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To Hart Hanson: November 14th, 2010

To Hart,

Do people around the BONES set ever say, “That’s a lot of Bones, Hart”? I would, if I were there. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not there then, haha. That might be kind of annoying. But if I were there, I’d also ask this…

Would it be possible to not have any more looks of love between Booth and Brennan? At least not until they are both single again?

That might seem crazy or counterintuitive to what I’ve wanted for the past five years, but honestly, those are the scenes that make me the most uneasy. Remember in Dentist in the Ditch when Brennan grew anxious at the way it seemed Booth had abandoned his core value that family was important? That’s how I feel when there is even a hint that B&B might find themselves in any sort of affair: emotional, physical…any sort.

Let me clarify: I haven’t seen anything this season that I would consider ‘cheating’, but…I’d like to keep it that way. If there’s a line there, I’d just as soon B&B be far away from that line. In a comment to another post I did on GMMR, pal Marta said this…

“Yes, the UST is gone right now, but do you really expect Booth to be lusting after one woman while he’s bedding another? Let’s put both B&B in the “too honorable to go there” category.”

…and I wanted to give her a virtual hug for saying that. B&B are two of the most honorable characters in television; they are very beautiful that way. We know there’s been attraction between them since the moment they met; that they’ve resisted acting on it is beyond me, 😉  

However, in all seriousness, I implore you to ensure that they remain honorable. Booth told Brennan (and us) in The Man on Death Row, “I’ve never, ever cheated on any woman that I’ve ever been with. NEVER!”, and while it’s not exactly the same thing, Brennan tells Booth (and us) in The Girl in the Fridge that she, “never got a B, and I (she) never will!”.   Getting a B in school isn’t the same as sleeping with a man who has a girlfriend, but the idea is there: Brennan has high standards.

She IS the standard; Booth is also the standard. They are. Not just because they are beyond gorgeous or smart and funny and dedicated to justice and the truth, but also because they carry themselves with pride and caution and care. Those are the characters I love.

Part of me wants to say, “No pressure or anything,” but another part of me wants to say it because it’s very important to me.

So I’ll just let Booth say it, as he did to Brennan and the team in Mother and Child in the Bay, “No mistakes on this one.”

Peace, Love & Bones,



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