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Temperance Brennan and the Seven Squints


Bonjour, Bones darlings! It’s a good day to be alive! I’m VERY excited about today’s post…and I can’t wait for you to read it. So why am I still talking? Well, it’s because I have to introduce the authors of this post.

I got an email from pal Lysiane, and she had an amazing idea for us here at Bones Theory. She hosts a French Bones forum (here’s the link)  and you can follow her on Twitter here . When she sent me the below, I was blown away by it. I couldn’t help the huge smile on my face, even as I was thinking… “Why didn’t I think of this first????” Oh well…

So with a merci beaucoup and without further ado, here’s Lysaleelee!


A friend of mine thought about this, and at first, I thought it seemed crazy. The person who originally thought of this idea was Andrea, Dea on our French board. She has brilliant ideas and funny reviews for the episodes. But when she mentioned this idea, I wasn’t completely sure. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized…yeah, it could be right.

What if each of the squinterns psychologically represents a version of Brennan?

Think about it. Fisher, Daisy…even Zack.

Intrigued? Read on and then decide for yourself!  


The first. The Number One. Everyone says that he only cares about science…he’s the one who understands little about ‘real life’ as Brennan does sometimes. Likewise, he always complicates the description of simple things and gives them scientific definition. Why use a common word when there’s a much more awesome science word to use?


The Depressive and Dark Side. He always sees the downside of things, maybe because he doesn’t want to be disappointed. Fortunately for Brennan, she has Booth. Otherwise, she could possibly end up more like Fisher, dark and practically psychotic.


The Eccentric Side. She is desperate to be rigorous and she wants to be Brennan. She keeps her career first, and most people would think it crazy to go off to the middle of nowhere (Maluku) just after you get engaged. She is also somewhat awkward.

Vincent Nigel Murray:

The Superior Side. Concerned with details and image and extrapolation of the vices (Though they annoy Brennan less). Here’s an example. When Cam asked Brennan about the pregnancy test (Proof in the Pudding), Brennan wanted to know if she was afraid to lose her best forensic anthropologist. VNM is probably the most ‘junior-Brennan’ of all of them. He doesn’t have his doctorate yet, but he knows what he wants. To be the best of the best.


The Closed-up Side: He embodies the extrapolation of Brennan’s tendency to talk about feelings and her private life. Can we be only concentrated on work? Only focused on work? YES…or so Clark says. That sounds sort of like Brennan, right? She tends to not tell others how and what she really feels and confide her fears and her dreams.


The Self-Made Side. He’s the guy from the street that overcomes adversity in order to advance and succeed, just like Brennan. She has built a bright life; she obtained scholarships. This is probably why she anonymously finances Wendell’s scholarship in season five and she offers him money in the first episode of season six. She recognizes herself in him.


The Other Side: He represents the marginalized one, like Brennan was in her teens. Her difference was her brain and science, his is religion sometimes. It can threaten people, but once they get to know Brennan (and Vasiri), they learn that it’s worth it.

So what do you think? Had you ever considered this? And do you think this is deliberate, or just a coincidence? Let’s discuss!


14 thoughts on “Temperance Brennan and the Seven Squints

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  2. I really like this idea – and so much is deliberate on the writers’ parts that I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if this was deliberate, too. My guess is that their goal was just to demonstrate the wide range of personalities that can enter the science field and to appeal to a wider audience.

    However, that does not mean we can’t interpret how we like, right? Zack, I think, represented the strongest side of Brennan, which is why his “loss” was felt so keenly. He represented the straight rationality and logic that Brennan clings to.

    I definitely agree that Clark would represent Brennan’s shielded emotions. Brennan has a definite soft spot for Wendell – and I agree that it is in part because of the shared obstacles, but I’ve always thought that it was a little bit because he reminds her of Booth. 🙂

    I can see Daisy as a reflective portion of Brennan – the feminine side and the little girl sided that still gets excited about things. As annoying as Daisy can be to Brennan, they share an excitement for their field.

    I confess that while I can “go along” with the reasoning with VNM and Vasiri, I do not see as strong of a connection with them – but perhaps that is because those parts of her psyche are not as dominant as others. 🙂

    A fun angle to explore . . .

  3. I can totally buy this. Maybe Vasiri also kindof represents the part of Brennan that wants to believe in love, almost as he believes in his religious deity. *shrugs* Anyway, good thought.

  4. I like this. It’s an interesting perspective and I definitely think it has merit. Could it be yet another example of just how much HH loves his Temperence Brennan?!? 🙂

  5. WOW
    That is so very cool and I think so very right. I LOVE IT

    How interesting….

  6. Brilliant brilliant brilliant! I definitely see it! 🙂

  7. I am so surprised that each of those interns really do seem like they represent a certain side of her! This is great work that you did here. Never did think about them that way till you pointed it out. Any ideas of what the next few posts will include? Everyday i check here to see what’s new. It’s always very informative. Can’t get enough of Bones! 😀

  8. This idea is so obscure (in a good way) that it could be definitely true, LOVE this theory. Wonder what HH would have to say!
    I check every alert and love that there are so many people out there who love Bones as much as I do. I admit I don’t see the underlying meanings as easily as most of you do but I love that I get that insight from everybody here at Bones Theory. Many thanks to you all ;D
    Many thanks to Lysiane for posting ❤

  9. I tottally agree. I also seee the loss of Zack leading to an expansion of Brennans logical and rational side. But then again it could just be the writters compensating for loosing the Zack charecters one liners by giving them to Brennan.

  10. there is 8 squint cos there is the new guy in season 7 but then u could look at it another way aqnd say 7 with him cos clark is a doctor

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  14. With squintern #8 (Finn Abernathy) we see Bone’s lack of familial ties. While she does have a brother and a father, she spent a good portion of her childhood in the foster system, similarly to Finn’s life

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