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The Chemistry Remains; Innocence is Lost; Curiosity is Piqued


I’ve heard several people say that the chemistry between Booth and Brennan (or Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz) is gone, but I tend to disagree. It’s not the chemistry that’s gone…it’s the innocence.

Have you ever seen Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show or any of the other Christopher Guest and Company mockumentaries? There’s an incredible amount of talent needed to play the part of a completely average, regular person. We might think it would be really easy to play the part of a local travel agent and his wife, but Fred Willard and Catherine O’Hara (and the rest of the group) never fail to blow me away with the way they manage to sort of rise above acting to act ‘normal’. I’m not explaining it perfectly, and it’s not even really the point of the post, so I’ll move on.

Except to prove my point, which is this…

It takes just as much acting chops and chemistry for Boreanaz and Deschanel  to do what they are doing now than it ever has.

If you have the time, re-watch the season five premiere.

I’m talking specifically the scene where Angela calls them out on the fact that apparently neither one revealed to the group that part of the book/coma dream symbiosis was a little teensy ‘this changes everything’ speck of a thing called the fact that Brennan was pregnant.

The subsequent reactions of Booth and Brennan as they both try to pretend to laugh it off, but just can’t quite do it…combined with the way they sort of are trying to gauge the other person’s reaction, to make sure they react the exact amount or less…well, it’s some of the best timing work I’ve seen between two actors, ever. Boreanaz and Deschanel have incredible timing together. What we see as a natural conversation between the two of them is (I believe) the culmination of hours of practice at it. Of planning who is going to look at whom when and for how long, and when B&B will touch one another, and how, etc. Sure, over the years there might come a sort of natural rhythm to that, and I suspect, based on the HH commentary in the pilot, where he sort of describes how ED got the part of Brennan, there is also an underlying natural chemistry between Boreanaz and Deschanel. To have to act ‘above’ or around or sort of against the current of that…well, I find that amazing. I think every thing we’re seeing is just as deliberate as the scene at the end of Fire in the Ice, where B&B are skating and talking and making each other laugh and reveal things they might not normally reveal.

That scene in particular, now it almost hurts me to watch it. Not that the moment has been ruined, but it’s more that I just feel too jaded or that I hurt for the innocence they have between them. The innocence is gone (it feels like, to me), but the chemistry…that’s still there. It’s just in the form of…well, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it.

Sometimes when I get the flu, I’m not sick necessarily, but it’s just that every single inch of my skin feels sensitive, either to cold or to heat, or just air. I shiver and it’s both sort of invigorating and uncomfortable at the same time. That’s how I feel about the B&B scenes these days. Not in the ‘I want to vomit’ way, haha, but just more in the ‘I think I just touched a live wire’ way, and that feels new and kind of dangerous.

It’s new, I guess is my point.

It’s because the innocence…that’s what’s sort of gone.

Guys hugs.



Keep on Tryin.

Thai Food.

Mac & Cheese.

We’re the Center.

All of these things feel sort of raw and edgy to me right now. Despite the fact that both Brennan and Booth have issues and had rough childhoods and deal with death and murder and gruesome, gruesome things, there’s always been this underlying innocence to them.

And we’ve shared in that. Or at least, I have. And I guess I feel like that is what is gone. It’s not that B&B can’t get together, but I just wonder if they (the writers, I guess) can sort of regain that sweetness between them. There have been tiny snippets of it (the red bow, the thumbs up, the flea) that lead me to believe that it’s possible, but sometimes I just don’t know.

Maybe they’ll break your heart, maybe youll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself the same way.

I guess at this point, we just have to believe that though it may note ever be quite like this again…


…that what’s in store for them is better. And that’s where my curiosity is piqued.

I want to know how it’s going to happen. From a writing/storytelling perspective, I want to see where this goes. I know that personally, I’ll sort of waffle between being able to examine it from a ‘big picture’ standpoint and the feeling like it’s way to intimate and personal. It will be a balance, I guess. I think sometimes I have to open my heart toward things and sometimes I have to harden my heart, just to survive. This is true in all of my life, not just BONES; the show is more a microcosm of that issue in the rest of my life.

And yeah, I’ll admit that there is a teensy part of me that wants to know if HH and Co can really pull this off. Not that I want to see it fail, not even close, but I’m just really curious to see if by the end of this thing, I will be stunned with amazement or if I’ll be like, ‘what the heck?’ and annoyed. Based on the interviews throughout the series, I think HH and the actors never necessarily wanted to do a procedural; that was sort of the vehicle that allowed them to get their story on the air. For those who sort of despise the change in the show from seasons 1-2, I get that. It’s not the same show as it was. For some people, they just aren’t interested in what’s happening now. I remember when I first joined up with the BONES World, there was a lot of anger that things weren’t the way they used to be in seasons one and two and a lot of hurt and anger about Zack, etc. And in season four, people complained that things weren’t as good as season three, and in season five, some people clung to the amazingness that was season four…and so on. So I think there is a natural sort of nostalgia that we place on former BONES episodes that gives them a free pass at times. Right now, it sort of feels like “survival of the fittest” as far as Bones fans or blogs or communities, and I’m just curious as all get out to see what is going to happen. I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me that still hates the season four finale (I’ll talk more about this soon, with the help from pal @Choebe who loves this episode a LOT…) but another part of me that wonders if HH gave that to us as a gift…just so that we could sort of ‘keep on tryin’, etc. And I’ll be honest again…if so, that kind of annoys me, hahaha. I’m not annoyed for the gift, but just that I’ll have to (very begrudgingly) accept it and know that I was wrong! I don’t like being wrong, though I suppose that if me being wrong means that this is what happens….


…well, I guess I can be okay with that.

So for right now, curious is a good place for me to be.

Of course, all of this is just my opinion. Perhaps you agree or disagree. I can’t wait to hear what you think. Is the chemistry intact? Is it just the innocence that’s lost? And how curious are you to see what happens next? Talk to me!

Peace, Love & Bones,



24 thoughts on “The Chemistry Remains; Innocence is Lost; Curiosity is Piqued

  1. I, too, have been seeing all of the angst and frustration of other Bones fans and I am not nearly as concerned. I don’t think the chemistry is gone and agree with you that it takes quite a bit of skill to do what ED and DB are currently doing onscreen. I don’t see this seasons’ Booth as cold or “over it”. To me, he seems hurt and a little angry and trying very hard to convince himself that the easy, happy relationship he is in now is what he wants and I get that. I thought the scene in the car in tDitP was particularly well acted by DB and I didn’t get “cold” at all. Right after Brennan says “I understand” and he just closes his eyes for a second, that pretty much said it all to me. Not cold, not over it, and not handling it all that well himself. That is still chemistry that works for me. I agree the innocence is gone, but it had to be in order for this to become a real relationship. I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  2. Excellent post.
    First. Funny you brought this up: “Maybe they’ll break your heart, maybe you‘ll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself the same way.”
    THAT is exactly what I told a friend last week when we discussed where Bones was now. THAT quote is exactly the spot we’re at now. Booth broke Bren’s (and our) heart, now Bren broke Booth’s (and ours) heart, and neither will be able to look at themselves the same way again.
    Actually, that whole quote Hodgins narrated in EitB at the end, it is where we are right now.
    Burdens..which allow us to fly, which allow us to lift us. Because, for both B&B, their epiphanies have fallen off their shoulders and thus, they are now lifted of that burden. It’s out in the open. Whether that is a good, or bad, thing isn’t important. It’s important that it’s out there and off their chest.

    EitB is so becoming full circle. It kills me.

    As for their chemistry. It is most definitely still there but it’s different. I find this hard to explain too since it really feels sometimes that B&B aren’t even friends anymore and I personally feel that Emily & David don’t have the time anymore to really get to their potential. They have to lay low on their natural chemistry when they are in a scene together because Booth is suppose to be focused on Hannah. So, I feel they have to really lay it out low for the time being, and that hurts me. When I saw the car scene in DitP, I saw them again. That showed that they still have it going like crazy. Their whole ‘speaking without words’ is still so present with them. So no, the chemistry is most definitely not gone. And I think your thought about the innocence gone is far more accurate.

    I too wonder, and HOPE beyond hope, that their adorableness from previous seasons can return without us continuing to question it. Will it be just as exhilarating as it was in season 2 or 4? Will it be as adorable? Will *I* feel as happy with it as I was back then? I certainly hope so and I hope that the writers/TPTB can indeed return this.
    So, that innocence you say, or freedom, carelessness, outright flirtyness. I hope it returns and I hope I will feel equally happy with it as I did before.

    For me, EitB is still the staw helm I hold myself to. This is a B&B that we will go towards and by the look of that, that B&B are beyond adorable and cute and sweet and so much other awesome. So, if we go towards that (which I still believe we will), then I’ll wait for it and hold myself onto that little sliver.

    So, we know B&B CAN be cute, adorable, sweet and so utterly perfect. And I have no doubt at all about Emily & David. What those two have is unique and special and we know they are adorable and cute beside the show so that shouldn’t be a problem.
    I just wish we’d get it back already. I miss my cute, flirty, teen-adorable B&B and want them back so freaking much!!!!!

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  4. I think you’re spot on! It’s been difficult to see two wounded people journey through the process of discovering who they are and what they need to be whole. It’s also been incredibly beautiful. We have been on the inside of a compelling story of two people finding a ‘home’ in each other. Ultimately they both needed to move past the quiet, teenage-like flirtation and mature into something more; needing that spoken, ‘it can only be you’ committment. I think what you have described above is the uncomfortable process of moving from a teenage relationship (definitely real, powerful, intense) to a deep, mature relationship (chemistry still in tact!). And I think curiosity of how it all works out motivates us all to take that risk! We grit our teeth through the raw edginess of the mistakes, the confessions and the loss of innocence because we’re curious of what could be more. And *I* most DEFINITELY want more for B&B. I think that the possibility of ‘more’ will bring them back together, playful chemistry and all.

  5. Also, I wanted to give some props to ‘Loraine’ for her comment above on Booth’s reaction. I have been *clinging* to those painfully closed eyes! He KNEW she could not possibly ‘understand’ because he did not SAY what he felt for her, only the facts of his situation. And I realize some think he did that on purpose for her protection, and maybe so, but I think he did it more for himself. He couldn’t go into his emotions for her. He hadn’t really allowed himself to go ‘there’ for a long time. It’s been his state of being for so long (pre-100 & post). He had promised himself that friendship/working was enough. It could work. He believed it, so he told himself. He couldn’t go ‘there’. Not then. Not when he wasn’t free to do so. It was painful for him. So painful.
    Ooooo!! Curiosity is KILLING ME!! I can’t WAIT for the glance, the quiet lean in, that will let us all know that the B&B world has righted itself. 🙂

  6. I agree that the chemistry is still there. We see flashes of it in every episode. What we miss is the freedom that Booth and Brennan had to say anything to each other. They use to be able to talk about anything, or bicker about anything and they both seemed to relish that freedom. Now, they are both constantly on guard. Booth is trying to be a friend to Brennan but a lover to Hannah. Brennan is trying to be a friend to Booth and not intefer with Booth’s affair with Hannah. This causes them to lack the spontaneity that they use to have. The spontaneity that they use to be comforatable with is no longer there and I believe that is what everyone is noticing. If you cannot say anything you want to your best friend you know you have problems. Booth knows there is a problem with their friendship; but, he cannot do anything about it, at least not right now. He is in a relationship that also does not allow him to be free to say what he wants. Hannah really doesn’t seem to know very much about Booths’ past and his weaknesses. If he can’t be free to say what he wants with his best friend and his lover then he is in a horrible situation. The pressure must be intense and I feel sorry for him. Whether he can be honest with Hannah will be a key to their relationship. This will also be the key to the future of how Booth treats Brennan. Sooner or later, the real Booth will have to imerge and when it does, will Hannah be able to take him for who he is? We know that Brennan has always been able to accept Booth and his weaknesses for what they are, part of Booth and not to be ignored. That Hannah is not even aware of them is probably a really bad sign for their relationship.

  7. I think that the chemistry is still there for both the actors and the characters. ED and DB have an undeniable chemistry, and I think that you are right that they probably have to work around that this season. They are both phenomenal actors, in my opinion.

    I also believe that the chemistry between the characters is still there as well. I totally agree with what you have said in the past about Booth not having changed. I think he is the same guy he has always been, but he is acting a bit differently this season because he is in situation we have never really seen him in before. But, what if one of the reasons he is acting differently is because he has to actually work to suppress the chemistry he still has with Brennan in order to ensure to himself (and to everyone else) that Hannah is the one for him now? We’ve still seen bits of B&B chemistry hidden here and there…maybe that’s Booth slipping. Perhaps he hasn’t been spending as much time with Brennan because it’s just too difficult to keep up with the facade when he’s with her. I don’t know- just a theory. 🙂

    I am so intrigued about what is going to happen next. I just have no idea what the writers are going to do with this situation they’ve created. I am SO curious. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! January 20th can’t come soon enough!

  8. I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but yes you’re right there always was a certain innocence to their relationship, and yes I definitely think the chemistry is still there, it’s just not being highlighted right now. Maybe part of the reason they have had fewer scenes than normal together is to keep us from clearly seeing that chemistry (I also still maintain it allows the actors a bit of a break as neither has as quite many scenes as normal that way). I do think that as things progress and upcoming storylines put them together more we’ll see more of the chemistry, but the fact that both have now declared themselves (to a certain extent…neither did say I Love You); that fact alone will have gone a long way to ending that innocence. I also think that just knowing that things have to change, have changed, and can’t go back to what it was has caused the loss of innocence in their relationship, they now know things can’t just stay was they were.

  9. I think that if Booth and Brennan had lost their chemistry we wouldn’t be getting so worked up over their issues.

  10. Maybe I’m naive or lack creativity, or whatever, but I’ve never really understood why some fans insist on saying that HH and the writers have dug themselves into a hole that they won’t be able to get out of. With all due respect to the naysayers out there, what the writers have done with the Hannah storyline isn’t all that unusual. They are writing a fictional television show after all. I understand that it’s coming late in the game, but it’s still a natural next step based on the story they’ve told up to this point. Yes, Booth told Brennan he wanted forever with her and then had the audacity to move on, but let’s face it, she told him no. That he is now trying so hard to find forever with someone else is by no means proof that he didn’t mean what he said or even that he’s stopped loving Brennan, rather that he is simply making the best of second-best.

    I like what bianca said about how B&B need to move from the intensity and impulsivity of “young” love (what we saw in the first four or five seasons) to the steadiness and depth that comes with a more mature relationship. More often than not, in order to get to that more mature level, you have to go through the fire first. Right now, this season, this is B&B’s fire. Yeah, it hurts. Yeah, it’s ugly. But it’s real. Will their relationship ever go back to the way it was before? Probably not. And that’s sad because what they had before was awesome on so many levels. But would it have lasted? Eh…I’m not so sure. And the last thing I want to see is a Ross and Rachel relationship between these two.

    When B&B finally emerge from the flames, I believe they will emerge with a love that is stronger and more enduring precisely BECAUSE it’s been battle-tested. And despite (or perhaps becase of) all the ugliness and scars, it will be beautiful. It will be real. And I honestly think that is something the writers can and will accomplish. If you want proof you need look no further than the SUV scene at the end of The Doctor in the Photo. That Brennan is being burned goes without question. But Booth? Two words (“I did”) and a look were all it took to prove to me that 1) Booth has felt the heat of the flames, and 2) that he’s still feeling them.

    Finally, I don’t for a second believe that B&B’s relationship in The End in the Beginning, our rumored “eventually,” is built on anything but those flames. There are too many moments in the episode (“do you want me to prove it to you”, “are you having doubts”, the look on Booth’s face when Brennan told him she had a confession to make) that indicate that their path to happiness wasn’t all wine and roses.

    So do they still have the chemistry? I think so.
    Is the innocence lost? Yes, I believe it is.
    Am I curious to know what happens next? Oh heck yes!

  11. Well, I have to admit that I haven’t been able to SEE much chemistry between B/B this season, which made sense to me. But after reading this, I agree that it is probably still there, they’re just hiding it. I can imagine that it is probably a difficult thing to hide – both for the actors and for the characters!

    I also totally agree with your curiosity position – I really just can’t wait to see how they’re going to get out of this mess!

  12. People get angry when you talk about the actors…not just the characters…but I think sometimes with these two, it’s one and the same. Both have been through some life changers recently…and I think that it has affected their off screen feelings and along with a storyline that’s not working…their on screen chemestry. It’s just different…and finding ways to talk around it, and justify it, for me, doesn’t work. I’m trying. Believe me I’m trying…but I just feel that even when they are having a very serious moment, the chemestry is off. Yes definitely their innocence is gone. Personal life, and on screen life, their innocence is gone. What every they may have thought of themselves and eachother, has changed…and there is healing to do. Someone disappoints you…or their life becomes different…it changes the natural rhythm and flow of your normal interaction, which can and does affect your natural flow and rhythm on screen. Add to that, writing, and storylines that cause pain and hurt, or rudeness, or bitterness, or guardedness, and what we see is what we’ve been seeing. I also think that the innocense of the writing staff is gone. They have been at this a long time, and realize that they need to keep them apart, for TV reason, and are running out of ideas…Hart said it himself..they went with the Hannah storyline because it gave them the most storilines to branch off from there….not because it made sense…or was good…but because it made their job easier. This is often what happens in shows going into their 6th season. It won’t get strong again, until the threat of ending looms over them. I just hope that they take the time to tell it right and don’t jump to the end, like they did with Hodgela, without the building cresccendo that we deserve and have waited for.

    The innocence is gone for all of us, actors, characters, writers and viewers and fans….We’re all on the other side of the mountain remembering the view from the top, and hoping we have the strength to reach the summit again. I’m still here…still hoping…but I’m out of breath at the moment! Losing hope! Losing strength. Losing my innocence.

    Can they get it back? I hope so.

  13. ED and DB work amazingly well together whether they are playing UST with deep emotional connection, or the current distance, where one cares and one doesn’t. I don’t think any fan is disputing that. What they are talking about is what’s on the screen – the characters. Booth and Brennan aren’t connecting anymore. The fact that it’s deliberate doesn’t change that it’s not there, and that it is missed. Because of what’s transpired this season, it is difficult for me to see a way for the UST and connection to realistically come back. I’m sure DB and ED could certainly create it, but, all things considered, would it seem appropriate or believable? Brennan has no reason at this point to really trust Booth emotionally. As for Booth, until there’s an explanation for his behavior this season – beyond, “he’s in love with Hannah” – him taking a sudden interest in Brennan’s emotions and well-being or caring about the squints will make even less sense than what’s happening now

    • I would agree if I felt this it looked like Booth no longer cared. I just don’t see that. I think we have seen him put some distance between himself and Brennan and I think he has done it purposely. When he asked her if she met anyone and produced the photo of Hannah, he seemed almost triumphant, desperate to prove to her that he had “moved on”.

      I feel the chemisty could come back rather easily actually, and I felt some of that when they were talking in the rain. I am actually looking forward to a slow rebuilding of the romantic connection!

  14. I agree that the chemistry is still there but the innocence is lost. I have been having trouble trying to explain it to myself when I KNEW that they were still B&B yet not. It has to be incredibly difficult for ED and DB to have to kind of hold back their natural chemistry and make the scenes between them the way they are, like when Booth kind of focuses more on Hannah. I have faith in HH and the writers and I’m excited for the B&B we know and love to come back with a BANG.

  15. Well, since Dante’s been brought up, I thought I’d bring up a Bible analogy as well. The pre-100th B/B relationship brings to mind that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; comfortable, sexless, easy. Flirtation could be indulged in without fear that it would lead to something else, something dangerous requiring much more work and commitment. It’s awareness of the other as a separate entity, with distinct wants and needs, that constitutes the fall. Booth’s admission led to their expulsion from that innocent place they were in because the desire for more intimacy was now out in the open for both parties to see, just as the awareness of each other as sexual beings led Adam and Eve out of Eden. Booth’s admission, followed by Brennan’s own, means that they can never return to that innocent state where they could blissfully ignore the needs of the other person and the work, and often pain, that would have to go into meeting those needs. That original state was fun and easy, but as an audience would we really want that to go on forever?

    HH and company have created a world with two damaged people, their wounds having been revealed to us in bits and pieces over the years. Any other show would have played Booth and Brennan’s undeniable chemistry for its light romantic comedy value with the characters flirting their way easily into and out of bed for as long as it stayed on the air. Given how complex Booth and Brennan are, I don’t see how this road would have been really satisfying to us as fans. Part of the appeal of Bones to me is how real the characters feel even when the cases or the science might seem over the top. They suffer, they make mistakes, they’re imperfect. But they are also kind and willing to learn and grow. Sure, I want Booth and Brennan together as much as anyone, but I also respect the integrity of these characters and the fact that any easy resolution would not ring true. Besides, I don’t want all that learning and growing to go to waste just for a quick roll in the hay.

    The damage that these two people have suffered in the past must be substantially repaired if there is to be a real, solid relationship between the two of them in the future. I’m a believer that their current sufferings will lead to them becoming more whole and thus more receptive to the relationship we all want-a relationship that will be much more satisfying because of the work that has gone into it. I too am curious as to how all these issues will be resolved by the writers, but I have faith that HH and Co. like these characters way to much not to let them find happiness in each other, at some point. So no return to innocence, but perhaps a journey that leads to a state of grace-and I can live with that trade.

    • That’s so cool–one of the fan vids that I’ve actually taken the time to watch uses the music to “Shattered” by Trading Yesterday along with a montage of the scene from Episode 100 and other scattered Booth/Brennan interactions. What struck me most of all about the synchronicity with your post is that the author of the song Trading Yesterday actually the lyrics in terms of that Edenic fall motif. I’ll see if I can find the link to what he has to say (which I thought at the time was beautiful and described where so many people, including our fictional friends, are!). Thanks for reminding me of that…

      • Okay–here it is from a “song meanings website” in the comments. Can’t verify, as I don’t have the actual copy of the sheet music, but I still think it’s beautiful and rather descriptive–“Adam and Eve morning 1 out of Eden”…

        “You wake up and you don’t know where you are, what time it is, how long you’ve been out, what happened to you last,and everything is different. the people you love are gone or changed, the things you could rely on are erased, the world you knew not only does not exist, but didn’t seem to really ever exist. You just woke up from a dream to find that everything until now was the dream. Think Sydney Bristow at the end of season two of Alias waking up in Hong Kong, think the beginning of the Flight of the Navigator, think Adam and Eve morning one out of the garden. This song is not about the journey home, but it is about fixing your eyes to home. It is about standing up and taking the first step.”

        —David Hodges

  16. Guess what music was playing while I was reading this? “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” by Jimmy Buffett. So appropriate. Enough said, looking for that Irish Cream bottle.

  17. It would be something if they manage to find a whole new way or at least a different way to get back their magic. The actors really do enjoy a challenge and let me tell you this is probably their biggest of their careers….Not if but when the characters find a way back to each other,it will be magical and you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen. 😀

  18. Loved this post, it kinda read my mind.

    Let me set the scene…

    A couple of weeks ago, I was in my house watching ‘Two Bodies in the Lab’ which happened to be on TV. This has long been one of my absolute favourite episodes (sometimes I get bold and say it’s my actual favourite, but then I get wobbly because I think of all the others I love)

    Now, my favourite scene in the episode is when Booth leaves the hospital and with Hodgin’s help, bursts in to save Brennan. (One of my favourite lines in the entire series is Hodgin’s saying ‘maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding?’ – makes me laugh out loud every time, but that’s a different story)

    At the very moment that this scene was playing out on TV – you know, Booth’s burst in, shot the baddie, couldn’t get Brennan off the hook so had to hug her and lift her off and they’re sharing their first hug – my housemate loudly interrupts, saying ‘oh wow, they clearly just need to **** don’t they?’

    I can’t really explain why, but this really really bothered me. I was like ‘but, but – that’s not what it’s about!’. And this really brought it home for me. You know, the memory of the simple days when episodes would be ending and I’d be like ‘kisssssss, kiss now, you HAVE to kiss now!’ and that was kind of all it was about, because there was this sense that if only one of them would lean in a little further and actually make contact with the other person, then they’d fall into each other’s arms and live happily ever after.

    Ha. How I grimly smile now at my naivety.

    It’s in this way that I understand the assertion that our innocence has been lost. Things were so straight forward before. There were two people for whom there seemed to be no real barriers to them ‘getting it on’, you felt like it could happen at any moment, and it had us on tenterhooks.

    Now, things are much more complicated – feelings have been exposed and bruised. There are delicate hearts and futures on the line. There’s an E.E Cummings quotation I just found saying ‘It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are’. This nails this loss of innocence feeling for me. That is exactly what these two are going through, but through this struggle, they will find their way to each other.

    Do I sometimes yearn for the simpler days? Sure. But I can always watch those back. What’s happening now is gripping in an entirely new way. No one knows what’s going to happen and they’ve shaken it up to the point that we don’t know what to expect any more. It’s exhausting, and heart-aching and beautiful and exciting.

    You know that saying ‘it’s always darkest before dawn’? I feel like that’s what we’re in right now. It’s a whole new Bones world and I can’t wait to see how beautiful it’s going to be when the sun shines once more.

    • you have such a great way with words….so poetic and so true. Two Bodies in the Lab is my favorite, too (along with Man in the Fallout Shelter, Woman in Limbo, Harbingers and, and, and, and ……)

  19. I can see what you’re saying. But I don’t think all the innocence is gone. Anything new usually brings an air of innocence about it. I think we are invested in B&B because we think that what they have together is so great and just not the same with anyone else. So when these two kids finally get together, it will be new to them. The way they feel about each other is so deep. They will experience more revealings of themselves, more vulnerabilities. Maybe it won’t be all fluffy and flirty, but it will be tender and strong.

  20. I think the word I would use is “playfulness” rather than innocence–and I think that’s only gone for the moment. Playfulness can be a rather intimate thing in adults, and I think that it falls under the “too honorable to go there” Booth side of things–at the very least, in a private setting. Saw a bit of it with the TV show. But their prime opportunities for playfulness usually have had Hannah along this season. Actually, many of the moments we might expect to see them alone (with the exception of being in the car), Hannah has managed to be there–the diner, Booth’s office, even sometimes their respective apartments.

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