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Scene Study: The Santa in the Slush-Was There Tongue?


Good morning! Hope you are having a great weekend, wherever you are!

I gotta admit, after I watched The Doctor in the Photo, I was sort of cursing everything BONES-wise that had gotten me to that point of despair, haha. I cursed Fox, the OBY, TVGuide magazine, and I cursed Michael Ausiello for his article that featured this picture:


@#*$@^! Spoilers! BAD!



I can so clearly imagine that day, the living room in the apartment I had at the time, the way it was set up, all of it. Then I was cursing BlockBuster for having seasons one and two of BONES so readily available for me to rent.

And so on and so on.

See, here you all thought I was this rational being. Sorry to burst that bubble!


When I was thinking about what episode I wanted to choose for this week’s scene study, I decided to go back to my roots so to speak and choose one of my first all time favorite BONES moments, and that is the scene at the diner with Booth, Brennan and Sweets. I love Christmas. I don’t talk much about it here, but I’m certainly more on Booth’s side of the whole “Birth of a Savior rigmarole” deal. Either way, I really love this scene. Scenes like this were what really hooked me to want to watch more of BONES. That, and…


Here’s a little history to get us started…

Brennan’s father, the wily old Max Keenan, is in prison, along with her brother, Russ.


He wants to know what Brennan is doing for Christmas. She says she’s doing what she always does, going on a trip. To Peru.

Max wants to have a Christmas with the entire family all together. Brennan shoots this down, as he’s in prison, as is Russ, and her mother is dead. Right on.

Max informs her that skeletons and Christmas do not go well together.

As the episode progresses, Brennan considers helping her father as Booth is dealing with the reality that he will not have Parker for Christmas. Booth mentions she could pull some strings (Oh, I’ve seen you pull some strings) to get the conjugal trailer. Brennan feels that this would be a waste, since Max is a murderer and a thief. Booth tells her that murderers and thieves get Christmas too; that’s sort of the point. (also, he’s wearing the gray sweaterrrrrrrrr!!!! Woooo!)

Brennan says she has other plans, and Booth shrugs. “Whatever they are, skeletons and Christmas do not mix.” Yes!

(PS…pal Smurfs is the master at this theory that Max and Booth are similar/two sides of the same coin/etc…and I’ve been annoying her to write it all out for BT…perhaps you can join me in annoying her until she writes it! Perhaps serious, gray sweater Booth can help!)

Though if I know Smurfs well enough, she’d rather have Sweets. There will be some of that later!

While Brennan may or may not be influenced by Booth and his gray sweater encased shoulders or the way his jaw is framed by his white dress shirt, she decides to ask Caroline Julian if she’ll assist in getting it arranged for her family to have Christmas together there, with Russ, Amy and her girls. Caroline agrees, on one condition.

Brennan tells her that “Booth said you’d say that.”

“Did he say I’d ask you to kiss him?” Muahahahahahahahahahaha!

Brennan laughs, and then realizes she’s the only one laughing. Caroline lays out the conditions, and then later, Brennan follows through.


Oh gosh, look at Booth’s face! Actually, Booth’s body language in this entire scene is just the; he’s just caught between these two strong-willed women he cares about. I love it!

Then again, Brennan’s body language and face are also awesome. Please girl, you are not fooling ANYONE!

One day I’ll do a scene study of this entire scene, but for now, let’s just look at Booth’s reaction,


Seriously, break out your DVDs and watch it. It’s awesome!

I love when Brennan is all flustered. “Yeah, I’ve got stuff…to do…yeah…with…with bones.”


Not much else Booth can do but thank her for the gum!

Then, as the episode progresses, Brennan decides to consult with Sweets.

“I don’t understand,” he says. “Has there been some kind of crisis?”

“Yes,” Brennan answers. “I have a crisis.”

I love…love, love, love, the way they are both sitting on the same side of the table at the diner. I love Booth’s body language, how he’s sort of cupping that mug, how he’s sort of casually sprawled in his chair, leaning toward her. You know how men do that when they are with their fave lady! Right? He tells her, “Bones, it was just mistletoe.”

Sweets is surprised and looks to Brennan, who also sort of just whispers her response to Booth. “Not the kiss; that was nothing,” she says.

“You kissed?!?” Sweets wants to know.

“Mistletoe,” Booth is quick to point out, and Brennan quickly adds, “That’s not the crisis.”

“Was there tongue?” Sweets asks.

“Alright, you know what?” Booth steps in with his usual Boothy way, “Get your own sex life Sweets.”

We like him like that (and so does Brennan!)

But she doesn’t admit it. She’s quick to point out that the kiss had nothing to do with sex. Booth quickly agrees, “Nothing. It was just…mistletoe. ” And Brennan adds for clarification. “Totally sexless.”

Oh yes, it was just evidence. Mistletoe. Mmmhmmmm. Methinks the partners doth protest too much.

But Sweets buys it and says, (say it with me now), “I’m all ears.”


Brennan gives an awesome, “You know this is why I hate psychology, right?” face, and Booth follows that up, telling Sweets to just “take your hat off.”


Sweets does, and then Brennan gets down to business.

“Booth,” she begins. “Who is a very honest person…” LOVE THIS! I also love the look on Booth’s face, and the way he’s still leaning toward her, and all of it. She continues. “…says that at this time of year, deception is necessary for the happiness of little children.”


It’s clear by the look on her face that she doesn’t so much have a crisis as she just needs someone to agree with her, and I think she’s pretty sure Sweets will. Booth is too, because he jumps in to add, “I’m being misquoted.”

Sweets replies, “Booth is absolutely right,” to which Booth replies…

“She got the gist.”


Sweets reveals that there’s a fictional element to Christmas. Brennan agrees, “Oh, you mean the whole ‘birth of a savior rigmarole’, which of course fires Booth right on up.


“It is not rigmarole.”

Brennan is not convinced, haha, but Sweets  changes the subject. “No, Dr. Brennan…it’s the Christmas spririt. It’s a kind of dream or hope that we carry with us from childhood. But as adults…” to which Booth butts in…

“Are you including you in that?” YES!

Haha, Sweets moves on. “As adults, we’re imbued by the pragmatic routines of life, which makes it difficult for us to regard anything with childlike wonder. But, you know, it’s alright for us to try. We put on silly hats and drape trees with sparkly lights, wrap gifts in garish paper, and that’s GOOD for us. It’s not only right to allow children to…

By this time, Booth has heard enough, and he’s laughing on the inside.

And Brennan is intrigued. And so pretty. SO, SO, SO, SO pretty in this episode! I didn’t know who David Boreanaz or Emily Deschanel were until I watched this ep for the first time, and now I just can’t imagine that. I love her in this entire episode. I really do.

Meanwhile, Sweets is still going…

“It’s not only alright to allow children the transient experience of innocence and joy. It’s our responsibility.”


I love this. I so do.  Body Language!  It makes me want to break out my Queen Greatest Hits.

Brennan nods. “Okay.” She’s buying it. And Booth is not pleased.

Brennan says she found that very helpful.

Booth says, “What do you think I’ve been saying for the past four days.”


Poor Sweets just sort of looks on. He’s not really sure how to handle them at this point, I don’t think.

Either way, Brennan takes Booth’s advice and convinces Russ to go along with the plan to lie to Amy’s girls.

He wants to know if she’ll be there, and Brennan bristles.

 She and Booth solve the case (including sniffing some butts and ringing some bells…it’s true; that’s BONES for you!)…and Brennan considers her plans.


She decides to stay, and maybe she tells Booth this, maybe not. Maybe he knew in his heart that she was going to stay…it’s hard to say. But, he shows up, with Parker and a Christmas tree and a lot of love in his heart. And I was flat out hooked. Yeah, the kiss was cute and all of that, but this…

“I love my gift Booth,”


 “Merry Christmas, Bones…”

Yeah…and the hopeful look combined with some emotion I couldn’t identify…well, by that time, I was mega-hooked! What had happened to get these two people to this point where they were obviously so close to declaring their love for one another?

Ah, hahahahahahahaha, what an innocent BONES-baby I was in those days! Oh well, it was just a ‘transient experience of innocence and joy”, I guess. Of course I ALSO thought Booth would wear that gray sweater again, and that hasn’t happened either.


One of these days…one of these days!

Peace, Love & Bones,



25 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Santa in the Slush-Was There Tongue?

  1. This article touched me in a special way cuz i’ll do a Bones X-mans marathon on X-mans Eve and read this article will make this experience even more pleasurable to me. And of course there was tongue involved or how Booth would Get the Brennan’s gum ? Right ? Love this episode even more.

  2. My season 3 DVD’s are sitting next to me on my couch, I was going to watch episode 12 because I felt the need for some Baby Andy but now after reading this it is certainly The Santa in the Slush time!!

  3. This is one of my all-time favorite episodes. There is a lightness and warmth to it that I just can’t get enough of. DB is simply adorable in every scene which may have something to do with it. I love when Brennan says something to the effect that she has to get back to work “with….the bones”. Nope, not flustered at all.

    I am letting the “Doctor in the Photo” soak in and rewatching many of my favorite moments between these two while I obsess over the car scene we saw on Thursday. I still like where this is all going even though we are in a painful period. I trust the actors and writers to understand how invested we all are in this.

    • Believe it or not, I’m still numbed out over that care scene from the last episode.
      So reading about an older episode from an older season was refreshing. Back then, watching the show was always enjoyable! You did not have to worry about seeing ‘someone’s’ face appear in a scene and just suck all the energy and life from everything surrounding her. 😦 You all know who I’m talking about. anyways, this xmas episode was wonderful in every way. I will be seeing it during xmas too. I love this episode and that’s how I feel about it. 🙂

  4. Also, I have analyzed that look on Booth’s face at the end of this episode quite a lot and still am not sure what I am seeing. There is so much there. Hope, vulnerability, and the complete lack of facade or machismo or bravado or anything, really, besides love. I believe I should study it a bit more. 🙂

  5. I do love this episode, and yes that scene is wonderful. Hey I watched the show from the pilot and still kept thinking that they were on the verge of finally admitting how they felt about each other, so I don’t think you were alone in that, or that it was due to having just discovered the show. It seems some of us (or at least me) are hopeless and always willing to believe that fairytale romance is just around the corner.

    In that diner scene I did so love the way they were sitting with each other, leaning toward each other, but not really looking at each other…like they were drawn together almost against their wills. They just can’t help themselves.

    I’ve always loved their Christmas episodes and there has been something to do with their relationship in each one, so maybe next year we’ll get a Christmas episode that continues the tradition in a major way.

  6. This may seem incredibly shallow of me, because this scene/episode has so many great deep things to mention, but I forgot how GREAT Booth’s arms looked in that diner scene. I mean, Holy cannoli!They look so good and with him practically touching Brennan. Wow. I love this episode because it shows how much Brennan and Booth care… about each other and about family. Brennan didn’t have to stay for Christmas. Booth didn’t have to light a tree up with his car with Parker standing next to him. It’s just so great!! What a great way to say Merry Christmas.

  7. Confession: My mind wandered a bit during church this morning, and I was thinking about this wonderful episode. Can’t wait to watch it again. So many heartwarming moments, and I have to agree that Booth in the gray sweater was a welcome sight. If this episode doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will.

  8. Seels, because I am such a romantic sap, your recap and the pictures had me in tears by the end! It just brought back such a lovely time in the Booth & Brennan relationship I got all choked up. Thanks for such a lovely reminder.

  9. I really, really miss these type of episodes. Everytime I rewatch them, I feel a sense of morning. This show used to be so great. Why can’t we have these type of episodes again. I miss my early year Bones so much. It hurt so much to see where this show was and where it now is.

  10. It was a great one, I sooo much miss this kind of interection and sexual tension, I hope it gets back one day…

    Back to the subject – WAS there tongue contact ???????? :)))))) I think yes.

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  12. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for posting this! It honestly just made my day! And it’s snowing again so I”m all happy! 🙂

    I loved the pictures you included because we can definitely see the similar posturing and angling towards each other 🙂

    Thanks again!!

  13. That final scene of this ep was one of the first I saw, combined with Max’s courtroom scene where Booth says his “I have stood over death with Temperance Brennan’ speech. The connection between the 2 was so powerful that I had to find out their story.

    Thanks for choosing such a fun topic for today after the last few days of angst…

    • reply to self:
      and yes, that grey sweater was HOT. Booth in the snow with Parker making Bones smile was just dreamy.
      Can I have one of them for Christmas?

  14. This was absolutely one of my favorite episodes… Can I just foolishly admit how many times I have replayed the extended kissing scene from that season’s DVD? ..and then how many times I watched the actual mistletoe scene they released on You Tube.. This episode was so typical of what makes Bones a great show. I miss that sexual tension. Hopefully “she that we will not name outloud” will be out of the picture by the end of January and we’ll have some more of those longing looks B & B give to each other that makes your heart fluttter. One can only hope…

  15. haha, i LOVE this episode, it always makes me laugh. I never notice Booth saying “i’ve been misquoted” in the diner before though… *runs and breaks open dvd case*
    Thanks!!! that was a great reminder of the good old times!! and would’ve been a great first episode!!

  16. Maybe, if we put enough voices together, they’ll let Booth wear that gray sweater again this Christmas. What do you think? Should we make a petition of it? Maybe DB will hear us and do it! =)

  17. Of course upon reading this I had to go watch the episode again. Everything that could be said about this beautiful episode has already been said in the above comments, but I have two thing to add. About sweaters.

    Zack’s sweater at the end is just all sorts of awesome. Three cheers to the individual who actually made it, more cheers to Zack for actually wearing it. I love so much more because of it.

    Thank you, Sarah, for making me appreciate Booth in the gray sweater that much more. I’m officially on Team Let’s Get Booth in a Gray Sweater Again. That definitely needs to happen again. Preferably ASAP. Yum.

  18. Thanks for keeping the faith!!! Love your posts. We totally need some fluff to get us through the next month. How about the Santa in the Slush as well.

    Will these two kids ever figure this out?

  19. I.Love.This.Episode. It’s definitely in my top 5 favorite Bones episodes ever! And I’m not ashamed to admit that I watch it every once in a while, when I need to be cheered up after a particularly crappy day. Oh, and grey-sweater Booth is only part of the reason for that; black-long-sleeve-tshirt Booth is the other reason. 😛

    Okay, seriously now… I just feel like this is “Bones”, you know? This episode represents everything I like about this show: the case is great, the script is funny and witty (the whole exchange with Sweets is awesome, not to mention Brennan yelling “okay, everybody up against the wall!”; a LOL moment if I’ve ever seen one), the science is there (geek alert!), Booth and Brennan are in the zoooone (can anyone say “symbiotic”?), Parker is present (yes, I like fluff; so sue me!), Max is cracking jokes left and right and the mood of the episode is just… light!

    Plus, this was a time when we were given priceless B&B moments and when their relationship/partnership/whatevership wasn’t the only thing the show focused on… And I for one miss that. A lot!

  20. The look Booth gives Brennan at the end just screams “I love you;” it is sweet and unguarded and I could just watch that part over and over again. I also love when they both go into Santa’s apartment-Booth looks just like a little kid on Christmas morning. Given how compicated life has gotten for him, it’s nice to see the episode where he gets it all (the kiss, Parker, Christmas magic) and we get a sparkly tree, chewing gum and a very nice grey sweater.

  21. *sigh*

    Booth in the Grey Sweater = LOVE

    I seriously loved this episode, and you picked a great scene to study. I never noticed all of those nuances about the scene, I guess because some of the other scenes take precedence sometimes. Thanks for opening my eyes and making me want to rewatch more closely!

  22. Am I the only person in the Bones fandom who really just does NOT like that grey sweater?!? 🙂 Seriously though, this is a great episode and a fantastic scene study Sarah (and great pictures too). Thanks!

  23. If you watch the behind-the-scenes of the kissing scene on youtube, you will see that there is DEFINITELY tongue. 😉

    I’m so watching this episode on Christmas…

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