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HODGINS WEEK: Underrated-Hodgins’ Hidden Hotness


Hey out there fellow fans! Welcome to HODGINS WEEK! It’s a very exciting time, frankly we can’t WAIT to talk more about him.

So, the other day I was watching the fifth season of BONES on DVD. Being the total dork I am, I was actually watching The Beginning in the End with commentary with Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, and Ian Toynton. (If you’ve never watched an episode with commentary by Hart Hanson, I highly recommended it. It’s awesome!) Anyway, Hart Hanson said something that just struck me as funny yet totally true. Pretty much he compared TJ Thyne/Hodgins to Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. If you’ve never seen The Simpsons, please let me explain. Ned Flanders is The Simpsons uber-religious, conservative neighbor. It turns out that Flanders is actually very ripped beneath his green sweater and uptight exterior. I laughed out loud. I thought that this was great comparison.

I recently introduced BONES to a good friend of mine. She was really into it. We’d watched a few episodes and I asked her what she thought. She was very honest when she admitted that although Special Agent Seeley Booth was very attractive she really liked Dr. Jack Hodgins a little better. Well let me just admit this. I was blown away! I mean, who would… who could like Hodgins more than the incredible Booth??

 This is what I took from her explanation:

Because Booth is so attractive and so kick-butt, to the regular girl, he’s way out of her league, he’s unattainable (which, unfortunately, I agree with). Whereas, Hodgins may be attractive but being a scientist and not so kick-butt, not in the FBI sense anyway, makes him more attainable to the average girl. So I’m here to prove that despite my intense love for Seeley Joseph Booth, Jack Hodgins has a lot going for him too.

When we first see Dr. Jack Hodgins, he comes across as an angry, paranoid, super-smart scientist who deals with bugs and slime. Compared to Seeley Booth and his hotness, Hodgins seems pretty low-key. I mean you take the curly blonde hair, the blue lab coat, and the paranoid conspiracy theories and you’re not really interested. At first.

This may be really shallow of me to admit this but the moment Jack Hodgins sparked my interest as more than a supporting character in BONES involves a certain decontamination shower shared with Zach. That’s right, I’m talking about in The Man in the Fallout Shelter. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I almost drooled when Hodgins walks out wet in a towel. Wow! That man as a nice set of abs. He should walk around in a towel more often. (No, I’m not drooling right now… not at all.) Oh, oh! Remember in The Gamer in the Grease, when he’s testing pipes and he’s in a wife beater. Oh man! He has some amazing biceps.

As a lover and aficionado of arms TJ Thyne has really great arms. And the tattoo of Angela! I love her reaction when she sees it and her reaction when he asked why he should get it removed. I love Hodgins’ reaction even more. She walks out of the room and he kind of half grins down at his bicep. (Seriously drooling here!) But I digress. Let’s continue with the matter at hand.

On a deeper level, I truly believe that as the series goes forward Hodgins’ character evolves into a very confident and attractive man. A man a woman could love and respect. After Angela (he’s too good for her- but that’s for another day) rips his heart out and does a River dance on it, he got brooding and more pensive.  Your heart just goes out when he’s sitting in Sweets’ office admitting that he’s angry at the world after the breakup. But I never worried that he was going to curl up and die. He kept pushing on. He kept working at the Jeffersonian (even though he doesn’t have to) and working with Angela. I mean, how hard is that? I think it’s proof that he’s a good man and that he has a big heart. He loves deeply and he hurts deeply. (I guess if I were going to delve deep enough I’d say that if anyone can relate to both Brennan and Booth I’d have to say it was Hodgins. But that’s not the point.) He’s still a conspiracy theorist but he doesn’t seem as angry as he did in the beginning of the series. He’s a developed man. He’s a great friend to both Brennan (Remember The Beginning in the End with the unsolicited advice?) and Booth. He’s actually quite a catch, if you ask me.

The point I’m going for with this comes from quote my previously mentioned friend, Michelle, gave me when I asked her why she found Hodgins so attractive: “Maybe because on paper he shouldn’t be hot, but he is.” I totally agree with her. On paper, Dr. Jack Hodgins should be a total geek, a true squint. But underneath the smart, science layer you find a very attractive, warm man. He’s hidden behind Booth and his shiny FBI standard issued body armor. But I personally think Hodgins is totally worth our time.

I guess what we can learn from Hodgins is that sometimes we think that the shiny object in front of us is what we want but we soon realize that the shiny object is just beyond our reach. However, sitting next to the shiny object (i.e. Booth) is something less shiny (i.e. Hodgins) but just as valuable and probably more obtainable. I think Hodgins is very underrated, even by me. I think we, as true BONES fans, should try to take a deeper look and find out what else we undervalue.

P.S. Special thanks to Michelle and Amylee for your advice and insight on this post.

42 thoughts on “HODGINS WEEK: Underrated-Hodgins’ Hidden Hotness

  1. People don’t love Hodgins almost Universally, seriously? Woah. That’s completely insane. I guess maybe my people skills are way lacking, but I really didn’t see that coming…he’s an incredible character. Absolutely incredible. Everybody SHOULD love him as much as I do!

    It really doesn’t hurt that TJ is gorgeous. Seriously, I love his hair, first of all. His eyes are the prettiest shade of blue I’ve seen in eyes, I think. There definitely needs to be an episode that consists of him wandering around in a towel. Yep. I’d totally be fine with that.

    If I had a favorite character — I don’t, last time I had a favorite he ended up in the loony bin, and it’s still annoyingly sad to think about him — it would probably be Hodgins. He’s such a strange, awesome man. I mean, lord, I do love Booth, don’t get me wrong. He’s amazing. Don’t get me started on Bones, Ange, and Cam, they’re all incredible, so really no favorites but…Hodgins, seriously, there’s something about him. I guess I could be overlooking some character somewhere, but he’s not like any I’ve ever seen. The raw edges are nice, it’s nice to see him grow from being SO angry, so quick to snap and snark, but not lose that edge entirely. The crazy conspiracy theories (it’s not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you, but maybe I’m as insane as he is) . The insecurities, the confidence despite that.

    I love that all he wants to do in life is sift through feces, identify obscure larvae. Who the heck makes that their life goal? Awesome people. They wouldn’t be able to do it without him, a lot of the time. He doesn’t have any REASON to be doing what he does, either. He just does, even if he could spend his whole life sipping fruity drinks on a private island somewhere. How can you not love the man, after…after that scene in The Man with the Bone with he and the guilty pretty guy ‘THREE doctorates!’, or bringing Zack math problems in the bin and how he smiled when Zack broke out. The hat he stuffed on Zack’s head to cover the fascist haircut, I WANT that hat with all of my heart. “We’re BOOTH’S people”. Eating Booth’s pudding, telling him he loved him, going in after Bones as well all in the same episode. God, don’t get me started on Aliens in a Spaceship, because I really could ramble all morning.

    I should stop gushing before my case for sanity goes COMPLETELY out of the window, but seriously. Hodgins doesn’t deserve to be underrated. And not just because I’m pretty sure nobody’d complain if he wandered around in a towel all the time, though that really doesn’t hurt anything at allll. He’s just too awesome not to love.

  2. Yay, Hodgie! 😀 He is probably the character with the most interesting “evolution” throughout the show, I think; and the fact that he’s dealt with his issues mostly by himself (yes, he turned to friends at times but it was always on his terms and at his own time) just adds to that.

    Also, TJ Thyne plays him beautifully, be it in a crazy conspiracy scene, a friendship moment (btw, I always expected that he and Brennan would become closer after the GD episode…), a hotness snippet (costume designers, we say YES wife-beaters and towels for Hodgins!), a KING OF THE LAB (and yes, I do say it with him every.single.time) scene or a cute lovey-dovey moment. That’s why I cannot wait (!) to see this pregnancy/family storyline they are apparently developing for him and for Angela this season; it’ll be interesting to see the dichotomy between grownup – Hodgins as a dad – and kid, if indeed there is more than one heir to the Cantilever Group out there.

    • While Hodgins has truly evolved, the character with the most evolution has to be Bones. Think about it, when we first saw her, she wanted nothing to do with Booth and really wanted to be left alone in her own little world. The more she saw of the world and the relationships between people, the more she started trying to break out of her shell. Now she believes in relationships, in becoming strong and not impearacable, and doesn’t “scoff” at Booth’s belief in God. She has become more of a real person who lets her emotions show and does her best to try and truly relate to people and understand their body language and emotions as well as express hers. She realizes that while life has been hard for her and has wounded her emotionally, she needs to let people in. If that’s not major change, then I don’t know what is, partially because that type of change is extremely hard to do!

      • I guess I should also say, I am a big Hodgins fan! He is totally ripped and has an amazing body and eyes!

  3. Dear God, I adore Jack Hodgins. He’s ripped, sure…but he is such a good, decent man and *that* is what I find hottest of all.

    Plus…if you ask me, (and really, you kinda did) Hodgins is the biggest shipper of the bunch. How could a man who is such a romantic not be a cheerleader for B&B? He’s just more low-key about it.

    This week? Sheer genius idea. I can’t wait for the rest of the week!

  4. I completely agree that Hodgins is underrated. He is that sweet-but-geeky kid from high school who went on to attain 3 PhDs, wealth, and a well-used gym membership!

    I think one of the most attractive things about Hodgins is his loyalty. He’s proven time and time again that he’s a true friend to Zack (examples mentioned in Amber’s comment), as well as to his other lab cohorts. He stands up to authority when he feels he’s in the right, and he’s never a doormat. His willingness to step up and offer to be there for Angela when she thought she was pregnant with Wendell’s baby showed some amazing strength of character. She was wise to recognize that and snap that boy up!

    And in the towel? Yes. Surely we can crown him “King of the Lab” once and for all.

  5. The towel scene was so unexpected in the Man in the Fallout Shelter. I remember looking at my husband with a “what the crap” look on my face. Who knew what lay behind that lab coat! My love for Hodgins from Season 1 to the current season has just grown. I think one of my favorite Hodgins moments from Season 1 that cemented my love of him was his excitment during the pig/wood chipper experiment. Such joy! His delight in his work is so very attractive. I found him even more attractive once he cut his hair by Season 3. Not a big fan of the big curly hair. 🙂

    I agree with what others have said. His love, adoration, loyalty, and strength shine through. His snarkiness towards Ms. Wick is fun too! He has a great sense of humor and is extremely intelligent. All very desirable traits.

    This is going to be a very fun week!

  6. A Hodgins week! Yay! 🙂

    I totally agree with Amber (and I’m sure a lot of people do, so he can’t be that underrated), except I think I’d actually dare say that Hodgins is a favorite of mine. I’ve always liked him a little bit better than the rest of all those lovely characters. It might have something to with the fact that I’m generally more impressed by scientists than by cops, but in my opinion Hodgins is better looking, as well as smarter, funnier and more interesting than Booth.

  7. I’m really looking forward to this week! Hodgins is one of those characters that has really grown on me over the years.

    At the beginning, he was a little too angry and too out-there for me….but he has definitely evolved into one of my favorite characters. I don’t really think he has changed (I love when he still spouts off his wild theories), but I think over the years he has let everyone see other sides of him that he had previously hidden away.

    So now I see him as a sexy, funny scientist that is still a little bit unpredictable and I love it!

  8. Yay for Hodgins week!!! 🙂 Hodgins ties with Brennan as my favorite character on Bones so I’m glad to see him getting the recognition he deserves. He is just such a decent caring person it would be hard not to love him. Granted at first he was crazy and a little out there…and he still is, but now we’ve seen that he has all these layers underneath that crazy nut job conspiracy theorist persona. I LOVE how much we’ve seen his heart showcased as the seasons have progressed; whether it’s loving Angela or befriending Zack or giving unasked for advice to Brennan and Booth he just has so much capacity for caring.

    I think the first moment I realized how special he was was in Aliens in a Spaceship. Sure I was liking him more and more as season one progressed into season two, but the moments that cemented that I REALLY liked (maybe even loved) his character were in that car with Brennan. The way he declares that he loves Angela always tugs at my heartstrings because he was so upset that he may never get to tell her…and telling Brennan that it was an honor to work with her and hugging her back when she grabbed him. That my friends was one of the first moments when I realized there was so much more to Hodgins that we hadn’t learned yet. And you know I wouldn’t object if wardrobe decided he was only allowed to walk around in towels and wife beaters either. 🙂

  9. I think the major appeal of Hodgins was the surprise of Hodgins. I mean, I love Booth (big time), but you know exactly what you are going to get with Booth – especially when you peel off his “outer shell”. Goop on the Girl – we all knew what Brennan was going to find when she peeled off his shirt and most of use drooled with anticipation, but with Hodgins it was a complete shocker. Not only did I say “Wholy Crap!”, I immediately wanted more and to know more. It was like unwrapping a gift wrapped in the funnies from the newspaper and finding a 2 carat diamond inside. Then I realized his incredible biceps and abs weren’t the only thing the funnies had been hiding. Here is this completely complex man with so many layers. What I love most about Hodgins is that his brains don’t get in the way of his looks they enhance them. He uses his ittellect in a completely sexy way that the other squints don’t. Plus he is this big sensitive teddy bear and is not ashamed of his emotions – to me that is way HOT!! He has no problem verbalizing how he feels, accepting his fears, and even crying all without compromising his strength (such a great example for my teenage son!) TJ Thyne does an amazing job with this character. I think my 10 year old son summed it all up: this Halloween he chose to go as Hodgins and I asked him if he was sure that was what he wanted to do and he said Hodgins was is favorite person on Bones. I asked him why and he said he said because it was a no brainer. Hodgins had it all, he got to play with poop and bugs, he solves crimes when others can’t, he is super rich, he has great abs, he has the coolest friends and the hottest girlfriend, and he is the kind of guy I wish was my Dad. All I could do was agree and glue the bugs on the lab coat! 🙂

  10. Had to share this: Video that TJ made himself about his role of Hodgins. It’s a lot of fun!

  11. I love Hodgins! YAY HODGINS WEEK!!! 😀

  12. I’ve always loved Hodgins. He’s just so darn cute!!

    I am with you though…my first real fire ‘drool’ moment was ‘Man in a Fallout Shelter’. I mean, what straigh woman/gay man didn’t get totally blown away? I don’t know about you but i did not see that body coming! LOL

    He is also completely undervalued…not just by us but by the rest of the Jefforsonian team 😀

    I think he probably did get lost next to Booth and his super hot FBI thing, but he is just as good a catch as Booth is, but as you said, more attainable so that’s another tick box in his column! He’s also as good a man as Booth and dare i say it…he might even be better. Not saying he is…but there’s an argument there!

    He’s grown so much over 5 years, and his relationships on the show have grown. One of my fave relationships between any two people on Bones is his relationship with both Cam and Brennan. Cam and him have that comedic value to their interactions, and are always a joy to watch together. But for me i absolutely adore the relationship he now has with Brennan. From ‘Aliens in a spaceship’ to the S5 Finale. I mean the advice on bugs and Brennans out of the blue ‘i love you too’….one of my fave parts of that episode. Loved it!!!

    And on a more personal note….i love his eyes. I’m a sucker for bright blue eyes and his are to die for!

    *dreamy sigh*


  13. A whole week of Hodgins? We never get enough of that man, so I can’t wait to read what you have the rest of the week. And I couldn’t agree more about Hodgins being the more attainable one to the average girl. He’s sweet, smart, very good looking and just has one of those personalities you can’t get enough of. He could, and I would watch a spinoff just with him in it. And after last week’s episode with so much Hodgins, it made me a little sad that we don’t get more. But, I’ll take what I can get because he shines whenever he’s onscreen.

  14. I also said an “Oh, my” after the shower scene. Very nice Abs!! I think he has had some amazing character development. Possibly even more than Brennan (not starting a fight, just thinking aloud). But I am suprised no one has mentioned page 187 of Brennan’s book. I was dying to know what his secret “thing” was that he does.

  15. Hodgins is “wicked” smart. I mean, they don’t really emphasize it (like how I emphasized that word?), but his intelligence rivals Brennan’s. I love intelligence, I really do, especially out of Hodgins, who makes it so dang fun.

    Yes, those eyes. And when he says, in the S5 finale that he would follow Angela anywhere?
    And pardon me for not following the de-clothed idea of hotness . . . instead I’m going for when he wears those wool coats, or when he was the Titanic captain for Halloween. THAT is some hot Hodgins to me.

    You know what would make his character even more authentic? Having a musical talent. Even though Hodgins’ degrees are not in Physics (I think I’m right about that), I have always been impressed with all of the physicists that I know (which is more than you might guess, as my husband is one) who are musicians. Wouldn’t it be cool to find out that he could play the trumpet or trombone? 🙂

    I also loved that scene with Hodgins’ in Sweets’ office and just asking if he could sit there for awhile and Sweets is sitting next to him and just says, “sure”, and sits comfortably with him. Beautiful moment.

    OH, and in Mastodon, how totally amazing was the scene with him and Angela in the diner? Can I just say that every human being would be a better person if he/she always had someone who would look at him/her with that adoring expression.

    • I agree with EVERYTHING you said here – no need to post now except to say, “Ditto”. 🙂

      Oh and I have to gush a little about those beautiful blues – ridiculously gorgeous. 🙂

  16. Haha, kudos for the headline 🙂

  17. No matter what we all gotta love Hodgins! I can’t believe that there would be people out there who don’t (alright that’s a generalization but still). He’s a cute, warm, kind and plain hilarious guy! The kind who’d do anything for his family, who’s loyal to his friends and who’s sweetly dedicated to his work. The passion for bugs and slime might seem totally crazy but come on it’s damn cute too!
    I’m not gonna go into the fact whether Angela deserves him or not but anyway, she’s very lucky to have him. Because even with all his issues, overall he handled their break-up extremely well and was very considerate when she was dating Roxie and especially Wendell.
    Most important reason why I love Hodings is that he never fails to make me laugh, or at least smile. Seriously the thing with the nunchucks was just too funny!
    I’m just gonna say that I love both Booth and Hodgins. In a way they may seem like totally different but in my opinion, if you look a little deeper, they’re also much alike. Neither one of them should be underrated because honestly I think they’re both an amazing catch and you’d be lucky with either one of them!

  18. WOW!! You cannot imagine how glad I am to see this post!!

    Yes, Booth is “the man” and all, but to be really honest I’ve always thought Hodgins was a “keeper”. OK, don’t throw stones at me just yet! I don’t know why, but he’s humble, has ideals, funny, warm etc etc…and oh yeah..did I mention…geeky? Ha! When I introduced BONES to my mom, she really liked Hodgins too (my dad likes Angela..hahaha!)

  19. Sharon I totallly agree with you. I’ve always felt that Booth and Hodgins have similar traits. I have watched the nunchuck scene so many times & it always cracks me up.
    There are so many Hodgins scenes that I love – he is seriously funny & what girl couldn’t drown in those eyes.
    Yep Hodgins is a keeper!

  20. I was walking with my mom the other day, and I asked “Booth shirtless, or Hodgins shirtless?”. She responded with “Booth shirtless, duh! Hodgins shirtless would be gross.” I, obviously, disagreed. A few days later, mom saw The Man in the Fallout Shelter, where Hodgins is seen wearing nothign but a towel. I then recieved a text that said “I changed my mind. Hodgins shirtless is WAY better.” Now, whether one is better than the other is inconsequential, BUT I believe this is meerely evidence that Hodgins’ hotness is severely underrated. We must spread the word! [Because his hotness, combined with his sweetness and wit…Mmm….]

  21. I love Hodgins, he is scary smart (without the Daisy inflection in that saying!), witty, funny, geeky, has a hot body and still seems real. For a made up character, he is one that would always be easy to hang out with, laugh with and talk to about philosophy, emotions, esoterica all put together – and anything else besides. He is my husband’s favorite character, and I think he is one of the cast that they haven’t played around with too much in terms of his traits and quirks. They have shown growth and still stayed true to his roots, as it were. The writers have played around with Angela so much that many don’t like her anymore, but they’ve let him keep his identifying mannerisms and still shown him grow from the man shown in the pilot and flashback 100th episode. He is so darn likable!

  22. I love Hodgins!!! He is too cool 🙂

  23. let me just say that just like ur friend, hodgie has been my most lovely character in bones since the very beggining *-* i just love hodgela so muuuuuuuch!!!

  24. While we are talking conspiracy theories, let me just ad that I think its a conspiracy that TJ Thyne is so incredibly hot and he is kept virtually hidden by his character. SOMEBODY is trying to keep him all to themselves! LOL Seriously, though, I am very glad to see Hodgins’ character evolving. The show wouldn’t be the same without him. More story line for Hodgins!

  25. Such a great little write-up of Hodgins! Just goes to show how much TJ Thyne and the writers have put into this character. He’s been my favorite from the start.

  26. Jack Hodgins is awesome. He is that guy friend you had in high school who was always there for you but you never gave a second glance at (not with all the hot jocks around) until that one day and then you wonder when did he become so hot. Bones wouldn’t be the same without Jack’s character. TJ Thyne is one of the best actors to be able to play down his awesomeness the way he does. Everyone loves Booth (and who wouldn’t, Booth is great) but TJ is the guys who worms his way into your heart without you even realizing it.

  27. Seriously? I LOVE Hodgins! I’d chose him over Booth ANY DAY!

  28. a) Congrats on TJ Thyne himself posting this link on Twitter!
    b) Seriously? How can you not show the shower scene?? Though I do approve of the biceps shot. I do love me some biceps.

    HUGE Hodgins fan over here. New to this site, but I’m highly intrigued! I think I’ll stick around for a bit and check it out….

  29. Hodgin’s week it is! who doesn’t love the bugs and dirt guy he’s so great!

  30. You totally forgot to mention his deep blue eyes!! Those eyes are absolutely amazing!!

  31. Hodgins week is a great idea! Such a great character and such an underrated actor. TJ has been the best part of the series for me, especially the last few seasons. It doesn’t hurt that TJ himself is a great guy too.
    I agree with what is said about how Booth may seem “unobtainable” to the average girl–One of the reasons I’m drawn to Hodgins is that he’s exactly the type of guy I’d probably date in real life–funny, nerdy, etc.
    And I’m also drooling at the wife beater/towel scenes, but the one that made me melt was the “I’m your guy” speech he gave to Angela. *sigh*

  32. Sorry, but why is the whole science geeky thing not attractive? You present it like it’s such a downer 😮 That’s like the major part that is attracting me to him, he’s so enthusiastic about his work and very intelligent 🙂 I love it.

    Actually, couldn’t care less about Booth (Ok, that’s a lie. Love booth as a character, but I had to grow to like him through character development.; Throw an FBI agent at me I’m not impressed. Throw a smart, funny, enthusiastic scientist at me and I’m hooked!)

    Have to tell you I liked Hodgins from the start 🙂 He’s got everything. Actually, now I think about it, the money thing would only make me uncomfortable if he were a real person. I wouldn’t be sure if I liked him because of his awesome personality or because of the money. Would much prefer if he didn’t have that inheritance. Then he’d be a perfect 10.

  33. Not gonna lie, hodgins in his wife beater was amazing. My roommate and I just wanted more.

  34. Hodgins is my favourite character in Bones, after, of course, Brennan.

  35. I Think I’m so agree with that.
    I’d to admit that, Dr.Hodgins(Actually what I fond of most is cute T.J. THYNE 😉 )is the best man I’ve ever seen. I’ve finished all the Episode so far, in my heart, I love JACK&ANGELA more than Booth&Bones.
    Dr. Hodgins always made me felt sweet. and warm.
    I love the man so much!!!
    And I really want JACK&ANGELA will be true in the truth!
    I think they are so suit to each other.

  36. Really Booth never did it for me. From Season 1 I was always in love with Hodgins..I just loved how he was so into his work and was really rich but never talked about it and he is soo funny. I also love his curly dirty blonde hair and blue eyes…way hotter than Booth in my opinion but every woman/man has their preference.

  37. As a fairly new fan of the show I have to say Hodgins is a sweet, loyal and handsome guy. I like him, and his intelligence is a huge turn on as well as those beautiful blue eyes. That said, give me Booth any day. There’s something about that man and the way he looks at Bones that melts my heart. Love the show.

  38. Your crazy, you are considering that Hodgins isn’t plainly obviously better that Booth to begin with. I will never understand people who even consider Booth as someone they would want more than Hodgins. Its no competition. It’s not a case of, an average girl would want Hodgins not booth cos booth is too good, I mean he’s okay, I guess when I think about it, he has a nice smile and all, but it’s not him I’m switching on to watch! Booth is so generic and boring, it’s Hodgin’s all the way! 🙂

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