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Is Brennan in Love with Booth?


Here’s another question for you: right now, at this point in time – six episodes into season six – is Brennan in love with Booth? If she is, is she aware of it? (so okay…two questions!)

If you answered in the affirmative, there’s a good chance you’re not enjoying this season, perhaps to the point of giving up. A while ago, I began to realize that the people I was dialoging with who were unhappy almost all shared a view of Brennan different from mine. I understand their point. In fact, if I cock my head and, er, squint, I even understand why they see her the way they do.

I’m not going to tell anyone they’re wrong, because I’m not Hart Hanson. (If I were, I’m pretty sure I’d have more money in my bank account.) And I know that sometimes, no matter how hard we try to see something a different way, we simply can’t, and quite honestly…this is entertainment. It’s a TV show. You either like it, or you don’t, and shouldn’t have to strain your brain in an effort to enjoy it.

But still, sometimes, it’s possible that seeing something in a different light makes all the difference in the world, so I figure it’s worth a shot.

People who believe Brennan is in love with Booth and that she knows it point to changes we saw in her in S4 and S5 as evidence. The problem is that most of the things they mention I interpret a different way. In Cinderella in Cardboard, for example, she didn’t say she believed in eternal and transcendent love; she said she wanted to believe in it. Wanting to believe and believing are two different things. (I think it’s possible that people are so struck by her making that admission that they lose sight of what she is — and isn’t — saying.) In Critic in the Cabernet, she wants a baby, wants Booth’s baby, until he tells her if he’s going to be a father, he has to be involved. Suddenly she’s no longer interested. She wanted part of him, wanted someone to love. But she didn’t want the relationship.

In S5, we see her concern for him, her support for him. She becomes a student for his sake, and volunteers to be his village where Parker is concerned. She effectively lies to him to protect him. In many women, those and other such behaviors might well be indicative of someone who’s in love. But Brennan is not ‘most women.’

To tell you the truth, I don’t know whether she is in love with him or not, but I’m as certain as I can be without peeking inside Hart Hanson’s brain that she doesn’t know she is, doesn’t admit it to herself. She knows she loves him, but beyond that…how does she know that what she feels for him is what people define as being ‘in love,’ and, for example, is similar to what Angela feels for Hodgins? (And wouldn’t she expect it to be? For the emotions people associate with being in love to be consistent from person to person?) She doesn’t have any way of comparing what she feels for him to what others feel when they’re in love – it can’t be quantified. So she backs away, takes safety in their friendship.

Does she want to change that? I don’t think so. Why would she? Yes, the sex would no doubt be great, but is it worth risking what she has for? I suspect not. What she has with him is comfortable. Intimacy that meets her needs (and she assumes, his) but isn’t threatening. It really doesn’t even matter what she calls what she feels for him. It works for them.

And then she finds out in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole that it’s not working for him. He wants something more. I hear two different things at this point in my conversations with other fans. Some tell me that she was too afraid to say yes, afraid of failing him, afraid of losing him completely if it didn’t work. So she makes a sacrifice and says ‘no,’ when she wanted to say yes. I’ve also been told that if he’d not suddenly turned into an alien and been able to read her mind the way he always had before, he would have known she was afraid and reassured her.

But if her needs are being met through what she perceives as friendship, why would anything he said have made a difference?

Many of us are romantics who assume that everyone wants to be part of a couple, that even those who deny it secretly want it. But do they? Does she? Isn’t it possible that when she said no, she actually meant no at that moment in time? That she honestly believed friendship was what she wanted from him? I think so.

The second thing I hear from people is that he blindsided her. That Brennan never makes fast decisions and when he hit her with it, she didn’t have time to process it before he (apparently) retracted it with his ‘I’ve got to move on’ comment. They believe that if he’d given her some time, she would have come around, that he negated what he’d said before she could say yes. My problem with this is that she clearly still believes he has feelings for her – feelings she doesn’t return – the following week, in Death of the Queen Bee, and the week after that, in Predator in the Pool. In both episodes, she asks, ‘is this okay?’ before saying or doing something which might have proven difficult for him. She wouldn’t say that if she thinks he changed his mind between ’30, or 40, or 50 years’ and ‘I’ve got to move on.’

She knows he’s in love with her, and whatever it is she feels for him, she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with him.

Fast forward a few weeks, to The Boy with the Answer, when she effectively tells him that she thinks the relationships in her life – no doubt including him – are harming her. She’s lost her edge, fears she’s less of a scientist because of him and the others. Is this something someone who wants a deeper relationship would say? I don’t think so, I honestly don’t.

Generally, human beings change only when compelled to. If we’re comfortable and our lives are working for us, we stay the way we are. Even when we’re unhappy, or suffering, we don’t change until the pain becomes greater than the perceived risk in making the change. (Yes, I do have a background in psychology, why do you ask?)

Brennan’s life was working for her prior to his declaration in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole. Their relationship was working for her. After that night, she tries to get it back, to where she can enjoy the friendship again, just the way it was. And she wants that for him, too, which is why she encourages him to move on, to date Catherine. But it doesn’t quite work, so she runs.

And when she comes back, things are even more different. She has what she thought she wanted. She still has his friendship. That’s clear in many ways over the first few episodes of this season. But it’s turning out that what she thought she had – nothing more than friendship – wasn’t completely accurate, because it was more than that on his part. And perhaps, as it turns out, what she thought she wanted isn’t what she really wants at all.

Is she in love with him now? No, I don’t think so. I think she’s moving in that direction (for some, falling in love is a process) but mostly, I think she’s lonely. He doesn’t want that for her, which is why he keeps asking her to have dinner with them. But this was the life she chose (remember the comment to Cam in The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle about him wanting to share his life with someone whereas she didn’t?) and she’s now having to step back and look at the reality of that.

In his recent appearance on Rachael Ray, David Boreanaz described her response to Booth’s declaration in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole as, ‘she wasn’t ready.’ And maybe it’s just that simple. She wasn’t ready. But watching her reach that point is amazing, and when she gets there? It’s going to be an awesome thing to watch.

What do you think? We know Brennan loves him, but is she in love with him? Does she know she is, and call it that to herself? And if she is in love with him, when did it happen?’


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  1. Oy. I’m so glad that you said all this. It’s a tough one to swallow, especially for a ‘shipper, but i’m on that boat with you.

    I am 100% positive that Brennan has absolutely no clue that she’s in love with Booth. With all the changes she’s been going through in the last 6 years, I just can’t see her not sharing that with someone or acting on that information. She understands social mores (even if sometimes she doesn’t), and knows what would be expected of her if she were in love. I think if she knew she was in love with Booth, we wouldn’t have to ask the question, she would make it very clear.

    As to the first part of your question: Is she in love with Booth? This is where I get all tangled up and can’t quite see straight. Some moments I’m like “Ha! Look at those eyes, she’s totally gone for him”. Other moments I think she doesn’t even know ‘love’ is a real word. As you so eloquently state, she has no yardstick with which to measure her feelings, the dictionary definition of love is entirely useless, and the only practical application she’s seen of romantic love does not mirror what she has with Booth. Her beautifully rational and logical mind trips her up once again.
    So I guess my answer is: I do not know. But I can’t wait to find out.

    • Finally getting a chance to respond to some of these comments!

      I do think her understanding of what being ‘in love’ (as opposed to friendship love) means is a factor. She was so defensive with Angela in HitH, “I don’t love Booth!” and it seems clear (to me) that she wasn’t drawing a distinction between loving him and being in love with him, and Angela gave her permission for that. But if you listen to how people describe romantic love and tried to form some sort of definition for it, you’d be confused. One of the less helpful things people say is, ‘you just know’ – and how could that be a useful comment to someone who processes emotions the way she does? (And how, uh, helpful is it that that’s what Booth said in the 100th? “I knew.”)

      Personally, I have a rather messy view of love – I think the love that lasts a lifetime has a base that looks very much like friendship love with a strong sexual attraction thrown in. So in that sense, I have no problem believing she is in love with him. I just don’t think she knows that, or has admitted that to herself. And until she does, there’s a sense in which she’s not (in love.) I sort of think that’s one of those states of being that only means something when it’s acknowledged. 🙂

  2. My answer is Hell yes ! I think Brennan is in love for Booth since when they met on the 100th. But back time she wasn’t aware of that. During these 5rys she was Building Awareness about her love for Booth but on 100th she’s not ready cuz Brennan w/ her whole baggage of trauma she thinks she’s not good enough for him. But i think now she’s trying see her and his feeling too in a different way. Hope so.

  3. Very interesting.
    Not everyone falls in love as easily as the commonly accepted social “standard” implies, and contrary to popular culture, many people have some control over who they fall in love with. I am in my late twenties and I can honestly say that I have never been in love. BUT I have met a few people in my life that I know I could have fallen in love with if I had allowed myself to.
    I think Brennan doesn’t allow herself to fall in love with Booth, but probably suspects that she easily could (she has admitted to fantasizing about it). At this point she may even be telling herself that she is not in love with him, but I don’t think she will actively explore her feelings as long as they are moot (because Booth is/seems happy with Hannah right now). I do believe she has at least been forced to realized that she loves him (in the not romantic way) by all that happened last season (I don’t think she needs Angela to point that out to her anymore like in the earlyer seasons).

    • I agree 100% with you that people have some control over who they fall in love with. I know I did, and like you, have also chosen not to fall. But that’s not a very popular position in our ‘it’s all fate, not my responsibility’ culture.

      Given that, I think the point you’re making about fantasizing is important. I fantasize about things as a way of ‘trying them on’ – doesn’t mean I want them to happen, necessarily. So I don’t think the fact that she’s fantasized about him is proof she’s in love with him and knows it. I think it means she’s moving in that direction, or yes, could be in love with him (may have made that choice unconsciously, as some do) but simply isn’t acknowledging it.

  4. I agree and disagree with you. I fervently believe that she’s telling herself that she’s not in love with him. In fact, before this season she probably had no indication that she was in love with him. In tPitSotH she pushed him away because she doesn’t feel like she could love him forever and would just end up hurting him. And as you said, she’s still trying to protect him from herself at the end of season 5. In DotQB she asks if dancing with her is too difficult for him. I honestly don’t think she had any idea that it could be somewhat difficult for HER to dance with him. (and really, it didn’t seem like it was) What I find interesting is in the season 5 finale she says part of the reason she has to leave is to figure out what her partnership with Booth means. I never totally understood what she meant by that.

    Where I start to disagree with you is at the start of season six. I believe that she is in love with him. I also believe that she has no idea, or has decided not to have any idea. She’s visibly hurt the second Booth says he met someone in Afghanistan and they’re “serious as a heart attack.” There’s been no time for her to notice the shift in their relationship, but the news still hurts her. And in The Couple in the Cave she says almost hopefully that “maybe you didn’t love her!” I think she honestly wants his happiness and is willing to take the emotional hit for Hannah being in the picture. She is of course aware that she’s having negative feelings about Hannah being the most significant person in Booth’s life right now, but I doubt she’s going to admit to herself that these feelings are love. I completely believe that they are, however.

    (and whoopsie doodles, I accidentally put this on the welcome note. Sorry. :P)

    • You know, I don’t really know what to make of her comment to Angela about figuring out their partnership, either. I know people who think she went away to figure out if she was in love with him, but given what she’d said in BwtA about the people in her life harming her (making her into less of a scientist) I’m not sure that’s the case. I’m not certain part of the time away wasn’t to figure out if she still wanted to work with him, still wanted to be as involved as she was with him. But when I say that, people get cranky with me. 😉

      As to the beginning of S6 – I don’t interpret that look she gives him when he tells her about Hannah to be hurt because she’s figured out she’s in love with him. To me, she seems more taken aback than anything else. I tend to think she came back open to thinking about it, and when he said that was struck by ‘I may have missed my chance.’ I think some part of her really didn’t think anything would ever change between them – that was the point of their role reversal on the park bench, where she’s saying, ‘nothing has to change’ and he’s saying, ‘it has to.’

      And now she’s seeing that some things have changed, and some things haven’t. He’s still her friend, which is what I think she told herself she wanted. But it’s undeniably different.

  5. Very well written. I do think she loves him and I think she wants their old friendship back. I want them to have their old friendship back. Her change is interesting to watch this season. I don’t think she knows she wants it but she is showing him love this season and I hope she realizes that she is capable of love. I do think that she thinks he deserves better than her. From her statement on protecting him from her. So I believe she has convinced herself that she is not worthy of love from someone else. Nice post. I like the thought process.

    • I honestly believe that what we’re seeing so far this season is her realizing not only that she does love him, but that she’s capable of giving him that love. What I feel like I’m seeing is that she’s more concerned about him and loving toward him than Hannah is, and I think Brennan’s aware of that. And how can realizing that not matter to her?

  6. Wonderful question Ryn, but i’d expect no less from you 😀

    As for your question….well, where to start! LOL.

    Do i think she is in love with him. No. Do i think she loves him. Yes. Do i agree with your assesment of her feelings in the 100th….again no.

    For me, in the 100th i don’t see a woman who wants to be alone. I see a woman afraid to be in a relationship. For me, everything she did and said, and the way she reacted pointed to someone afraid that she couldn’t be what he needs. She cares for Booth more than i think she knows, and she wanted to protect him.

    I understand what you are getting at with references to the later episodes and her constant checking that her actions were ok, and can see why you’d think if she’d changed her mind she wouldn’t have asked that. But again i have to disagree. Booth told her he had to move on….and for me after that sentance Brennan was never going to tell him even IF she did change her mind. She took him at his word….and i think that she still believes she isn’t what he needs.

    Booth and Brennan are normally two very self assured, confident people but when it comes to one another….they’re just not. For me Booth has always out himself below Brennan, and felt he was not good enough. She’s too smart for him etc. And Brennan has done the same. For all she goes on about what a great ‘catch’ she is, i don’t think she really believes it. Not when it comes to Booth.

    Anyway i went of track again.

    So in answer to your question, i don’t think Brennan loves him the way she needs to just yet. She loves him but it not in love with him. Do i think she’s moving in that direction? Yes…albeit slowly. And can i wait to watch the full journey? HELL NO 😀

    Strap in guys…it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

    P.S. And on another point, i’m one of the few (for few read only! LOL) that isn’t convinced Booth loved/loves Brennan. But you know that already 😉

    • Whoa, Laffers, have you outlined your reasons for Booth not loving Brennan somewhere? I must read them. *whispers* I’m of the same bent but was too afraid to ever say anything.

      • I’m never too afraid to say anything 😉

        I’ve mentioned it in the odd couple of places, my reasons for thinking Booth wasn’t/isn’t in love with Brennan but i’ve never gone into a lot of detail.

        To be honest people have tended to pounce on the slightest hint of it like i’ve committed some kind of cardinal sin, so i’ve never really gone fully into it.

        Maybe one day i’ll get round to writing something with all my reasons why i feel the way i do re that….i’ll add it to my list of things to do! LOL

      • This is quite interesting! Of course, I completely disagree, haha, but it’s fascinating to find someone who has their doubts about Booth’s feelings. I wonder, if Brennan also has doubts and if her reasons would mirror yours.

        I’m curious, what do you think Booth’s feelings for Brennan are; admittedly they’re strong, but if it isn’t love, then what is it? Very thought-provoking!

      • How interesting that you think Booth is not in love with Brennan. I will say that my first instinct is to disagree . . . but I’d love to hear your reasons/insights as I can often be swayed and then possibly convinced.

        Hmm. . . .

    • In terms of whether he’s in love with her or not…I disagree (as you know, LOL) but I will say this: I disagree largely because I’ve not seen anything to convince me he’s in love with Hannah. Therefore, I don’t have a problem with him actually still being in love with Brennan.

      But, since Hart’s been cagey about when Booth fell in love, I will also say this: I’m okay with him not actually having been in love with her yet, as long as we’re not saying that everything between them for the first five years of the show was nothing more than infatuation. I think that’s the reason people come unhinged when you say that – they think you’re saying he never had any real feelings for her at all. (And maybe that’s what you are saying – if so, you’re wrong. LOL.)

      I don’t think they can have the bond they have in S1-4, don’t think they can be what they were to each other if he felt nothing for her but infatuation. So that doesn’t work for me. But saying he loved her as a friend/partner and then thought he fell in love with her during the coma dream – I allow for that as a possibility. I don’t agree with it, because it still leaves things unexplained to me. But I accept it as a possibility. 😉

      • OK. Now i’m sober i shall answer this. Though you are right, a drunk Laffers response would have been hilarious!

        So you said that you haven’t seen anything to indicate Booth loves Hannah so you are fine with him loving Brennan. I’m curious…he’s said he loves Hannah which is quite a major thing for him to say (we’ve not seen him say it about any woman, including Bones) but you don’t see that as proof he loves her. Now i’m not saying i completely disagree, i believe Booth thinks he loves Hannah. And in the end what Booth thinks is the only thing that matters.

        So what proof do you see that he loves Brennan?

        Now on to the other thing you said. I don’t think Booth has never felt anything for her. He was in lust with her from the moment they met, and he cared for her. He still cares for her. But caring isn’t loving. I will even go as far as saying he loves her as a partner and a friend like you said, but again that is very different to being in love with her.

        I’ve seen no evidence to suggest he is in love with her, and as much as i try to see what people who claim Booth has ‘always loved her’ see i just can’t.

        But hey, Hart disagrees with me (as he’s already said in one interview that Booth was ‘very much in love with Brennan’) so i’m ok with you disagreeing too 😀

        Maybe i will write up my reasons why at some point…though i think people at the Lab etc would lynch me! LOL

      • Since I can’t reply to your last comment to my comment, I’ll respond to my last comment to yours. (Still with me? LOL.)

        I don’t take his ‘I love her’ statement seriously because of the context. If he and Brennan had been sitting at the bar, talking, and she’d asked, ‘how do you feel about her?’ or ‘do you love her?’ and he’d quietly and non-defensively said, ‘yeah, I do love her. I really do,’ then I would have believed him. But this was said very defensively in response to Brennan essentially challenging him: ‘Maybe you don’t love her.’ I’m not sure what else he could have said, given that I think he’s desperate to be over being in love with Brennan.

        My interpretation of things he said is that he didn’t expect to see Hannah again when he left Afghanistan, and that leads me to question how serious the relationship was. I think it mattered to him while he was there, and I think he’s very glad to see her when she shows up, but it’s hard for me to buy that it really was ‘as serious as a heart attack’ when he didn’t expect to ever be living on the same continent as her again. Thus in the premiere I tend to see Hannah as a shield he was using against his feelings for Brennan: “see? I had a relationship with this beautiful woman, a woman I had feelings for. I can move on, I really can.” And I think that’s why he’s guarded with Brennan – he’s feeling things he’d desperately hoped would be gone by the time he saw her again. And then Hannah shows up and I think more than a little of his delight was because he hoped that would make it even easier to push his feelings for Brennan aside. I think he cares for Hannah, and wants to be in love with her. But he’s still in love with Brennan, and saying he loved Hannah was part of that shield.

        Still, as I said to you on Twitter, I think you can make an argument for him never having been in love with her. I don’t agree, but think it’s a plausible argument as long as you’re not saying he never cared for her at all. I don’t think a man would have been there for her, done the things he’s done for her, if he didn’t have deep, deep feelings. But maybe they weren’t actually being ‘in love.’ Hart told me in August when I asked when Booth fell in love that ‘that would be revealed in the fullness of time’ so…maybe it’s not as simple an answer as many of us assume.

  7. My answer is that I think she is in love with Booth, in love as compared with OUR definitions, but she doesn’t quite realise it within her own deifinition yet.

    Everyone says that when you fall in love, you know it, and everyone tries to describe love in their own way, but everyone’s love is different. There is not just one definition. I think this may be too irrational for Brennan. She knows it exists, she has been told that, she now believes it and people constantly tell her that she is “in love” with Booth, but how would she know? In the past few years I believe she’s been feeling so many new feelings as she opened her heart up to the world, that some of them got a bit squished together. Lets face it, friendship and love can be viewed as very similar especially when trying to explain them to someone else.

    However, BB don’t use either love or friendship to describe their relationship, they use patnership, which I believe that by them saying “we’re just patners” to everyone when they first meet them and are shocked that they aren’t a couple, BB have created their own name for what they feel. They don’t really have a pair of patners to compare their relationship too, so whether it is frienship or frienship bordering on love they explain it as “patnership”. It’s unique in their lives, and it’s perfect for them.

    In “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole”, when she found out Booth wanted to “try for a different outcome”, i think Brennan was a little shocked. She got used to the partnership thing, and thought it was great, and thought that “What was theirs was theirs”. By him saying words like “couple” and “love”, it completely freaked her out because she never even thought of them like that, she just thought they were patners; a measure in which she had been able to put everything that they did together under. If they started labelling what they had with THOSE labels, labels that everyone uses, then what’s theirs would not be theirs, everyone else would understand too. She couldn’t deal with it, she just liked it the way it was, so she said no. She was still upset, but with how upset Booth was. In their partnership they always tried to keep the other one happy, this time round she had the chance to make Booth happy, but it was something she just couldn’t do or understand him wanting to do. But she still made sure they could work together, as partners.

    However after this, when Booth started getting all weird, and not being himself around her, she got confused as to their definition of partners. He said they could still work together, but it wasn’t like how it used to be. She knew he was “in love” with her, so she made sure things were okay, and let him date other women, but still their patnership wasn’t the same. This is why, in the Beginning in the End she says to Angela that she is confused about what their “partnership” means. She is actually confused because although the label hasn’t changed, its definition has. Booth has been acting less “Boothy” ever since she said they couldn’t be a couple, and she is confused as to whether that means that they were sort of a couple beforehand. So that’s why she leaves.

    Now that they’ve returned, I think Brennan has had a while to think it all over, and just hopes that when they come back it will all be back to normal, because she misses that. But then Hannah is there, and Booth is now spending less and less time with her and more and more time with Hannah, she sees that maybe what she and Booth had was sort of a couple. Booth knows all these things about Hannah, just like Brennan knows about him and vice versa. Booth sits next to Hannah’s bedside when she gets shot, just as Brennan did for him many times beforehand. I think during this season it will slowly dawn on her what their “patnership” really did mean compared to everyone else’s definitions. She is missing their old patnership at the moment and she will continue missing it until she thinks, what is it that she actually is missing. And then she will realise. She is missing Booth.

    Also what you said about The Critic in the Cabernet, i don’t think Brennan suddenly didn’t want a baby because she could have Booth as the father or because she didn’t want the relationship. I think she was just trying to make him shut up about it so that he would tell her what he saw and she could work out what was wrong with him. She was just worried about his health, not relationships.
    Sorry this is soo long, i got a bit carried away with myself.

    • Excellent, I totally agree. I think she is in love with him but she wants the partnership because that is what she has always had. She looks to him in matters of the heart and now she is having to navigate it on her own. It is tough for her to figure out and all she wants back is there “partnership”

      • Thanks for agreeing, and summarising so succinctly! What you said about “She looks to him in matters of the heart and now she is having to navigate it on her own”, that’s really good. Ever since PitSofW I have felt that she is a little lost, just not quite herself. And look what happens as soon as that happens? She runs away. She does that everytime something BIG happens in her personal life it seems, and she doesn’t have Booth to lean on. (e.g After EitB, and before the Pilot)
        Okay stop me, or else I’ll go on forever haha

    • Your comment about their use of the word ‘partners’ is interesting. I’ve never thought anything of it, really, mostly because I know from things I’ve heard about cops that partners can be a very close, intimate relationship. But what you say explains why people have been so interested in his use of the term this season.

      But yes, I agree with what you’re saying about Brennan figuring out that prior to leaving, they had more than friendship. She called it friendship and viewed it that way, but because he was in love with her, it was more than friendship for him, meaning he wasn’t treating her just as a friend. And now, I think she’ figuring out whether being his friend is sufficient for her.

      As to Critic in the Cabernet and the baby – I didn’t make clear that my belief she changed her mind isn’t due to the fact that she dropped the topic then. Obviously it wasn’t a priority when she was realizing something was very wrong, or even post surgery. But when she never mentions it again, even months later, when he’s recovered from the surgery…that’s odd to me unless she’d changed her mind about what she wanted.

  8. Okay, bear with me for a moment:

    I think Brennan has known from the beginning that there is something powerful, something undefinable between her and Booth. I think she felt that power after that first kiss, when she wasn’t willing to sleep with him after getting drunk on tequila and him revealing his gambling problem to her. In the beginning, it was lust and curiosity – he fascinated her, and she wanted to learn from him. Over the course of their partnership, she’s slowly come to depend on him more and more, forcing her to sublimate her attraction to him. That initial attraction evolved into deep trust and an emotional connection she hasn’t shared with anyone else. She’s learned that with Booth anything emotional is serious – it’s not the kind of thing you play around with.

    I think the meaning of what Booth actually meant to her really came home during his coma. I think it awakened in her a realization that she cares deeply for him, but with this realization came the conclusion that she’s not the right person for him (in her eyes). Why? Because she knows of all of the things he wants for his life – marriage, a family, faith, longevity – and she thinks she can’t give him those things by her perceived definition of his wants. I think Brennan sensed early on in their relationship that Booth would eventually want something more, and I think as time wore on, she perfected the speech she gave in 100, thinking that by not giving into his fantasy, that he will ultimately be happier, and she will have given him that happiness despite the initial pain of rejection. I think she’d managed to almost completely squelch the idea of the two of them together using her logic and reason, completely ignoring the screaming in her heart.

    What does this have anything to do with love, you ask? Brennan giving up a life with Booth for his ultimate happiness told me just how much she loves him. I feel like that’s the ultimate sacrifice, save actually giving her life for him – she tried to give him the chance at the life he “wants” at her own expense. Unfortunately for Brennan, her definitions of Booth’s desires are incorrect.

    So, to answer your question (after my verbose preface), is I do think Brennan loves Booth, and I do think she’s in love with him. I think she can now acknowledge to herself that she loves him like a friend, but she’s buried her romantic love for him deeply, and denies it completely using logic and reason. I think she doesn’t know how to define love the way others do, and therefore doesn’t know that she’s in love with him, just that despite her best efforts to make him happy (and he seemingly now is), she can’t shake the uneasiness she feels about him and Hannah, and she can’t understand the unhappiness it’s caused in her.

    I’m anxious (see: desperate/dying) to see the moment she realizes what her buried feelings ACTUALLY mean, and even more intrigued to see what she does with her knew-found knowledge.

    • So you think she’s in love, doesn’t know it, and therefore doesn’t understand why she’s unhappy right now? Yes, I can see that as possibility, though I’m allowing for her putting the unhappiness down simply to spending less time with him. I think that’s why we saw him ask her to have a meal with him and Hannah (or seconded Hannah in the offer) two weeks in a row: she’s lonely because they’re spending less time together, and he doesn’t want that for her.

      In other words, while I think the important thing is that she doesn’t know she’s in love if she is, I’m less sure about what is going through her head, what she’s telling herself right now.

  9. I can follow this logic and can even be on the fence about it . . . except for Brennan’s expression in Mastodon after she hears about Hannah, her uncontrollable emotions in Couple/Cave, and in same episode, her attempt to hide that she is okay with the fact that she is living her life as she expected. Those particular moments tell me that she is in love, whether or not she recognizes it. To Brennan, those moments and countless others might indicate that she indeed loves Booth, but not in love.

    I might be able to be swayed somewhat with the expanded idea of partnership, that bones62442 brings up, though . . . I confess that this Brennan in love argument is one that I am not deeply entrenched and can be won over . . .

    • I allow for the possibility that she came home from Maluku open to the possibility of a different relationship with him (which doesn’t have to mean, to my mind, that she’s accepting she’s in love with him) and was taken aback by his telling her about Hannah.

      I also tend to think she was expecting things to be the way they’d always been between them. I think it’s significant that in the park bench scene in the finale, they switch roles from the year before in Fire in the Ice: In FitI, he’d told her things would never change and he’d never let her fall and she told him everything changes. But in the finale, it’s the opposite: she says things don’t have to change and he tells her yes, it does. I think that’s an important clue to her mindset, both then and when they return.

  10. This is a very interesting post, rynogeny, and although I don’t agree with everything you say, I do enjoy reading what you write. Your comment on Sarah’s GMMR review of “The Bones that Weren’t” gave me some much needed perspective on Booth and Hannah’s relationship and for that – thank you!

    As far as THIS post is concerned, well, as GGW would say, the issue of Brennan’s true feelings for Booth is a “scrummy conundrum” (I just love that phrase and can’t help using it whenever possible) indeed. There are times when I thought she had to be in love with him and times when I’ve thought the opposite. The same holds true on the issue of her awareness of her feelings. At this point, I think it’s impossible to tell.

    However, I do think she’s aware that she has very strong feelings for him (whatever that means to her). Prior to this season she did a very good job compartmentalizing those feelings and I think that’s part of what has muddied this issue. This season, I think she’s having a much harder time doing that, and it’s why she’s so conflicted. For me, the most compelling evidence is at the end of the season four finale when she looks up at Booth just before she deletes her book. I believe (and this is just my theory, I have no evidence to prove it) at that moment in time, she acknowledged her feelings but made a conscious decision to not act on them. Deleting her book was a physical affirmation of that decision. I also think she played a greater role in determining the “who” in Booth’s coma dream than is implied in season five. That book represented what could have been between them…but she wasn’t ready, and so she chose to close the door. I don’t see that as proof that she didn’t love him, but I do think it was a sign that she wasn’t ready to take that kind of risk yet.

    As far as her desire to have Booth’s baby in The Critic in the Cabernet – I think it’s difficult to make a determination as to her thoughts on the matter due to the sequence of events that followed Booth’s outburst. He had surgery, was in a coma for four days, and woke up thinking Brennan was his WIFE. Then, as soon as she was sure he was going to be okay, she got the heck out of dodge. Ultimately, I think it became a non-issue because of everything that happened, not because she didn’t want that kind of relationship with Booth. Your theory is plausible; I just don’t know that it’s a fair conclusion given the evidence. And IF her book was supposed to be their “what if,” the fact that she was pregnant in the end could mean that having a baby, HIS baby, meant more to her than she let on.

    Okay, I promise I’m almost done. In terms of what you said about the 100th episode, for me, it all boils down to one thing: facial expression/body language. I’m fond of using Shrek’s “ogres are like onions” explanation when it comes to Bones, because, like onions (and ogres!), this show has layers. Words alone NEVER tell the entire story and in this case Brennan’s facial expression in that scene screams that she WANTS things to be different. But they aren’t. And it remains to be seen when, and if, that will ever change.

    • I very much agree with you about the coma dream, actually. I thought about mentioning it in my post, and wound up thinking it was getting too long. But I very much believe that coma dream was more than a dream. He dreamed it, but she wrote it, making it, to my mind, a shared experience of some kind. But I don’t think that means she was in love with him when she wrote it. I day dream a lot as a way of figuring things out – what I want, how I want it. So I tend to think that was her way of starting to explore her feelings for him. But I don’t think it’s a slam dunk indication of her feelings – not unless it’s taken out of context of everything else we’ve seen.

      As I said in my intro, I think the reason it’s important is actually Booth. If Brennan was in love with him, knew it, and was desperately wanting to say yes when she said no, then he’s a cad who’s been hurting her ever since and who doesn’t deserve her. End of story. (And for some, it actually has ended the story – they’re no longer watching because Booth is no longer Booth.) But if she wasn’t ready, didn’t actually want to say other than she did (I think her response during that conversation was due to pain that she was hurting him and sadness that she didn’t want to say yes – not sadness because she wanted to say yes and wouldn’t) then his behavior in respecting her no as no is completely reasonable.

      • I just ready your GMMR comment on the Bones that weren’t episode. WOW very well said. I love your perspective on the Hannah Booth relationship. I don’t think Brennan realizes what she feels for Booth and I am beginning to agree with you that they aren’t “in love” I think they love each other but aren’t in love. Won’t falling in love be fun to watch!!!!

  11. I think that Brennan is aware of what she feels about Booth. Does she love Booth? Yes. Does she feel a romantic love towards Booth (whenever I see “in love” I think of Disney movies… so I can’t think of it that way)? Maybe? I’m leaning more towards yes than no. The thing is, I think that her awareness of this feeling is growing. Here’s the problem: awareness, with Brennan, does not mean immediate “oh, I want to be in a relationship with Booth.” Awareness, for Brennan, means “oh, wow, I think I may love him… what do I do now?” Now add that to Booth’s confusing definitions about what love does and is, what partnership is. Brennan also knows that she is very concerned for Booth’s well-being. We have seen this start to appear since season 4, because she keeps on bringing up Booth’s mortality. Then came the 100th episode. She is afraid that something about herself — something she can’t change, would somehow harm Booth. Is she completely aware about her feelings for him at this point? In some way, I think so. I don’t think she would respond this way if she wasn’t, because maybe she can’t make the leap from awareness to acting upon it. Everything she does is probably thought out (I can’t ever imagine her not thinking). Being unable to get from point A to point B would then be distressing, because there is a difference between thinking and feeling. To become aware of your own emotions after being unaware of them is a very rough, overwhelming experience, because there are no words to properly explain emotions, and because once they’re discovered, emotions can’t be blocked out — they’re multi-layered aspects of human life. Remember how Brennan took a while to decide that she was anxious about Booth’s reversal about love forgiving all when it came to Jared and Padme? She didn’t immediately say “I’m anxious,” she described her physical state of emotion. This then starts a buildup — the thinking and the feeling have started to join together — they’re very different things, but soon the thinking is focused on understanding the feelings and not on what it’s supposed to be and the confusion snowballs. In Boy with the Answer, she admits that she’s worried all of the time, and it’s making her question her effectiveness as a scientist. She literally can’t separate the two — her brain and her heart, whereas before she could. The following episode, she admits to Angela that she’s worried about Booth, their partnership… and needs some perspective. The only way for her to detach herself from worrying is to leave it behind, focus on something else, and get back into the swing of things, which means she can spend time processing those emotions instead of just thinking about them. Honestly, if I was Brennan, I’d be heading to Maluku, too. If she does not bring her emotions into check, she will not be able to focus on anything else, because she doesn’t know how to filter emotion vs thought anymore. In other words, her compartmentalizing machine broke.
    The issue has never been that Brennan has or has not decided that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Booth. I do think that it is something she has thought over, but I don’t think it could be something that she could decide (and no, it wasn’t on the spot, like I said earlier, she was well aware of what was going to happen), and maybe she was still in the process of thinking it over. She is under the belief that he needs to share his life with someone, not her, in order to be happy. She has seen a line she cannot cross yet. Was she sticking with the safety of the partnership and friendship? I don’t think that it’s the full answer. I think that since she believes that Booth needs to be with someone (hence the “I know” when he says he needs to move on) and her thoughts/emotions internal war, she thinks that it is not herself (whether she wants to or not, because her brain trumps her emotions). So I guess that in that part I agree — what she thought the partnership was wasn’t what it really was, but I also am dissatisfied with leaving it at that. She’s a bit more aware, and is starting to act upon her emotions a bit more with other people (or at least try)… but I don’t see her saying “oh shoot, I did the wrong thing, what have I done?” but to completely ignore it. It’s insignificant — Booth is in a relationship now, and has found what he wanted. She wants him to be happy above all else, and believes that his happiness is not a part of her worrying about him (which is why I guess I don’t think that she just stayed with the partnership because it was safe, because she knew that he would be unhappy until he found someone to share his life with).
    I wish I could be a bit more clear in what I’m saying, but I guess I can boil it down to saying that yes, Brennan has some degree of love for Booth, and is (recently) aware of that fact (is she “in love”? I have no clue.). She is aware (now) that Booth has/had feelings for her. She cannot move from awareness to action because she doesn’t know how or what she feels, and she believes that Booth is happy where he is, so she can’t do anything — because for him to be happy, he has to be in a relationship — something that she may or may not have considered, and has already rejected him, so she has no control over it. It sounds horribly depressing, but I think that we will reach a point where she understands everything… it’s going to take a lot of time.

    • I’ve had to think some about what you’re saying here, because I agree with it to a point. I absolutely agree that just because she becomes aware of feeling something for him, even when she realizes she loves him romantically, that she won’t necessarily immediately leap to the conclusion she wants to be in a relationship with him.

      But I think while she absolutely believes she loves him as a friend, (and has done so since late S4) in a much deeper way than she loves Hodgins, for example, who she told she loved in the finale, I don’t think she’s let herself see that her feelings might seriously be more than just friendship for Booth, though I think the thought itself has occurred to her – every time someone else asked about their relationship or assumed it was something more, the issue was there in her brain. And I think his coma dream, which she wrote, was an indication she was exploring that question a ‘what would it be like’ deal – though I don’t think it’s an accident that the setting wasn’t the normal lives. She wasn’t quite ready to look at the issue that openly yet.

      I also don’t think Brennan is incapable of processing emotion. I think she chooses not to. There have been plenty of times throughout the series where we’ve seen her having a strong emotional response to something and accepting that she’s doing so. However, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of the times we see that happening, it’s when she’s with Booth. She feels safe with him in a way she doesn’t with anyone else when it comes to letting herself feel things. But I’m not sure she’s figured that out yet.

      I don’t think running to Maluku was just about what was happening with Booth. Her self-identity is that of ‘rational scientist’ and while I think she’s long known she needed companionship in her life (it’s clear her friendship with Angela is important to her even in the pilot) she’s always been able to choose when and how she feels things for the people she lets into her life. And suddenly she was struggling with that – not just about Booth, but all of them. Her nightmares at the beginning of BwtA included Hodgins as well. So I’d say rather than having feelings she didn’t know what to do with, it was more that whereas before she’s been able to manage her feelings – control when and how she feels them and how they affect her – she was suddenly having problems doing that, and it messed with her. To the point that she wasn’t sure she wanted to continue working murders, or working with Booth. Maluku allowed her to take a step back and say, ‘at the core, I’m still a scientist. The relationships in my life haven’t changed that.’ I suspect that even the fact she was able to leave, to walk away from those relationships in the first place, made a difference, too, in reassuring her on that point. And so she comes back more open to the relationships (thus the conversation with Angela about being sisters) because she’s settled, once and for all, the fact that relationships and their attendant emotions don’t threaten the core of who she is.

      And figuring that out – that what she feels for people doesn’t threaten who she is – was groundwork for whatever comes next.

  12. Maybe that’s exactly what it all comes down to: she isn’t ready. And for whatever reason, whether it is that he took her by surprise or that she doesn’t want to share her life with someone or any other reason, doesn’t matter because the point is that in fact she’s not ready. Maybe she didn’t know it herself, maybe she’s starting to see that she made a mistake but it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t speaking the truth in the 100th episode.
    Whether or not she’s in love with him, my opinion on the matter changes slightly from time to time. She definitely loves him and she’s certainly falling in love with him if you ask me but I can agree with you that maybe she wasn’t at that point in time. Or maybe she was but she doesn’t know it because how would she know what it’s supposed to feel like? If you’ve never felt it before (or aren’t aware that you have) and there’s no clear definition on the matter, then how could anyone know?
    I could understand if she feels that way because quite frankly I do too.

    But I do agree with what Stephanie said, her expression did show that she wishes that things were different. I don’t know if that means that she wishes she could have a relationship with him but I do think she wants anything but to let him down. At that point she probably didn’t realize that no matter if he said that they could still be partners, things would change. Part of her didn’t see how much more than that they really were and I think she’s starting to notice that and maybe that’s what’s going to make her reconsider and re-evaluate which might show her that she is in love with him and if she isn’t yet, makes her fall in love out of her love for him.
    I sincerely apologize if that doesn’t make any sense but what can I say, it’s a complicated matter.

    • You made perfect sense! It is complicated, and I think a lot of that is because Brennan herself is very complex. Someone asked me this week on a forum what I think it will take to begin changing her mind, and I said I think it’s a lot of things coming together. I think the trip to Maluku proved to her that she could have people in her life and still be her essential self – scientist – so she came back capable of identifying with Angela as a sister, and ready to work murders again. I think the changed dynamic between her and Booth – to what she thought they had all along (soilid friendship) is showing her what they’d really had before, and giving her a chance to explore whether she wants that back or not. I think the fact that she appears to be more concerned for him than Hannah is, is showing her that she’s quite capable of loving someone, that her heart is as open as it needs to be where someone she loves is concerned. All those pieces – and whatever is yet to come over the next part of this season – is leading to that change in her. It’s definitely complicated, though.

  13. Ok, so I now can’t reply to your comment, which was replying to your comment instead of my previous comment that was a reply to your first comment. You follow me?!

    So just know that this is for you Ryn 😉

    Also I know I need my A game when responding to you, but my A game seems to have disappeared along with my muse so….let’s call this my B game…possibly C! LOL

    So you say his ‘I love her’ comment is somehow invalid because of the context in which it was said but i’m curious…how else was he supposed to react? Brennan basically accused him of not loving Hannah enough. I think anyone responding to that would have come across as being very defensive; it doesn’t make what he said any less true. When someone attacks you, be it physically or emotionally, you defend yourself. That’s all Booth did. He defended his feelings and the strength of them.

    Now onto the ‘he didn’t think he’d see Hannah again’. I agree…he didn’t. But I disagree on what this means. He never thought he’d see her again, but that doesn’t mean his feelings are anything but true. Booth needed to be in DC for Parker, Hannah needed to be in Afghanistan for her job. The fact that Booth thought he’d never see her again doesn’t make his ‘serious as a heart attack’ comment any less real either. When he was over there is was serious, and just because he left doesn’t mean his feelings were different.

    I do agree that Booth partly used Hannah’s picture/image as a shield, but for me it was as if he wasn’t 100% sure how he would feel around Brennan and it was more of a reminder to himself, not so much him ‘proving’ himself to Brennan. As an ‘I have moved on and i’m happy’ reminder, as opposed to the heartache he went through with Brennan.

    For me I think, at this moment in time, Booth believes he is in love with Hannah. And we can sit here and say ‘oh he only thinks he is but he’s not’ or ‘he wants to be but isn’t’ but at the end of the day what Booth believes is the only thing that matters. He believes he loves Hannah, and really, who are we to argue?!

    As for the Booth never loving Brennan thing. I am seriously thinking of writing my reasoning up because I’ll be interested to see who agrees with me if anyone, and to see how many people try and convince me i’m wrong! Good times to be had I think 😉

    • Finally have time to respond to this – doesn’t seem fair at all to bait you into replying to me, then abandon the conversation. 😉 But I’m not sure I’m bringing even my C game this morning, so we’ll see what’s what.

      In respect to his ‘I love her’ statement to Brennan – I cheat a bit. I confess that. As a writer, I tend to be very aware of both what and how they’re telling us stuff, as well as what they’re not telling/showing us. So to me, it’s a huge deal that the conversation about Hannah isn’t a quiet one where he can say with conviction, ‘yes, I love her’ and perhaps follow that up with reasons he loves her. (“she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s daring” – fill in the blanks however you want.)

      Could they have done that? Written the scene that way? Absolutely. And I would have had to take the relationship much more seriously. Instead, the conversation is when they’re on their way to a crime scene, with a witness. Instead of sounding sincere, he sounds defensive. And defensive behavior, to me, is always an indication that things are not as they seem. He wants the statement to be true because if it is, he has a shield against his feelings for Brennan, has some hope he might yet have what he most wants: someone he can love, who loves him in return. But if it really was true, he’d be able to be more relaxed about it.

      Second, I didn’t mean to suggest that his believing he’d never see Hannah again suggested the feelings he has for her were insincere. I think he cares about her, I think what they had in Afghanistan gave him hope that he could get over Brennan. But if she’s on the other side of the world and has told him she’ll never request a transfer stateside, then how does his being deeply, truly in love with her help him? Is a woman who’s open to a relationship but not to actually doing what’s necessary to make the relationship work (moving where he has to be, for his son) really any better for him, in the sense of his long-term goals, than Brennan? I don’t see how, honestly. It no doubt makes him feel better that she was at least open to a relationship while in the war zone (something Brennan wasn’t willing to do) but the end result is still the same: he’s alone.

      So no, prior to Hannah’s arrival, I don’t think his feelings are all that engaged. If they were, apart from knowing that she’d wanted him in a way Brennnan hadn’t, he’s not all that much better off. So if he really had been totally gone over her when he arrived back in the U.S., he’d have been just as miserable as he was post-100th: “I’m in love with a woman who I’m unlikely to see again, at least for more than a day or two.”

      So what about when she arrives? I think that’s huge for him. Not only is his shield against his feelings for Brennan now physically there, I think he interpreted it as ‘Wow! She really loves me!’ I think there’s something deep inside him running around like a crazy person going, ‘whoo hoo! Someone loves me enough to follow me around the world! Whoo-hoo!’ But does that mean he promptly falls completely in love with her? I don’t think so, because Brennan is there. I think he wants to love Hannah, wants it desperately enough to hide who he is. And I think he feels he owes anything to her that he can give her, because – wow! – she followed him.

      He wants to love her, and I think he’s working really hard to convince himself he does love her. But I don’t think that’s the same as actually being in love with her.

      Being in love not only should make you happier, it should make you a better person. Rather than changing you into someone else (because you’re trying to please that person so much you hide who you are) it should make you a better YOU. And that’s not what I see happening with Booth, particularly after the other night.

  14. At one point in Critic in the Cabernet, Brennan tells Angela that emotional ties are ephemeral. She then proceeds to list the relationships around her that have failed. My friend’s response to that was “Because there is only one person out there for someone. Only one needs to work out. All other can fail.”

    I, though, can’t believe that. And I don’t think Brennan can believe that. I tend to think that all she needs is to see ONE successful relationship. By 5×16, the episode I have not-so-affectionately nicknamed D-Day, she has yet to see a relationship succeed. Even in The Boy with the Answer, she believes that it’s her ties to people that is making it so difficult. Now, in season 6, she sees Hodgins and Angela finally making it work. Does that make her more inclined to want that 30, or 40, or 50 years? Does seeing a relationship succeed make her want emotional ties to people? And, if that is the case, does seeing Booth and Hannah happy together make her want something like that of her own?

    This is not to say that I am pro-Hannah. Or anti-Hannah. I happen to like Hannah, I only think that Booth is Seeley with Hannah, not Booth. That bothers me, but that’s not the point at hand.

    The point at hand is this: If the relationship between Booth and Hannah fails, what will that do to Brennan? Will she be gloriously happy and ask him for 30, or 40, or 50 years? Will she fall into the friend roll and wait for him to ask [even thoguht ball’s in her court]? Or would she, once again, stop believing?

    If she is in love with him, whether she knows it or not, does it mean that she’s ready? Even if she is in love with him, will the fact that the Booth/Hannah relationship failed have anythign to do with her ability to be ready?

    Whether Brennan loves him or not, I can’t help but think about what the Booth/Hannah relationship outcome will do to her.

    • Oooh. Interesting thoughts there.

      First, though, I’m not sure that seeing one relationship work is what will convince Brennan, in part because of how you’d set the parameters of a successful relationship. Angela and Hodgins are now married, but I’m guessing that – even if she’s learned enough not to say so to them – she’s not going to believe their relationship is a success anytime soon. Perhaps in ten years, if they’re still going strong, maybe then. Or maybe she’d say, ‘well, they could still break up.’ (Though I think that’s something which will change as we go through this season.)

      She’s seen other people in stable relationships, but I suspect she does the same thing with those: it’s too early to tell if they’ll last. Russ and Amy, Goodman and his wife. In other words, if we assume she’s looking for proof relationships can last, it’s probably safe to assume she’s dismissing most of the relationships around her as not having proven anything yet, because they’ve not yet lasted long enough to do so.

      I also wonder how she frames her parents’ marriage. By all accounts, it was a solid relationship – her mom obviously loved her father, based on the video, and there’s never been any hint that Max has thought of remarrying. Does that register for Brennan that two people can love that way, until ‘death do you part’? Does she dismiss them as evidence because they were her parents, because they abandoned her, because their life choices meant that ‘death do you part’ came so soon? (Though here’s something we don’t know: how long her parents were together. Russ was 19 when they left, and maybe they’d not been together very long when he was born. But either way, it’s safe to say they had 20 years together, if not more. Twenty years she apparently dismisses.)

      In other words, Brennan does what most of us do in our personal lives, scientist or not: she forms a theory (‘relationships are ephemeral’) and then only sees evidence that supports it.

      As to what it will do to her when Booth and Hannah split – I think that depends on what happens between now and then and how she views it. I think if she comes to understand that he never stopped loving her, the fact that his relationship with Hannah didn’t last won’t be an issue. Or it’s possible she’ll come to understand that some relationships do last – just not necessarily rebound relationships formed in a war zone.

      In other words, I agree that she needs to let herself see the truth of the relationships around her – that some last, some don’t – as well as to begin thinking about what contributes to their success. But I don’t think that Hannah and Booth not lasting will necessarily be a huge deal for her. It could have been, because at an earlier point in her life, she would have focused on that failure rather than what Angela and Hodgins’ relationship says about success (in the sense of a relationship that didn’t die, even with a year long break-up in the mix.)

      But Brennan’s changing and growing, and I suspect part of that is going to be opening up to see more than just the situations around her that prove her theory about all relationships being ephemeral.

  15. All I really know for sure is that there has been a lot more of their looks and smiles , that means a lot to me. Also the way he says “”I’ll see you tomorrow”says VOLUMES to me!!

  16. I just saw the new episode which awesome, the promo was awesome, I hope means that Booth and Hannah break up next time!!

    • I don’t think the break-up will come in the next episode, but I don’t see how it can be far off, not when he seems to be spiraling further and further from being his true self. 🙂

  17. Great post. I think that ‘in love’ is totally different than love. I think she loves Booth. Whether she will ever admit that she is ‘in love’ with anyone or anything, I have no idea. I honestly won’t feel slighted if she doesn’t, when this series is said and done. I think that there is this idea that if she ends this series still feeling like feelings of crushes and flirting are ephemeral, but the trust, affection and confidence she has in herself and Booth mean they are together…it will be true to the integrity of her character. I don’t think any of us, no matter our personal stance on the two issues, necessarily want Brennan to ‘find God and get married’ as she is sometimes wont to do in fanfic.

    And I think having an ‘open heart’ is different than being ‘in love’. I think she is generous with herself, and she has those capabilities. I don’t think she’s in love, but she may never be. Who knows. I love thinking about it, though!

  18. Great post. After 6×9 I think we can say that Brennan finally found out that what she has been feeling for Bootht is more then eternal friendship, they relationship has grow thru all those years. In the beginning she did not know what those feelings could be, because it is not rational, so,but know she doesnt want to have regrets and not trying.
    i believe that know she realised that she is in love with him, but still not capable to fight for it, just for now. She will come around.

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