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Here are a few things I’ve been wondering about, but they aren’t exactly meaty enough for a full post (yet) or for a Morning After Q. Plus, I want to test out some of the changes on the site, and I wanted to see how it worked.

So, feel free to weigh in on these questions and also on what you see on the site, how it feels, how it is to navigate. The specific post pages are now found in a menu under the posts header above. I can’t change the font size, but I’m asking what you think of the layout and the background color, the general feel of it. It’s not as clean or straightforward looking as the old one (boo!) , but this one has the ability to be translated into other languages, which is something I really want for BT. So, let me know what you think, and also…here are a couple of questions I’ve had and want to discuss with you:

1. Why haven’t we seen a Booth/Cam conversation? You know the kind I’m talking about! Where she stands up for him and to him, you know? 

2. What will happen, honestly, if Brennan goes on a date with someone? How will Booth react?


22 thoughts on “A Little BONESpourri

  1. 1. Maybe we just haven’t reached that point in the story yet. Maybe we’ll learn more about the Hannah/Brennan friendship before a Cam/Booth heart-to-heart happens. I don’t see that happening fo a little bit. I think th writers still have more story they want to tell before bringing Booth to his senses. 😛

    2. Well, as we’ve seen in the promo for next week, the jealousy dial gets turned up to 11. 😛 I don’t want to say he has a double standard but… that’s exactly what it looks like. He’s allowed to have someone and she’s not, just because it hurts his little ego. Maybe right now he’s having his cake and eating it too. He has Hannah, who is giving him an uncomplicated ass to tap romantic relationship, and Brennan is still his partner. It may not be everything he wants with her, but it’s something. But seeing Brennan with someone else and seeing how jealous it makes him might wake him up just a little bit. 🙂

  2. I don’t know when we will see a Cam/Booth conversation, but I definitely want to see one. Those scenes are always so great because she knows him so well that he can’t hide what he’s really thinking from her.

    I think if/when Brennan begins to date Booth will become all jealous and want to run a background check on the men. I can’t seeing that going well.

    • Well, first, hart and co. have the big challenge of figuring out how much of what to add to each episode. I would love to see a Booth /Cam discussion, but it may be a bit early for that. We really don’t know where this story will lead. So we have to take it one step at a time.

      The sooner Hannah is gone the better,I say.

  3. I actually like the new look. It’s very clean and professional-looking. As for your other queries…

    1. Cam is not the kind of woman (as much as we write her to be in fan fic) to jump right into someone else’s business unless she thinks there is a serious problem. Remember, Booth was the one who insitgated the talk in S5E1 Harbingers in the Fountain about how he was in love with Brennan. Not Cam. But if Booth comes to her, she is more than happy to give it to him (advice, I mean). She’s a good friend that way. And I think that Cam knows that Booth, Brennan, and all her friends need to find their own way in order for their lives to really count for something. She would never force her opinions on anyone, especially her loved ones.
    2. Honestly, I don’t know how Booth will react if Brennan starts dating. It could go one of two ways: either he realizes that she really doesn’t want to be with him and is moving on in her own way, thereby pushing him even closer to Hannah, or he gets incredibly jealous and is forced to really take a hard look at his relationship with Hannah and decide why, when he is with this fantastic woman that he claims to love, he is still pining for Brennan.

    Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. 😉

  4. 1. This might be a good thing. A Booth/Cam conversation might come up when she’s giving him another “wake up call”. I could totally see her say “snap out of it! you love her!” (or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. Ha!). Would be nice to save it for something BIG though!

    2. Booth will probably say it’s “cool” and all, but can’t help being just slightly uncomfortable. Would be interesting to see him convince himself.

    The new layout looks great!! It feels “wider” to be honest. Ha! Feel spacey and homey 🙂

  5. 1. I think there’s a good chance that we won’t see one for a very long time, if we ever do. As evidenced by the rotary telephone, there are apparently many more things that happen between our beloved characters that we don’t see than I, personally, ever thought. IF it ever happens, I don’t think it will happen until Hannah’s out of the picture and has been for a while.

    2. I partially agree with Tricia, we’ll definitely see jealous!Booth, should Brennan go on a date, but I’m thinking it won’t wake him up any more, I think it will close him off more. Again, I don’t think Brennan is yet fully aware of her own feelings and, instead of making her more perceptive of Booth’s, I think it makes her less. Which, in turn makes HIM less perceptive. In short, I don’t think they can win for losing.

    As to the new look: I like it fine. The colors are nice, i like that posts are separated and viewable by author (I like to know whose brain I’m swimming around in), and yet it retains the ease of use of the old look. Honestly, you could turn everything upside down and inside out and I’d still visit twenty times a day.

    • I was kind of thinking like you, Erin – I feel like we are being given the image that Booth is sort of avoiding everyone – except Sweets, oddly enough – although, I do have some thoughts on that. But maybe he can’t avoid Sweets because he works in the same building and Sweets won’t leave Booth alone. 🙂

      A Cam-Booth convo would be great to see – as would another Brennan-Angela one.

  6. I liked the new layout of the Blog. And answer the Questions : #1: i Think we don’t see a Booth/Cam conversation cuz to me this time Cam decide not interfir onBooth’s decision to move on. this time i think she make a decision to have this kind of conversation with Brennan like she did when she told to her she thought Booth and Brennan would be back as a couple. #2: i Think Booth will be jealous if he see her dating cuz we know he don’t really move on. His feelings for her could come up again.

  7. I love this new layout! It has a great feeling about it.Every day I come here to see what’s new. To see other shippers who are passionate about the show as I am. Keep up with the great additions here!

  8. First of all, I really like the new format. It will take me time to adjust to the change, but I am moving on… 😉

    Secondly, I think that if Brennan ends up going to date, Booth will try to make it seem like he whole-heartedly approves, or maybe even just brush it off with a, “Oh yeah? That’s great” kind of thing. I firmly believe that Booth still loves Brennan even though he is trying to move on, but he is going to *try* to convince himself otherwise. However I think it will be evident through the tremendous acting of DB, that Booth isn’t actually ok with it. I think we will see subtle hints of Jealous Booth.

    As for the Cam/Booth conversation, I just don’t know. I would love to see it happen though, because as we have seen in the past (Harbingers in the Fountain), Booth isn’t afraid to ask Cam about matters of the heart…and Cam isn’t afraid to be completely honest.

  9. I would totally love to see Booth crash another one of Brennan’s dates…even if he doesn’t realize why he’s doing it. His interference in her dates is typically hysterical (the Boneless Bride in the River and The Man in the Outhouse – need I say more?) and a reaction like that would be very telling.

    As far as the new format: While I prefer the look and feel of the old format, some of the new features are pretty cool so I’ll happily overlook the aesthetics. Like Booth, I don’t do well with change, but I always adjust eventually.

  10. I quite like the old layout, but this one is really nice too! and if this one is able to be translated, that’s even better!!

    1. I have this feeling that Booth is sort of avoiding Cam. She is the only person who ACTUALLY knew that he was in love with Brennan, as in he actually told her (well agreed when she said it), they didn’t just guess and say nothing to him, and also she warned him. I think he’s worried that Cam would be all “what are you doing? can’t you see you’re hurting Brennan” or “do you really like Hannah? are you sure?”. She is the only person who can stick it to Booth, other then Brennan herself, and I think Booth is scared of that.

    2. This is one question i’m really not sure of, and really want answered! I think Booth will act his normal, jealous self, but less obviously. It will be in the little ways that Brennan recognises, little things that she knows is his jealous behaviour, but no one else knows, which in a way will make his jealousy even more important. And this time Brennan might get his jealousy or at least react to it better as she knows how he is feeling, finally. I really hope we see somthing like this soon!! i’m pretty sure hilarity will ensue!!

  11. Sarah, I see what you’ve traded off with the navigation. The other was cooler but this is totally fine. You swap a little cool for 40 languages – sounds fair to me! There is only one thing that throws me off a little here, as it did in the “100 Days of Bones” too, and that’s when you click on the site Name. Here it will take you to your welcome message. In my limited experience with blogs that action would normally take you to the most recent entry. It’s not any big deal, as I’ve learned what’s going on now, but it took me a while to figure out how to get around. Now I’m good. But you did ask! 🙂

  12. I just woke up; it took me a good minute of squinting and staring blankly to realize that the layout had indeed changed! I like this a LOT more, but then, I tend to be set in my likes/dislikes and I never really had time to get used to the old one. The nice creamy BG color is easy on the eyes and very…bone-y. Ha. It’s great. Oh! And the small font in the comment-box is awesome, I can actually write IN it and not in a word document.

    As to a discussion between Cam and Booth, yanno, that does need to happen. If it should happen to include a literal tush-kicking, I wouldn’t complain, either. Sadly, I have to agree with Erin, we probably won’t see one. Maybe after Hannah’s gone, though, it’d be sweet for her to make him stop sulking alone at home or something to that effect. He’s a stubborn old goat, but Cam is a whole lot stubborner. And after he ignored her warning not to crack her shell and then be a complete idiot (but my ire varies with how much coffee I’ve had and at the moment that’s none…), he’s totally got a good one coming. It’d be adorable.

    As for Bones dating…oh, that should be…I don’t know. I can’t say amusing, though undoubtedly it will be, because I’m 100% certain they’ll find SOME way to make it sad and uncomfortable. Y’all know how good they are at having us laughing one moment and either weeping hysterically (anybody, anybody? Just me? bah..) or cursing and kicking the next. I haven’t yet seen the previews for next week, but has there ever been a date that Bones has been on that Booth didn’t meddle with? Maybe things are different now; maybe he won’t, but I dunno. Tigers and stripes and all.

  13. yes! Cam does need to talk to Booth. Now that you mention it, I’m surprised she hasn’t already, because she IS a bit of a shipper, isn’t she? And she simply cares about the two of them, and this whole Hannah ordeal is NOT good for either one of them. (in my opinion)

    as for the second question, Booth better be so freaking jealous he can’t stand it! But, alas, he has Hannah, so I fear that won’t be the case…


    this season is REALLY bringing me down. (for B&B reasons, de cours)

  14. I’m going to answer these questions without reading other comments first, so I apologize if I’m being redundant.

    I think there hasn’t been a Cam/Booth talk because Booth is avoiding her. I’ve thought about it for a while now, and Cam would be the person to call him out on the relationship and ask him the questions that he won’t be willing to answer.

    As for Brennan going out on a date, I think Booth would be jealous. I mean, if you’ve seen the promo for next week’s episode he gets jealous and protective of Brennan just from someone hitting on her. Obviously he still has feelings for Bren and he would act the way he has in the past when she’s gone on dates. Booth is not as adept at hiding his feelings or compartmentalizing as Brennan is. I think having Brennan go on a date would be good for the show, and might alleviate the shippers whose little shipper-hearts are suffering. Lol.

    P.S. I like the new design. 🙂

  15. I’ve always had a “bone” to pick with the writers, pardon the pun, leaving out scenes that we’d like to see…such as a Cam and Booth conversation. I realize they have a short period of time to tell their story in each episode, but we’re left hanging with all kinds of questions/situations like this.

    I was surprised at Cam’s comment to Brennan that she thought they’d be a real couple when they returned. Huh? What made her think that? As far as I can tell, there was nothing done or said that would lead her to that conclusion…no evidence that they were any closer when they parted for a year…and in fact, just the opposite. One of many instances that bug me. And we all know what those instances are!

    I think the only time Cam gave unsolicited advice to Booth was when she found out that he was willing to give Brennan his sperm for a baby.

    Booth has distanced himself from the Lab – and everyone in it – since the 100th, which makes having a conversation with Cam near impossible. And just the way Booth wants it. He’s got Sweets dogging him about Hannah and doesn’t need or want anyone else giving him advice – right now. He can’t “move on” if everyone is questioning his motives and behavior, so he’s shut them out to save his own peace of mind. Maybe we’ll see a moment between them later on…at least I hope so. I always enjoyed their friendship, and I think at some point in the future, Booth will need a friend he can talk to. Maybe when he breaks up with Hannah. Cam is the only person who can be there for him, in that way. She knows him better than anyone, but she won’t interfere unless he asks.

    As far as whether Booth will be jealous of Brennan if she dates…yes, I think he will. He still has feelings for her, which is becoming more evident as this season progresses. I think he would check out the background of any man who came near her. He still feels the need to protect her, no matter what. I really hope the writers don’t go down this road of pitting Brennan dating vs. Booth and Hannah. Too cliched. I’d like to see something else test their feelings…although a little jealousy can be a good thing, I don’t think it would be any sort of catalyst to bring B&B closer, at this point, but they could go there to stretch out the storyline through the season. Ugh!

    I do like the new “look” for this blog. It’s still easy to navigate and the beige background is easy on the eyes. Good work!

    • Re: Cam’s comment: remember, as far as we know, no one knows what happened during the 100th besides B&B. Cam knew Booth’s POV, and she seemed more excited/curious during B&B’s “goodbye” during the finale than even Ange did (I think she knew something was arry). Plus, she had seen Brennan softening–she still sees that. She was the one willing to call Brennan out on it in 6×2, and I think her anger at Brennan in 6×1 shows us just how much she cares about Brennan and understands what she means to the group–even if they’re not BFFs.

      I get the feeling Cam is the true audience avatar in the show. She knows what’s going on, but tries not to step in unless she absolutely can’t help it.

  16. Oh! I’m liking this new layout by the way! Google translation in Thai was hilarious to read (it was very literal e.g. it translated BONES to the actual word ‘bones’ Ha!). And it’s using male pronouns for all the “I” and “me” (I guess it’s default). Apart from that…this new layout is brilliant!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. The new layout looks great! The two thing’s I’ve noticed is the text is a little smaller to read, and there’s no “comment” button at the bottom of the blog entry, but other than that I think it’s lovely. 🙂

    As for your questions, here I go:
    1) I tend to agree with others who say that Booth and Cam haven’t had a talk yet because I think Booth and Cam haven’t really interacted at all this season so far. Now, whether that’s because he’s avoiding her/the lab, or if it’s because there just hasn’t been an occasion to, that’s up for debate. I tend to agree that Cam only ever butts in when she feels able to, and it seems like so far the emphasis has been on Brennan so far rather than Booth. Perhaps its like some said that the talk is coming and that maybe it’ll happen in the Hannah aftermath. Personally, I think at this point I’d rather see a Cam/Brennan heart-to-heart than a Cam/Booth, but that’s just me. I love their interactions! 🙂

    2) How would Booth react if Brennan starts dating? *sigh* I’m secretly hoping for this if Hannah stays all season, but if they’re going to have Brennan date someone, I want it to be someone worthwhile. I mean, he has to be good-looking, intelligent, (an anthropology professor!?) and really give Booth a run for his money – make him sweat, you know? I think if she has someone like that, it would hit him hard but he wouldn’t outwardly show the jealousy, kind of like he was with Sully. It’s only when Brennan dates questionable men that he gets all macho and overbearing (like Jason, Mark, and Hacker). My favourite scenario is if it’s a slow build…Brennan giving up on pining for Booth just as his relationship is going sour (not observed by her of course, just by the audience), then new love interest for Brennan comes in, flirts with her, appealing to her vulnerability. He asks her out and at first she declines, but then something B&H related triggers her to accept. She maybe goes out on a couple of dates and enjoys them, though she knows it’s not the same as when she’s with Booth. Meanwhile, Booth is begrudgingly happy for her despite his own relationship falling apart and his realization that he still loves Brennan. Ultimately, both put up fronts pretending like they’re happy when really they just want to be with each other. Then they have a mutual realization/honest conversation and finally get together! *sigh* I’m such a sucker for angst! Haha!

  18. I’m a little bummed that I apparently found this site after the layout change so I’m not able to compare before/after. And, now I’m over it. 🙂

    Re: jealous Booth, I couldn’t help but smile when I read that question because I automatically thought of “not jealous” Booth, in Finder. His “help us and you might have a shot” joke is just more proof of how far they’ve come. If he’d thought – for the tiniest fraction of a split second – that Brennan might have actually had any interest in Walter, Booth would never have joked like that.

    How much longer til November??

  19. New comer so no comment on layout 🙂

    1) Cam/Booth conversation – Cam sees no point because Brennan says she’s fine with it and is not showing any signs of being affected that anyone can see. Booth also seems very happy and there is no reason to doubt him. When they helped Hannah move in, Booth was not unhappy or displeased about the situation so why rock the boat?
    If she feels there is a problem, I guess she will just go down to the FBI building to look for him.

    2) Brennan dating – hahahhahahha – that will be great to see. Booth will accept it grudgingly but it will not please him one bit. He knows he has no claims to Brennan but it will still sting that she can give someone else a chance and not him. It’s a conundrum but one that will either make us laugh or cry.
    Not a path I would want the show to go down though – it might just tip the scales in the direction I’m not ready for.

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