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Thankful Week: Top Five Season Six Moments I’m Thankful For


Hey, hey! So, I know I’ve mentioned that when I came around to BONES, I watched Santa in the Slush first on TV, and then rented seasons one and two and caught up with everything that existed in season three so far. And then I think I watched them again in order. I was sort of stuck…I wanted there to be more, but I had no idea how that would really work. I wasn’t really a person who hung out in chat-rooms, in fact, I’d never done it before. The only TV websites I visited were GiveMeMyRemote (I wasn’t writing for them at the time. I loved the reviews of The Office and Gilmore Girls) and a fun website called Office Tally.  But one day after I got done watching Brennan kiss Booth on the cheek about 100 times, I realized I was on a Fox website dedicated to BONES, and up near the top was this tab labeled, “Community”, and…

Bingo baby, the rest is history. There were other people who liked the show! And if you said something like, “Everything Happens Eventually”, people KNEW WHAT THAT MEANT! It was like one big inside joke with your best friends and…

That was around March of 2008, I think. In the next few months, till about September or October of that year, I spent a ton of time on what is now affectionately sometimes called the OBY or the “Old” Boneyard. I’m no rebel, but I always seemed to be getting kicked off the OBY. I’d forgotten about that till now, haha.  But anyway, it was a great time, and I formed friendships that have lasted to this day, way beyond BONES. In September of 2008, I got a new job and that took up a lot of my time, so I wasn’t around the BY as much anymore and then in the spring of 2010, they re-vamped it, creating the existing BY, but by that time, I’d done the 100DaysofBones, and I was thinking about this project.

All that to say, there’s a new forum opening up called Bonesology. Forums are fun because they are like a big family. A blog like this can be kind of limiting in that it’s mostly me spouting out my theories and people responding. I don’t hold the market on BONES stuff, so for some of you, a fun forum is going to be great. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.  They’ll let you talk spoilers there, I bet, haha.

But don’t tell me about them!

No really, let’s get serious, and let’s get thankful:

I mean it! This is serious.

Here we go: The Top Five Things I’m Thankful For in Season Six:

1. Booth in fatigues; Booth out of his fatigues:

Are you even kidding me with this, BONES writers? Seriously.

2. “Eureka, a gathering of guidos!”, “Yowza” and…

Look, I know that each person finds certain qualities of Brennan’s to be particularly awesome. But the Brennan moments I love most are when she tries to tell jokes and kind of fit in. “Hay is for Horses” or “As long as I don’t have to shave my head,” that’s the kind of thing that just makes me smile big time. So I’m loving Brennan this season. I love her openness, her excitement for her work, her passion and her goofiness.

3. Sweets was free from Daisy for about 0.2 seconds.

Oh man, right?!? There was like this small window where I really honestly thought he was going to dump her lamewad self and there would be much rejoicing. I still have hope, friends. I really do. I’m really hoping that he just once and for all gets rid of her. She’s a terrible, vile person who is played by an awesome actress who I’m sure is really great. But Daisy is awful. She sucks. She is so selfish and she does not care about anyone but herself. She is so full of crap. She’s a liar and she ruins things, and Sweets could do 1000x better than her. This isn’t like with Hodgins, who can do better than Angela, but because we love him, we sort of love her too; it’s not even close. Angela at least has some redeeming qualities. And when I say “She who will not be named,” I’m not talking about Hannah. Hannah is just…whatevs. No, the true evil is Daisy. She’s just a f*#+$@^ @$&”> who does NOT even come close to even *#$&@%{ of anything at all.  $#+@**!&$#!!!%@!!!!!!!!

Whatever, Booth. I don’t even care. #ItsMyBlogAndI’llHateDaisyIfIWantTo. Please, you know you do too, so step off.

That’s better, thank you. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, what I’m thankful for. Moving on…

4. The ending of The Shallow in the Deep:

I really loved this entire episode, pretty much (excluding you know who), but the ending was just spectacular. I love a good B&B ending as much as anyone, but I really love when the show just stops and kicks injustice in the testicles, know what I mean? Angela’s sketches, Cam’s reading…and this…

It’s not really a fight against injustice, but it is awesome.

5. Things are bad because they not as they should be; which is exactly how it should be.

I’ll be honest, after this past week’s episode, I went back and read my own “Booth has Not Changed” essay to see if I still believe it. And yeah, I still 100% believe it. I also believe we’re seeing Brennan in a Booth-less world (another post for another day), and it’s worth looking at how her character is sort of reacting to that reality. I guess my question for you is this…though it seems off that Booth would not go to Founding Fathers…what proof do you have that he really would have been there before, no matter what? Yeah, he told Brennan that there’s more than one kind of family, but he wasn’t talking about the squints. In fact, Brennan pretty much has to drag him in there to celebrate Zack’s success. What’s the difference? THEY call themselves Booth’s people, but he doesn’t really know that. I guess maybe Proof in the Pudding is an example of him sort of feeling responsible for the J-team, but the way I see Booth is that it’s always been about Brennan. Sort of the resigned, “Your people are my people” kind of thing. Brennan is out of the picture (so to speak), and so Booth is living the life he would have lived if he’d never met her, basically. Remember in season one, when that lawyer Amy says he’s less angry? Interesting that Brennan sort of soothes his rough edges, and he sort of tethers her to realistic interactions. So yeah, I’m saying it. I’m actually thankful that things aren’t good between B&B. If I had to watch them both be perfectly content with the way things are, I think that would be worse. I really, really do.

But don’t let me do all the talking. Let me hear what you have to say! What season six moments have you LOVED?! Booth using flea metaphors? Sweets and his Shakespearean interrogations? Hodgins and Angela? Bring on the thankfulness!

Peace, Love & Bones,



23 thoughts on “Thankful Week: Top Five Season Six Moments I’m Thankful For

  1. I am very thankful that we happened to be wondering through our lives in the Spring of ’08 and found so many common threads and of course our Ringo and our John.

    Thanks for the Bonesology shout out!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  3. Is it cheesy to say that I’m thankful for this blog? Because I am. It makes me all kinds of happy, it makes me think…it’s awesome. And not just because you featured me in your fan spotlight thingy. It’s because you’re amazing.

    And, at the risk of making myself cry, I am thankful to the nth power that, because of Bones, I have met some of the most wonderful people that inhabit this planet and I am honored that they consider me their friend. This past week has been *incredibly* stressful, but not to sound selfish…if I hadn’t had my true, honest-to-goodness Bones friends suffering along with me I don’t know what I would have done. I love them so much I can’t even put it into words.

    Oh, and I am thankful for Shirtless Booth.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. In respect to thankful week, I deleted every negative part from this post.

    Season 6 moments I’m fond of? Wholeheartedly I agree with point 2. I want to add, “Venus is a tough neighborhood,” to it. Another Brennan-moment I loved was when she told the blonde woman whose name I forgot about the phone. Somehow that really touched me.
    The first thing I’m thankful for: They came back. Brennan was not pregnant. Booth was not married. Hey, it really could have been worse.
    I’m thankful for amaaaaazing, the inner child (both), Emily’s hair-do, the metaphorical aunt, the perfect murder plan.

  5. I absolutely love this season. I mean I really do. Aside from maybe the first couple of cases, the rest have been interesting, all of the characters have had some great lines, the relationships and developments have been truly engaging. The writing and story lines this season have been strong, bold, and challenging, which is precisely what this season needed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved season 5, but I can see how HH, SN, et. al. felt there needed to be something different this year – a shake-up. Things had to change. I am thankful for their daring and perseverance.

    I am also thankful that they have given balance in the episodes. Too much pain, too much of things falling apart on all fronts leads me to be too emotionally drained. I remember watching E.R. and there was one year where it seemed like every single character was falling apart. It was too much – not allowing me to escape real life – and I stopped watching. Reality imbued into T.V. is a good thing, but I like when it is obviously still fiction, too – and Bones does that so well.

    And I will piggy back onto others’ comments that I, too, am thankful for this blog. Your posts make me smile, laugh, and think. There cannot be enough of that in our lives.

  6. I’m thankful for this blog. And for all the awesome fanfic writers (like you, @nelliesbones) that bring the fluff to a non fluffy world :).

    Things I’m thankful for in season 6.
    – Shirtless Booth.
    – NuBrennan (with her new perspective on life and ridiculous cuteness.)
    – Brennan inspiring my Halloween costume 🙂
    – The ‘looks’ we’re still getting (at the end of The Maggots in the Meathead and The Body and the Bounty)

  7. I’m also thankful for this blog. I’m thankful for the happy and sad in this season. I’m thankful for Hannah, for prompting so many discussions. I’m thankful that Hannah does get along with the other characters (because it would seem weird and immature if she didn’t). I’m thankful for episodes that talk about history. I’m thankful for the characters and the changes that they’ve gone through. I’m thankful for really gross facts that make me glad I got a new toothbrush. I’m thankful for chocolate. I’m thankful for fellow fans. I’m thankful that Bones makes me mad and gives me hope in one episode.

    I loved the Shakespeare interrogation, Angela’s insistence that the dead child was still someone’s missing child even if he wasn’t the famous one, the beautiful scenes in the middle (Angela drawing the people) and the end (Cam’s speech) of Shallow in the Deep, the last scene in Mastodon in the Room (although really, that whole episode), Hannah and Brennan’s talk about phones and the scene where the girls are talking in Booth’s apartment, Booth and Brennan’s talk about love at the end of Couple in the Cave, the eyes and brain not meeting discussion, AAAAMAAAZING, the fact that they combined The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy for Bunsen Jude the Science Dude, the way Brennan called him “dude,” the scientist cheer, the fact that Bunsen Jude isn’t just teaching science, but future citizens; happy future-dad Hodgins, Brennan’s new thing for hugging, “metaphorical sisters,” and umm… can we just say that I’ve loved this season so far? This list is getting a bit too long to continue.

  8. I love Bones. In the way you don’t share with friends b/c they’ll think you’re crazy… but I know you know what I mean 😉 I cannot afford cable or Internet at my house and my only connection to Bones is through sites that will load on my phone (like this one). I am SERIOUSLY THANKFUL for this site and how it allows me to stay connected to one of the best shows on TV. Thank you! Thank you! To those who write the articles and those of you who comment, you’re keeping this mom in the loop, and I love it!

  9. Hehehehe…love the Bonesology shout out. It rocks already 😉

    And i am 1000000000% with you (yeah yeah i know…there can’t be more than 100% but just go with it!) on Daisy. Hate her. Hater her hate her hate her. So Sweets being free for about a minute? Best. Minute. EVER!

    I also happen to be incredibly fond of Hannah so…enjoying that aspect too 😀

    And cranky Booth. Now, i know some think he’s turned into a jerk and all that jazz but…who DOESN’T love cranky Booth? I mean…that dude is HAWT!

  10. Now that everybody mentioned it, I feel the need to add: I’m beyond words thankful for this. Even though the Bones world isn’t real, the emotions are. You are. This is. Having this sanctuary, this little corner of the world where “eventually”, “two and two equals four”, “WWBD?” and “anthropologically speaking” means something.

    During the last hiatus we did a #BonesMarathon on Twitter. We watched the whole show, one ep a day from June – September (oh boy, that has been a real time killer). We live in Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia, and because of our times differences there used to be discussions all day long.

    I still remember when we watched “The End in the Beginning” and four or five people quoted, “People say you only live once. But people are as wrong about that as they are about everything,” at the same time. It gave me the chills. All the way down my spine. And back.

    Someone who lives in Riga encouraged me to write my first fanfic. She’s is the best beta reader ever (without anyone else to compare it to, but I’m still convinced about that). Someone who lives in Canada just built a snowman for me because we hardly get snow here in Cologne. When I’ll be travelling through Australia next February, I’ll meet up with another lovely lady. All those people, all the warmth, love and support – I never would have touched those people’s lives without Bones. And it enriches my world.

    I love my friends and my real life, but this world here is part of the reason why I feel as if I’m living wide. And I’m so incredibly thankful for that. Wow, just noticed that I’m getting really mushy. I’ll stop now.

  11. I am thankful that this blog is here to help me watch BONES with a critical eye (not negative, critical. Two very different things.)
    I’m thankful for the angst that resides between Brennan and Booth because it makes the show interesting and keeps me coming back for more.
    And I’m thankful for the Star Wars reference in The Shallow in the Deep. Oh yeah!

  12. Great article! I love all these moments too. And in my opinion this is the best website about Bones, so I am very thankful this website (and the show) exists. And it’s nice to be able to share thoughts with others without them rolling their eyes or sighing because they’re tired of you always bringing up Bones in every conversation.

    I’m thankful the writers don’t easily dismiss the characters’ issues and that they choose to focus on character development rather than just getting Booth and Brennan in bed to satisfy “biological urges” with each other. It’s not uncommon to find people who love the first few seasons of Bones, but there’s a lot of hate going around this season, so it’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one who still loves the show.

  13. You know what I’m thankful for? Sadly, the first thing that came to mind was that Sweets shaved the ferret off of his face. Hodgins can rock the angry hobo look; he just looked odd. Maybe I woulda gotten used to it, but, eh. It’s taking long enough just to not gawk at the fact that his hair is getting REALLY long. I’m thankful for the squinterns. I still haven’t gotten REALLY attached to any of them after Zack, but I see the rational reasoning why however-many-there-are is better than one. I’m thankful for concessions to being quick like a flea, and Booth and Sweets’ expressions when Bones said she fantasized/dreamed about being together with Booth. For day-naming underwear, because Lord knows I forget sometimes what day it is. For quasi-virgin offerings of Sweets, because the baby duck totally makes an awesome sacrifice.

    I’m thankful for Hannah. I’m honestly neutral about her; I think she has balls, I think she’s an interesting character who might develop well if not under the cloud of…whatever. Then again, that’s not abnormal, because I feel that way about MOST characters I’ve seen for maybe a total of five minutes, tops. It’s not entirely her fault that she’s in the situation. I’m thankful for what she brings, and that she’s not permanent, as much as I could eventually like her. I’m thankful for Hodgins, because nursing my raging irritation at Booth sucks even if it is perfectly reasonable from where I’m standing and he has reasons for BEING irritating, and Hodgins makes it better. Every. Time. I’m thankful for Ange, because they were someone else’s baby, because she can make a skeleton out of LASERS SERIOUSLY, because she can still talk Bones into doing something she’d usually maybe not.

    To Cam, because she’s an AMAZING character, and I absolutely love her. I love her excitement over little-Hodgins, I love her exasperation with Vincent, and I love how she’s strong enough to keep on going through a difficult situation. I have family background on both sides of that. I can’t imagine what it would be like. Finding one of them, seeing their face because Angela is amazing. I can’t even imagine what that would do to me. That she could make it through the press release, honoring them like they should be, that’s…a lot of heart, to borrow a phrase.

    You know, I’m also thankful that this season is like it is, on some level. On the foremost level, I mostly just want to cry, because a lot of the time it frustrates me. Because I miss how it was. That’s normal, though. I think. My frustration, my irritation, it’s there BECAUSE I love the show; now, then, for the foreseeable future. I know things will work out eventually. Until then, I can join the awesome comment-ers(ors?) and writers here and invariably I’ll feel better. I’m really, really thankful for that.

  14. I’m thankful for this little corner of cyberspace where people are so civilized and thoughtful with their words; these days, that’s a mighty big treasure. As to this Bones season, I’ve liked it just fine so far, with particular shout outs to:
    Cam and her recital of names (made me cry)
    Bones and her charming costume
    Her thoughfulness about the rotary phone and Booth’s feelings in Meathead
    The most amazing Jude the science dude (still making me laugh)
    Booth’s smile and “thumbs up” along with shirtless Booth (all of them!) and bow-holding Booth
    The ever-present B/B spark that makes me sigh and recite the mantra that “everything happens eventually.”

  15. I, too, am thankful for this blog, the friends I’m making, and that Daisy’s not in every episode. (I’m with you all the way about on that!)

    But I don’t quite agree with your last point, about Booth. First, a disclaimer: I don’t think he’s really changed, not at the core. But I think he’s trying very hard to be someone he’s not, someone who’s in love with Hannah.

    Mostly, though, I don’t quite agree about his relationship with the squints. Although his deepest, most important relationship is with Brennan, I don’t think he merely tolerates the others for her. He’s known – and been friends – with Cam for 17 years at this point. He considers her enough of a friend to have sought her out in Harbingers when he wants to talk about his feelings for Brennan, and not only does he know her family (well enough to agree to help her out at her father’s birthday party) but she knows Jared and knows things about his past. Plus, we see that he’s got a protective-father streak going on with Michelle and the boy she’s dating.

    The others are a little less obvious, because he doesn’t have that history with them, but he didn’t hesitate to agree to be Hodgins’ best man in the S2 finale wedding (granted, he was 2nd choice, and it’s possible that means something different to guys and he would have done it for anyone.) I think that conversation in Man in the Mansion, where Hodgins resigns and asks Booth if that puts things right between them or if they need to discuss it more. Booth’s response may actually matter for more than that scenario: “what are we, girls?” Male friendship is different from that between women, is different from M/F friendship. But I don’t think that means it’s not real, or that it’s only in respect to Brennan.

    Angela is the person I think he’s furthest from in terms of friendship, but still, he left Parker with her without a calm, and his congrats to her at the end of MitM seemed genuinely affectionate and sincere to me.

    Also, going back to the ‘there’s more than one kind of family’ line from the end of JoaP – I think he very much meant more than just the bond between him and her. In terms of the setting, if they’d wanted us to think he meant he was her family, it would have been a quiet moment somewhere, not in the context of what can only be considered a family celebration. And even if his relationship with Zach is, again, not the norm for real friendship between women, we find out later that he gave Zach a harmonica before he left for Iraq.

    And when Brennan says, ‘we can make room for him’ in Mayhem, it’s in response to GGW saying Sweets is looking for a family, and is looking at their ‘defacto crime fighting unit’ – equating them to a family. And while Booth makes quacking noises, he goes to get Sweets, and adopts him – despite his irritation with him at times – as sort of a younger brother. (Something that only just now occurred to me: does his willingness to spend time with Sweets, to adopt him, as such go back at all to the guilt he felt for not spending more time with Zach? (As suggested by his comment at the end of PitH?)

    So…long ramble. Maybe I should have made it a post. 😛 But I think Booth absolutely considers the squints his friends, not just Brennan’s friends. And thus I do see his behavior in respect to the party to be out of character.

    Some say he’s in love with Hannah, but he didn’t have to stay at the party for long – just long enough to get through the ‘surprise’ and congratulate Hodgins, and then he could have dashed for the door. Others say he wouldn’t go along with a lie, but he’s participated in that kind of lie before, when he agreed to help Cam out by pretending to be her boyfriend at her father’s party. So I’m back to the only thing which even partially makes sense to me – that he’s avoiding them because he doesn’t want to face questions about his relationship with Hannah, perhaps especially from Cam, who knows him and isn’t afraid to call him on what she sees.

    • that is an excellent point…”that he’s avoiding them because he doesn’t want to face questions about his relationship with Hannah, perhaps especially from Cam”, and something i hadn’t really considered. it just seemed to come out of the blue (even though i was slightly spoiled, i was *not* ready for that).
      i agree with you that Booth has not changed significantly or intrinsically, but i do think his mode of action/reaction has changed. i get that he needs to put up these walls, totally get it and stand behind him even though i’m a Brennan. *i* certainly couldn’t work with someone that i perceived rejected me. i also get that he’s doing his damnedest to build a new family around someone other than Brennan, and so i see how he could view the squints as “hers” again instead of “theirs”. BUT. he knew how important it was, to Hodgins at the very least. and he’s never before (in our acquaintance) been the kind of man to back away from a difficulty, especially if it meant good things for people he cares about. because he’s the kind of man that will hurt himself in order to make other’s lives good for them.
      on to the post. i’m thankful for everything you’ve mentioned. i’m thankful for every cringe and laugh the show has given me this season. Brennan’s echoed “you’re welcome” about the phone, her tolerance and clumsy back-patting of everyone. Hodgins-as-a-papa. the return of artist!Ange. Cam with deeper meaning and screen time. Vincent Nigel-Murray! every bit of pain that Brennan is going through…because i know that Booth is going through the same and that is completely right for them both at this moment. they aren’t ready. they’ve never been ready, and i don’t think they’ll be ready any time soon. but the way this season is going, with the role-swapping and the delicate and not so delicate probing and prodding, i see them getting closer to each other even as they get farther apart. and i’m thankful for that. also thankful for this community. the levelheadedness, the beautiful and well structured words, the people who do not judge me for relating everything in my life back to a television show, the imaginary and not so imaginary friends i’ve gained because of it all. this is a good place. thank you.

    • I just watched this episode last night and am inclined to give Booth the benefit of the doubt for skipping the party. I think Hannah was a convenient excuse to avoid what might be a really uncomfortable situation for him. Not too long ago, story wise, he offered to donate so Brennan could have a child, and then in his coma dream Brennan was pregnant with his child. Both situations were very emotional for him. Sitting with Brennan at a party announcing a pregnancy would dredge all that back up, and I think he is working very hard to avoid all of that. All of those old feelings are just under the surface….just barely under control, and he might slip up if he was in that spot with all those memories. He was happy for Angela when he found out while they were all at his apartment, so I don’t think it’s anything against Angela/Hodgins. He was, perhaps, protecting his emotional well being.

  16. First of all, thank you Sarah for creating such a wonderful blog and for being willing to give me a voice. My brain thanks you from the bottom of its grey matter for all the vigorous exercise it’s been getting recently!

    To all my fellow commenters and contributors: I love our little community here on Bones Theory. I love that you all dare to think so deeply about a television show and even more that you dare to share those thoughts with others. And I am so very grateful that that we are able to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect for others opinions here that seems to be fairly rare on the Internet these days. I hope I am not speaking out of turn when I say thank you all for making BT such a wonderful place!

    As far as my favorite season six Bones moments, I’m going to see if I can pick one moment from each of the first seven episodes…

    Premiere: I loved that there was literally a “mastadon” in the room.
    The Couple in the Cave: I loved how Hodgins introduced himself to Hannah over the phone.
    The Maggots in the Meathead: I loved how Brennan showed just how well she knows Booth.
    The Body and the Bounty: I loved seeing Booth and Brennan reconnect old-style – even if it was just for one episode.
    The Bones that Weren’t: I loved…okay, I had a hard time loving this episode, but I really did love the look Booth and Brennan shared when Booth said “thank you.”
    The Shallow in the Deep: I loved Cam’s tribute to the slaves and Angela’s portraits. It was so very touching and well-done in classic Bones fashion.
    The Babe in the Bar: I loved that Harriet was a spy!

  17. I am very thankful for this blog and to you Sarah for providing a thought-provoking, entertaining, and generally fun environment to talk about one of our favourite subjects – BONES! I really truly enjoy coming here (daily) and seeing everyone’s thoughtful comments, and I love the positivity this place imbues, so thanks to everyone too who participates!

    I’m really loving Brennan this season – I’m really enjoying seeing her growth and development, seeing her trying to change and open herself up to the world. It’s my favourite thing about Season 6, so any scene involving that makes my list.

  18. The Maggots in the Meathead. The whole episode. Very old-school Bones, which, in my opinion, was a nice change of pace. Like comic relief…

    Apart from the telephone storyline. That was wonderfully heart-breaking… just further proof that B&B are meant to be… that love is destined to conquer all, even in Brennan’s scientific world.

    At least, on TV.

  19. I love BonesTheory. Thank you for that, but ….
    There are only 3 moments I am thankful for and they are all about the pleasures of gazing at David Boreanaz.
    * Booth in fatigues
    * Booth out of fatigues (shirtless Booth — I have a Powerpoint presentation on this)
    * Booth’s poor abused body expressing itself when he got out of bed, which is one of the few times I’ve laughed out loud all season.
    Sorry, but there is nothing that I am thankful about in Season 6. The handful of other moments that I don’t hate, do not make up for all that I hate and expect to hate given the teases, spoilers, etc. coming down the pike.
    Sorry, but that’s how I feel: physically ill and heartsick since ep 100.

  20. I am thankful for this site and it’s author (and guest authors). Each post reminds me how much there is to this show, and that the show affects others as deeply as it affects me. That other people deconstruct it and take it to heart too. That it affects emotions – in every way, happy, sad, angry, amusingly, etc.

    That said, I am one of those that are suffering a bit through season 6. All the great points made by you Sarah (except Daisy – I don’t love her, but she doesn’t irritate me anywhere near as much as your 3rd point makes clear she irritates you :=)) and by those who have posted on this thread are true – well, maybe I don’t agree with those who are loving H – and are great to read. I am still having a difficult time enjoying the show because of the cloud the B&B unhappiness/awkwardness/angst is putting over the show for me.

    That said, what seems clearly more highlighted this season, thankfully, are the other main characters. I love Cam, Hodgins, Angela and like Sweets (I find that he can be inconsistently written in ways that are disturbing to me). So I will say if I have to have less B&B, give me more with the other 4 – and the sqinterns, Caroline (Yay!), and bring back Max, GG, and Russ soon and often! I’d be good with seeing less of H – can’t wait for that whole arc to end…

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