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Top Five Tuesday: Ten Times Brennan Knocked Booth’s Socks Off (Stripes and All!)


Hey, hey! So, as I was thinking about this list, five things quickly came to mind, and I felt pretty good about them. There have been countless moments between B&B that were amazing, but what I wanted to look at today are those instantaneous, gut reactionwhoa! moments for Booth. I was chatting online with pal Jackie (@corgipaz) and told her I was working on them, and she said, “Oh, Wonder Woman, right?”


That sound you heard at about 6:30 EST time last night was the sound of me catching up to the reality that  five wasn’t even going to be CLOSE to enough. I limited myself to ten, but I’m sure you’ll have more.

Until then, here are the top five…ten times Brennan absolutely knocked Booth’s socks off. (For those of you who don’t understand that euphemism, it means she stunned him, made him say ‘wow’, etc, etc.).

In no particular order:

1. Brennan opens the door in her robe.

This one from episode 99 is particularly awesome in that it sort of came out of nowhere, and yet (to me, at least), feels THE MOST NATURAL out of my entire list. Maybe it’s because Brennan is so comfortable (vs. some of the moments later on down the list), because it seems like Booth didn’t call before he stopped by. Or maybe it’s just because it’s almost an honest admission that he was checking her out. Yeah, that was awesome, but in some ways, it could have gone either way. What puts it on the list?………When she asks him if he wants a drink or something to eat, offering him food, he says a drink. “Scotch.” Yeah, baby. 

2.  “You look nice….More than nice…you look…”

Ah, I think this might be our first ever true sock-knocking moment, and that makes it a clear addition to the list. One thing I love about this moment is how sweet and slightly nervous, but also very smooth Booth is…and also, how completely not-invited he was to the fancy-schmancy Jeffersonian fund-raising gala. There’s this edge between B&B when they are getting to know one another that I love. It’s not bad that it’s not that way anymore…it’s just different. But like I said, this is sort of our first time. One thing I also love about this moment is that Brennan is not particularly sexy.

Actually, I have an entire series-long look- post I’m working on about that very thing. Don’t get me wrong; she’s gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, and she has her va-va-voom moments, but for the most part, she doesn’t necessarily just ooze sex appeal. I find that to be more appealing about her. What I also love about it is that Booth is ga-ga for her, even when she’s not sex on legs. Does that make sense? I think a part of Booth that finds Brennan beautiful is a part of him that has been buried deep, deep, deep, deep down…I think maybe I’ve said it here (or somewhere else, not sure), but the kind of beautiful that he would have sensed as a young boy. The kind of beautiful associated with a soft touch, a kind word and the smell of his grandmother’s hand cream and apple pie. Right? There’s this vulnerability in the attraction Booth feels for Brennan; it’s almost opposite to his normal type…which I find so interesting and fascinating. Okay…enough about this, I’m spoiling my actual post on the idea! Let’s move on!


Hahahahahahahaha!  You know he’s thinking, “Am I even awake right now? Well, she is wearing the gloves, which I always insist she takes off whenever I dream about her. Don’t …don’t think about that now because you are totally and completely awake and she is unbuttoning  your SHIRT!”

4. “Quid Pro Quo”

Maybe it’s because he just was talking about how sexy they are (I love this equally braggy and complimentary statement he makes about both of them. It’s so interesting!), who knows? Either way, he’s cool, confident, assured, and then her arms slip…just slip right around his waist.

Slip! And then she’s touching him. Easy as that. The tickets he had for whatever game…he was in such a rush to leave Sweets with Zack? Slip…slipping away…

He’s so affected by her just touching him. Everything about the mood of that scene changes. Brennan is quietly confident (I love her compliment that she is sure he does know what Quid Pro Quo means) and Booth responds to both that and her touch by admitting something very revealing: he feels best when he’s with her and she makes him feel like a guy. Awesome sauce.

5. This Magic Moment

6. The first time he ever saw her:

Ever! This wasn’t some years later revelation, “Oh wow, Bones is amazing and she’s been in front of me this whole time…how could I not have noticed?” This was immediate…yowza!

That it just continues the more he gets to know her…

…well, that’s just double rainbows all the way.

7. Secret Fantasy:

I will never understand why Booth works cases in t-shirts and jeans and flies to China in dress shirts and ties, but I will also never complain about it. I love this scene, even if Booth does suffer a teensy bit of rejection. Now, whether or not Brennan is acting clueless or not, I don’t know. I could argue either way. But…one thing is clear. Booth is stunned. Why wouldn’t he be?

I remember in the ED/DB commentary during Two Bodies in the Lab, Boreanaz sort of reacting negatively toward Brennan’s love interest David, and Emily kind of calling him on it, and Boreanaz saying something like, “Hey, that’s his girl” (meaning Booth’s). Or something like that. I didn’t check. But that sort of thing always gives me confidence, no matter what ELSE DB might say about what he wants to see on the series 🙂

 8. A Girl in a Dress:

This one might be the MOST uncontrolled, sock-knocker-offer of them all on the entire list. What makes it special to me is that she’s wearing the dress he picked out (amazing), and that Brennan is slightly nervous in it. She doesn’t stay nervous for long, and her main man BoothTony…Booth (yeah, I’m saying it) stays right by her side. That’s hot.

9. No One Else in the Room:

This one might be the most controversial, but I still think it belongs on the list. I also think it’s the most…unexpected. Not that Booth expected any of these moments…that’s why they are on the list…but more that I think he did sort of have expectations for how this evening was going to go, and all of that went right out the window when she began singing and staring only at him. And I mean, she has eyes for no other person in the entire room. I don’t even think he knows he’s looking at her like this.

10. You look Wonder-ful

Ah, yeah. It shows an amazing amount of fortitude from me that I’m able to look past the gorgeousness that is Squint/DB/Booth and even think about Brennan. But since he’s focused on the gorgeousness that is HER, well…it makes it a bit easier. What is great about this moment is that Brennan is so casually assured in her Wonder Woman attire. And I also love that Zack, Angela, etc already know what she’s going to be dressed up as, but Booth doesn’t. I am thinking that even if he’d known that she was going to be WW, there would still be that ‘whoa’ moment when he saw her for the first time. What do you think?

Either way, it was wonderful. She’s wonderful; he’s wonderful.

So what moments did I miss? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



31 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Ten Times Brennan Knocked Booth’s Socks Off (Stripes and All!)

  1. Are you Kidding ? Booth i mean Buck seeing his Brennan i mean His wanda dressing like Natascha !on Double Trouble in Panhandle. In that moment Boris or Buck or Booth said YOWZA !

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  3. I like your choices; but, my all time favorite is in The Knight On the Grid, when Booth arrested Russ and then took Russ to the hospital so Russ could see his stepdaughter. The kiss Brennan gave to Booth while he was standing in the door stunned him. Even though it was just a kiss on the cheek, well, he acted so surprised and totally amazed. He did not know how to respond and had to really get it together before he could say anything. I just think that is so sweet.

  4. “Well that’s just double rainbows all the way.” Thank you for making me laugh inappropriately loud at six in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep. 😛 As for some Booth “yowza” moments of my own, I’ll have to get back to you on that. 🙂

  5. Your choices are all…well, choice…but I’m with Lenora on the cheek kiss scene. He looked absolutely gobsmacked when she did that, it’s spectacular.

    Another one I absolutely love is the look he gives her in Dentist in the Ditch when she gives her speech about believing in love because Booth showed her it wasn’t just pheromones, he almost can’t believe she went there…and I think that’s where his “hope and patience” is starting to pay off in his eyes.


  6. Ha ha! I love the glasses scene from The Passenger in the Oven. I just pulled almost that exact pic the other night for a post I’m working on. Anyway, there’s a moment towards the end of that scene when Brennan is telling him what she needs (“…denture cream. Oh and a butane lighter!”) where Booth grabs hold of the wall to steady himself. It seems like we’re supposed to think that the plane hit a rough spot and he’s just trying to keep from falling – but the plane doesn’t jerk at all – so I like to think that was him feeling a little weak in the knees at the sight of her! Sounds good to me at least! 🙂

  7. Oh, oh, two more! Brennan dressed in her Jude the dude “bones” outfit-he’s so proud and so nervous for her at the same time; he doesn’t relax until he catches her eye-and there’s those smiles, like they’re the only two people in that room. And the high school reunion dance scene, when he lets her get close-it’s the OMG look on his face that gets me-and then the little smile…(so I like smiling Booth!)

  8. I do love reading these posts, but could you perhaps include the episode titles or numbers more regularly? Sometimes you refer to something happening and I’m not 100% sure which episode it is, and I wish I knew so that I could look it up. I looked over the post again to see if you included them anywhere but I couldn’t find post titles/numbers, unless I’m missing something really obvious… which I might be… and if I am then I apologize! I kind of have an idea where most of these are from except for #4. Which episode was that?

    This is not meant to be a criticism, just so you know! Keep up the good posts. 🙂

    • The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

    • BOOTH: Yeah, you know, it’s a guys thing to fix things and make them right. When I fix things, I feel like I am one with the universe.
      (Brennan does something to his lower back)
      BOOTH: Woah! God, that is amazing! How did you do that?
      BRENNAN: See? We help each other. Quid pro quo.
      BOOTH: I know what that means, quid pro quo.
      BRENNAN: Sure you do.
      BOOTH: I know a lot of things.

    • Good point! I think I can work that in. Maybe I can just add the name of the ep in small print under each picture, and I’ll be sure to do more of that when I’m talking about the episodes. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  9. Oh, how I love Top Five Tuesdays. Especially when it’s a Top Ten Tuesday! This is a great list. I love every single moment. The one that came to my mind that wasn’t on the list was when Buck saw Wanda for the first time. So awesome.

    Also- the fact that you described something as double rainbow makes me love this even more. 😉

  10. OMG I love this post but one moment I love that you did not mention was in the episode the critic in the cabernet, where Bones tells Booth that she wants to have a baby. But not just any baby, she wants Booth to be the father. The reaction Booth gives when she tells him that she wants to be incemenated with Booth’s stuff is priceless along with what the rest of squints.

  11. You just totally made my day with this post! I’m sure there are many more moments, but I really just don’t have anything to contribute at the moment. Thanks!!

  12. I love how #5 didn’t need explanation.

    And the rest of this post is awesome. And now I have to go get the DVD from my sister to watch the Two Bodies in the Lab commentary.

  13. Hooraaaay! I love your to five (or ten…) posts! 🙂 Glad to see they’re back.

  14. I’m grinning like a fool here 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. I think I just read this post three times in a row and stared at some of those pictures a little longer than I should have! Then it hit me… there have been (at least) ten times when Booth has been struck by how amazing Brennan is and words were far from necessary. His reaction always spoke volumes. Fast forward to Booth’s relationship with Hannah and how he tells her, “You’re amazing.” Please don’t misinterpret my reasons for bringing up Hannah – I try to remain objective as I curiously observe how the Hannah storyline affects the B&B storyline. I just wanted to point out a couple of facts – evidence, if you will. I consider these 15 pictures of Booth to be exhibits A through O!

  16. Loving the list… and I am sure we really could have come up with more. Happy Top 10 Tuesday!

  17. Love the list too! For #8, I would also add
    When Roxy/Brennan pulls out a roll of bills for Joe the Boxer.

    Nick: Nothing like being a kept man, huh?
    Tony/Booth: Yeah, I don’t know what I’d do without her (The look on his face at this moment is priceless!
    When they get to the car Booth says: “That was AMAZING! What got into you?”

  18. How about the scene in “The bond in the boot”. Where she’s helping him fix his ‘plumbing’ problem. 🙂
    By the way, these posts are amazing! I look forward to these every single day. 😀 Keep up the great work. 😀

  19. Number 9 is that one moment where i actually sat there and thought…wow, the dude loves her!

    Now, that was one split second and i still don’t think Booth is in love with Brennan (although….and Ryn will be pleased to here this…i’m wavering slightly!) but that look in his eye….DAMN! And i think you may be right, he doesn’t realise he’s looking at her that way. And i doubt she realises she doesn’t take her eyes off him. That’s what makes it so spectacular!

    Loved loved all these….though i also have to add the moment in the hospital when Brennan kisses him on the cheek.

    Possibly it doesn’t carry as much impact as the others, but i think it’s the unexpectedness of it. He doesn not see it coming, and the look on his face is priceless!!

    Now…before i go to bed i’m going to have to watch the end scene of ‘Wannabe in the Weeds’!!

    If i can’t stay awake tomorrow at work i’m so blaming you! 😉

  20. This was a much needed pick-me-up after last week’s confession and rejection (even if some want to call it anything else). This is the first website I check each morning and although I haven’t seen all the episodes I *thoroughly* enjoy reading your detailed take on them (and everyone’s opinions). It makes me wish we were all sitting in a room having a Bones marathon together! This website allows me to enjoy the show in a way I don’t get to here at home. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Btw, does anyone know if Netflix online (for the Wii) has old seasons of Bones??

  21. I love the double take Booth does when he sees Brennan in that dress in the Vegas ep #8. Then when he can’t help him self from saying “that’s hot” when he helps her with the zipper and Cam wonders what he is talking about when she is on the phone. The librarian fantasy in Passenger in the Oven #7 is my other fav. Thanks for bringing us smiles. Great Post.

  22. I love these posts. I sigh and I drool over the pics, then I look at the pics some more and some more and some more…..*sigh*

  23. I love your list! As your list is from the old seasons of Bones, the scene in the royal diner in episode 2 – The Couple in the Cave – is also worth a special mention. The look in Booth’s face after Brennan said these words – “Sometimes when I was away, I would imagine us together.”…. though this was very brief, i saw how shocked and confused Booth felt at that moment… its as if a part of him wanted to just grab brennan and kiss her. *sigh*

  24. I’ll add the end of the Night at the Museum – Booth lets his guard down and looks so aroused, tentative and hopeful when she tells him ‘what’s between us is ours’ – awesome!

  25. Hi, i love bones, and i think this just shows how much we want them to get together, But could anyone give me a list in order of the season and episode each picture was taken?

    • #1 Bones on a Blue Line – season five
      #2 A Boy in a Bush – season one
      #3 The Goop on the Girl – season five
      #4 The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond – season four
      #5 The Santa in the Slush – season three/The Parts in the Sum of the Whole – season five
      #6 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole – season five
      #7 The Passenger in the Oven – season four
      #8 The Woman in the Sand – season two
      #9 The Wannabe in the Weeds – season three
      #10 The Mummy in the Maze – season two

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