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Morning After Q: What Helps You Keep The B&B Faith?


Help a girl out, and let me know what it is that makes you think, “Life is good again.” Or “These things are beautiful to me.”

Please, I really would like to know.

Peace, Love & Bones



39 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What Helps You Keep The B&B Faith?

  1. I Think is hard to me explain this in words bu i’

  2. It’s hard to explain in words why i keep my faith on Booth & Brennan. I think is beacuse the love this two have, the love, respect,trust and friendship they feeling for each other is so amazing,so unique and truthful that i keeping hearing a little voice inside me saying ” You’re not a fool.You can keep having faith on see this two together figuring out their issues together as a extraordinary couple that they are.that they can be. What Booth & Brennan have is a pure and rare kind of love that why not we can see on real life too.This voice that keep my faith on them stronger i think is inside of every Bones fan right now and this voice don’t come from my head,it comes from my shipper heart and it won’t stop talk to me ever.

  3. Sarah, I like to throw your own words back at you: This is a Brennan-centric show, and just because Booth is living in a Brennan-less world at the moment, doesn’t mean we have to. Thank God.
    The tables are turned, and this season is about her coming to terms. We have the painful privilege to watch it.
    But in all those years since we’ve come to know Temperance Brennan – she has never failed. Sometimes she needs longer, but she has a steep learning curve (Hello Dr. Goodmann). I have the utmost trust in her.
    And for him? Well, after all, she IS the standard, his village and everything. One can only deny that for so long.
    Plus, Avalon’s cards said this all works out eventually.

  4. How do I keep the faith? Easy the show is about B&B and not about Hannah. They are the center but they are in a rocky patch at the moment but the end game is still the same. They will happen, they just have to be on the same page at the same time. These two have a lot of issues that even if they were a couple would still be in the way that I think they need to address before becoming a fully romantic couple.

    Plus, everything happens eventually…. All the stuff you didn’t think would, it does.

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  6. Well, I have to be honest that my faith in B&B has been faltering this season… But (!) one thing that has given me a teeny-tiney bit of hope ever since I first heard about it is the fact that last night’s episode wasn’t aired after the supposed major emotional breakthrough that Brennan is having in “The Doctor in the Photo”. This gives me hope that something will change in their dynamics and that someday they will, once again, be Brennan and Booth – Hannah or no Hannah.

    Oh, and Bones Theory is usually pretty good at reinforcing my faith; please don’t tell me you’ve given up! :o)

  7. Right now? The look on Booth’s face when Brennan tells him she missed her chance in the promo clip for next week. Can you tell I’ve watched that promo probably thirty times since last night? I don’t think next week will bring any immediate resolution, in fact I think it’s going to open a giant can of worms, but that look gives me hope.

    Overall? That HH reiterates the same thing every time he gives an interview (that’s technically spoiler territory, so I won’t elaborate any more). That and the fact that, statistically, the odds are against Bones having a “Gone with the Wind”-type ending.

    What I have is faith baby.

    • Oh Stephanie,

      How right you are about that Promo. Twelve hours later, I watched it again…thinking that I could find some articulate words to describe the last few seconds of that promo clip. Yet, the only things I can say are “OMG!” at Booth’s face & “F***!” at Brennan’s utter devastation. You know, I thought that my vocabulary was F-bomb proof.

      Emily Deschanel must get an Emmy for this – the woman is too damned good!

      • Yes, I think I might have it memorized by next Thursday…if I don’t die from the anticipation before then!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I must have watched it a million times too! I also spent waaay too many hours looking for some sort of spoiler page because I just wanted to know if it was real! I can’t imagine that she tells Booth anything though I think she may finally come to terms with the fact that she made a mistake.

        By the way, at the end of the promo it looks like someone is saving Brennan. Is that Booth?

  8. Woah, now that is a curly morning after question, Seels! Let me tell you how I keep the faith…

    Life is good again: For me, the solution is simple – when I lose sight of the good things about Bones, it is the same as in real life…it’s simply a matter of perception. How I react, how I feel, how I process the B&B journey, temporarily clouds my perception. The elements that make B&B one of the strongest duos on TV are still there – the roadblocks and obstacles thrown in their path are the things that we focus on…these are the things that are ephemeral and transient…these are the things that shake our faith, that we fear, that distract us from the fundamental truth. Life was good before. Life will be good again. Life is always good.

    Can I add here, that I am not a blind optimist – all those roadblocks in the B&B story are like a series of feedback loops, some are positive, some are negative – they need to run their course, to be worked through. Allowing ourselves to react as individuals and state what we like, or what we don’t like, is the way we work our way back to that equilibrium point of faith. Sometimes, I believe that stating our negative reactions is discouraged – as if somehow, it makes us a better fan to stay optimistic – when in fact, we should be more candid about how things on this show make us feel; because those feelings of despair are equally valid, and sometimes you have to go there, to work your way back to ‘Life is good again’. HH wants us to feel something, right?

    These things are beautiful to me: When I’m clawing my way back toward the perception of ‘Life is good again’, all those roadblocks and obstacles become beautiful things in the rear view mirror. Like any good catalyst, once the reaction is over, the catalyst remains. To be able to reflect back on what was awful at the time and reminisce fondly, says these things are beautiful to me. Remember in the Season 6 opener, when B&B were sat on the steps & Booth tells Brennan about how he met his new lady? He arrested her. Brennan remarks: “You arrested me once”. Booth gets a wistful expression on his face and says fondly “I remember.” Arresting Brennan was a source of stress and conflict at the time, but they look back on it as a fond memory.

    Where Bones is concerned, that first time we see an episode is not necessarily when we see the things that are beautiful. Nor do we see clear indicators that life is good. Sometimes it takes a second, third…’n’th look to see those reassurances, after we’ve dealt with the initial reactions that cloud our vision. If this were not true, we wouldn’t by the DVD sets to see again, to reminisce about in blogs, forums, fanfic and chat rooms.

    This is how I keep the faith in B&B. I hope my sharing this helps you in some way.

  9. My faith keeps on going strong because I see how lovingly crafted these characters are, and I can’t imagine that HH and SN, after all these years of investing so much effort in giving these people a voice that makes them feel genuine, are going to let us and these characters down. There has been so much foreshadowing, almost since the beginning, that anything but them together eventually is unthinkable-I refuse to even go there. So much kindness and love shown not only through the writing, but equally if not more by the acting, that nothing but good can befall these two people. So much suffering and personal growth, gone through together, so much of their lives made better through each other, that a miracle is bound to happen-two people made into one. Besides, he knew from the beginning…and Avalon is psychic!

  10. I recently became obsessed with this show and stumbled across this blog-love it! Not sure how these things work, but hope it’s okay to just jump in and comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve really disliked the Hannah character/story arc up until last night’s episode. Then I kind of had an epiphany. They keep mentioning the fact that ‘everybody loves her.’ She’s pretty perfect, really. We keep waiting for some major flaw to come out, but so far, she’s your typical smart, beautiful, sexy independent woman. BUT I think Booth is slowly going to realize he doesn’t want ‘perfect,’ he wants Brennan, a woman who, while amazing, definitely has her quirks and weirdness. I think he noticed it last night when they were at the diner with Parker and she was impressing him with her strange facts about animals.

    If Booth were to pick Brennan over a not-so-great woman, someone with major character flaws or whatever, it would not be all that interesting or exciting. I think what the writers may be building up to is that Hannah is perfect except for one little thing: she’s simply not Brennan. I can’t wait for the day when Booth realizes this and goes with that gut of his. I will really hate it if Hannah dies or is the one to leave. I don’t want my Brennan being his rebound or ‘second best.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s gotta be Booth that realizes his heart isn’t completely in it and lets Hannah go.

    • EXACTLY! I want Booth to pick Brennan because he loves her for who she is and not because she’s smarter or prettier or whatever. That Hannah is being portrayed as the “perfect” woman for Booth is, in my opinion, completely intentional on the part of the writers because it will make the B&B relationship (the real, romantic one, of course, that we’re all dying to see), when it finally does happen, that much more incredible.

  11. I’ve had the “everything happens eventually” quote on my Facebook page since that episode aired. And even now, years later, I still believe it’s true. We just gotta be ready for it, and each episode this season has shown us that these characters are coming closer and closer to that point. We’re still seeing things that we’ve never seen before from these characters (ie, Brennan’s lingering/disappointed looks at Booth that we’ve been seeing from Booth all these years). And that’s how I keep the faith sometimes. They are not afraid to try new things with these characters, and the only logical step from there (in my mind), is that they WILL end up together.

    And when you come down to it, television is still escapism. And I wouldn’t be choosing to escape to Bones unless I KNEW, deep down, that there would be happy ending eventually. Bones is technically a drama, yes, but it’s more lighthearted than anything else, and the prospect of B&B not EVER getting together is just incomprehensible to me. It would completely go against the tone of the show, and as much as I might disagree with the path the show is going on now, I don’t believe that conventions of storytelling (like the ending of the story matching the overall tone of the show) are going to be violated.

    Also, I once waited ten years to get closure on a story (okay, so that was a book series, but still). I have the patience of a god when it comes to these things.

  12. what everyone else is saying.

    but, honestly, my main source of faith is a little more mercenary: it’s a television show.
    i know we all know that, but i literally have to tell myself that at least five times a day.

    these people, that we love so much we dedicate hours waking and sleeping to them? their actions are being directed by puckish but benevolent gods, intent on giving us as much of these people as they can, for as long as they can so that we have more to keep with us when they’re gone. that means we’re gonna hit rapids. lots of them. but those gods love their creations as much as we do which means we’ll all get what we want. eventually.

  13. What keeps me hanging on? Hmm… I guess it’s the same thing that’s got me started with the show: the angst of it all. I know there has to be a happy ending. I want to watch and experience that journey to the happy ending no matter how painful the trip is. I NEED to know what happens. No matter what happens in the end, I’m not going to regret holding on to this show.

  14. One of the things that helps me keep the faith and that I think is beautiful, is the conversation that you’re alluding to with the questions (from Devil in the Details). Seriously — I have it typed up on my computer, and I read it sometimes, because it gives me a lot of hope.

    Another part is very personal for me. The journey that one of the characters is going through (I’m not going to say which one) is very similar to a journey I have gone through, and am still going through, although I’m a little farther ahead in some respects. Seeing that I’ve gotten through this, it gives me a lot of hope for the character, and for their future. It’s not just even about B&B’s relationship, because I know that although it is a major part of the journey, it isn’t the whole journey. With my knowledge of this journey, I’ve been able to predict what happens next. It’s scary at times, and sometimes I’m wrong, but the fact that I know just a little bit (and no, not based on spoilers), I have faith that it will all be OK.

    Certain episodes, like Goop on the Girl or Devil in the Details for me, will always have an impact. They show that when all seems to be lost, a light shines, and the world turns, and the sun is up again. That there is a family that has my back, and B&B have one, too. For me, I cling to Bones and my faith to remind me of the new day, not to remind me that Booth and Brennan will one day be together. I know that ending already, in my heart of hearts. I don’t even know why, I just do. Maybe I just have a blind faith. Maybe I’m silly. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. I don’t know, but I know it’s true.

    Also… this song: (start at the 1:45 mark for the dedication and song) always, always, always reminds me that there is hope. We sang it in my high school chorus, and I clung to it when my chorus teacher was in a car crash that killed the head of the art department and injured her. Chorus was horrible, and it was a horrible year in general. So I clung to this song. I have a feeling it will be very appropriate for the next episode. So, if anything, I remember that there will always be a new day, a new episode, and all will be right with the world once again.

  15. I’m going to refer to my views on marriage, since I think a partnership is similar. Both go through cycles..there are some high points and some low points….but most of it falls somewhere in-between. Difficult times do NOT last forever.

    Now that I think about it, I think this covers my general outlook on life too. Hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I feel your pain. The seemingly strengthening relationship between Booth and Hannah can make it feel impossible to see an endgame that has Booth and Brennan together.

    2 things see me through:

    1. Hart Hanson. I have seen enough of his interviews an honestly, if I hadn’t, I seriously think I might have doubts. Very seriously.

    2. The fact that Brennan is in pain now. If Booth and Brennan were not to be together in the end, she would not be heartsick and I think we would all be able to move on a little easier. In fiction, pain leads to joy. This knowledge of fiction? THAT gives me faith, baby.

  17. How about that we have not heard about Booth and Hannah “making love” , “breaking the laws of physics”, or “becoming one.”

  18. What gives me faith *baby* is knowing that others feel the same as I do, and that there are sites like this that allow us to converse as thinking adults, rather than CAP CRAZY screamers. Thanks for the site and the great conversations! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bing bing bing! I really, really love this show. Some fan sites are full of people talking about how much everything sucks and they’ve stopped watching and the show has failed its characters and blahh. It’s very discouraging to try and have any sort of discussion. But I don’t think the show has failed. It hurts like hell to watch right now, but it’s staying true to its characters through and through. And the folks here know it; are willing to understand the complexity of the characters and their emotions; are willing to admit that watching Brennan this season has been painful but are willing to go through that because dammit, we love her and we love this show.

  19. Really and truly, I feel better about the whole situation after last night because I finally saw something in Hannah that made her seem more of a character. She felt remorse about knocking over the photo, and she did something about it — she replaced it. And she was honest with Booth about not feeling she’s good with children. Then she took his advice and conducted her one-on-one with Parker in exactly the right way. She answered directly. She did not elaborate or make excuses when he asked awkward questions. We may not have liked all her answers, and some may presage conflict with Booth in the future, but they were indeed perfect for her first serious conversation with Parker.

    All this makes me feel the writers may not have been deluding themselves about Hannah the character. And so this gives me hope that she will indeed be the catalyst to get B&B back together again, as Hart and others have claimed.

    I am really excited about next week’s episode.

  20. I figure that Booth and Brennan still are not in a relationship thanks to the network execs intervention.
    I can’t and will not give up on my favorite show. I will keep the faith no matter what. The journey is hard but it will lead to a really great, memorable payoff.

  21. One thing that keeps my B&B faith is Hannah.

    Let me explain. First of all, I agree with Barb’s point. But, for me it’s also about the looks. Sometimes Booth gets a look on his face of such pure affection, I can’t be too mad at him despite the pain on Brennan’s face. However! There are certain looks on Hannah’s face that strike me as interesting–like when she thought he was going to propose, or her initial expression about meeting Parker. There’s doubt there, I don’t even think she’s conscious of it. But it’s there and there are moments she can’t hide it.

  22. OK, i skipped everyone elses response for fear of reading anything about the Promo. I am avoiding it for all i’m worth…i’ll let you know how it goes! LOL

    Anyway…what makes me keep the faith? I think it’s the underlying friendship between Booth and Brennan, that’s what keeps me hooked. They care for one another, they love each other (we all know my feelings on the ‘in love’ thing! LOL) and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

    Even though things are….strained at the moment. Different from what they used to be, i think it’s still very much there between them.

    And the rest of the team. When things between Booth and Brennan aren’t what i would like the rest of the squint squad saves the day. Especially Dr Jack Hodgins…love that man!!! I’d watch for him alone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Hey everybody!

    Thanks Sarah: I was wondering the exact same thing myself.

    Thanks to everybody’s responses, I now realize why I’m going to keep watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Great responses and I have to say I concur with everyone.

    I would add that I have faith in the terrific writers and vision for this show. As @skole said, when you watch these episodes over you see little clues that are littered about the landscape supporting the ultimate destination. I watched “The Glowing Bones in The Old Stone House” again this week (only my second time). Booth’s t-shirt at the end when they share Bones’ homemade mac and cheese (food IS a manifestation of love!) said,

    “Don’t Give Up”

    I’m here for the complete voyage. Just like life ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for giving us a place to gather and share, Seels. You make the ride a lot more fun!!

    • Hearing HH, SN, ED, and DB talk about the show can be very comforting. HH and SN do a pretty good job of giving the impression that they know where they want the show to go, but want to stay true to the characters and not rush anything. I know ED thinks Booth and Bones belong with each other (even if it’s an ambiguous statement) and DB claims that their bond is tight and will never truly be separated.

      • @C-bones, I completely agree. I read an interview w/ED before I wrote this and was struck by her comments about how complex the character is and how much she enjoys the role, yet how demanding it can be. Good writing + great acting mixed with fun science and a “little” angst keeps me tuning in every week. Kudos to the whole crew that makes this series work so well. And, kudos to this community that makes the series even more fun to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Everyone’s responses are so positive, it’s good to see that positive energy flowing!

    I’m going to be honest with myself and say I don’t really know what to say or how I feel at this point about B&B. In my heart I know what their destiny is, but right now I’m having a hard time seeing the path to get there. I suppose what makes BONES such a great show is that it’s not a straight-forward path; they’re not taking the easy road, they’re taking the gravel, full of potholes, super-steep, super windey road which pulls at our heartstrings, makes us cry, and makes us analyze all the more. Right now I’m just taking this all one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I’ve decided to take a step back from being a B&B shipper for right now. I haven’t lost my faith, I’m just letting the story play out and seeing where it goes without an immediate B&B-must get-together-now bias. Crazy to even think about it, but I think it will be a while before we get back to that “good” place between them, and I think it will take them hitting rock bottom before we see them building back up to where they were before all of this rockiness, and they’ll be stronger for it.

  26. I’m not to nervous about the direction Bones is taking. Alot of people are really upset about the Hannah storyline but I try to keep it in perspective. Booth has dated plenty of people since season one but those women weren’t really featured because they didn’t impact Brennan or the way she related to Booth. This time, the current girlfriend in his life is getting alot of airtime because for the first time Brennan is coming to realize her true feelings for Booth and so we need to see Hannah and Booth together to see Brennan’s character growth.

    Of course, there’s the constant references to how Hannah is a serious relationship, but I think any relationship Booth was in had the potential to be serious. He’s not the type of character to date someone even though it’ll lead nowhere, and when he realizes it is a dead end relationship he breaks it off. The only difference between Hannah and these other women is that now Brennan cares if it’s serious.

    We’ve seen Booth in bed with other women. We’ve seen Brennan confronted with the presence of other women in Booth’s apartment in skimpy clothing. We’ve seen Brenna give Booth a hard time about his relationships or his sex life. But this time we know Brennan is actually bothered by it. Hannah ISN’T a threat to B&B shippers, we’re just getting an inside look at Booth’s relationships with women and how it is finally affecting a Brennan who has fallen in love (even if she’s not aware fo it yet).

    Hope that didn’t sound like a bunch of rambling.

    • Interesting take and very reassuring. Even HH has said Hannah is there for Brennan and not Booth. It is very painful to watch though….Very painful….I still have hope though.

  27. @tantemary i had no idea his shirt said that! i guess i have to watch that episode again…

    anyway, right now what’s giving me hope in the promo for next week (!!!) and that i think that Parker clearly prefers Brennan to Hannah… though i could just be projecting my feelings onto him/ seeing what i want to see.

    another thing is that all their friends seem to want them together: Angela, Sweets,… they’ve made that pretty clear. and they also care for B&B, and thus, want what’s best for them, and so by the transitive property, being together= what’s best for B&B.

    and what the rest of you said! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. i think the thing that keeps me glued to B&B is that their soo different and so alike and well i mean if people like them that have been through soo much and still find love and be happy, then i can too (i know uber cheesy, but fyi im a teen so its not like im super old either). Plus all of those little hints in the show are just sooo cute and sweet!!! Sweets would be soo proud if he knew the things they did for each other (threat a gang member, lying to the government, etc.) and booth and brennan would be speechless…. im sorry im talking soo much but i LOVE them!! (: okay one last thing, all those hints that they will get together eventually like when avalon said it, how everyone like max, angela, hodgins, sweets, EVERYONE!! (i mean even clark!!!), and i mean, you cant have two people so perfect for each pther and not put them together. it should be illegal. i mean they’re not perfect, but thats what makes them so perfect…. you probably think im crazy sooo PEACE!

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