booth and yet she really doesn’t know him that well at all. Now why wouldn’t Booth tell all if he felt that Hannah was the one?

    Patience people… patience. And yes I yell at the TV!!

  15. No, I don’t think her opinion of him is changing, at least not the core of who he is (the man she knows and loves as a friend, if nothing more yet.)

    But I think she’s taking in data, studying and observing him, and one thing I think she’s asking herself is if he’s behaving while ‘in love’ the way she expected him to. I don’t have a complete answer for that, because we know things about him (and what he’s doing/has done) that Brennan doesn’t know.

    But Booth’s not acting the way we’d expect him to act in love, not when he’s subjugating his personality to please Hannah. The question is if and when Brennan will see that, and what she’ll make of it when she does.

  16. I don’t really think that Brennan’s view of Booth has changed. She sees him as the same great guy he has always been, but she recognizes that he is trying to move on. I wouldn’t say she’s ‘hurt’ that Booth is moving on either. As Colleen so perfectly put it, “I think she’s more disappointed in herself for taking so long to figure everything out. Now, she’s trying to keep him happy by bonding with Hannah, and trying to help in her own special way. I think she thinks that if she can’t have him for herself, she loves him enough to try and help him be happy with someone else.” She is trying to make it easier for Booth to move on because she wants him to be happy. I am sure that she’s feeling apprehension about Booth and Hannah, because I really think she is starting to sort out her feelings for Booth this season, in a quiet, logical, Brennan-like manner, but doubt she is holding it against Booth in anyway. I think she’s gonna pull ‘A Booth’ and finally figure out how she really feels about him, but keep it to herself until she is pushed to a point where she just needs to put everything out there….and I definitely think that moment is going to come.

    So…I don’t know if any of that made sense…but I just had to put it out there.

  17. i too fear she’s accepted that he’s moved on. *sigh* (please, let this not be the case!)

    and yes, what IS with Hannah? she’s either quite rude, or has some social-awkwardness going on, herself!

  18. (Warning… this gets long because I have to explain an opinion before I answer the question).
    I think Brennan has been more aware of how Booth feels about her than we’ve thought. I also think that she is more aware of her own feelings for Booth than some have thought (she is aware has certain feelings about him, although I don’t think she was aware about what they were until S6). Awareness isn’t the ability to act on something, though, for Brennan. It’s getting from the awareness to the understanding and acting upon what she is aware of, and instead she’s going to keep with what’s safe — her lab, her job, her partnership, and most importantly, her science. This affects her opinion of Booth. She thinks that though her experiences with him, that a) he needs to be in a stable relationship in which he feels loved and is loving in order to be happy (she said it in Rocker in the Rinse Cycle and Couple in the Cave) and b) that she can’t do that for him, because c) she can’t change — she can’t go beyond the state awareness… and to be horribly repetitious, I’m pretty sure she’s aware of that (that “I know” in the 100th episode). And after returning, seeing him in what she has always thought was true, and now knowing something about what she feels about him… that’s her conflict that we’re seeing now. Her opinion of him hasn’t exactly changed, she’s seeing her opinion of him right in front of her (*sigh*). It’s not going to change until Booth and Hannah fall apart (which it inevitably will, because everything does happen eventually).

    Our problem (meaning fans) with it is both a pedestal and a perception issue. We are seeing everything from a third person objective point of view (which means we don’t hear their thoughts, but this is TV and I’m using the literary term). With the pedestal, we have the opinion formed (and built by the characters) that Booth is the hero type of personality. Rush in, save the day, happiness for all but the bad guy. The end. The show has given us that perception by not showing much of his personal life other than what we’ve seen with Parker, Brennan, Jared, and Cam, and other than Brennan, that’s been limited. We don’t know what Booth is like in any relationship but his relationship to Brennan and the Squints (and arguably Pops, Jared, and Parker, but those don’t get much screen time). Now we’re seeing Booth make his best efforts at making a relationship work (anyone else thought that it could just be the fact that he hasn’t been in a long-term relationship like this in a long time, or am I being too practical?) and seeing them not exactly live up to what we’ve thought about him, our opinions have changed. The interesting question is if Brennan thought the same way as we did, as Seels/Sarah has asked. I think she has, but maybe not to the extent of fans. We’ve seen things she hasn’t. So it begs the question: will Brennan’s opinions change, if she did see him that way? Yes. She’ll see more into Booth and Hannah’s relationship, and is going to get confused. I think she already is confused (no opinion changing yet). She keeps on asking him and questioning his relationship with Hannah for a reason. She needs data, and he’s not exactly following the path that he has said that love is (the end conversation of The Couple in the Cave). Maybe her opinion has been changed a bit about love, but I don’t think it’s changed about Booth… yet. It could. Time to wait and see.

  19. People have posted their thoughts quite eloquently here (I love that other people think about this so much – it makes me feel less like a crazed fangirl :-))!

    I think all of us believe that Brennan still has a very high opinion of Booth. She still sees him as the man she has come to know and – ahem, love – over years. But I do agree with several folks above, tricia and skole for example, that because she is so detail oriented, she will at least get confused by the relationship that she sees with B&H. Unless Booth continues to guard himself from her (I really hope we see cracks in his closed off from Brennan demeanor soon – it’s killing me!), she will become aware of that the relationship that B&H have is not the relationship that Booth has been espousing over the years of the show. We see that implied, and I hope we see the protagonists in our little triangle more aware soon.

  20. I don’t think her opinion of Booth changed at all, and that’s part of what made the first half of S6 so hard to watch. Her opinion was the same but she saw him through a new perspective, and for the first time fully realized what she’d had and what she’d lost.

    Booth is/was/is again on a pedestal that I’m not sure was fully deserved – but you know, I”m a Brennanite in a Boother world and I’m sure the same could be said for how I feel about her. But she saw him that way, too. Even with his flaws, she saw herself as undeserving of him. I really believe that “I know” that came from her in the 100th came from the belief she had that someday, she wouldn’t be enough for him.

    Watching her watch him move on was so difficult. I’m so glad that’s over.

    • I think a necessary part of loving someone is accepting that the other person has flaws, but you still think they are a great person in spite of them. I think Brennan and Booth’s friendship and partnership has exposed each other’s flaws, so they are not blind to them. But on the other hand, they also see the other’s many wonderful qualities, and see that they have a good heart. If Booth and Brennan place each other on a pedestal, I don’t think it’s too high. They way they do it, I think they have a non-threatening way of pushing the other one to become a better person, and they recognize and appreciate that. Now fans, putting them on a pedestal is a different story. But B&B are far more gracious with each other than it seems some of the fans want them to be. But it’s one of my favorite things about their relationship. I never thought Brennan needed to tell Booth needed to tell Booth off as if he was responsible for everything – that would be like kicking a dog while he’s down. She knew the role that she played and where she made mistakes, and she came to understand and accept the consequences of her decisions. It may frustrate or irritate fans, but a lot of times they really do understand each other with few or no words. And it’s not about being weak or letting someone walk all over you because, really, everybody would love to have a friend like that.

      From her perspective, Booth had never truly betrayed her. He, in fact, was trying to give her what she asked for. But there was still evidence there that he cared about her, just like she cared about him.

      • I agree with you completely about the “graciousness” they each have toward each other.

        For me, personally, it’s very frustrating because I know she’s never going to rake him over the coals for telling Hannah about her personal disclosure to him in DitP (I know, I know…I’m *not* starting that conversation again, just sayin’) because she doesn’t see the need. That’s good for her, good for him, good for them . . . but annoying as hell to me.

        But I’m over it. Mostly.

        Except when I’m not. 🙂

      • Yeah, I have a few things myself I’m mostly over. I’m hesitant to watch certain parts of the last season over because although I think I’ve made peace certain things, my irritation might flare up. But ultimately, I will be okay as long as they are okay.

  21. No, I don’t think her opinion of him changed. They were not in a committed relationship at the end of S5…he asked her to give them a try and she said no. Now, what happened in Brennan’s mind and heart while they were away is another story altogether but I don’t think she or we can really fault Booth for moving on during that time because, again, they were not in a committed relationship. They were friends. They were former partners (well, more than just professional ‘partners’). Ever see Say Anything? I like to think that prior to the end of S5 Booth still held out some hope for “Friends with Potential” but that went away for him, I think, when Brennan left and they did not stay in touch during that time. He got an opportunity to move on and decided to try and go for some happiness.

    Now, him telling Hannah about the conversation in Doctor in the Photo, while controversial, really I don’t think Brennan could fault him for that even if it did hurt her a bit. I take a look at that, Booth not going to Angela and Hodgins baby annoucement, and his absence from the lab all as signs that he was/did move on and Brennan probably saw that too. Again, they were not in a committed relationship.

    I agree that B&B do know one another and challenge one another but I’m not sure what could really shake them/their faith in one another…. I hope we don’t have to find out. Also, unrelated, but I think Booth came to admire Brennan even more by the end of S6. She stood by him as a partner and friend during a pretty dark time. She was even supportive of him while he was with Hannah….I mean she saved Hannah’s life AND became lunch/drinking buddies with her! We know that Brennan’s actions post Hannah “meant the world to Booth”. I think an argument could be made that Brennan acted in a more mature/gracious/supportive manner while Booth was with Hannah than Booth did while she was with Sully…..anyone? Right? Compare booth post-Sully sailing away to Brennan post-Hannah. I guess the argument would be that Booth/Hannah were more serious than Brennan/Sully but…still. We never got to see what would have happened had Brennan really moved on while Booth was with Hannah but I’m going to guess that Booth wouldn’t have been cheerleading from the sidelines or inviting Brennan and her beau out on double-dates with him and Hannah. Acutally, i could see Hannah and Brennan arranging something like that and Booth being VERY alpha male/snarky during such an occassion. Could you imagine if Hannah had left Brennan in the bar at the end of Body in the Bag with a guy and told Booth when she got home? “Oh, no worries, Brennan has moved on! I left her in capable hands at Founding Fathers”. LOL. For Real. I don’t think it’s far out to imagine him not being so okay with it. Anytime in the past when she was dating someone, he somehow managed to stick his nose in there somewhere. We even saw Booth, newly single in Bikkini in the Soup, have his little pouty reactions to Brennan while she was on the phone with potential Valentine’s Day dates….remember the secret service guy calling that she met at the gym? “Of course….No, I’m not her mother!” or “Jean-Paul”. (Note to Brennan, if she and Booth can’t make things work between them after having a kid – even if there should be a “break” during some period of time – Brennan can most certainly look forward to dates having background checks because we know that’s how Booth rolls with his baby mammas… Yeah, any hope for a dating life in a world post-relationship with Booth/as Booth’s baby mamma would be VERY, VERY complicated. VERY. I have a feeling that by comparison Rebecca may actually get off a bit easier.)

    • I don’t know – Booth did tell Brennan she should go on that little cruise Sully was planning. That took a lot. And I think it cost him a lot because I think he honestly expected her to go.

      I agree that he (Booth) did get a little snarky about Sully but he (Booth) knew how he (Booth) felt about Brennan, too. Brennan was faced with the realities of what having turned Booth down really meant – i.e., Reporter Barbie.

      (And I still hate that pseudo-fake-Godawful-BFF thing they tried to force down our throats. Gah. Puke.)

      • I’m okay with Brennan and Hannah’s “friendship” because I don’t think they were so close to call them BFF’s. Do you really think they still talk to each other? Especially since Hannah hurt Booth and didn’t heed Brennan’s warning. They were polite and friendly to each other first on Booth’s behalf. But other than loving the same man, they didn’t have any reason not to hang out together because they got along quite well (not everyone is not so cool with hanging out with Brennan.) Practically speaking, Brennan’s real BFF Angela was rather preoccupied with her own family and pregnancy, and Hannah was new in town and it was only natural to turn to Booth’s circle to find another female to hang out with. Hannah met Brennan as Booth’s partner – nothing more. Now after the confession, maybe part of Hannah’s strange acceptance of a continued friendship was due to Booth’s request that she go easy on Brennan.

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