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Thankful Week: Booth and Brennan are Hot for Each Other


I’m not talking fanfiction, my darlings; I’m talking real, honest to goodness Booth and Brennan Hot Blooded desire. Yeah, yeah, technically they are fiction too, but still…

They like each other; they love each other; they annoy the heck out of each other, and they are both desperately attracted to the other.


This is nothing new to us, of course, but I think it’s something to be thankful for, and it’s something to acknowledge. Even if they don’t. Though, to be fair, they don’t exactly deny it…it’s just more that they change the subject or say ‘we’re just partners’, as if that changes the fact that they wouldn’t rather be in this position…

I think what I love about that above moment from season three is how much Brennan teases him about it. Moments like this always remind me that this has already occured and that the instantaneous desire we saw spark between them has not faded at all. In fact, it’s just grown over time. You know how you might meet someone, and there’s that immediate interest? But as you get to know the person, you realize that either A). the potential for anything possible to happen is dismissed for whatever reason or B). the person says and does things that annoy or insult or sicken you, and he or she grows less attractive. It’s not that the person’s physical attributes have changed…it’s the lack of interest or availability that makes the person less attractive.

And sometimes, there’s the initial spark, and it just keeps growing and growing and growing because the person you meet grows more and more attractive to you, and the possibility increases of something really happening. With Brennan and Booth, the second one is the case for 106 episodes. Are they still hot for each other? Well, yeah, I think so. I think Brennan is at least. I think Booth will always want her, and that’s not making him a hypocrite or anything, it’s just the truth. That neither of them are acting on it at this point just shows how honorable they are. Their love for one another has grown (more on this tomorrow), but underneath all of that, underneath the labcoat and the FBI sanctioned suit is this desperate need clawing at both of them. It’s not the sort of thing where you meet someone, get to know them and THEN find yourself attracted to them physically. This is pure rock and roll, up against the wall lust sometimes. Yeah? I really don’t know how they’ve managed to hold off all these years. I’m not trying to be crude or anything, I’m just saying that sometimes I forget that they absolutely knock each other’s socks off.

And I don’t want to forget that. I really think that’s part of who they are and their story together. They aren’t resigned to liking one another because they’ve got nothing better to do and they might as well, right?

No way! We’re talking deep level “you’re the standard” kind of attraction here. What’s fun is that it sort of manifests in the same ways between them; they both can’t quite keep their hands off one another, and they both grow crazy jealous whenever the subject of sex with someone else comes up. For all of Brennan’s posturing that Booth should have an active sex life as part of a normal male, she sure does get annoyed whenever he does! Am I right? The answer is yes. I am. She’s also crazy curious about Booth in every way. I love this. Part of that curiosity extends to how she perceives he’ll be in the bedroom. He’s always denied the whole prude thing, and sometimes I wonder if Brennan sort of just has to tell herself that he is one to keep herself from jumping him at every opportunity. Or maybe she just once and for all wants him to prove her wrong. She does love proof! It’s just evidence, BONES fans! Brennan really, really cannot keep her hands off of Booth. This has been the case since season one, and it’s still the case. Not that I’m saying that she’s trying to seduce him every minute, but it’s just that she’s so attracted to him that her body just cannot not be close to him. It’s a physical impossibility, I think. Whether it’s a hand on his arm or she’s fiddling with one of his ties, or she’s leaning her body into his as they are walking along the street, she is up in his personal space almost all of the time. So where does that leave Booth?

Because he’s just as in this as she is, right? He gets just as annoyed whenever she talks about sex with anyone else, mostly because he thinks he can’t have that, don’t you think? But there are these little moments along the way…little slips that show that he is absolutely on fire for her. I adore this. Mostly because I really want Booth to want Brennan. Not just love her because of how much she’s come to mean to him, but want her like crazy. I realize this might seem slightly mean-spirited toward B&B, inasmuch as I’m sort of encouraging their suffering, but that’s not really the case. It’s more that I just want them to have what they want. Love, partnership, family, yeah, yeah, yeah. Haha, please, you know I LOVE all of those things, and I talk about them enough around here. But just as much as all of that. I want them to be satisfied by one another physically. I want this part of Booth to be soothed by Brennan. I want her to have what it takes to handle him. I want him to have what it takes to handle her. I think they do. I’m pretty darn sure they do! They are both physical and emotional in their own ways, and I want that to be ‘between them’ (and of course for US to watch too!)…I’m just really thankful that they are completely over the moon desperate for one another. And I don’t want to shove that down the list of things I love about them. To me, it’s really near the top. Sure, nowadays they are not acting on that, and we’ve already discussed that this is fine and they are both in the “too honorable to go there” category, which is another reason why we love them so much. But just because they really are just partners and are very professional doesn’t mean that the spark is gone or can’t be revived. One day, they’ll be able to put everything else in neutral and the sexiness in overdrive and…as Booth would say vroooooooooooooooom!

And I think you might be from another planet if you don’t think that will be really very nice.

I didn’t use any pics from End in the Beginning, as that sort of feels like cheating. Haha, that episode is like the fanfiction of episodes (though I’ll contend that Proof in the Pudding is the most like a fanfic, which is why I always simultaneously smile wide and roll my eyes 100 times while watching it). And speaking of fanfic, I guess we’re back where we started, which is usually a pretty good place to call it quits.

What do you think? What moments did I miss? There are about a zillion, so I am sure you can mention some. Are you as thankful for this as I am?

Peace, Love & Bones,



17 thoughts on “Thankful Week: Booth and Brennan are Hot for Each Other

  1. I miss one moment: During the Tony/Roxy case after Booth had just won the fight and everything is in slow motion when the guy falls down. THAT look on her face is pure arousal.

    Also – even though it is thankful weel – I have to point out that there is no s06 moment in your post… I know Booth doesn’t cheat, I know the hotness is denied and ignored for now, but still, your post makes me wistful…

  2. Yes, it’s all about the chemistry, isn’t it? And B/B have it in spades, I totally agree! It IS one of my favorite things about this show, among many others, but this is definitely one of the tops for me too 🙂

    Gotta add the gun range scene in the pilot…talk about sparks 😉

    Also want to mention that I am very thankful for this blog, I really enjoy it! So thanks to everyone that works on it!

  3. This post makes me think of an episode back in Season 4 (I think it was The Cinderella in the Cardboard) where Booth and Brennan had their hands all over each other the entire episode. Even when they are in that bridal shop and Brennan’s doing her usual spiel of “marriage is whack,” Booth’s got his arm around her and always touching her in some way. And when they leave Daisy and Sweets at the Founding Fathers, Booth all but picks Brennan up and manhandles her out of the restaurant, but she doesn’t protest! If anyone else had acted like that towards her, she would busted out her martial arts and someone’s ass would have been on the ground. And then at the end of the episode they are sitting really close to one another on Booth’s couch drinking Scotch. Anyways, the point of my recap is: Holy crap! How on earth have they not jumped each other yet? They really are all over each other (in a very sweet and sometimes subtle way) all the time. Brennan is still physically reaching out to Booth this season – touching his arm when she’s explaining busking, listing off his various injuries, etc, etc. It’s become more apparent to than ever. And I absolutely love you and this post for all of the amazing moments and screenshots you provided. Seriously, their relationship wouldn’t be half as fun if they didn’t have the hots for one another! So many things to be thankful for!

  4. I am thankful for the optimists who are trying to keep a positive outlook on the series and still has faith in HH. I find it sad that they have to go back quite a ways in the series to come up with positive stuff or that they hold onto HH saying “B&B will be together in the end” or use termonology like “Everything happens eventually”.

    This article really doesn’t do anything for me except remind me what the show use to be like.

  5. I’m waiting for them to have that moment, the one that Rebecca described aaaaall those seasons ago, when two people catch fire. I’ll be the one smiling wide and saying “burn, baby, burn!”. 😛

  6. I am very thankful for B&B’s chemistry, for it is awesome! It’s true, this season has been a bit hard to take due to a lack of sexual chemistry, but it’s still just simmering under the surface. Once that switch is flipped (or that girlfriend is flipped?), I’m sure it will be back in full force, so much so that the fangirls won’t be able to contain themselves! 😀

    One moment I can think of, it it’s more of a smolder rather than a flame is from Girl with the Curl when Booth tells Brennan she’s “well structured”…the looks between them could have definitely set something on fire!

  7. Oh my….the want they have for each other is what i love about this show.

    The Pilot and the ‘Be a cop’ moment. Wowsa. And when Booth sees Brennan in her Roxie outfit? Even though he’s with Cam the look on his face…he CAN’T take his eyes of her. And when his ‘friend with benefits’ is on the other end of the line and he STILL can’t take his eyes off her? That is hot!!

    Now i know Booth with Hannah and loves her yada yada yada (i love Hannah don’t get me wrong but…) but i wouldn’t mind one moment. Just one slip from Booth. Where he has that look in his eye when he sees Brennan as a woman he wants not just as his partner. One teeny tiny moment…that too much to ask?

    I don’t want him to cheat (he is NOT that guy!) but come on…ONE MOMENT! 😉

  8. Hey Sarah,

    I’m reading this Thanksgiving morning, and it’s wonderful and has brought a big smile to my face. What you write is so true, with what we’ve seen and felt alongside these fabulous characters. In the spirit of the holidays, I will focus on what has come before, and ignore the fact that I don’t see these connections in season 6 – they are soulmates, and their attraction/love/connection is too strong to not surface (hopefully soon!)

  9. But, will we ever get to see it again?

  10. What season and episode is the first picture on.

  11. what season and episode is the second picture

    • I’m pretty sure it’s The Widow’s Son in the Windshield from season 3. They enter the bank vault and Booth tackles Brennan because he thinks there’s a bomb.

  12. Their dynamic has been very interesting, to say the least. They were sexually attracted to each other from the beginning, and as you said, Sarah, theirs was not a desire that waned. Maybe suppressed. I think it was just this year when I realized something about The Goop on the Girl episode. I finally connected two scenes together. I always wondered just how oblivious Brennan was when undressing Booth. But later on, she tells Maggie that she finds him “pleasing to look at,” and then she makes this face like she can’t believe she just said that out loud. Haha! I’ll bet you do, Brennan.

    Sarah, I am still loving the quote at the top – “I always thought we’d be very compatible…didn’t you?” I think it’s appropriate for this post. Brennan seemed quite satisfied when Angela was prying for details (grief notwithstanding), and Booth’s innocent yet not-so-innocent kiss on her cheek with his cheesy and cheeky grin tells me that he enjoys their new closeness, as well.

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